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on September 8, 2015
Very enjoyable, however the musical score takes over the film and makes it overly dramatic. That factor made the production 'over done'. I used the mute button a number of times when I watched it after the first time.
A very good cast and lovely scenery make it pleasant to watch. I preferred the Emma Thompson version- which I believe is more in keeping with the intent of the book. Jane Austen wrote clever dialog which is better showcased in the earlier version.
Included is "Miss Austen Regrets" which is about Jane Austen herself without the romantic imaginary stuff of "Becoming Jane". A very well done and beautifully acted program that seems to be overlooked. Should have been showcased on its own.
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on November 8, 2013
I have watched the version with Emma Thompson, and although I love her I felt that, as the play write of her version was very different from the book. Now I do understand that you can take dramatic license when making a movie from a book, but it was way off base. This particular version directed by Andrew Davies of Pride and Prejudice fame, hit the mark on this one. The acting was just as good as the Emma Thompson version. Kate Winslet plays Marianne in the other version plays her in a very immature way, almost to immature, here Marianne is played by Charity Wakefield and she plays it immaturely as well but not so much as age would allow. She is just a woman who fell in love and handled it all wrong, are we not all like that? I am a huge Jane Austen fan and I have read each of her books, and if there was a movie made I watched it. I have seen every version so when I see a movie that brings the book alive it is the best treat of all.

I highly recommend this movie and along with Miss Austen Regrets, which was also a wonderful movie on Jane Austen's life at the time she wrote Pride and Prejudice.
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on August 27, 2017
We are Jane Austin fans, so this is a nice set. But our main purpose for getting this was because of this version of Sense & Sensibility. We wanted to see Dan Stevens in this one since we loved him in Downton Abby! We were not disappointed!!!
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on December 1, 2014
I LOVE this version of Sense & Sensibility! Its great for those familiar with Jane Austen's book, and for those who simply enjoy period-piece movies. It is a far better movie adaptation than the 1990's version with Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant. This version is more faithful to the book, with beautiful scenery, and well-developed characters. It even portrays elements of Austen's subtle, sarcastic humor and social commentary (including the spineless John Dashwood, and the scheming Lucy Steele).

This box-set also includes Persuasion, which I would give 3.5 to 4 stars. Giving allowance for the challenges of telling an Austen story in a movie, its an okay adaptation. While it keeps true to the themes of the novel, some license is taken in the delivery. The die-hard Austen fan will find things to criticise, but those who are less loyal to the book and are more familiar with Austen through movie adaptations of her novels, should find this movie enjoyable. It bears a more subdued tone, is more introspective and less lively than other period pieces, but that's the nature of this story. If you can see the depth of the characters portrayed, and sympathize with their angst, this movie has a great story to tell.

All-in-all, this box set is a great addition to your Austen movie collection.
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on December 6, 2013
I am a Jane Austen fan; I have read all of her books and pretty much seen quite a few adaptations of her stories - I loved Sally Hawkins as Miss Anne Elliot - I am nearly her age and have no prospects! LOL! Its a good story - a full happy ending (which I think we as humans kinda always want) I though Ciaran Hinds and Amanda Root was good in Persuasion but this was equally well done. Sense & Sensbility was awesome too. Plus the Miss Austen Regrets - kind of a what-if scenario and a bit of historical background on one of the world's most beloved authors.
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on January 21, 2013
This set comes with three movies: Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, and Miss Austen Regrets. I'll begin with Sense and Sensibility. May contain spoilers if you've never seen any version of these movies.

I am a big fan of the Sense and Sensibility movie with Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant. However, after watching this version, I may never watch the old one again. For one, the Dashwood sisters are more the age in the movie that they were in the book (16 and 19). The casting for the entire movie (I felt) was pretty spot on. Marianne was so full of life and gorgeous besides. Elinor was composed, but you could still see her love for Edward. The mother was more dramatic (like in the book) and Edward (played the same man who was Matthew in Downton Abbey) was more manly. And little Margaret was so natural she almost stole the show.

The Steel sisters were exactly what they needed to be. I disliked Lucy Steel from the moment I set eyes on her and she did a great job of flaunting Edward in front of Elinor without being mean (after all, she didn't know Elinor's feelings). Willoughby was played by Dominic Cooper and was so worm-like. It was much easier to picture him as the seducer that he is than it was the old Willoughby. It's also easier to believe how much in love with Marianne he truly was. The end of the movie also shows a little snippet of what happened after they were all married, which was kind of fun.

All in all this movie far and away exceeded my expectations. The length (174 minutes) allowed them to tell the story as the book tells it. This movie is equal to the BBC Pride and Prejudice. I'm so glad to have found a version that is. The only thing to discredit it is the seduction scene at the very beginning. But it's easy to skip.

Now for Persuasion. I've seen this version about 5 times and I really enjoy it. Persuasion isn't as dramatic as Austen's other novels, but it is a good one to know. Again the cast is very well portrayed and Captain Wentworth is one of the most attractive men I've ever seen. This version is not as true to the book as the older version, but all the characters are more enjoyable to watch, so I prefer it. Anne is a little breathy, but I think it's meant to show how depressed she is that she's missed her chance at happiness. The comic relief in this movie definitely comes from Anne's sister Mary. All in all I'd give this movie 4/5 stars. It is not equal to Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice, but if you need a quick Jane Austen fix, it's definitely worth the watch.

Miss Austen Regrets also came with this set, but I have not watched it yet.
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on March 19, 2015
To me, this is the best movie ever made from this book. The four hour format helps a great deal in terms of story and character development, of course. And there are 'issues' in translation from the book if one is a purist (for example, the family is presented as more destitute). But the spirit, the pace, the scenery, the manners, are all true and wonderful. Best of all are the lead characters, Eleanor and Marianne, in an excellent portrayal of both Sense and Sensibility that is the main coming of age conflict in the story. This is (finally) a Colonel Brandon who is a fully male, confident, brooding and also very tender. I like it very very much.
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on December 17, 2010
Though I did really like the 1995 version of Sense and Sensibility with Emma Watson and Kate Winslet, I was a bit disappointed that it could only be two hours long and had to stray a bit from the book in order to save time. I was excited when I heard about this production because Andrew Davies always writes very strong screenplays and I always like and admire his work. This was another fantastic screenplay and production.

The story follows the lives of one family the Dashwoods. Mrs. Dashwood's husband dies and all of his property and possessions goes to his only son from a previous marriage. This leaves his three daughters and wife with really nothing. The son wants to help his step-mother and sisters but his pernicious wife Fanny Dashwood quickly is able to talk him out of helping them. From here the family is able to find a small cottage with a distant relative of Mrs. Dashwood. At the heart of the story is Elinor Dashwood, the oldest and most responsible and level-headed character in the story. She takes on most of the responsibility of seeing to the family's needs, she is very practical and is able to manage the family well. When she meets Fanny Dashwood's eldest brother Edward Ferrars, they develop a deep attachment towards each other that Fanny tries and prevent. Unfortunately, Edward never promises Elinor marriage or really speaks of his feelings for her because he is secretly engaged to another woman. In contrast to Elinor, her sister Marianne is very impulsive, romantic and lets everyone see her real feelings. Marianne and her family meet a friend of their cousin Colonel Brandon, who falls in love with Marianne despite the age difference. Marianne does not love him but eventually falls in deep love with the dashing Willoughby.

All of the important characters that were missing in the first version were in this one. Hattie Morahan is absolutely perfect as Elinor. I always felt that Elinor was the center of the story and Hattie Morahan really hits the part well. When I read the book I imagined someone exactly like her in this role. I also really liked Dan Stevens as Edward Ferrars and I thought he portrayed the part well. I especially liked Charity Wakefield as Marianne, I thought she captured the spirit and romantic nature of the character. Her innocence sparkles. Another great feature of this one is the scenery and locations picked in this production, they are wonderful. I especially love the Dashwood's cottage, it really is a romantic wild place with the waves crushing onto the steep hills. This movie is worth watching just for Adrew Davies screenplay. He is a genus!

Also included in the DVD is a short film about the later years of Jane Austen's life called Miss Austen Regrets, it is interesting and well worth watching.
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on January 12, 2013
While I haven't (yet) read this particular Austen novel, I first saw the feature film starring Emma Thompson shortly after it was released. Though I've seen it many times due to a friend's love of the movie, I never could quite get on board with her adoration of this film.

I'm so glad I caught this when it premiered on PBS. Between this and the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice (which I'd seen several years before this version of S&S), I've sworn off seeing any feature film of Austen works. The cast is wonderful. There are only a few that I was actually familiar with prior to seeing this film. Janet McTeer's quiet performance may well have been my favorite in the series, though Mark Williams' boisterous portrayal of John Middleton is a close second.

This film had so much more detail than the feature film version, it truly brought the characters to life. I understood a bit more keenly the real troubles that were facing this family due to the death of their patriarch. The difference in attitude and character between Marianne and Elinor Dashwood were a bit more subtle, but somehow, at the same time, more striking.

I can't say good enough things about this mini-series. Thoughtfully and tastefully well done by all involved.
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on March 7, 2015
I love BBC adaptions of Austen! Both of the film versions of these movies were excellent (the same cannot be said of pre Colin Firth P&P films) and in a sense, these adaptations were unnecessary. However, as a fan of Jane Austen, I love a new film/TV miniseries. The actors in both productions were fantastic and the roles were well cast. I liked Persuasion more between the two but both were very well done. I'd recommend this set to anyone interested in Austen or wants to expose someone to her works without reading the texts. As with many other BBC adaptions, these stay very true to Austen's material.
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