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on June 29, 2017
This book has taught me some important life lessons. While there were some areas of this book that proved to be challenging for me to understand and accept, overall I liked the message and believe that learning to be kinder to oneself is key to living a happy and fulfilling life. I definitely have applied some of the practical lessons on a day to day basis. Highly recommended for those who need a primer in treating themselves better.
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on October 31, 2014
When I have a bad day it was typical for me to get down on myself. And if I did something I wasn't proud of I would call myself a "terrible person." It was a spiral of negative emotion.

After reading this novel though I haven't been able to call myself a "terrible person" anymore without a huge grin on my face. All my friends think of it as a joke now. And the love I shared with them for years I now am working on sharing with myself. It has been so important in the journey of making myself whole. Thank you, Kristin. You made my life so much better.
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on June 1, 2011
I usually doubt when someone says that a book, or a concept, is life-changing.

Trust me: THIS ONE IS. At least if you find yourself stuck in some struggle in your life that you feel is possible to be solved but you don't know how. If you feel fear of the consequences of doing something in your life you'll also find here what may be the origin and to heal this fear. This book is about being stronger, emotionally stronger, in a way that I didn't see any other author talk about. The subject of this book, I think, is the root for all the other strenghts we can have as human beings. I think that, without this, we can't be sucessful getting to the other strengths.

I've been lost in a depression for the last 6 years and I had read lots of books from the top authors on psychology, self-motivation, personal efectiveness and on and on. All I found was some strength to keep searching, but nothing EVER touched so exactly on what could be the reason and the cure for the bad emotions I had for all these years.

I'm sure that , for me , this book is one more piece of the puzzle I've been working on since my depression came into my life. But I can assert that it's the most meaningful piece so far. No doubt. Sometimes while reading I found myself avoiding the book because the transformation was being too intense in my point of view, but I noticed my pattern and kept on reading. It really was worth!

I could keep writing here for hours about how now I can see a path, a light, that I couldn't see before on some of the most difficults aspects of my life. Past and present aspects.

I strongly recommend this book to you, to anyone.

I'm from Brazil and I'm a bit sad that we don't have a portuguese version of this book yet, because I could buy at least one copy to every person that I like or love (truly, I would give also to the people that I could have any reason to don't like). If I was a rich guy I would give one of this to every psychologist on the world so that this practices could be used on their pacients alike.

Kristin, thank you for coming with this for the world! Thank you very much! Spread the talk about it as much as you can.

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on August 1, 2014
I admit to being a bit of a self-help literature enthusiast. Hey, being a human (especially one living in this crazy 21st century) is hard! If a book can help someone find more peace of mind and skills for living, then I say that's all for the good!

Of all the books on my self-help shelf, Kristin Neff's Self Compassion just might be my absolute favorite. I discovered her book through the work of Brene Brown (whom I also love) and watched her TED talk, which I found very moving ( Her book did not disappoint. It is a guidebook for living with more compassion for oneself and for others. So often we feel afraid that if we are kind and compassionate towards ourselves we will become lazy. I know I fall into this trap pretty much every day! Neff discusses this trap and why it is not only unhelpful but also false. Practicing self-compassion can actually lead us to live happier and more fruitful lives (emphasis on the happier!).

Neff writes with the warm and compassionate quality to be expected from the bearer of her message. She supports her views with scientific evidence and life-experiences, which she references throughout. She also gives you exercises to do along the way in order to help you find compassion for yourself and start using meaningful practices to become more self-compassionate. Many of these exercises I'm actually still working on and will probably revisit over and over in the years to come!

What I like most about Neff's work is her attitude towards suffering. I am always suspicious when authors imply that suffering can/should be avoided or even eliminated entirely. Suffering is a part of life, a necessary one, even if it is difficult. To endeavor to completely avoid it would be very unhealthy (not to mention impossible). Thus, I find that the writers who resonate the most with me are those who seek to help their readers deal with the inevitable suffering they will face in life. Neff does exactly this. In fact, the idea of hers that I love the most is that when we are well-practiced in the art of self-compassion, our suffering can become an opportunity to feel loved and support from within ourselves. That is a wonderful thought to me! The ability to console oneself during life's difficult moments is something to strive for, and I feel certain that reading Self Compassion has given me a good start to leading a happier, healthier, more compassionate life.
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on August 18, 2015
Obama should read this word for word to our country one page a day until he leaves office. Amazing material. I am a licensed therapist in Connecticut who reads 2-3 therapy books per week. Such an important message and I have been using this as a part of my practice ever since I read it. I really loved the part about the fallacy of our "need" to improve kids "self-esteem " and how that is truly something shooting us in the foot. Everything she says is practically mind blowing and simple at the same time.
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on March 27, 2017
Beautiful and well work the discovery. I believe that Neff creates a spark, fans just a little you soon find you are awakening, so things you were supposed to be and yet you will now break free. All the while nurturing calm and kindly words "where do you want to go" a must read.
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on August 27, 2015
Allowing science to measure what might be called "self-love" or "love for self" when dwelling on the negative aspects of self (as contrasted with "self-appreciation," when dwelling on positive aspects of self), Dr. Neff has developed a rigorous measure of self-compassion (containing self-kindness, mindfulness, & common humanity subscales), and written a powerful book, which weaves her 15-plus years of scholarship and life story, into a captivating read, teaching us to embrace our ordinary experiences of suffering (with kindness, mindfulness, & "common humanity" awareness) and thereby transform them into something extraordinary!
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on October 27, 2013
I've been reading this book with our nine year old son after I realized we both needed more self compassion and in turn more compassion for other people. After reading a couple of chapters with my boy, I can really see the difference! Challenges he's had with friends and and us have been met with a more compassionate understanding perspective. I'm really thankful I found this book. I've looked elsewhere for childrens books for him, but, I couldn't find anything like this.
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on December 11, 2014
Everyone needs to understand how to be compassionate to his or herself, for that is where the roots of understanding, patience, and caring for others begin. Once you can be kind to yourself, you will be able to be kinder towards others. If you are one who is nice to everyone but yourself, this is a good resource for you too.
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on July 24, 2016
I have been following Dr. Neff's innovative research for years...she is amazing! She has the unique ability to make us all feel more comfortable in our our skin. She breaks down some common problems regarding how we relate to ourselves & teaches us how to appreciate ourselves more. She teaches us healthier ways to relate to ourselves & others in simple, doable ways. The world would be a better place if this was required reading for everyone.
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