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on March 19, 2015
I have played a few super hero card games (DC Deck Builder, Marvel Legendary), but Sentinels of the Multiverse is quite a bit different from those. Here's a succinct rundown for how each game plays, since it's something that I would have loved to know before buying Marvel Legendary

1) Sentinels is a fully cooperative game where players take on the role of a super hero, taking his or her unique deck and engaging a villain in a specific environment. Each hero has a unique strategy, with some helping to manipulate other decks, some making constructs to fight for you, some buffing other players, etc.

2) DC Deck Builder is a competitive game where you draft cards out of a public pool. It can be quite cutthroat. It's fun, but definitely doesn't give you the superhero flavor

3) Marvel Legendary is a semi-cooperative game where you shuffle a large deck of different heroes together and do battle with a supervillain and his henchmen. It's fun but challenging, and the setup is rather annoying. I say it's semi-cooperative because IF the players can defeat the supervillain, they get to take score and see which player was able to get the most points.

So long story short, Sentinels of the Multiverse is great. You get to really assume the role of a hero, going so far as to role play if you want!

Time of Setup: Sentinels beats the pants off of Legendary in this regard. Pull out the preconstructed decks, follow the instructions of the villain, and go. This is a fantastic aspect of the game.

Gameplay: The game is very simple. On your turn, you play a card and use a power that is unique to your character. The object is to reduce the supervillain to 0 hit points. Gameplay is where I feel that this starts to require a good group to play with, some people who are really into it. It can get tedious to read each card and deal with the effects of all the villain cards. It's easy to miss things, and there can be a lot of figuring. This gets fiddly, so you need a patient group! I have one friend I really like to play this with, where we each control two heroes and do battle. If I play with my regular group, then one person gets bored and watches his phone, and other people just kind of lose interest as it takes a while for their turn to come up. If you can find people interested in immersing themselves, you'll have a lot of fun.

Support: There are a ton of expansions available for this, and they are all very strong. They add new characters and villains and create a lot of variety to play. The only one I don't care for so much is the one where it adds the team of villains. It's cool and hard, but it's just an awful lot of villain actions to slog through, slowing the game down a lot. But if you have the expansions, you have most of your bases covered. Want to play a Batman-type character? The Wraith is for you. Iron Man? Go with Bunker! Time-travelling Clint Eastwood? The Chrono Ranger. Deadpool? Guise is amazingly hilarious. And so on. The Sentinels mythos is written on the cards, basically, and it is unique, but you can find the analogues of your favorite super heroes in here.

Difficulty: Sentinels suffers similarly to Legendary in terms of difficulty swinging. If you play like me, you randomize everything (using the companion app, which I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you get). This can make for a stupidly easy game or an impossible one. More annoyingly, you might come up with a situation like landing on the hero Tempest, whose power is to hit every villain for 1 damage. If you're facing The Dreamer (one of the expansion villains), your job is to protect her and her measly 6 HP at all costs. Of course, you can just say "oh no, Tempest won't work here" and throw him out, but sometimes it won't be obvious that a hero is going to break the game or be dead weight. I felt the same way about Legendary, where you might get a dud hero in the deck or a really, really tough scheme/villain combination. But in Legendary that sucks a lot because you spent 15-20 minutes shuffling all the cards. In Sentinels, you can always just try again with minimal cleanup.

All in all, this game is a very fun experience if you have 1-4 like-minded individuals to play with. You can play it solo, but you'd have to take control of about 4 of them, which I think is not as immersive. Trying to solo this is a quick way to get your butt whooped; it really gets much, much easier with the more players you add to the game, unlike in Legendary. I say you should get Sentinels. Get the expansion packs. Get on with the fun!
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on October 7, 2016
This game is somewhere between a 3 and a 4 for me. I definitely like the concept and am enjoying the newness of it all, but I'm not sure how much staying power it will have.

My primary issues with the game is, as others have mentioned, having to keep track of all the numbers in terms of damage modifiers and shields. I see this game working out much better as a digital game which can compute it all automatically for you rather than on a table top. It's not impossible to keep track of, but definitely slows the game play down.

Speaking of gameplay. I know it's all balanced around playing one card per turn (ignoring cards and abilities that let you play multiple) but that just makes it feel so slow to me and not as thrilling as figuring out how to combo out my whole hand or even 2-3 cards per turn.

It's a good game and I'll definitely keep it around and play it in the future, but I have quite a few games I enjoy more and will see more play than this within the co-operative format
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on March 20, 2017
One of my very favorite board games. It is definitely a bit complicated, so it's not great for casual gamers, but any board game fanatic will absolutely love the challenge/complexity Sentinels offers.

Plus, I was lucky enough to meet some of the folks at Greater Than Games while in St. Louis and they couldn't be nicer.
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on October 12, 2016
I played this game multiple times with friends hoping it would get better but I found this board game to not be very tactical and more independent than dependent on teammates compared to other great cooperative board games such as Ghost Stories and Pandemic. You just take turns playing a hero then choosing a low simple attack against the villain and then the villain does an overpowered attack against the heroes and you just repeat until someone runs out of health points. People I played with all found the game mechanics to be boring and never wanted to play the game again once they knew all the rules and how to play it. Even for some players new to board games, the game is too simple for my group of players. I would really like this board game to incorporate tile movement on a board, like a tactical turn based game then I would feel that this would be worth playing and feel more like a team than just taking turns reading their own cards and doing simple attacks. But if you are into that kind of gameplay disregard this review then.
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on March 8, 2017
a lot of fun, lots of replay value, and several expansions available. great choice.
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on March 16, 2017
Awesome game
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on October 24, 2012
This is an amazing game to play. It's a cooperative comic book super hero game. Each super hero has their own set deck of cards which they will use to fight against the super villain (of which there are four in this base set). Each hero's deck is very different and has been created in such a way that you feel every strength and weakness of that hero's abilities. Some hero's are just downright scary with how much damage they can pump out if the right combination of cards comes into play. Other heroes are weak on the damage but really shine while they buff (make stronger) other heroes or mess with the villain (like controlling the cards that get played or weakening the damage that the villain can dish out).

Each player picks one hero to play and together the players decide which super villain they will be facing. The villain is played by the game itself (the villain's character card describes how the villain will play its cards on its turn. Like each hero, each villain is very different and offers different challenges. For example, one villain pumps out robotic minions that attack the heroes or even heal the villain. The heroes have to try to destroy these minions and take down the super villain. Another villain uses high tech gadgets and inventions to do direct damage to the heroes and even destroy their gear or ongoing powers (this can really put the hurt on the heroes) while trying to use his greatest invention to pull the moon into the earth. The heroes have a limited amount of time to stop this from happening or it's game over.

On top of this, the players also choose a location deck which represents where they will be fighting the super villain. The base game contains places like a city, a base on mars, the ruins of Atlantis, and even a "lost" island that contains volcanic eruptions and dinosaurs. The location (called the Environment) gets its own turn usually playing the top card from its deck. Things like a T-Rex may show up doing a good amount of damage to a specific character (including the super villain). There are many many different events and effects that the Environments spring on both the heroes and the villain.

Basically, the players win when they bring the villain's hit points down to zero (easier said then done). Even if a player's hero is defeated during the game (hero's hit points reach zero) they are still in the game as they flip their character card over and the hero may choose 1 of 3 different actions that can aid the rest of the players (things like allowing another player to draw a card out of turn....drawing cards is almost always a great thing to do in this game, or healing another hero, and even allowing another hero to make an out of turn attack). So even a downed hero "inspires" the rest of the team to fight on even harder.

This is an amazing co-op game. It is loads of fun, the heroes have been designed amazingly well and are loads of fun to play (some more so than others depending on play style of course). The villains can range from easy to very very hard to beat, though even the easy ones have games where their cards will play really well for them making the usual easy opponent very hard for a game or two.

I can't recommend this game enough. If you like super heroes then you will love this game. However, I've even played with people who don't like super heroes and they even enjoyed the game. It is worth the price as it will provide countless hours of good heroic fun in a well done comic book vein.
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on February 6, 2013
As Co-operative, Superhero Based, card games goes, it's great. Of course, it doesn't have much competition. Actually, it is a great game and I enjoyed it better than the new Marvels Legends game. As a bonus, it is much cheaper and there are already several expansions out and another on the horizon. This is an amazing game with hours and days of fun. Excellent replayability.

I don't really enjoy paying all the various heroes, but so far, someone I know has. Each of the heroes has a different feel and they all play in different ways. One hero you slowly boost yourself up piling on Ongoing effects, another has you collect strange equipment, yet another increases your power the more cards you burn through. There are heroes that are heavy hitters, some hit lightly but spread the damage around. Others just "mess" with the villains without causing the damage. There's even one that wants to take it in the face himself so he can dish it out. So, yes, More than plenty of variety. I can hardly wait to see what the expansion heroes are like.

There are four villains you do battle against. The first is a straightforward Robot Factory that sits there and spits out robot minions till you can kill them all and then it. It's simple, but it can swarm for some fun. It gets really wikkid when you have a few bots out and some mega guns on the factory itself. Still, it's straightforward. Others include an evil scientist trying to pull the moon into the earth, if you take too long to defeat him, you'll lose and the world will be destroyed. If you do stop him, he puts on the boots himself and gives you a beat down personally. Fun. Others include an Alien Warlord with a horde of minion soldiers as well as a "Superhero" villain with her own powers and a small group of specialized mini-supervillains that have intricate interplay among themselves. All villains have a great and individual feel, very nice.

The third aspect of the game are the environments you fight in. You can battle them on a Mars Base or in a Megacity or perhaps a dinosaur filled lost land. Perhaps you really want a Kraken-filled Lost City of Atlantis. All of the make your struggles even more difficult, but every now and again, they work in your favor. A very nice touch.

Simple, Simple, Simple. There are a few things like scaling the game to fit the number of people playing, but not much. It take about five minutes to learn the rules and the rest of the rulebook is filled with awesome comic backstory and funness. However, as simple as the game is, this game includes careful cooperation, timing and strategies. It can be played by anyone able to read the cards, but it'll take a keen mind to truly master it.

Lastly, the Enhanced Edition includes various counters for hit points and status effects. I love the Hit Point counters, they look like colorful, sturdy cardboard poker chips. They have a great comic feel. I also use the "+1 damage" or "take -1 damage" counters, but the rest seem almost useless to me. I'm sure they can come up, but it's rare and specific and is easier to just remember than to dig through all the remaining counters to find the one you want.

I give this game 5 stars. It's well made and fun to play. The cards and counters are sturdy. I don't worry about actually shuffling the cards traditional style and I don't think I'll need the special protective sleeves you can get in various places. I've played in groups of four or just me and my wife. It was fun every time. I'm always looking forward to my next game. Finally, this box is extra big and has room for the expansions when you get them. And if you get this, you will eventually get them. They actually are cheaper than other expansion out there. However, if they come out with a fourth expansion, we'll need a bigger box.
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on January 18, 2016
My friends and I love table top gaming, card games, strategy games, etc. so naturally this caught our eye. I read the instructions thoroughly as that's the type of person I am (and we had never played before, heard of it, but never played). It took a few rounds to get in the groove and work out the kinks, but after the initial fumbling we had a good time (for reference the types of games we typically play are mtg, dominion, d&d, boss monster, a bit of pandemic, cards against humanity, the basics). The cooperative game play was refreshing as we're a super competitive group of people and being competitive against each other can get tempers rising. The only bad thing I would say about it is that I wish more cards came with the original game (I know, there are expansions, but I'm poor). Also, I think it would be great if there were more details on how to switch up the game to make it more competitive as you add players (we played with 4 and it seemed a bit easy, it definitely would have been more challenging with 3). Really if you're into the types of games I described, I would recommend it, it was definitely fun.
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on February 4, 2017
I am obsessed with this game right now! I bought it in real life, then shortly thereafter on Steam. The more I play the game, the more I feel like what they managed to do is created a classic RPG (in the video game sense) in card format. This is like a co-op, cardboard version of old-school Final Fantasy: you have heros, enemies, hit points, attack points, you use abilities each turn, you get stronger over time, and you work together to defeat the boss. The different characters are great, each one is unique and fun and each one has different play mechanics and cards that combo in different ways. No matter what your play style, you will find multiple characters that are fun. The heros, villains, and environments combine to create literally hundreds of variations so that it doens't get old. You can adjust the relative difficulty by playing with fewer heros, and then there is Advanced Mode if you really want to challenge yourself (die).

Don't let the comic book theme scare you away. I am not a comic book or super hero fan, in fact I'm pretty sick of super heroes in the media at this point. This led me to avoid Sentinels for a long time despite hearing good things about the game. But the super hero thing is only for artistic and thematic purposes, as I said this plays like a classic RPG, and to my surprise, the character and the artwork have grown on me the more I've played.
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