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on March 3, 2013
This was for my son's 20th birthday. My first good watch was a Seiko I bought myself for my 20th birthday in the base PX in Kirch Goens, Germany. It lasted for well over 10 years. I still have the watch but no longer wear it. After I got out of the service I went to watch repair school and then spent 20 years in the business, so I'm picky about watches and I know what I'm talking about.

Things to know:
First, it is a mechanical watch and will never keep time like a quartz watch. So what? Will a few minutes a month end your world?
Second, it has a stainless steel case that will still be around in 50 years (long after the watch is no longer repairable). The band is decent quality but not what you got from Seiko in the 60's and 70's.
Third, ALL watches require regular maintenance, no matter what brand or type of movement. Remember, it is mechanical, like a car. Is the only money you spend on your car for gas?
Fourth, this is a self-winding watch and needs to be worn all the time. It must also fit your wrist properly: Snug fit allows an automatic watch to wind itself. A loose fit defeats the auto-wind mechanism and the watch will NEVER run right. This is a watch, not a fashion accessory to be worn as a floppy bracelet. You want that? Buy a quartz watch.

The reason most watches stop working is that the lubricants begin to break down, so they need to be cleaned. That means stripping out the old lube that has turned to shellac and re-lubing and adjusting the timekeeping. As the watch ages, a certain amount of wear will occur on the pivots of the wheels, which decreases the quality of operation. In other words, it won't keep time as well as when it was new. Also, gaskets break down and need to be replaced to maintain water resistance. If you want to keep your watch running, have it serviced when needed, and understand that it will never be a new watch again. Live with the degradation of accuracy or buy a new watch. For this price you can afford a new one.

Bottom Line: This is a fantastic watch for the price, and if you appreciate fine mechanical devices, that's a bonus. This may not keep atomic clock time, but you won't be late for lunch. If as a rocket scientist you have to have split-second accuracy, buy a cheap quartz watch.
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on May 29, 2017
It's been only one week with this watch but my first impression is: "it's a decent dress watch with an excellent price tag". First of all, it is way better in real life than photos, you should try it on your wrist. Secondly, if you are a hairy person beware that your hairs will hurt :) So you can get rid of the cheap bracelet and buy a decent leather strap like I did and now you got yourself a brand new watch. Mechanism works pretty good, does not need to adjust time every day, I think +-10 seconds in a day does not hurt anyone. There is luminiscence on hands and markers are bright enough; however it doesn't last all night long. Overall as stated earlier in comments this is a very well made watch for it's price. I am also highly recommending it to new starters of mechanical watch world as you can see mechanism working just turning the watch upside down. Here is a photo for getting an idea how the watch will look with a leather band and a lumeshot.
review imagereview image
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on September 14, 2017
I love these watches. Even if they aren't the most prestigious watches made, there are plain awesome.

They are fully mechanical watches that self wind while wearing. No dead batteries to ever worry about. I've had many in the past because I wear them daily and they only last so long with the beating I give them. A lot of them have needed some adjustment to get them to be accurate. This latest one has been very accurate right out if the box.

My only beef is that the price has gone up on these. In the past I have paid around $60 for them. This last time they were closer to $100. I had to stop pretty hard and my choices were limited to stay closer to the $60 mark.

All in all it's still amazing to me that you can get a watch like this for under $100
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on March 14, 2012
This is one of the best values in men's watches. The quality of this mechanical movement is very good and looks and works great. It keeps very accurate time and you never need batteries since it automatically winds itself when you wear it. The clasp is easy to size and easy to open and close. It is also very easy to see the time because of the contrast between the hands and the watch face. This is a great every day watch. You can't go wrong with this one.
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on September 11, 2017
I really like the aesthetics of this watch, and for its price, it keeps pretty good time (mine is roughly 8-10 sec slow per day). I took off one star for the lack of a hacking feature. Even an Invicta at this price point has a hacking movement--and one produced by Seiko, no less!--and this makes keeping the watch very close to the actual time very difficult, as the second-hand does not stop when you pull out the crown. This also means that the watch can only be wound by moving it around--not by winding it with the crown.

If this watch came with a hacking movement, it would be a five-star product, especially for its price.
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on March 8, 2017
I love Seiko watches. I love Amazon. I love reading user reviews to help me make buying decisions. But somewhere along the line something went "askew" because my experience with this watch has not been nearly as positive as the experience of others. Overall, the watch is beautiful. The size fits my wrist beautifully and the band feels hefty without being too heavy. It has a beautiful black face with hands that are large and easy to see. But that is where the positives end. The purpose of a watch is to keep time. I can accept the comments from others that say that this watch may be a few minutes off every month or so. But my experience is that this watch is off at least 5 to 6 minutes every day. Each morning when I leave for work I find that I have to readjust the time in order for it to be accurate. I don't believe that it is for lack of movement. I am a nurse and I am on the go from the minute I hit my nursing department/unit to the moment I unlock my car door to leave the parking lot after my 12+ hours are up. And that does not count all of the movement for the remaining part of the day. But for whatever reason, this watch cannot keep even an approximately accurate time from day to day. I'm really disappointed, because I have owned Seikos for decades and have found them to be a wonderful timepiece that keeps immaculate time. If I hadn't already removed links and adjusted the clasp to accommodate my wrist size, I'd return this watch in a heartbeat. At this moment in time, the only thing that I could wear it for would be gardening because I don't even feel good giving it away to a nephew or friend! I will buy another Seiko because I firmly believe that this was a "one off" situation and they make an outstanding product. It's just that this time they failed miserably.
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on April 21, 2014
I've only had it for about a few days, but I love it so far. I still don't know how to make the date stay on date or keep it in the language I want, but I should probably read the manual for that. If i encounter any problems with that I guess I'll change this review, otherwise, its a great watch. It's a little small and the face is considerably shinier compared to the band.

update: 7/23/14

I love the watch! The ONLY downsides to it is that (1) if you dont wear it for like 2 days the spring stops ticking the time, so you gotta wear it. It sucks that theres no dial to wind the spring. (2) the time gets off a few mins a month, but its no biggy

I scuffed up the face of the watch a bit from the first few months i had it =( but overall the watch still keeps its shine and beauty. I bought a voguestrap leather band on amazon to replace the metal band, and hell does it look even more dashing! This was my first luxury (if you can call it that) watch, but I love every aspect of it.
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on November 1, 2017
Very nice handsome watch. Perfect for a smaller wrist. Glass back to see the movement. Band is only so-so and not up to the quality of the watch in my opinion but switched to black leather anyway.
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on October 22, 2013
My interest in the Seiko 5 came from my need for a low priced yet sophisticated timepiece to wear at work. I am a server at a busy restaurant in which it is in your benefit (and your wallet's) to have a clean, neat appearance. This watch fits the bill nicely. It is clean, neat and the 38mm face doesn't crave too much attention. My second criteria was that it needed to take a beating, albeit gracefully. At 70 dollars including the rush shipping my impatient self requested there is no guilt in ruining an expensive watch. The third criteria was that it had to be an automatic. I do get watch enthusiasts at my tables (some way out of my league) and it makes for great small talk that I doubt would arise from a quartz. My only qualm is the integrity of the light and flimsy stainless steel band. My assumption is that at such a low price the quality was left to the mechanism. I think the solution may be a leather strap. In conclusion, if you would like a sleek, inexpensive timepiece that exudes modest class, take a closer peek at the Seiko 5.
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on April 6, 2018
Love this watch. For $80 its a steal. Checked the price now and its $146.00. I was lucky i guess. Looks like an expensive watch. No trouble what so ever with the steel bands.

After about a week of use, its touch faster. Variation was about 2 minutes a week and not bad at all.
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