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on February 23, 2017
Purchased this watch back in 2013, it had an easy first couple of years. Then wore it through US Army Infantry basic training. The watch never left my wrist, drug it through mud and muck, water, sweat, tears, banged it around on a tile floor whilst doing pushups. Broke a springbar putting on a rucksack once but that was an easy fix. Been wearing it the last 2 years in the Army, It's been really cold, and really hot, swam with me on numerous water survival tasks, jumped off high dives and zip lines into a lake, it's been on my wrist jumping out of planes and helicopters at 1500ft. I don't know what people are talking about "splash resistant" this little seiko has been on my wrist for the combat water survival assessment at least 15 times. Small enough that it doesn't get in the way of gloves or long sleeve shirts. Spend the 50 bucks, stick a nato strap on it, beat the hell out of it for as long as it lasts, then buy a new one. I've been brutalizing mine for 4+ years and it hasn't skipped a beat.
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on February 28, 2015
I immediately changed the strap to a brown leather one with deployment clasp. Makes the watch very classy. Almost like a Hamilton. For the price, I am bee impressed!
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on February 4, 2016
I love it! Rather than say “price”, I will say “value”. It is an incredible value. Probably about the lowest priced Automatic (non quartz/battery) you can find.

I was interested in getting the Hamilton Khaki Field Officer Handwinding watch for around $275. While looking around for a good price, I stumbled upon this, the Seiko, and felt it would satisfy my curiosity at a good bit lower price.

It arrived fast. I was immediately impressed with the packaging. It comes nicely packed in a nice Seiko box. At this price, I really expected no frills, like maybe a bag or envelope of some type. Also, I was struck by the overall appearance. If someone told me this was a $200 watch, I would believe it. It doesn’t look cheap at all. It looks like a strong, sturdy, well made, good quality item.

The face struck me as somewhat overly crowded and busy, though interesting with different numbers and lines going every which way. I can easily read the time on it though. The hands are bold and clear.

I love the 37 mm size. As an older dude, the big watches of today are just too much for me. This is a great size for me. For a moment, I felt it was a little bit “blocky” or thick but that quickly passed, and I guess it needs the depth to accommodate the automatic movement.

Speaking of which… I read a bit about this online and understand this movement is used in many higher priced Seikos. The reviewer said it was superior to what he sees in other low priced automatics.

The crown is of note. It is not in the middle but off center and small. Sometimes, big crowns jut out and can kind of dig into my wrist. So this is very comfortable.

The brushed steel is rugged and apropos for this watch and it’s military design. It is really quite understatedly handsome.

I love the band. Though a simple piece of material, it is somewhat reinforced around the eyelets, but best of all, it fits my thick wrists comfortably. And because it is cloth, it has some give and everything combined make for an extremely comfortable feeling watch.

When I took it out of the box, it immediately started working, ignited by the little bit of movement of simply removing the watch. I know it sounds weird, but I was fascinated at seeing the second hand glide around the face so smoothly. It seemed so much cooler to me than the way the second hand moves on my Quartz watches.

It has stopped running a few times, but never when it was being worn. I may not have worn it long enough to keep it wound up and running.

I am concerned that about 10% of the reviewers cite bad experiences with the watch. That is not acceptable to me. Even though it is not high priced, I still expect some reliability and durability. Then again, I don’t know if that is realistic in an item at this price. Too bad, because it’s a honey for the money…
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I like this watch. I tried the smart-watch thing for a while, but hated the constant syncing and charging demanded by it. Watches are for telling time. For the money, you can't go wrong with this watch. I have small wrists, so the case diameter and band width are perfect. As an added bonus, in the event of an EMP, this watch will keep ticking. Not sure if that matters at that point, but still!
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on January 20, 2018
The biggest take away from this AWESOME timepiece, is that the case is a tad small! I have slim wrists, so I don’t mind the gap in size. This watch performs and functions as it should! The hands sweep effortlessly, with no issue! The nylon band can take some time getting used to, though it may not be for everyone, so swap it out at your hearts content! The see through back of the case is quality craftsmanship! Being able to see the gears and rotor in action, never gets old! Did I forget to mention that the lume is COOL? The timekeeping is above average in terms of accuracy.

The automatic movement runs for about 3 days or longer if you take it off and put it away, so be sure to MOVE while you can!

If you don’t believe me, buy one and try it TODAY! You can never go wrong for the $50 price point, but have these functions that you can only find in a more expensive brand/watch. Seiko fan for life! Get one before they are gone!
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on June 17, 2017
The crown does not screw down.. as someone stated. But.. it's up to 30 meter resistance, great fabric band, fits a large wrist!! Smaller size watch.. lets it pass in a suite etc.. Day and date.. second hand timer, luminescent and new clear back with 21 jewel movement. Best $50 everyday watch out there. And I own omegas, Gshocks etc..
very classic look, I might add a old school mesh strap...
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on January 5, 2017
5 stars considering the low price. This watch is small at 37mm with an 18mm strap but it looks and feels solid and of good quality. Even with its small size the high contrast white on black flieger type b face is very easy to read and the lume is really bright and nice. The accuracy of mine is roughly +3 per day! This is incredible for an automatic watch at any price! Most people seem to hate the band that comes with it but I really don't think there is anything wrong with it, other than its a bit bland looking in contrast with the watch itself. It seem pretty tough and once it breaks in it is very comfortable. The only reason I replaced mine is that I wanted a band that was a little more interesting looking. I do think that if they widened the lugs to accommodate a 20mm strap this watch would look much nicer on the wrist and not appear quite as small, it would also mean that there would be a lot more options available for band replacement. Bottom line, this is a good watch for anyone on a tight budget that wants to add an automatic to their watch collection.
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on August 24, 2015
First let me say: I really, really like this watch.
I was on the edge for a while because it was a mechanical watch and because of how small it was.
I typically wear the watch Sunday through Thursday and it sits on my dresser Friday and Saturday. Due to it being a mechanical watch that means that I have to "wind" the watch and reset the time when I put it back on Sunday morning.
That being the case, it's totally worth it to me. I really appreciate the mechanical action of the watch, and the fact that I never have to replace the battery. I've put a nice leather band on it (Hirsch 109002-70-18 18 -mm Genuine Calfskin Watch Strap) and I think it looks great! I have smaller wrists and I think the scale of the watch works well.
The included nylon band is good quality and is comfortable, sometimes I'll switch back to it if I want a more casual look.
I love the detailing and design of the watch face, I'm thrilled to have something like this - especially for this price!
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on December 20, 2017
We've showered together, today we hit the pool. No problems. Luminosity is great. I like that it fit my slender wrist (albeit on the next to last hole) without fussing around with links. Be warned: the crown is tiny; might be a good thing--it's hard to imagine anything whacking it hard. It's a good deal at around $80, but I paid much less. Automatics are a lot of fun, even moreso when they are inexpensive.
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on July 10, 2015
Very nice casual watch-
Surprisingly heavy for it's size (solidly constructed)
Decent Lume glow on the hands at night- Keeps good time- Nice sweep.
Band is comfortable- fits my 7" wrist very nicely.
I wish the water resistance was better than 30M, but it is a very good value for the money.
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