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on April 16, 2015
***See my update at bottom.***
These are not designed for listening on the go. In the comfort of your home , they're great .
I own expensive and cheap pairs. I'm a classical musician that listens to everything.
These are good for home passive isolation. You don't need much volume to get lost in your world .
Cons: The bass is hard to hear unless you EQ it, and volume is not very high.
Also, very bulky and a long heavy coiled chord.
I'll keep them for home use with a movie or the stereo when there is noise around. At least until I decide to spend $300 in the Bose Quiet Comfort 20. ( great isolation , but very poor sound and bass response from a $300 headset !)

Pros: I record music at home, so a flat signal helps ( hence the Pro name).
The sound improved after 3 days of leaving them on the stereo burning them in 24/7.
They are great for classical music. Trebles are not harsh, so there is less fatigue after a couple of hours.
The even signal is very enjoyable , and the isolation works great . I would enjoy a tiny more bass, but it is there, and the quality makes up for it.
Very comfortable.
Coiled cable works great to move around your work space, you can tell it's what they were designed for.
I love how these sound ! Not muddy at all.

These Senheisser HD Pro 280 are great for the price,and probably a neutral signal that works for recording, but you can explore other options, specially for portable listening , both in regards to comfort and getting a lively sound.
I hope it helps.
***Update: in a week, these are giving me more bass and are comfortable for hours. I tuck the coiled cable on my side, using my belt, and walk around with them all day.
Even on the bus I can hear details without playing music too loud.
I don't hear ppl talking to me.
Popular music like John Meyer or Dave Mathews Band, Cake, Pantera, pop, Jazz, sounds as good as piano music now. Orchestra and acoustic sound great also. I'm not using the other headphones anymore.
Try them and burn them in for a week.
Great value: sturdy , and great sound !
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on September 7, 2017
These are incredibly comfortable for long periods, and sound terrific. They seem sturdy too. I like the availability of original replacement parts (pads, cushions, cable, etc.). Headphones get lots of wear, so nice to be able to repair rather than replace.

I got these for studio monitoring while tracking loud electric guitar. They are perfect for that. I need headphones that block out external sound form my amps, so I can hear the other tracks with which I am playing--without having to turn up the volume to ear-damaging levels. I was impressed by the specs that claim HD280 Pro has great sound isolation. Before the HD280 pros, I had been using an old drummer's trick--industrial earmuffs over ear buds. That worked great to block out the sound, but was uncomfortable for long sessions, and a bit cumbersome for on/off, and did not have the best sound.

At first, I was not impressed with the sound isolation from the HD280 Pros. They do attenuate the high frequencies, but the low-mids and lows still get through. Honestly, the sound isolation claims for these headphones are way overblown, so hard hitting drummers or guitarists who play REALLY loud may wish to use specialized isolation headphones in favor of the HD280 Pro, to preserve their hearing. But for my use (loud, but not insane, guitar amps), I found I preferred the amount of leakage in the HD280 Pro over the nearly total isolation of muffs or drummer cans. I felt it kept me more connected to my playing than my previous setup, with which I relied solely on the in-ear monitor feed to hear my own guitar, since all outside sounds were blocked.

I do have to turn the level up in the HD280 Pros, a bit louder than when using isolation muffs, to hear the background tracks over my cranked amp--but still not to levels that will damage my hearing. And the HD280 Pro's extreme comfort is a welcome improvement. More importantly, the SOUND quality of the HD280 is far superior to my prior setup. I was surprised to find the superior sound inspires my instrumental performance, and makes me feel and play better. These sounded great with virtually no break in. I imagine they will only improve over time.

For really, really loud recording situations (requiring near total isolation), or mixing use (requiring a more neutral frequency response, and more natural soundstage than HD280Pro), I think other, specialized headphones would be a better bet.

I highly recommend these to other guitarists for monitoring while recording---they have the perfect combination of features for it. They would also be terrific for vocalists or voice over performers, since the HD280Pros have sufficient isolation to keep the playback from leaking into sensitive vocal microphones. Also good for general listening, when you want to keep much (but not all) of the outside sounds out, or keep your music from being heard by others.
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on December 20, 2015
After two and a half years, I still bring these headphones with me everywhere! I know there have been complaints about the plastic breaking in different areas, but even after stuffing them into my backpack, taking them out and stuffing them back in several times a day, they still work like new.
-In high school, I wore these things every day in my computer classes.
-In college, I have worn them every day during my commute to and from school to listen to music and Youtube videos. As a motion design student, I often use my headphones during classes so that I am not disturbing other students with the sounds of my current project (or just to block out the noise coming from other people's computers.) Although they get hot after wearing them for a long time, these things are surprisingly comfortable. Sometimes, when I am listening to music, my playlist will end and I will continue to wear the headphones because I'm so focused that I don't realize there is no longer any music playing.
-I even took them to Japan when I went on a study abroad trip last summer. I wore them on the plane to watch a movie, and used them several times during the trip. In Japan, I found out that a student I was rooming with had the same headphones! I love these things.

ANYWAY, lets do the good-ol' Pro/Con thing:

-Portable (just be sure to extend the headband all the way before collapsing)
-Durable (I even sat on them once, although I may have been very lucky. I don't recommend testing their strength!)
-Comfortable (I happen to love around-the-ear headphones. If you don't like this style, then these may not be for you)
-Coiled Cord

-They do get hot after a while. This bothers some people more than others
-It IS plastic, which means it can break if you're not careful
-The pad on the headband isn't attached to anything and just sort of grips the band. It may fall off, but its easy to put back on
-Although they are portable, they are kind of big
-Sometimes I feel silly wearing them in public :P

I am not too picky when it comes to sound quality, so for me these headphones are "more than good enough." These are definitely MY favorite headphones for listening to my music. I know that some people really like the sound quality and some people say it's "okay." If this is important to you, do some more digging.
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on July 10, 2015
I had another pair of Sennheiser Headphones that I had bought, that lasted for quite awhile, and pretty good quality. So I decided to pick up another set and up-scale a bit as far as quality goes. The fact that these were on-sale when my others conked out on me finally helped move my choice along.

Anyways I'm not an "audiophile", bless those individuals hearts.. But I do appreciate comfort and clear sound just like anyone. And these headphones definitely deliver that. I suppose there is a bit of a 'break in' period.. when your first wearing them, but after a little usage.. listening to tunes and watching streaming media.. the headphones loosen up a hair, where they start becoming more comfortable.

As far as "Over the ear headphones" these do a really good job of cutting out background noise. Especially when your actually listening to something on them. I can sit right next to my TV and have the sound cranked up, and it will sound muffled with these on. Take them off and its like being shouted at though.

My setup for these, is directly plugged into my laptop. No special software to tweak the sound, no amp.. nothing like that. Just all the basic stuff and these work really well. I can imagine if you were more of hard core individual when it comes to audio and had a more technical set up, that these headphones would deliver for you.
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on August 12, 2015
I love these headphones. I use them at work to help drown out the noise of people around me when I need to get some actual work done. Before buying these I've never owned headphones that didn't just come with the iPod. This is a world of difference.

They aren't "noise canceling" headphones, except that they're well built, solid, closed headphones, so they naturally block out ambient sound. Even fairly quiet music masks the conversations around me to the point that I can focus. The other side of the "closed" headphone point means that I'm not bugging other people with my music. Unless you're listening to music at ear-damaging levels these headphones don't "leak" sound.

I've read here that some people have problems with the band being too snug, but I haven't had any problems, and I have a larger than normal head.

The title is the greatest acclaim I can give these, though. I've had them on my desk at work, in use almost daily. I've taken them on airplanes, and they still look, feel, and sound as good as they did the day I opened the package. I can't see any signs of plastic cracking or bending, no cracks in the ear pads or headband, everything is still solid and sound. I really can't recommend these highly enough. The only bad thing I can say is that you probably don't want to wear them while running.
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on May 23, 2012
When visiting this page Amazon pointed out that I purchased these way back in April of 2003. And I am currently wearing them right now listening to Pandora. They have been worth every penny I paid for them (admittedly that was about three-fourths of the current price). They sound and feel great; and they offer reasonably effective passive noise reduction. I have worn them at work, home, airplanes and pretty much any other venue you can think of. And finally over the last few days, the headband padding is slowly falling apart. Not bad for nine plus years of extensive use. I just ordered a couple of replacements from Sennheiser. They only cost about $5 each. Everything else about these headphones are intact. No cracking, peeling or any other significant signs of wear and tear.

I am sure that these won't fit everyone properly and there is no doubt that some folks won't appreciate headphones that don't cheat and artificially enhance (i.e. distort) the sound. But for me I really can't think of another investment that's given me so much bang for the buck.

Wholeheartedly recommended.
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on May 9, 2015
I am 52 years old and listening to music with little ear buds is deceiving. The bass matters! I just realized that when I tried on my husband's Sony headphones (kind of the same thing) two months ago. It is unfortunate enough that mp3s are not giving credit to music; at least these headphones makes the sound more acceptable. Listening to a movie on DVD or else with these gives an opportunity to appreciate the sound track and to really get into the movie without waking up the neighborhood. I have a pair of ear buds because it is convenient when you're walking or exercising; it's convenient, that's all it is.

I picked those over Sony because I a pair that lasted me 5 years of intensive music listening in the 80s. They came well packed and I use them with my mp3 player, my tablet, my laptop and can plug them in our old amplifier that is connected to our turntable. We also have an old 80's Pioneer amplifier plugged into our TV and I sometimes watch movies or shows with my new headphones (we use what works...it's recycling).

They are loud enough, I would say. Now, my neighbors can move the lawn or trim their multiple shrubs when I am gardening, sunbathing or just relaxing...I don't care! I have them plugged in my mp3 player and listen to real music. Hey, life is short and music is a gift!

I picked the coil cord because it is more durable and this one is long. I checked all the Q&A before I bought them and found all the info that I needed. If you like music, I recommend them. There are two sizes of jack coming with the headphones. The big one in 1/4 inch and the other one is 1/8.
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on June 5, 2015
I believe this is absolutely one of the best values on the market for a set of quality, well-built studio headphones. The sound is clean and crisp, and to my ear, it's pretty well balanced across the bass, midrange, and treble. That's just what I'm looking for in monitoring. I do know that headphone sound is in many respects a subjective call, and one man's treasure is another man's trash, as the old saying goes. But the sheer number of positive reviews this phone has gotten through the years would certainly suggest that it's a lot of folks' treasure. I'm in that camp. As others have suggested, the clamping pressure is fairly high, but that definitely helps with sound isolation. Wearing them over a space of weeks will definitely help to increase their comfort level, so just hang in there, and in a short time, I think you'll be really happy with your purchase. At the price Amazon offers on these phones, they're a steal.
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on February 8, 2016
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones1st thing i am not a audio expert, just a old headbanger.With a budget of only $150, I read thousands of reviews trying to find a good set of headphones in that price range that would handle a small amp and pump out some great sound.I kept coming back to these cans but i game alot as well using vent and teamspeak,so with no mic i wasnt sure.Finally decided this wasnt a deal breaker so i ordered.I have a set of Cerwin-Vega Loud Speakers (15 watts per channel) that plug into 8 channel HD audio on a GIGABYTE H97 mb.Sound was good, no distortion @ MAX VOULUME. But like every set of headphones i have owned it didnt have the level of Volume i wanted.Unlike all the other headphones i could tell these cans where begging for some more power.I have a nice set of speakers and sub on my entertainment center thats 75 watts per channel so i figured i could try them running thru that. ((saw alot peeps asking if these can could handle a amp)) W O W.These things are FRIGGING AUWSOME they just need some power to push them.No doubt they could handle this at max volume/bass but my ears cant lol. and not a single drop of distortion.2 things on the neg side.These are somewhat tight on your head but they are designed like that to keep out any background noise and do a good job.The 2nd thing is the coiled cord tends to get in way if just laying on top of your desk.Drilled a small hole thru my desk , ran under the desk.For the price there is nothing else that can match sound quality.Tested 3 set of cans (Sony-turtle beach-logitech) on this same setup and they arent even close to these HD 280. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones
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on August 11, 2016
I really like my Shure SRH240A headphones, and I debated this purchase for a rather long time. I finally pulled the trigger, and here I am writing after my first session at the drum kit. Wow! These are better by every measure, and really great for drums. They offer better isolation from all that heavy sound pressure, and my recordings no longer pick up the mix on my monitors. The sound quality on the inside of that isolation bubble is just gorgeous. These did not disappoint!
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