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on July 15, 2015
This is my second Seiko watch. Recently I purchased a blue SNK model. The SNZ is a large watch. It's definitely larger than the SNK. Just as the SNK, the SNZ is a nicely finished watch with some heft to it. It functions just fine, assuming a potential customer is familiar with mechanical watches.
This being a "K" model i noticed the movement rotor does not say "Malaysia", instead is has "Seiko" on a few pieces. Japanese or Malaysian, these are still nice watches at a good price. Though I haven't worn this one yet, I'm thinking i'll prefer the size/weight of the SNK (I'm 6ft 200lbs). I'll still keep this for the variety. Some advice for those not familiar with automatic watches: Right out of the box I swung the watch in an arc and counted to
60, not fast. This gave the spring a good wind. When I put the watches down for the day i'll give them the same swing in an arc and count to about 20 or 30. This should guarantee them to stay running. If you don't wear it, plan on winding it in this motion once or twice a day. If you don't, you can expect any automatic to stop in a day or two (or maybe three). If you like auto's, give the Seiko 5's a try. Can't beat them for the price. Also, unless you buy direct from Amazon, don't expect to receive an owners manual, registration card, or warranty card. Read on the listing who provides the warranty; Seiko or someone else? This watch only came with the blue Seiko box. My SNK from Amazon direct came in the box with the factory documents. FYI
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on October 5, 2015
This watch is a blend of elegant design philosophy (no batteries. Well, no chemical batteries because the mainspring is technically a mechanical battery), timeless outdoorsman aesthetics, and economics. I bought this watch for a specific purpose and wanted instant confirmation of military time without having to "add 12". Is it the finest made, most beautiful, or most durable? Probably not, but there's not a lot of reputable automatics out there for $100, especially one reminiscent of the Hamilton Khaki.

Some non-obvious thing buyers may wish to note:
- There are various pictures of this watch. On the one I received, the ring around the face is distinctly more greenish than the "cream" color in the center of the face.
- It makes a bit of noise as the weight turns.
- You can stop the second hand, but it's not the easiest thing to simultaneously set the second and minute hand. I usually set mine to the minute, so I can't tell you if it looses or gains a bit. Videos on Youtube show how to get the accuracy down a few sec/day.
- The back is stunning. Automatics are complex and amazing machines (they were invented in 1923 AFTER the invention of internal combustion engines, airplanes, radios, etc.)
- The crystal is perfectly flat and give it an old-fashioned look that I really like.

I think this is a great budget automatic. I deduct a star for the band (canvas, meh) and a few small things such as the second hand setting difficulty, but overall, I love it.

I've been wearing this watch every day for close to a year now. Here are some long-term thoughts:

- The band is still a minus- it's definitely getting worn and stained. Time for a new one.
- The crystal is remarkably resilient. I've accidentally bumped it many times and the only surface that has left even the slightest (and it's very slight!) mark on the crystal is a brick wall (and when I forgot and put it in my pocket when I had sand in my pocket at the beach :/ ) But in camparison to "designer brand" watches I've had, this thing is essentially scratchproof.
- The waterproof rating is no joke. I've gone snorkeling in salt water, showered, and ridden motorcycles in rain storms with this thing on. Not a drop inside. I do make sure to rinse it well in fresh water after having it in the ocean, to avoid possible corrosion.

Still love it
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on March 26, 2016
Great watch that is comfortable, keeps the correct time, and looks good. I would recommend this watch for casual and outdoors wear.
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on July 21, 2016
Amazing masculine/gorgeous Seiko Birthday Gift! Love it...thank u!
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on April 22, 2017
I like everything about this watch except it randomly stops running, and loses up to 15 minutes in 24 hours. Sending it in for repair. I hope asurion warranty works out.
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on March 8, 2017
very well constructed.
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on January 23, 2013
I had this watch and returned it. First, the accuracy was horrible, even for an automatic. It was off my minutes every day...that is the days it did not stop working...Yes, I know an automatic must be worn or it will stop. But the one I had would shut down after less than 6-8 hours off my wrist. So if I went to sleep without the watch it was stopped (and needed to be reset) when I awoke.

That being said, it was a very attractive watch and I was disappointed it did not work out. I did buy the smaller and less expensive version (almost identical in looks) made by seiko and that one is my favorite watch now and I no longer bother with the TAG or the Tissot. I wish they made this watch in a battery operated version which would give it all the positives and no negatives.

UPDATE: A year went by and I still wanted this watch, so I bought it again from a different seller. I do suspect last time that the item was previously returned/used since it did not have any instructional paperwork, as this one did, but regardless it sucked as far as functionality. The seller was not amazon (Jomoshop) and I had to actually do a reverse charge with the credit card to get the return properly resolved. So far this one, the exact same model, is great. It seems to keep great time (for an automatic, less than 30 sec a day off so far ) and keeps running when I have had it off my wrist for as long as 10 hours.and I have not tested it yet at 12 hours. I wish that this was the watch I had received the first time.
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on April 1, 2013
Had the watch 4 days now. Perfect out of the shipping box. Very easy to set day and date. Band is stiff, but seems of high quality and hopefully will have longevity. Product is just as described and, like many others watch buyers on Amazon have noted, looks better in person than in the pictures. One key difference is the difference in color of the watch face (ivory) and the internal "bezel" I guess you would call it containing the hour and minute markers, which is tan. The color combo looks well together, but is hard to discern from the pic on Amazon. Very pleased so far. Great value based in purchase price from Amazon. Would purchase again.
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on February 8, 2017
Be aware that you will have to reset this watch EVERY morning if you don't wear it while you sleep. The first one I got only lasted 6 hours off the wrist, so I sent it back. The second one lasts ten hours. In every other way I LOVE this watch, but who wants to reset it every time you use it?
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on February 13, 2015
I really like this watch. Seems durable enough. Not as desert tan as i would have liked but definitely khaki. Holds time well, easy to get on and off, lights up very brightly when in the sun then the dark. Its an automatic so the back is see through. I always like watching the movement. Latly, great price.
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