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on April 23, 2013
I needed a better option for using turn by turn navigation while riding my motorcycle than earbud style headphones. I decided to start looking for Bluetooth headsets that I could mount inside my helmet, and I decided on the SMH5-02 for a couple of reasons.

1. The 02 version comes with a wired mic, instead of a boom style mic, and I felt that this would be a better option for a full faced helmet than the boom.
2. I don't have anyone else that I ride with, so long range of the intercom function wasn't a deciding factor at all.

The item arrived quickly and I set about installing it. I'm using an HJC CL-16 helmet, and the entire unit was installed with all wires hidden in about 15 minutes, most of which was arranging the speakers so that they were in the correct spot and getting the liner in and out of the helmet.

After installing, I paired it to my iPhone 5, which I would be using for GPS, phone (obviously, right?), and music. It paired quickly and without any issues.

I was instantly able to play music through the speakers, and it sounded about how I expected it to sound. That is, the highs were okay, and the bass is nonexistent. This, however, is to be expected with the tiny speakers that are included with the package. I hope this doesn't sound as if I'm saying the speakers are bad...they're not...they work and do what they are supposed to, but don't expect them to be sounding like your nice over the ear headphones or your home surround sound system.

I did notice a couple of times when switching from music, to movies, to the internet, to videos on my iPhone that the sound would cut out in the speakers. I was able to remedy this a couple of ways...first, if I went on the phone to the Bluetooth settings and hit the SMH5 device, it would effectively re-pair the device and the sound would come back. The other was by hitting the "call" button on the SMH5 itself, and waiting for it to time out, then the sound would come back. I want to note that after updating the device to it's most recent firmware, I haven't been able to replicate this problem, so I'm believing it to be a problem that was remedied by the firmware update.

I will also take this moment to explain the "One Small Complaint" that I have mentioned in the title of this review. When using the turn by turn navigation with no music playing, the voice comes over the speakers very faintly at first before adjusting itself to the normal volume. For instance, if it's telling me "In 1/2 mile, turn right on Jones Street," the "In 1/2" will be much quieter than the rest of the direction. I believe that this is done so that when you are riding there is not a sudden and unexpected voice screaming in your ear, which could cause a scare if you aren't really expecting it, but, the problem it presents is that the way my GPS works, it makes it so that at speed I can't hear the distance I need to hear in order to follow the direction. What I mean is that I don't know if it's telling me "In 1/4 mile," or "In 1/2 mile," or "In 3/4 mile." This can present a bit of a problem, especially if you are trying to use the GPS with no other sounds. I've tried to find a turn by turn program that works by first sounding a "Beep" or a "Chime" or something before giving the voice command, but I haven't been able to find one yet, and I've tried three or four of them. This may be a problem more with the phone than the headset, as I have no other GPS device or Bluetooth headset to test to see if it's the phone or the headset.

Now, to counteract this small complaint, this issue is completely gone if you are listening to something else through the headset while also listening to the turn by turn navigation. For instance, if I am listening to music while also having turn by turn going, the turn by turn voice will cut in while the music is playing at it's normal volume, and it will turn the volume of the music down so you can more easily hear the turn by turn voice. The system works flawlessly when using it like this, and no directions are missed because of the volume being too low. So, as long as you have another source of sound coming through the speakers, my "One Small Complaint" becomes a non-issue. I have contacted Sena to see if this is a known issue, and they responded by telling me to do a firmware upgrade and a factory reset. I haven't done this yet (well, I already did the firmware upgrade), and I don't know if I will at this point as I don't have too much of a problem with the system the way it works right now. I will say that I have asked a few other users if they have experienced this, and they have not...but they also said that they are typically listening to music while riding (so they wouldn't notice the problem in the first place) or they are not using an iPhone (so it's possible that this may be a problem with the phone, and not the headset).

I had not planned on listening to music all the time with the system, I got it primarily for the GPS, but after riding with the music on I don't think I'll be going back to no music. I thought it may have been distracting, but it turned out to be extremely pleasant. The nice thing about the SMH5 for music is the device has a rotary dial on it for controlling the music.

The rotary dial is used to control all of the sounds. You use it like a typical volume knob to turn the volume up and down, which is very easy to do and intuitive. I've read that other devices use combinations of buttons that you have to press to turn the volume up and down...which seems much more involved than just turning the dial. If you want to pause the music, you just press the rotary dial in until you hear it beep, then press it in again until it beeps to unpause the music. To move the tracks forward or backwards, you press the rotary dial in and turn it forward or backwards. All of this is very easy to do while riding, and really intuitive. With that said, to skip around the music, I use Siri on my iPhone. To do this, I just press the "call" button on the headset and Siri responds, and I tell her to go to the next track, and she does this. So, with voice control on the phone, it's even more intuitive.

I also used the SMH5 to make and receive a couple of phone calls. Making the calls was easy with the iPhone, as I would hit the call button and tell Siri to "Call Wife" and she would dial my wife for me. Incoming calls were easily answered by pressing the button on the headset. You are supposed to be able to answer the calls by saying any word loudly into the microphone, but I was unable to get the device to work this way routinely. A few times it worked, other times it didn't. It seems that as I was travelling at higher speeds, it would work less and less. I believe this to be a problem with the wind noise inside the helmet. My CL-16 is not the quietest helmet in the world. I was able to get the "answer by voice" function to work better at high speeds by holding my hand under the front of the helmet, thus blocking out some of the wind noise. A chin cover is available for my helmet, which will probably help get the voice answering to work flawlessly...but I don't plan on using the phone a lot, so using the button the few times I do get a call is not a big deal. After all of this, the call quality is amazing.

When I first called my wife, she didn't believe that I was actually riding the motorcycle. She said I sounded just as clear as I normally do on the phone, and if anything I sounded a bit louder. This was more than likely because I was talking louder because I thought that I might have to. On my end, she sounded just as clear as I expected considering the speakers are inside a helmet and there was quite a bit of wind noise. I would rate the quality of the device for making and receiving calls as exceptional.

After all of this, it's time to sum up the SMH5-02. In a word, great. I really like the device. It was easy to install, sounds pretty good, and works exceptionally well. If you are looking for something to listen to music or GPS directions and aren't too concerned with bike to bike communications, then the SMH5 would be a homerun for you. Keep in mind my "One Small Complaint" if you are getting it solely to use as with a GPS, but also keep in mind that I'm not sure if it's the headset or my phone that is causing that complaint. Even so, give riding with some music a wasn't distracting, as I thought it may have been, and actually proved to be quite pleasurable.

Overall, I'm really glad I made the purchase. I look forward to getting a ton of use out of the device!!!!
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on August 2, 2015
Wish we made this purchase sooner!
Work way better than expected. Once you get the speakers in the right place in the helmet the sound is very good.
My wife and I ride together all the time, now she is super happy that I can tell her when we are turning, passing, hazards, etc...She has her music on and I have mine, but with a click of a button either of us can speak to the other perfectly clearly...even with ear plugs in.

Thought we were going to be disappointed that we did not buy the 10, but for the two of us, the 5 is perfect.
Built a handy little charging shelf in the garage and all is good.
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on June 5, 2012
I purchased this unit from Radio Rider last week to replace my Blinc M1 that sadly broke. I have not used it for an intercom, just for playing music and taking phone calls.

* the knob freely rotates forwards and back like a dial.
* the knob pushes in like a button.
* the red button on the back is used with the knob button to turn the power on and off.
* the unit talks to you. "Hello" when you turn it on, "Goodbye" when you turn it off, "Phone connected" when you connect to a phone, etc.
* Play/Pause is done by holding the knob button on for ~2 seconds.
* Volume is changed by rotating the knob.
* changing tracks is done by pushing the knob button and rotating the knob.
* intercom is activated by pushing the knob button in for ~1 second or less. This cuts the music and searches for another Sena unit for about 10 seconds. If it can't find one it says "Intercom failed, please try again later" and returns to music.
* warranty is 2 years.

* Long battery life (rated at 5-8 hours, I have used it for 4 constant hours with no problem.
* separate charging plug (not the same plug as the mic/speakers as in the Blinc M1).
* charges via standard Micro-USB cable (the same as most modern Android/Windows/BBerry smartphones).
* can be used while charging (give a long enough cord and a charger on your bike).
* the mic/speaker plug is angled so it doesn't get unplugged by your shoulder.
* comes with a METAL clamp mount that feels secure. Also includes a surface mount with tape.
* replacement parts are readily available.

* speakers are tiny and tinny. They are LOUD, but but not really for music as they have poor range. They would be excellent for just intercom work though.
* my kit from Radio Rider only had the boom mic, not the wired full-face mic. However, the boom mic works fine in my HJC RPS-10.
* does not come with a charger, only a USB cable. (can charge from your computer or most Micro-USB smartphone chargers).


I like it. I would have preferred better speakers but you can either swap in the Sena "big speaker" kit or solder on your own speakers. I would have also liked my kit to include the wired mic (some kits do depending on SKU). With the chin curtain attached to my helment my voice is said to be clear up to 65mph.

It took a while to get used to pushing and rotating the knob to change tracks, but you get used to it.
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on April 11, 2016
Exactly what I wanted. Easy to install without reading directions (only needed to know how the button functions work included in booklet) Connected easy to my S6. Nav, Music, Phone all work well. After going through the gears the sound is audible and certain songs play louder than others but that's not this units fault. Bluetooth audio to my Milk Music on Samsun plays great. The nav sounds great, phone clarity great, everything works great for me. Only thing as already stated, it's kind of "tweeterish" lots of highs so after riding for a while and then taking off helmet your ears will ring a bit if you crank the tunes up lol. It be great if they'd make a Sub to fit in the helmet somehow, like maybe the top dome part. It would be perfect with a sub. Overall it's just what I wanted.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on January 20, 2013
I have had this head set for a few weeks now. It works well. The controls are simple and easy to use. There is a "jog wheel" that you can also press. And there is a second button on the back of the unit. It is easy to feel the controls with thick gloves. Installing on my helmets was easy. All the necessary hardware is included.
Pairing with my Windows 7 phone was the easiest ever. I press the jog wheel for a second, and I can give my phone a voice command - very nice! This allows me to call up anyone, send texts, choose music, etc...
I have a noisy helmet. Even at high speeds, there is enough volume to hear anything. The person on the other end of a phone call can understand me easily at high speeds. Music is crisp and clear.
Almost every command has vocal feedback. When you turn the unit on, it says, "hello" After a moment, it says, "phone connected" So you don't have to sit there counting seconds to know when to release a button.

It came with a USB charging cable, but no USB to Wall Outlet adaptor (very easy to find, though). With thick gloves, the wheel will slip when I try to turn it.

I know I was confused with the different model numbers. So, this is what I think:
The SMH is a base part number. I think the 5 is older, the 10 is newer. Best I can figure, 10 has a longer Helmet - to - Helmet range. The D is for full faced helmet. You can order units with different types of boom mics.

So far, this has been an excellent unit, and I would recommend it.
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on August 14, 2017
I've been able to assess these over a weekend of riding and a day of commuting. Installation was fairly easy; plan on more time if you want to install the ear phones the correct way and run their wires through the helmet so they stay put. I wear an Arai Quantum-X for reference. Set up was easy as well. The rotary is intuitive and I've used it for pretty much everything so far including moving my music forward. Way easier than I thought it would be. I'd suggest doing the firmware update. Upon installation, I had a buzz during calls and music. Once I updated the firmware, the issue went away and the unit has worked perfectly. I spent a solid 8 hours in between charges and the power never went off. That's making calls and listening to music.

When I ride, I wear earplugs. I am dedicated to not losing my hearing. With the Bluetooth turned up on my Samsung S7 Edge (which paired effortlessly), I was able to hear my music and phone calls at 70 mph and over with more volume to go on the headset itself. Hearing with these things is not an issue. My calls were clear and I made several to test. What the other reviews say about the person not believing I'm on the bike? All true. My wife said it was like we were in the same room. I opted for the wired mic, by the way. I cannot speak to the boom mic.

The unit seems to be made of sturdy stuff. The battery issues I have read about seem to be a thing of the past, but if they happen to me, I will update. Charging the unit is easy. Either the bolt on or the stick on mount make removing the unit easy, easy to charge as well, and you can even charge while riding, so long trips don't have to mean running out of battery.

I recommend using the Sena App as it makes using your phone in conjunction with the headset easier. For the money, I think I have a great headset. Sena has a great reputation for quality so I am hoping these last me several years. Highly recommended.
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on July 6, 2016
I bought this because my old headset was 7 years old and stopped working and a couple of coworkers have these units. I got the set to use with my fiance so we can communicate during long rides.

They come pre-paired from the factory which was nice. Installing them was easy and they come with the internal mic which is better than the external boom mic (mainly for full face helmets). They support the external mic but you have to purchase that separately.

I tested it during a 1.5 hour drive and had the gps with google maps on my phone, amazon music playing and occasionally would communicate with my fiance. Just a tap of the center button opens the line to communicate with the other headset and automatically pauses your music. Tap again, goes back to playing music. It doesnt matter which of the two tap to end communications, the music resume, which is nice. However, when you are on the channel communicating with someone, the gps instructions will not be heard. It makes sense when you think of it, as it is using a different channel for intercoms and a different for connection to your phone.

Calls were ok, better than my previous headset which came with my tomtom. Intercom was good at speeds below 50mph. Above those speeds and it wasnt clear. The mic would pick up the air too much and the speech was not clear.

While listening to music, it was crystal clear. When on the communication line and while no one was speaking, there were moments when you could hear some static. If it werent for that and that I couldnt really communicate when travelling above 50 mph, id say this was a 5 star product for me.

They have an app in the play store which I want to try and I also want to test it while connected to a separate bluetooth gps and my phone for music.

Overall, happy with purchase. Any questions, feel free to comment and ask Ill try my best to answer.
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on June 18, 2016
I love having music, directions, and being able to call. This has made riding in places I don't know much easier because I can actually get directions without having to pull over, which is extremely handy. Also, it's nice to have a bit of music in my ear when I'm on my routine ride to work every day.

The sound quality is actually very good when listening to music, talking on the phone, or listening to direction. However, there is a slight buzzing when you turn the volume down. I'm not sure if this is due to my unit having a poor connection, or if it's​ just normal because of the quality of the speakers/Bluetooth. I've made a few calls to my girlfriend at full speed (70mph) - I could hear her just fine and she said she could hear me great like it was a regular phone call.

The controls are very easy to use, the volume jog dial and button are nice and big so you can turn your sound down, put in a voice command, or make a call very easy while riding. The only downside is that I wish it had a simple "Play" button so you could get the music going without having a voice command (some apps don't work with one).

Overall I'm very happy with the Sena Bluetooth headset. It's great quality audio, was easy to install, fits nicely with low-profile, and is fun and extremely useful to have when riding.
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on February 28, 2016
My wife rides as a passenger on my bikes. We use full face helmets. We've had no problems with communication whether we are on our touring bike with big fairing and windshield, or on one of the smaller bikes with no windshield. Volume can be set loud enough to hear no matter the situation, we typically have it set on the lower end of the scale. Voice comes across clear enough that we never have trouble understanding what the other is saying. Range on the SMH5 models is claimed to be about 1/4 mile (SMH10 is about 1/2 mile), which is well more than enough for a rider and passenger.

Pairing the headsets with our phones is easy and fast. And once set up once, it will pair automatically each time after that, unless you turn the feature off. This works great for me, as I can now ride while on-call for work, and never fear missing an important call. Pairing the two headsets is equally as easy. And you hear a voice tell you that it has happened, which is a nice reassurance. You'll want to keep handy the quick setup guide that comes with the headsets. Setup is not overly confusing, but setting up the different features requires pressing different patterns of buttons. Super easy, but not easy to remember which is which, sometimes.

Battery life has been good. We've taken 12 hour long day rides and still had communication at the end of the day. The only complaint I have with the set is when the battery does go dead, sometimes you know it, sometimes you don't. We've intentionally not charged them over a few rides to see how long they last. When mine went dead, it warned me of low battery and then went dead less than a minute later. Not much notice. My wife's headset never warned her. It just went dead, leaving us talking to ourselves for a bit before realizing the other was not hearing us. The nice thing is recharge is done with a micro-USB cable, so they can be charged easily via wall jack or 12v outlet on your bike with the proper equipment. If you use a non-iPhone cellphone, you likely have everything you need already.

Overall, for the money, I would certainly buy these again. In our situation, I think I might like the VOX feature of the SMH10. But they are quite a bit more money than the SMH5, and the SMH5 does everything we need.
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on March 16, 2015
I'm restricting this review to the music function as the last place I want to have a cell phone conversation - or be interrupted in general - is when I'm riding!!!

Installation and pairing were a complete snap. The large exterior dial is easy to operate with gloves. I have had to adjust my own finger sensitivity as initially I was pressing vs. turning but I quickly developed the muscle memory.

The sound quality is more than adequate for my full face helmet. I had battled with a Boosteroo, hard wires and my iPod for a while and got nothing but frustration in return. Once I moved to the Sena, my riding enjoyment blossomed!

While I'm ignoring or postponing my use as an intercom, it's nice to know that the capability is there, and can be used in conjunction with other riders with competing brands.

I'm docking 1 star for the sensitivity of the button. Even with Summer gloves, it's a little too tactile-y subtle. Too often when I adjust the volume or forward a track, I trigger the intercom which stops the music, pauses and prompts "Intercom failed...try again later." More nuisance than anything, still...

I'd love to see some type of A/B switch - or A/B/Both - to partition the functionality of the intercom v. music/GPS. I may be in the minority for that, but it'd be nice IMHO. Still, a damn decent product!
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