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on February 23, 2017
Purchased this watch back in 2013, it had an easy first couple of years. Then wore it through US Army Infantry basic training. The watch never left my wrist, drug it through mud and muck, water, sweat, tears, banged it around on a tile floor whilst doing pushups. Broke a springbar putting on a rucksack once but that was an easy fix. Been wearing it the last 2 years in the Army, It's been really cold, and really hot, swam with me on numerous water survival tasks, jumped off high dives and zip lines into a lake, it's been on my wrist jumping out of planes and helicopters at 1500ft. I don't know what people are talking about "splash resistant" this little seiko has been on my wrist for the combat water survival assessment at least 15 times. Small enough that it doesn't get in the way of gloves or long sleeve shirts. Spend the 50 bucks, stick a nato strap on it, beat the hell out of it for as long as it lasts, then buy a new one. I've been brutalizing mine for 4+ years and it hasn't skipped a beat.
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on February 28, 2015
I immediately changed the strap to a brown leather one with deployment clasp. Makes the watch very classy. Almost like a Hamilton. For the price, I am bee impressed!
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on August 20, 2017
I recently got this watch after doing a fair amount of research looking for an inexpensive yet good quality watch for every day use. The value at this price point seems truly amazing. Being an automatic made it even more so. The Seiko 7S26 movement is a reliable tried and tested component and I have found mine to be accurate within about 2 seconds per day which is fantastic. I know others have quoted different stats for accuracy and I don't dispute their findings. Maybe I just got extra lucky with mine.
I love the exhibition case back which shows the movement mechanics! I think the watch face is laid out well and is quite pleasing and not cluttered. The luminescent markings last for hours albeit be at they are not super bright after awhile but still easily seen in the dark. The crown is very unobtrusive as it is set in further than many. Some may see this as a drawback but I prefer having it that way. Part of my feeling that way may be that I'm left-handed so I wear the watch on my right hand. It doesn't feel or look strange at all with the crown being so minimal. It is still easy to pull out although you do have to have a little bit of a fingernail to get underneath it but I don't find that to be a problem.
I really like the beaded finish on the case. Personally I wouldn't consider polishing it like some have. I like it just the way it is.
If there is one thing that I would be critical of it's the band that comes with this watch. I purchased another band at the same time I purchased the watch and instantly changed it out to a great looking dark brown genuine leather strap. (See pics) To me this is the perfect complement to the watch. In spite of the strap, I still gave it five stars because the strap is easily changed and the value of the watch itself with all its features is excellent. To be able to get an automatic watch of this quality at this price point makes this a no-brainer.
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on July 20, 2016
This watch is as expected. It is a low cost mechanical watch. It reminds me of the time wind up watch I had as a kid, however this watch is automatic and winds by the movement of your arm.

It is a simple watch with few features. It is accurate for a mechanical watch. The quality is good. The one I received was manufactured in Malaysia and seems to be well made. I have worn the watch swimming in a pool and not noticed any 'fogging' under the crystal. The watch does not have a screw down crown and is rated to only 30m. I would not be surprised if owners experienced some moisture inside the watch if exposed to a great deal of water.

I am an avid backpacker and camper. I chose the watch to replace an older quartz based field watch. Twice in the last few years the quartz watches batteries had died while on a multi-day backpacking trip. There was no way for me to replace my battery while on the trip. Just bad timing I guess (pardon the pun). It is difficult to be in the wild without a watch to judge your walking rate and to schedule regular breaks. Have to get in tune with the sun and your body.

I specifically chose to find a simple mechanical watch for future trips. The watch is low enough in cost that I would not mind if it is damaged or destroyed out in the wilderness, yet it is accurate enough and not dependant on batteries that might fail.

If you are looking for a simple mechanical watch, this is a good choice.

Low Cost
Quality Build
Simple, Foolproof Design
Elegant, in a minimalist fashion

Water resistance is lowest standard
Watch band is bland (but functional)
Crown is not screw down
luminous hands do not shine all night
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on March 19, 2017
For this price this is the best on the market. Styling is good with a cool vintage look and the stainless steel ensures the watch will look new for many years to come. My only issue with it is the self winding mechanism rattles when the watch is shaken. It dosent seem to have any effect on performance as the watch winds and keeps time well but it does remind you your wearing a cheap watch. It is also a more traditional smaller size but not extremely so. If you have a big wrist I would look for something with a bigger bezel. Overall I dont regret my purchase and have been quite happy with it for the last few months aside from these few minuscule annoyances.
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on March 31, 2013
I've only had this watch for two days, but I'm in love. This is one of the cheapest automatic watches you can buy. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting great accuracy - Was expecting 1 or two minutes per day loss. What I got was less than 15 seconds per day, straight out of the box. The black band is a bit thicker than I was hoping, but thats not a problem, I have a NATO style strap coming in the mail to replace it. The entire watch screams a higher price range than what it actually cost. I was considering purchasing a similar styled (face, larger size) LACO type B - I may have to not purchase that since this watch more than scratches the itch I had.

Pro: Cheap automatic, high quality, looks great, small watch for small wrists, lume is bright, 5 ticks a sec is sexy!

Con: not as accurate as higher priced automatics, watch band is a bit stiff, setting date/day is a bit unintuitive but after a few tries you'll get it - read the instructions. no really. read it.
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on January 24, 2015
Works fine, looks great. Doesn't need much winding up to keep time. This movement does not have hacking capabilities, meaning the second hand does NOT stop when you pull the crown to set the time. But for the price, this is a really good automatic. It will last almost two days without wear and still keep ticking, roughly 40 hours of power reserve is what the manual states and it's true. The easiest way to set the time is to set the day and date to a day before, and then wind forward to the current time. You can keep the second hand stalled if you wind the time backwards for a bit, in case the OCD in you has to have the time exactly right to the second. I used to do that the first couple of weeks with this watch, but it loses roughly seven seconds a day, so after a few days you'd have to set it again. Still, it's accurate enough to trust it even after a couple of weeks of wearing it. (excuse the smudge in the photos, I didn't notice it at first but it is a daily wearer)
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on March 28, 2017
One of the best deals in watches. Very versatile and nice details. Massive step up from something like the Weekender. We'll see about the durability, but I have another Seiko 5 day-date from the 70s that still keeps decent time. Especially good choice for smaller wrists, and to mess around with a variety of NATO straps.
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on August 9, 2017
I've used this watch for about a year. Overall, its a good watch.
Doesn't require winding
Doesn't require batteries
shows date and time
I can wear it in areas where I can't take electronic watches (like at work)
Much cheaper than most automatic watches
It's water resistance is surprisingly good.

I have to adjust the time every couple of months (this is common for automatic watches)
I have to correct for the days when the months change over (30 day vs 31 day months)
There aren't many options for replacing the band. Because it's cloth, I have to clean it with soap and water or it stinks after a while (I work outside a lot and get sweaty)
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on August 30, 2014
I like this watch a lot. It has everything I need in a watch, and nothing else. Time with a second hand, and date. No other features cluttering up the face. It's much smaller then watches I see any other male wear, but it still looks rugged. The smaller size keeps it out of the way too. I lose about a minute a week, and that is pretty solid for a watch this price. When buying, I was sure that I'd buy a leather strap for it, because the one in the picture looks cheap. I like the band it uses quite a bit.

Update: I'm still going to leave the review at 5 stars because I think the watch is still worth it but there are some issues that came up over time. The mineral glass on this watch scratches super easily; I wound up buying a sapphire glass to replace it. The strap was great at first, but after a few months it started to fray and get uncomfortable. Also, since it was such a rough and loose weave, it really held onto dead skin cells. I replaced that as well with a NATO strap, which is cheap and easy. Even with it's shortcomings, I wound up buying the white one as well, and gave it a leather strap, to have a slightly dressier version.
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