Customer Reviews: Seinfeld: Season 6
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on October 16, 2006
Seinfeld-Season 6 would see the sitcom finally hit #1 in the Nielsen ratings. This was also the season where the storylines became more complicated as Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer would all be involved in one caper or another in the same episode. George's parents, Frank and Estelle Costanza, as well as Jerry's parents, Morty and Helen Seinfeld, and Newman are featured more prominently and we also see the debut of several strong role players such as Mr. Pitt, David Puddy, and Kenny Bania. Amazingly, the storylines stayed strong throughout the season as several episodes would become classics. And while Jerry was usually considered the weakest of the four main actors, his work improved a lot during this season.

Disc 1 starts the season out strong with the excellent episodes "The Big Salad" and "The Pledge Drive" as well as the hysterical classic, "The Couch." "The Chinese Woman" and "The Gymnast" are also very good episodes, both showing the continuing neuroses of the Costanzas. The sitcom always seems to have great episodes on Disc 2 and this is no exception with "The Soup", "The Switch", where we finally learn Kramer's first name, and "The Race" all being classic episodes. Disc 3 is also top notch, featuring the excellent "The Scofflaw", "The Kiss Hello", and "The Doorman", also known as "The Bro", as well as the two-part "Highlights of 100" episode. Disc 4 starts out with the classic episode "The Jimmy", which earned Michael Richards an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor, the excellent "The Fusili Jerry", and the strong season finale, "The Understudy", which mirrors the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan fiasco, only with Bette Midler, of all people, playing the victim. As usual, the extras are just as strong as the episodes. The Running With the Egg featurette that shows how an episode of Seinfeld is created is probably the best feature thus far in the Seinfeld series. The bloopers are also very funny from this season, especially the ones from "The Fusili Jerry" episode. The deleted scenes, inside looks, exclusive stand-up material, and the Notes About Nothing are also top notch. Although not quite on the level of Season 4, which was their best season, Season 6 was another great season for Seinfeld as the writing was still top notch and the ensemble cast was running on all cylinders. Highly recommended.
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on November 27, 2005
Season Six is my favorite season of Seinfeld, episode for episode. The fantastic four began to change a little this season, as they each took on a little more edge, becoming all around less 'friendsy.' Season six hit the perfect note as far as character development -- Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine were in their sitcom prime. The following years, the last two to three seasons of Seinfeld, after co-creator Larry David departed, the characters almost became charicatures of themselves -- the show was still very good and quite funny, but I feel Season Six was the last truly great stand, episode for episode.

The scripts from this season were just brilliant. Retired stand-up comic and familiar working actor Fred Stoller joined the staff for 'Six' and penned 'The Soup' -- Seinfeld at its finest (this episode introduced a one Kenny Bana.) Stoller, a Jewish New Yorker himself, was always a favorite stand-up of mine to catch on TV in the late 1980s and was a natural staffer for Larry David's unique style of sitcom. He also storied out 'The Face Painter' with David, and Stoller himself can be seen in the crowd at the hockey game on this particular episode. Stoller (perhaps most recognizable to the sitcom crowd as Ray's whiney cousin on 'ELR') would later have a guest role as Fred Yerkes, a date of Elaine's.

I recommend Season Six as a keeper for any true Seinfeld fan
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on November 28, 2005
Season six marks the shows transition from hillarious to friggin hilarious. These episodes are all classics. I don't even want to list them becuase I know I'll leave some out. Take my word for it. If you are s fan of Seinfeld, buy these DVDs! The "Inside Looks" on most of the episodes are great. Each set comes with it's own full-length (well....kinda full length) documentary about some aspect of the show. Not to mention, comercial free Seinfeld is sublime. If you're not aqcuianted with the show, watch a few episodes on TBS. Who knows, you might just become a fan. For me, there is nothing like first popping in each disc to watch the episodes for the first time on DVD. As Jerry says when he sees George's handicapped bathroom, "Xanadu!"
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on June 17, 2006
If you're a T.V. Seinfeld fan you will absolutely love the DVD's. The scenes that are cut to insert commercials by syndicators are restored on the high quality DVD versions. I grew up in the United States and had always liked the series from television. I was married while living/working/studying in China in 2002 and bought the DVD's for my wife on our coming to the United States in 2005. She had never seen Seinfeld before and had never been exposed to this style of humor or the slice of American life that the series presents. We have watched the DVD's over and over again and they never fail to make us laugh and lift our spirits when we've had a bad day. We utilize the closed captioning option and it has been a great help for my wife in acquiring an understanding of casual English usage including slang, and idiom. On a more serious note, owning so many seasons and watching the episodes regularly makes you realize the sad truth that much of American life really is focused on the themes of myopic self-interest presented and ridiculed in this series. I sometimes worry that individuals may actually see the series as a validation of their lack of ethics, morals, and connection with the Creator instead of as a revelation and jabbing at today's inappropriate social dynamics; just as the Archie Bunker/All In the Family series did in the 1970's.
The DVD sets include great special features from "How It Began" to "Making a Seinfeld Episode", deleted scenes, behind the scenes commentary from cast and creators, never-before-seen standup footage of Jerry, original NBC promotional ads and trailers, outtakes and bloopers, and much, much more. It's obvious that a lot of thought and work went into producing the DVD sets and I can't wait until the remaining seasons come out for sale at Amazon. After all; "Who wouldn't love Jerry?"
Episodes included in this set are:
Season 6 - The Chaperone, The Big Salad, The Pledge Drive, The Chinese Woman, The Couch, The Gymnast, The Mom & Pop Store, The Soup, the Secretary, The Switch, The Race, The Label Maker, The Scofflaw, The Highlights of 100 (Parts 1 & 2), The Beard, The Kiss Hello, The Doorman, The Jimmy, The Doodle, The Fusilli Jerry, The Diplomat's Club, The Face Painter, The Understudy.
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This is a good season of Seinfeld, though perhaps not as outstanding as season four or five. Nonetheless, there some great episodes in this set, and the extras are wonderful. In this season I had a couple of clear favorites: first and foremost is "The Fusilli Jerry," which is a classic in combining seemingly disparate story lines...I could never have imagined how Kramer's vanity license plates and the pasta figurine of Jerry would fit together in the end. For this episode there is also an excellent commentary track featuring Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. This isn't the only commentary track on the set, but it is the funniest.

On the down side, there were a couple of weaker episodes this season that, while good, didn't really live up to "classic" status like most of the rest of the series. Of course taste is a subjective thing, but I found "The Big Salad" to be a bit slowly paced, and while it is apparently a fan favorite, I never really liked "The Jimmy" all that much either. The "Highlights of 100" is an interesting retrospective show, while "The Beard" has some of the more conceptually entertaining subplots in the season.

One special feature of note in this set is "Running With The Egg," a documentary about the making of a "Seinfeld" episode, largely told through informative and entertaining interviews, mostly with Jerry. All told, this is a fine season, and while not my favorite, it is still superior television in an excellent box set. I highly recommend "Seinfeld" Season Six.
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on March 11, 2006
Seinfeld is the type of show I wish I could still find on "Must See TV". Perfect chemistry between Elaine, Jerry, George, and Kramer allows us all to enjoy the humorous interactions between these 4 eccentric friends which is lacking in many pre- and post-Seinfeld sitcoms. The episodes in Season 6 are about the same quality as Season 5, but you can definitely tell that there is a change in the writing style from what was seen in Seasons 1-4 as the series begins to drift away to stories that become so bizarre that it's almost unbelievable, while still hilarious. The extras in Season 6 are also quite nice and very much appreciated, though Jerry Seinfeld isn't very animated or energetic during the commentary. Anyone purchasing this set won't be disappointed as there are many delightful extras and bonuses, including alternate versions of episodes with different actors and scenes!
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on December 3, 2014
My review is not based off the show... DH and I love this show and I buy him each season for his birthday and Christmas. So, my two stars are not for the show, they get 5 stars.
However...this is NOT a boxed set, like the description says. It is a thin case. Apparently they don't make the box sets for Seinfeld anymore (or I have not found a company that carries the box sets). I have tried Target and other stores and they no longer have the box sets. I was hoping this would be a box set like the description says.

I like everything to match and organize and now our box set series does not match., I have all the other seasons in box sets except for Season 6,7 and 8.
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on November 30, 2005
You really can't go wrong with the motherlode of extras you get with each & every one of Seinfeld's season sets. Hell I have to be honest and admit I'd probably buy the sets without the extras because I love the show so much but I think Seinfeld & David are doing right by their fans. My favorites are always the bloopers. I laugh watching them almost as much as I laughed during the episodes' original run.

I agree with another poster that this is consistently the most enjoyable season of Seinfeld. I cannot believe another poster feels the 5th season is superior when it was the 5th that foisted 3 of the worst-ever Seinfeld episodes on us fans(The Bris, The Barber and The Sniffing Accountant are clearly at the bottom rung of the ladder when it comes to quality Sein episodes). As opposed to Season 6, where I can watch each & every episode over & over. I realize there are many who will argue that the 4th & 7th seasons were better. But when you look at all of this seasons episodes collectively there is hardly a clunker in the bunch. Imo, this is the season Julia Louis-Dreyfus really came into her own as Elaine. After the brilliant season 5 ending episode "The Opposite", she is forced to work as lowly assistant to elderly millionaire Justin Pitt (brilliantly played by Ian Abercrombie) and will also meet the person who will become her on-again off-again romance for the rest of the series and that is David Puddy, also brilliantly played by Patrick Warburton. Btw, I'm not sure why so many trash Warburton. The Puddy-Elaine saga made me laugh almost more than any other plot line in the last several seasons. This was also the season that saw George's involvement with The New York Yankees as the assistant to the traveling secretary. Yet another minefield of brilliant comedy. "The Calzone" is another favorite season 6 episode of mine and I just loved David doing Stein's voice in that one. Season 6 also contains an episode that would probably make many "true" Seinfeld fans top ten of all time list and that is "The Jimmy". Kramer is simply hysterical in that one. Lastly, season 6 contains what is one of my favorite visual moments in the show ever and that is in the episode "The Race" as Jerry crosses the finish line and Elaine runs over to congratulate him, Jerry knocks her out of the way so he can hug his girlfriend. I don't know why, but that scene never fails to double me over with laughter. Overall, I wish the creators of other television shows would look at what Seinfeld-David & The Simpsons gang have done with their product. They're miles ahead of the competition.
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on February 6, 2015
Not my favorite Seinfeld season, but a very good one. Includes Face Painter and The Beard, two of my top twenty episodes. However, I didn't like a few of the episodes, e.g. The Chinese Woman and The Pledge Drive,so I am giving it 4 stars. Seinfeld fans should definitely get this DVD.
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on April 30, 2013
Mine came with the menu in spanish, wich I don't mind because that's my first language. I don't know if all come in spanish but watch out for that on the product description section or wherever you must.

This season to me is great there was an episode that I had never watched before and that was a thrill really, after all these years I still can find new things about Seinfeld. The extras are cool too.
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