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on July 12, 2013
For the technical people:

This caliber is a triumph of classical watch-making and modern microelectronics. With 232 parts, which is almost the same number as other high-class mechanical chronograph watches, and the world's smallest ultra-sonic motor, just 0.4 mm thick, the Kinetic Perpetual caliber sets a new standard in Perpetual Calendar watches.

This 0.4 mm thick ultra-sonic motor is the only motive energy for the 101 parts in the mechanical gear trains of the Perpetual Calendar which correctly displays not only date and day, but also months, including February of leap years.

This remarkable calendar is also governed by a photo sensor, which recognizes a certain mark on each gear and judges, and corrects the date, day, month and year, including February of leap years.

The frequency is at 32,768 Hz which I only knew after I went through the manual.

Going through the manual, it was stated that to set the time accurately, one should advance the minute hand 4 to 5 minutes ahead of the correct time and then turn it back to the exact time. Not sure if this was the source of inaccuracy for some of the owners of this watch.

For those who are more interested in the general feel of the watch:

This model is definitely more "friendly" than the gold or black version. Reason being it can go with jeans or working attire. The weight is not overwhelming and feels comfortable on the wrist.

The best part is the sapphire crystal face which should help to keep it free from scratches for a long period of time. At the price of $260, it is really a steal!! Get it!!

I have another automatic watch but it is not perpetual calender and the date function is quite useless once you leave it on the table for a few days. With this Seiko watch, I would be assured that it will be accurate till 2100.

The only reason why I have not rated it 5 stars is due to the warranty card which is not stamped.

18th March, 2014
After more than 1 year in use, the watch still looks great as from Day 1. No scratch on the sapphire crystal face even though I have accidently hit the surface a few times. Love this watch!!!

7th June, 2017
After owing it for 4 years now, I am still getting compliments on what a great looker this watch is. The uniqueness of the date display sets this watch apart from other watches.
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on June 30, 2013
I have owned several expensive watches, including a Rolex. They were all fine watches and good timepieces, but for the last 15 years I have been wearing my favorite, almost all the time -- one of the early Seiko Kinetics. Seiko was justifiably proud of that technology development. About five years ago, the capacitor (energy storage) would no longer hold a charge. It cost me about $100 to get a certified watchmaker to replace that part. He additionally replaced seals, cleaned, and added a little lube -- a tune-up, and I've been wearing this watch since. I doubt it gains or loses ten seconds a year -- it's that good. It's still that good -- but I wanted a new watch anyway. I would not have dreamed of picking up anything but another Seiko kinetic after my experience with the first one. It's a sturdy watch without being too gaudy. The company has added refinements you can read about in the product description, but what really attracted me to this one, in addition to Amazon's price, was the fact that it is a perpetual. No need to change the date until the year 2100. I like that the date is large enough for my aging eyes, and I like that I get a year, month, and time of day indication as well. I do not dive nor race cars, so Seiko added a couple of little dials someone like me can find useful. Good trick.
Great company, good product, and as always I'm very grateful to Amazon for making it available.
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on October 13, 2013
I bought this watch in early 2009. And since then I have been wearing it almost every single day. To date, this watch has not had a single problem. I love several facts about this watch:

1) The time is always accurate with its quarts movement

2) Even though it's a quartz movement, you don't need to replace battery every year or two like other watches.

3) Sapphire crystal dial window maintains the watch in its pristine shape

4) You never need to adjust date, and on top of that, when you use it after not wearing it for a long time, the time will automatically rewind itself to its current time.

5) It's a well designed modern looking watch.

6) Built quality is great.

7) Price is great for 300 dollar plus.

So overall this watch is not only very functional as it shows time and date, but also it's attractive and beautiful in its own way as men's jewel. If some of the qualities above is what you're looking for a watch, then it will please you very likely.
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on February 26, 2012
Seiko Men's SNP007 Coutura Kinetic Perpetual Watch

Great Watch! I have bought Seiko watches for the last 15 yrs and this is the best one yet. It is a great size and very good looking. All of the sub-dials are easy to read and the Kinetic winding means you never have to worry about a battery again. The perpetual calendar is the greatest part of this watch, I use to hate trying to set the dates from month to month, now the watch does it for me. These two feature equals a watch you never have to worry about again. I get hundreds of compliments all the time. People know this is a very expensive watch and they can not believe the deal Amazon offers. I bought this watch and received it the next day. Great Job Amazon!
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on June 21, 2013
When the watch first arrived it had the exact time and date correct! It was nice not having to set it, and since I plan on wearing it every day I don't think I'll ever need to do that task. Why you ask? This is because of the Kinetic and perpetual technology. As long as I'm wearing the watch, it will keep on ticking. If I ever set the watch down long enough for it to run out of energy or enter its "sleep mode", when awoken it will adjust itself.

Visually the watch looks great. As many have pointed out you end up getting many compliments anywhere you go. It has a sleek, silvery shine that catches the eye. If you like shiny things, this watch will not disappoint. The watch fits comfortably upon my wrist but since my wrist is small I had to make some adjustments to the band to achieve this. I imagine this watch will fit on any size wrist because the band was super large. As I mentioned, since I have a small wrist I had to take out 4-5 links to get it to fit on me. Getting the links off of the band was a little bit of a challenge. You have to carefully balance the band on its side, use a thin piece of metal + something to hammer it in order to free the bar that connects the links so that you can take them off. The thin piece of metal I used was the metal point on the back of a wearable pin. Sort of like the kind of pins you'll see people wearing at Chotchkie's.

Overall (tldr) - shiny, looks great, fits well, adjusting band is a minor pain.
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on December 10, 2015
Best Seiko watch out there - and quite possibly best overall watch at any price. Great look, sapphire scratch glass. Band is very attractive and light reflection off the dial and bezel make it look quite high end. No wasted dials, each one serves a specific purpose. Attention to detail including the alternating brushed, stainless surfaces is great.

The perpetual movement is fantastic, never need to set the date and even tracks leap years. Very accurate time and the kinetic battery is light years better than traditional automatics. Love how the watch stops with after 24 hrs of non-use, and automatically catches up when picked back up. Easily worth the MSRP and better than any comparable citizen, movado, etc product at similar price points.
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on May 13, 2014
I gave this to my husband for Valentine's Day 2014. He'd expressed interest in a kinetic watch, but didn't know much about them or have a specific brand in mind. I researched them on Amazon and came across this one. I liked the looks and was persuaded by the other good reviews. For me it was quite a bit to spend on something the recipient didn't actually choose, but it worked out wonderfully. He loves it and it looks amazing on him. The black dial is a pleasant contrast to the shiny band, and it has a good weight to it. It feels solid and well-built. The battery has been completely reliable, and the only adjustment he's had to make was for Daylight Saving Time. A jeweler was able to remove links to his size in a matter of minutes. Normally this is where I'd say "I'll definitely buy it again" but in this case I don't expect to ever have to.
*UPDATE-it is currently being sold for quite a bit more than I paid (which was about $250). At that price, I'd be more hesitant. Keep an eye on it, it may go back down.
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on October 19, 2009
I haven't actually worn a wristwatch in over twenty something years, using my pager, cell phone, and other clocks to mark time. Recently a good friend of mine purchased a Rolex. The expense of the watch is obviously meant to impress and it was one of his life goals to own one. I realized that it does irritate me to have to pull out the cell phone or pager to check the time and at this stage of life, I deserved a very nice watch worthy of the success I have achieved. I looked at Rolex, Omega, and others before considering Seiko, the brand of watch my father still wears after 40 plus years. After scrolling through ALL available Seiko choices THIS watch was the only one that had the features I would not compromise on (self powered kenetic, date display, waterproof to 300 feet, and striking masculine appearance). NONE of the Rolex, Omega, etc. had the kenetic powering of this Seiko watch (they were all battery powered) which is stunning given the price of these expensive watches. I read over 200 reviews on this watch and found very few negative ones. Is this watch big? No. I bought it because it appears to be the smallest of this style that has kenetic powering. It fits my wrist perfectly and is as comfortable as any metal band can be. This watch is sexy- when I showed a girlfriend (who is very picky) the watch I was planning on buying she remarked how manly looking it was and that the band was very attractive. All that combined and over a week of research, I made the purchase through Amazon and it arrived exactly when it was supposed to. The watch appears flawlessly finished and is not huge at all when you consider all the watches that are over 38mm in size. When I took the watch in to have the band sized, the jeweler commented on its appearance and asked me where I got it. He was surprised at the low price I had paid. The only feature this watch is missing is a day of the week indicator and if they made one that looked like this one I would buy it. So far, I love this watch, and this from someone who hasn't worn one for decades. If I have any issues I will post further.

P.S. I also could not ignore the fact that this watch is numbered "007" which did catch my eye but is NOT the reason I ordered it. If Bond wore a Seiko, it's a safe bet it would be this one.

UPDATE 11-10-09: Recently noticed a very very small speck that appeared to be on the crystal next to the date. Wiping did not remove it and with the help of a magnifying glass I was able to determine it was actually a piece of white dust or lint actually stuck to the inside surface of the crystal. Checking further, I spotted two more (even smaller pieces) in the left lower area, also stuck to the inside surface of the crystal. The first speck is almost impossible to see with the naked eye (I have 20/15 vision) and does not distract from the beauty of this watch. The other two specks are essentially invisible. Still a strong recommend.
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on February 26, 2007
I've had this Seiko for a little over two weeks now. I love all of the high tech features of the watch (Auto relay, perpetual calender, kinetic power). This is a very high style watch, maybe a little to stylized for my taste, although I still like it. It is a very modern look.

Pros: Sapphire crystal which is somewhat rare at this price point ($370).

Perpetual calender means you will never have to set the date.

Auto relay is a neat feature that puts the watch into sleep mode after 24 hours of inactivity. Once you wear the watch again, the time and date automatically update to the current time within 15 seconds accuracy.


At this price ($370) the watch is an excellent value.

Craftsmanship and quality is nice.

Cons: Style may be a little too modern for some.

Eventually, the rechargeable battery inside the kinetic mechanism will have to be replaced when it can no longer hold a charge.


Overall, I like this watch a lot and it represents a good value with all of it's features. It keeps better time than a lot of higher end automatic watches, and you don't have to reset the calender after days with less than 31 days. I rate it four stars ****
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on January 20, 2012
I bought this watch after getting a new job and I dress up professionally everyday to work.
This watch not just is accurate but fits in a professional look as well as casual weekend wear.

I usually don't buy any watch over $150 just due to the fact that it usually doesn't give me that much value knowing I can check my phone to check the time.

I decided to buy this one because for the discounted price and quality, it's a steal.
Also naturally, time is valuable and watch can be a good investment.

This watch makes me look even better than all my previous watches and while shopping around, this price was best for the quality of the watch.
I am a careful shopper and very conservative and if you are looking for big value and quality watch, I recommend you to get this.

As for me, this watch will last a long time to come. Happy buyer and free 1-day shipping is very complimenting.
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