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on January 9, 2017
I had a hard time giving these 4/5 and not 5/5 stars, but there are a few thing worth noting.

Cons first:

The plastic around the audio jack broke after only a few months of use. This could be due to earbuds being plugged into an iPhone 6+ which leave much room in my pocket, putting strain on the L-shaped jack when taking my phone in and out of my pocket. I rode the subway to work 5 days a week last year, and was constantly taking my phone in and out of my pocket to change the song which inevitably put stress on the jack. I'm living in South America at the moment, and it isn't recommended to keep your phone out on your lap or even in your hand while going place to place. As is such, the jack broke so I ended up having to tape things back in place, though the cable eventually got too twisted/frayed and now only one of the buds works, the other intermittently. The jack is not made of the highest quality/most sturdy plastic, but it shouldn't be a problem if you're cognizant of the issue. This issue is not nearly enough to put me off from these earbuds.

This brings me to the second issue. You have to take your phone in and out of your pocket constantly the change the song, to answer a call/text, etc. because there isn't a microphone or pause/play button. And because these headphones are wonderfully noise-isolating (which I'll get to in a minute), you have to either pull them out of your ears when someone starts talking to you or pause your music directly on your phone/mp3 player which can be inconvenient if placed in your pocket or bag. This issue doesn't nearly ruin these earbuds for me.

The third issue is that of having two different cable lengths between the earbuds. This supposedly helps prevent tangling, but I haven't noticed it to help at all. All this does is make the headphone tug on your ears unevenly when you inevitably have to take them out to talk to someone (because there's no pause/play button). I resorted to wrapping the longer cable around the back of my neck, or else the slack from the longer cable would annoyingly hang in front of me and unevenly distribute the tugging weight between my ears. Still, this issue doesn't turn me off from these earbuds.

Before I get to the pros I'll note that the problems with the jack and the tangling could have been avoided if I took a little better care of these earbuds. I got these earbuds mostly for commuting and to toss around without worry, unlike a few other pairs of earbuds and over-ear headphones that I use at home, on airplanes, etc.


For the money, the sound quality is unbelievable. Sharp highs, clear mids, and deep, booming bass that I've rarely found in any earbuds at any price level. This versatility came as a very pleasant surprise to me. Like my more expensive over-ear headphones, I found myself discovering new layers to some of my favorite songs which is always awesome. This has to do with both the clarity of the earbuds, as well as their excellent noise isolation characteristics. To reiterate, sound quality on these earbuds is truly out of their league.

Noise isolation is excellent as I mentioned. The earbuds come with three different size rubber inserts. Whichever size is good for you (the large ones for me), they fit snuggly and comfortably in your ear. The few times I've taken a long bus ride and didn't want to take my over-ears with me, these stayed comfortable in my ears and kept my ride quiet the entire time. They never fell out, needed to be adjusted or needed a break from due to discomfort. Unlike comparable earbuds, you don't have to jam these ones in your ears, sacrificing your listening comfort, just to reap the benefits of their noise isolation. As they are noise-isolating, not noise-canceling, they don't require batteries or charging which keeps them light and as far as I'm concerned and puts them at no disadvantage to noise-canceling options when it comes to blocking out surrounding noise.

Minimalistic design. The headphones are completely black except for small chrome rings and the hardly noticeable Senheiser logo on the back of the earbuds. You could argue that their design is boring, or maybe even cheap (it just says CX300II where a microphone should be) but to me they're perfectly subtle and understated. If you're looking for blingy earbuds, look elsewhere. The swagger of these headphones comes out in the areas where they truly excel, in the aforementioned sound quality and noise isolation. Seems like these earbuds were engineered with their performance in mind before anything else, and that's okay with me.


If you take care of these earbuds, can look past some slight design flaws, I promise you will be very VERY happy. These headphones seem to be unrivaled at this price range or even the next level up when it comes to their strong points. Sound quality, comfort (after some adjustment) and noise isolation are the most important things to me, and let's be honest...headphones don't break themselves and you can certainly be more careful with them than I was. Having learned my lesson, I'm ordering another pair without hesitation. Now that you're informed, you should too!
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on May 23, 2017
So I had pretty high expectations when I purchased these, as the most I've spent on headphones was around $15 at WalMart. I've gone through so many that simply quit working in one earbud, that I thought I'd spend a bit more for some nicer ones. I was also reeled in by the claim of noise isolation. This is a fantastic feature of some headphones I've owned and keep me fast asleep even with 2 barking dogs throughout the night (not my feet, silly goofs). Unfortunately I've had much, much better noise cancellation/isolation with much cheaper headphones so I'm pretty disappointed there. The sound quality is average or on par with previous earphones I've owned, so once again, that's pretty disappointing. Lastly, they hurt in my ears. I have the smallest size ear pieces on them and one has left a small blister inside my ear. It's kinda sad, but after giving them about a week's worth of use, I've reverted to my Apple earbuds that came with my IPhone Lol. At least they don't hurt my ears. Sound quality is about the same, while there is at least an ounce of noise cancellation in these, but nothing like I expected. Wish I could send back :-(
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on May 28, 2015
I felt $30 is not too much to pay for better earphones, considering they range from $7 to +$300. As an audiophile, and only familiar with speakers and audio equipment, entering this world of earbuds is new to me. I like to listen to music before I go to sleep, as well as audio books and speakers (people speaking). So, the first thing I have to say is, this are comfortable in bed and my ears do not hurt. Other earphones get uncomfortable, but these are very comfortable. Almost unnoticeable.

Before I talk about the sound, I have to tell you about getting the right fit. So, these come with three size rubber eartips. I tried the small ones, but they went too far in my ear canal. The music was playing inside my head, not my ears. The vibration from the bass was making my eyes twitch, and after listening to the A side of "Wish You Were Here", my ears were ringing. So, too deep in there was no good, and the small eartips are gone. Next I tried the large one. Those provided a really nice seal, like I could not hear anything from the outside world. But, the bass and deep tones were muddy and the high notes were very muddled. I just couldn't hear right, definitively not the right fit, although those were the most comfortable ones. Finally, I tried the medium ones. After learning not to wedge the earbuds in my ear canal, and knowing that the sound could be crisp, I found a perfect fit. With the medium ones, the bass is not annoying, the high notes are noticeable, bells and chimes play perfectly, and I actually hear things I never heard on the "Wish You Were Here" record.

So, as preference, I personally like to hear the bass notes, not to feel the vibration. I like to use my ears, not my whole body. So I tend to lower the bass range and increase the treble. I like the bass guitar and the bass drum to play a note, not to punch my head. These Sennheiser earbuds have an enhanced bass, which I find very manageable with the right fit. Earbuds in general play high notes well, and these earbuds are no exception. So far, after about 8 hours of continuous play, I find that they are very well rounded, and very comfortable. I would say very good, but these are my first pair of earbuds, so I don't want to be overly optimistic, yet, I can tell you the sound is pretty good.

Finally, my SO is lying next to me and there's no complain of sound coming from my earbuds. So that is always good.
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on March 23, 2016
I suffer from misophonia, a condition that makes me vulnerable to sounds like trickling water, chewing, and typing. I work in an office sharing a desk with a coworker who, naturally, types all day, and I needed a product to really help me block out those everyday sounds. I bought these headphones and added these Comply T-400 Isolation Foam Earphone Tips (Black, 3 Pairs, S/M/L) and I am completely blown away by the result! Even with no sound playing, the earbuds and tips are nearly enough to block out all the noises that usually drive me crazy.

The earbuds are very powerful, with a really crisp and strong sound. I barely have to turn up the volume at all to get great results. I am hearing things in my music that I've never noticed before, which is a great way to fall in love with your favorite songs all over again. I also listen to a lot of sound generators, and these earbuds are phenomenal for helping me isolate the sounds that are most soothing and enjoyable. Sennheiser is a solid brand, and this set of earbuds does not disappoint.
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on July 31, 2015
I've experienced, used, owned a handful of headphones and I bought these off a friends recommendation in which he said, "These are the most underrated headphones."

After finally losing my Klipsch Image S4 earphones, I figured I give these a try. This is my verdict after a good 2 weeks of use.

Noise Isolation: Average
The earphones are pretty good at passively blocking out any exterior sounds. They are not superior to more expensive Sennheiser earphones such as the IE 80s, however, they are better than earphones like the Bose SoundTrue which do not completely seal the ear from exterior sound.

Comfort: Average
The earphones were moderately comfortable, they did not bother me or irritate me, however, they weren't amazingly comfortable either. They were just average. I still feel that my Klipsch Image S4s were more comfortable because of the oval-shaped silicone tips, in addition to slight angle in which the headphones entered the ear. These Sennheiser CX 300 II earphones are ton more comfortable than the Etymotic Research MC5 earphones, which required me to take them out of my ears every 15 or so minutes because my ear-canals were so irritated with them.

Sound Quality: Average
The sound review is sometimes difficult to describe as good or bad due to individual preferences. However, I noticed the following when using them on various genres of music as well as movie viewing on my laptop. The earphones give a significantly better sound experience than your standard (free) earphones that you receive from Apple and even Samsung.

The most notable aspect of the product is the bass response, which is slightly over-powered, yet enjoyable depending on your taste in music and preferences. It can be characterized as a "fun" audio signature. However, those who enjoy accurate sound reproduction with crisp mid-range and highs will be disappointed. The mids and highs feel distant and slightly washed out. The sound quality of the Bose SoundTrue, Klipsch Image S4, and even Sennheiser CX 5.00 are better all around in comparison, but they come with greater price tags.

Final Thoughts
The headphones, for the price and quality are very appropriate. If you value solid sound quality or you consider yourself somewhat of an audiophile like myself, you will not be impressed. However, if you just want an upgrade from the basic earphones these are definitely a pair to consider. The noise isolation, comfort, and sound quality are average when considered to the whole scheme of earphones. Yet, for the price and the level of quality when compared to basic earphones... you really can't go wrong.

In the end it is merely a decision based on preference and budget.
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on November 16, 2016
SOUND: These earphones are not great, but for the price, they are worth the money. Higher notes are rather crisps (e.g. different cymbal sounds are distinguishable; guitar solos are largely clear), although the treble might be a tad to high at times, giving an overall impression of imbalance between the highs and lows. The bass is not as strong as expected (or as claimed); however, it is decent and depending on the production quality of the music, some bass lines are more clear than others.

BUILT-QUALITY: The input plug seems well-built; the cable (after splitting) however seems rather thin and flimsy. The left-centric cable configuration further puts the earphones durability in question—since the right earphone goes round the back of the neck, most of the cable weight is placed on the left side (where the splitting-point is), making it rather uncomfortable to wear (a heavier "pull" is felt on the left side) and the tendency for a backpack to accidentally pull the round-the-back cable is high.
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on November 16, 2016
Unlike most people that buy this, I knew one cable was longer than the other for it to be used behind the neck, honestly, I laughed at those ignorant that said this was a defective item, quite a good sound for the price, don't expect the quality of a +100$ headphones.
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on September 6, 2015
I used to be (until 2 days ago) a big Sennheiser fan - I used to believe they offered the best value in audio products.

I've purchased several pairs of these CX 300 II earbuds at different times. I'm not unrealistic - I don't expect $30-50 headphones to last forever. At that price, I'm happy to get 8-12 months use out of them before they "go bad" and one of the ear buds stops working. And you know what? Considering the quality of audio these can deliver, I still consider that to be a good deal - which is why I kept buying them for so long. In terms of audio quality (and durability) these are better than the Klipsch S4s.

But I'll never buy these again. I opened my newest pair of CX 300 IIs yesterday. I went walking to the grocery store with them plugged into the jack on my phone and couldn't walk more than 30 steps without the audio cutting out. (NOTE: I DO NOT have this problem with any of my other working headphones). Upon closer inspection, I believe the soldering in my plug to be faulty. If I (or the contents of my pocket) so much as graze ANY part of the rubber piece surrounding the plug, the music on my phone pauses and or skips to the next track. Absolutely infuriating. These headphones are worthless for doing anything other than sitting still at my desk.

In the years I've been buying this product and its predecessors, the time to failure has consistently decreased. I got about 18 months of use out of the first pair I ever owned, then about 12 months, then ~8-10. The last one I got 4 months out of, and now not even one day. Completely unacceptable and I'll be moving on from this brand unless I get a replacement that doesn't have this problem.
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on November 17, 2011
I will start with saying that I love headphone/earbuds, and I am on a life-long quest to find great sound. Actualy, sometimes I feel it is more like an addiction (like buying a new set of cans at 2:30 in the morning because I cant sleep). It is not realistic to say that these little buds are the Be all End all of pristine and perfect sound quality that people spend beacoup bucks trying to find. Not everyone is crazy like me and willing to spend $400-$800 on a set of buds or cans that will bring ever so slightly supperior sound quality. So unless you are me and have a need to stick anything that claims to be high quality in or on your ears, and you are just looking for a fantastic sound at an unbelieveable price - GET THESE!!! (But a strong word of caution - buy only from authorized retailers. I suggest chooseing ships and sold from Amazon as they are an authorized retailer and honor the 2 YEAR warranty!)

A little backround on my references of comparison: As far as earbuds are concerned, I own the Monster Turbines Pro (gold), Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10s, Monster Jamz, Maximo iMetal w/ mic, Etymotic Research MC5, and of course the Klipsch Image S4. I'm not going to bother with much comparison of the Turbine Golds or the Ultimate Ears, suffice it to say they are slightly better sound, better Isolation, better asthetics, better accessories and hundreds of dollars more. Lets also toss out (litteraly) the Maximos, they are terrible but have a good mic. I gave them to my wife who could care less about sound quality but loves the cloth wrap on the cable. This leaves us with the Monster Jamz, the Etymotic MC5, and the darlings of cnet and therfore the internet - the mighty Klipsch S4. In this case we are really just nit picking here because all of thease buds are great for the price (or the street price). I found that if isolation is what you are looking for the Monster Jams and thier solid metal construction provide the best, but the lows are flat and the buds themselves are heavy. I have also heard that they are prone to cord breakage and other issues, but they do have a 3 year warranty. I wouldnt know as I use them sparingly. The Etys are a great set of buds and offer great sound quality for the buck, but have a very odd look to them and also leave the low end of the spectrum a little flat and in the background. As for the Kipsch S4, this is a very good set as well, but I am a little amazed at how highly regarded the are. They are good, dont get me wrong, but are they the best earbud under $100? No, no they are not. They do try very hard to be dynamic and emphisize bass and trebble but this also comes at the cost of the midrange falling into the background a bit. This emphisizes the frills of a song, but leaves the meat of it a little left behind. They also take forever to burn in, for me it took over 70 hours to get the best sound. My biggest issue with the S4 is that because the dynamic driver pushes an emphasis on the highs they can sound tinney, metalic, or unnatural at times - Try Amy Winehouse's Back to Black at a reasonably loud level and you will hear what I am talking about. And I do not mean to pick on the S4, but if all your are going by is the Cnet or Amazon reviews then they will push you toward this set and you may be missing out on hidden gems for less money. The Sennheiser CX300 MX II are incredable for the price here. They have do have a dymanic frequncy responce curve that favors the higs and the lows, but less exagerated and the dip in the mids is not nearly as pronounced as the S4. The Senns still have supprisingly punchy bass and clear highs and all the while are virtually distortion free. It certainly is a matter of oppinion, but the majority of listeners will bennifit from the Senns flatter frequency curve while still enjoying a good-excelent bass responce.

All this being said, the Senns are about half the price as their lowest competitor. I highly recomend starting with this set of buds due to their price tag, and if their sound leaves you wanting more you can always go up fromt there (Beware this can get addictive). But, I believe that over 99% of casual music listeners will LOVE these. And even for someone like myself, thease have become my most frequently used buds because the sound is fantastic, and if something were to happen to them I know I can pick them up again without breaking the bank.

Here is my rankings:

1) Senheiser CX300 MX II ($25-40)
2) Etymotic Research MC5 ($55-85)
3) Klipsch Image S4 ($79)
4) Monster Jams ($40-120)

*Note: This is ranking sound quality and overall value, if you are looking for superior isolation look at the Monster Jams, or the Etymotic.
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on May 26, 2017
These headphones have been great, ordered 2012, and today they finally stopped working. The left earbud has no sound, and no amount of wiggling on the cables will bring audio back. It's kinda odd how suddenly they died, but it's 2017, so I guess 5 years is good enough. I would not buy these again however, because the unequal length cable going to your ears is possibly the dumbest idea I've ever seen. It drives me nuts and I can't see how it is ever a benefit. Other than that though, they are comfortable and tough and sound great.
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