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on April 9, 2015
One can never go wrong with a SEIKO! Excellent quality, beautiful design, and functional are just a few words that come to mind about this particular watch. I love the fact that it's solar powered.
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on October 27, 2016
I bought this watch for a snorkeling trip to Key West this past summer as my two other german/swiss watches weren't designed for water sports and I wanted a watch for wet conditions. When I got the watch, my first impression was "wow, this watch is big and heavy." It might drag me down to a watery grave. It's also not really my style as I prefer simpler, less flashy designs and pilot style watches. I still do, but I kept the watch and fell in love with it on my trip. Very quickly, I came to appreciate the quality and design and build. The finish is truly beautiful. The hands, dial, and indices are precise and easiy to read at a glance, as a watch should be, under water as well. I don't think the crystal has anti reflective coating, but it looks like it does, offering similar clarity that rivals more expensive sapphire. The luminous paint on the hands and dial is not as bright or long lasting as are newer compounds like superluminova (strontium aluminate), but it's adequate. The case is solid stainless steel and is built like a tank. It has the look and feel of a much more expensive watch with a classic design and no superfluous design features. It's just a nice, purposeful design. This is a serious watch for serious men. The one thing I would change in the design is the color of the second hand of the chronograph. The blue color matches the rest of the color scheme, but it's difficult to read against the black background - a small criticism, but there it is.

As a watch for snorkeling, it's perfect. In spite of my worry over it's weight, I didn't notice it at all once I was in the water. It's not that heavy of course. It's just heavy compared to my other watches. The design info printed on the dial is "Diver's 200m." This would seem to claim that it is a true dive watch, but the literature claims only that it is water resistant to 200m. Bona Fide dive watches are individually tested to ISO standards, which is an expensive process and would likely double the cost of the watch, but I feel like this watch could easily resist failure at depths of 120 feet or more, which is the deepest that most SCUBA divers will ever encounter. At $200, it's not much risk anyway, so I wouldn't worry about using it for diving. Evidence to this is the beefy screw down crown, and the effective lock rings on the chronograph buttons that completely prevent them from being pressed underwater, provided that you remember to apply them before diving.

The watch is very accurate, of course. It's a quartz watch so why wouldn't it be? I don't know, but I have had some that weren't so accurate. After one month, it's gained about one second, maybe. Also, the chronograph when running has a very nice sweep second hand motion. The indices are so tiny that I'm not sure anyone will be using it for split second timing, but the distinction is there. It will registers to 1/5 of a second.

In summary, if you're in the market for a relatively inexpensive dive style watch with a sophisticated style, or even if you aren't, pull the trigger on this one. It'll be a welcome addition to your collection.
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on December 23, 2017
I bought this Seiko divers watch as a Christmas present for myself. I'm not a diver, but my watches often receive rough service; but of course, I am handling this one with great care. My other Seiko, SNA061 runs beautifully after 15 years of service, but I will send it to New Jersey for overhaul. I set this one carefully with WWV when I opened the box. The watch was running when I took it out of the box. So far after 2 weeks the time is less than 1 second from exact with WWV. All functions: time, stop watch, date, 24 hour clock face, screw down crown, are correct. The date window is small but I can read it.
The watch is larger and heavier than my other Seikos which was my original question mark when I ordered it. Other reviewers gig'd the weight issue, so I had apprehension. But weight is absolutely no problem. I wear a wrist watch 24 hours a day, except showers, so I can forget I am wearing this beauty.
I have been having a wrist watch argument with myself lately, which to buy, Seiko or Rolex. Since I can afford a Rolex now, I thought it would be a no brainer. Every time I think I am on track for a Rolex, Seiko offers a better value, quality, function, and cost, which brought me to SSC017. My business acumen keeps deciding Seiko is a better value. Seiko management, I'm sure has all this calculated out. Besides, Rolex prices are all over the map, so I feel defensive when I contemplate a new watch. I decided finance wise, to wait until someone else buys me a Rolex with their money. Ha ha!
The watch is beautiful and I would recomment it to friends and family.
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on August 16, 2016
Probably the best watch I ever owned. It's the perfect size and weight. The face is gorgeous! The price is unbeatable.
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on November 18, 2016
I purchased this watch from Amazon over 2 1/2 years ago. Its still works perfectly. It quickly became my go-to watch because of it's style. I have done many things while wearing this watch. Shooting, welding, camping, building and repairing an assortment of things, swimming, diving, boating, climbing, rappelling, and more shooting. It still works perfectly. This watch has been scratched, dropped, scraped, and abused. Really. Abused. It still works perfectly. This watch has taken more punishment that it was ever designed for and it sits on my wrist right this moment. It still works perfectly. I have always owned mechanical watches in the past because I appreciate the engineering that went into them. For that reason, I am unlikely to purchase a battery operated watch. With this Solar Seiko, there is enough technology wrapped into it for me to still appreciate the engineering that went into it. If this watch ever breaks, I will happily replace it with another just like it. It is THAT GOOD. Until that day. It still works perfectly.
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on November 12, 2016
One of the few 200m water resist chronographs available the SSC017 looks more expensive than one would expect for the under $200 price tag. I put mine on a nice NATO strap until I get the bracelet sized. It has the tiny collar and pin connectors that are tricky to work with unless one has proper tools. At 43mm the case is a bit larger than the SKX007 but with a solar power quartz movement it is much more accurate than an automatic movement. Hopefully the bezel on this will not fade over time as the red and blue bezel model SSC031 does. Since it also has drilled lugs it is easy to change straps.
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on March 25, 2017
Here is yet another positive review for this watch. I own about a dozen watches in the $200-400 including several Seiko, Citizen, Orient, etc. The finish on this watch is excellent, with all of the markers and bezel aligned. While it is a bit on the larger size, it wears similar to the Orange Monster.

One note to be aware of, make sure you watch some youtube videos before resizing the bracelet. It's not too difficult if you know what to watch for, but easy to mess up if you lose the little pin collars, which are quite tiny.

I bought mine from Amazon Warehouse in "like new" came in a cardboard box with no manual, but the watch itself was perfect. Very happy with mine and the black/blue looks even sharper in person.
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on August 26, 2015
I waited almost a year to post a review, I wanted to be SURE!
* Good looking
* Feel like quality product. It is heavy and solid.
* Bracelet can expand to go over your wetsuit
* Keep accurate time
* Price is incredably low for what it offers
* You are buying the equivalent of a $1,000 + diving watch (the one which are automatic - This one is a "Solar" and the solar is perfect even after a few days in the dark... Not once I had to adjust the time.
* The hands are wide and very visible when diving.... I did not try it a t 200 meters!
* The 3 screw buttons work very well and are effective not allowing any water in. Some review have complained about them... just be gentle and do not force them. Because I used the chrono all the time, I have to screw and unscrew them several times a day.
* Well, I am not as positive, BUT I keep my 5 stars because it works AND I consider that at $200, I did not pay for it. Kind of a freebe.
* The Chrono works well but the priority (rightfully) was given to diving.
* The stopwatch's big hand for the seconds is excellent. However, after one hour it stops. So you are limited at timing anything within an hour only and the small dial giving you the elapsed minutes is small. Further more, because the 2 hands giving the time are so wide (good for diving), they often block the view of the dial (at 6:00 and every 30 minutes).
* Seiko should have done a better job with the 3 accessory dials: 1) The one counting the seconds is good. 2) The one giving you the Military time is useless for me. 3) The one giving the elapsed minutes (chrono) is very hard to read and limitedto an hour.
* Some review have said that the day is hard to read. Yes, but how many time you need to look at your watch to see if we are the 4th or the 5th of July?
Bottom line, despite my comments, even the chronograph is usefull and I use it several times a day.
NOW WE ARE IN 2017..
I have worn this watch almost on a daily basis. Even when I do not use it for a few days, it does not stop for lack of light. I never adjusted the time.
Yes I put it through the ringer, not only by using it, showering with it almost on a daily basis but also doing extensive snorkeling, diving with the sharks in the Galapagos, the turtles in Hawaii, AND NOW, how is my rating?
The watch still looks like new and all my above comments still stand. Some people have said it is heavy, for me it is a sturdy watch.
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on November 10, 2015
This watch has to be on everyone's best dive watch under $300.00 list. The solar charged quartz action is keeping very good time so far. The looks of this thing are stunning, and I love the classic fold-over clasp bracelet. I have other more expensive dive watches (Tag, Citizen, Rolex) but I keep reaching for this Seiko since I got it. I purchased it as a week end, beater but find myself wearing it all the time. Let's face it, I haven't been diving in years (my c card is around somewhere) but I like diving watches because they are substantial, large and easy to read for my aging eyes. I was surprised when I received this watch and it had a "Prospex" hang tag and mark on its face below "Seiko." The pic on amazon does not have this mark which is Seiko's higher end dive line. Anyway, the only dings I can give this watch is the date window is so small as to be unreadable and the bezel, although silky smooth, has painted on numerals which I suspect may start to scratch. The band (which I love) is already showing a couple of scratches and I have been absolutely babying the watch. All in all a good buy and I am pleased with it especially at this price point.
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on May 27, 2017
This is as solid of a diving chronograph watch as you are likely to find anywhere including the many overpriced Swiss diving watches you can pay thousands for. It literally reeks of high quality. And it's a solar watch, which means no batteries will need to be installed. This feature will keep this watch waterproof because the seals won't need to be disturbed. And it will save you $15-20 every two years. The watch is on the heavy side, but not too heavy to be comfortably worn.
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