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on December 21, 2009
-Its a little heavy, so it's not as easy as the small hanging file safes to get up and walk away with.
-The key and the dial are very user friendly. The key doesn't stick at all and works every time without fail.
-The combination is factory set so you don't have the possibility of using a combination that would be easily guessed (a lot of people use their birthdate or home phone number for things like this... BAD BAD BAD).
-There are no batteries required. This is good, because if the thing really is stuck in a fire, there are no electronics to be melted, or to be wet by the water hoses. Plus those batteries can get expensive and corrode if left in there unused for a length of time and I'm guessing you wont be going in this every day, so it's probably better to have no electronic parts.

-Its heavy #but this is a pro, too#, took 2 people to get it upstairs without too much hassle.
-The instructions tell you to drill the holes in the bottom of the safe and on the mounting surface #typically the floor# with a 7/16 drill bit. Well this is the same size as the screw, so I recommend only using the 7/16 bit in the bottom of the safe, and using a slightly smaller bit to drill the holes in the floor #Do this ONLY if you have wood or carpet floors, as doing this on tile will possibly crack it) I say this because the first time I mounted this, I used the 7/16 for both and the screws just slipped right through the holes in the floor. This made the safe slightly harder to move, because you had to lift it 2.5 inches off the floor, but it would still be easy for 2 crooks to lift and move.

Overall Opinion:
I'm recommending this to my mom, so it's not bad at all. Just make sure you register the safe on their website in case you lose your key or combination or if someone needs to get it in the event of something happening to you.
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on November 27, 2009
The safe was delivered by my next door neighbor (a UPS driver) so the damage I later found probably happened in the warehouse or the trip here (I trust him).
The safe is boxed in cardboard only slightly bigger than itself and with foam on the four corners. Nothing to protect the dial or anything else.
There was a small hole in the top of the box and whatever did that, also put a dent in the top of the steel safe. was nice and we came to a mutual agreement; but make sure you check the safe when delivered.
NOTE: This model (a combination dial-not digital) has a factory combination which CAN NOT be changed.
This wasn't a problem for me as I didn't want yet another item that required batteries like the digital model does.
The combination works well; you can even miss the numbers by one or two and it will still open. You can push in the "key lock" and that disables the dial for extra security.
If you want to mount the safe to the floor, you have to drill holes in the bottom of the safe for the bolts - not a problem for me, I have all the tools, but it may be for many.
If you don't mount the safe down, be aware most suspects will just take the safe (it's about 90 lbs). I'm a retired cop and I've been to plenty of burglaries where they have done just that; so hide the safe or bolt it down (the first place they look is in your closet).
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on March 4, 2010
I bought this safe primarily to have a fireproof place to store important papers and computer backups. I'm satisfied that it will do what I want but I had a couple of surprises:

1. The double locking system really means that it takes both a key AND a combination to open the safe. If you loose the key or forget the combination you will have some difficulty getting to your valuables. The safe can be "single locked" with just the key or just the dial, but it is very easy to double lock it by accident.

2. I hadn't considered that fireproof did not necessarily mean air or water tight. I watched some video of fire testing and it came through with flying colors. The problem is that most fires also involve water damage when the fireman shows up to put out the fire. Some water is going to get inside if there is enough put on the safe during the fire suppression effort.

The user documentation is "OK", and there is a web site that lets you recover your combination once you register. You can buy new keys there as well.

The safe is heavy, but can be carried around by one person. I hauled it up two flights of stairs in the original packaging. It can be bolted down with the provided hardware and this seems like a good idea.

The packaging consists of a cardboard box and four Styrofoam inserts. If the box is punctured or dropped the safe could be damaged. Mine was delivered by FedEx and had a dent in the back left section even though the box was undamaged. Amazon was great: They offered to replace the safe, but I decided to keep the first one because the dent isn't obvious and the safe's function has not been compromised.
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on August 24, 2009
I'm giving this safe 5 stars because it fit my needs perfectly, especially for the price. The Amazon service was great, it arrived well packaged with no damage to the safe. After reading some of the other reviews I was a little worried about the robustness of the safe, but it is heavy (which I wanted so that it could not be easily lifted), solid and well-constructed.

Everyone needs a good safe and this is a good one. For my needs the interior is very roomy, much more than I need at the moment. I am very pleased with this product.
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on October 21, 2010
We bought the safe because we have valuables around the house, including jewelry and important papers. For the price I went ahead and bought the larger safe on the theory that the amount of valuables around the house will expand to fill the space. While I can't comment on the two hours of fire safety of the safe (because my house hasn't burned down yet), I was a bit concerned with the whole "gosh, let's put all my valuable things into a convenient and burglar-friendly carrying case" thing, so I bolted it down to our raised wooden floor.

This required a quick trip to the hardware store to pick up the required bits (a 7/16" drill bit and a 9/32" drill bit). One instruction (drill a hole through the bottom of the safe for the lag bolt) made me a bit nervous: you really want me to mutilate this thing I just bought? But (aside from insulation scattering everywhere) it was fairly easy. With a stud finder I found the floor joist, drilled a couple of 9/32" pilot holes, and bolted the safe down using a ratchet wrench: no problems. (SentrySafe says you need a 3/8" instead of a 9/32" drill bit if you're drilling into masonry.) The safe I ordered from Amazon did come with the necessary lag bolts, washers and masonry anchors that are labeled as an "optional floor mounting kit" in the instructions on SentrySafe's instructions.

The combination is fixed: you can't change it (like you can with the electronic version), and you need to open both the combination lock and the key lock to open the door. The back of the door has some hooks to hold important keys, such as spare car keys. And the only down side for us is that this only comes with one adjustable shelf: a quick trip to Sentry Safe's web site fixed that. (I bought three more shelves to help hold all the small stuff we're storing in the safe.) Other than that, the safe is quite handsome, and looks fine sitting next to my wife's shoes in our closet.
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on March 1, 2011
The safe apparently gets its fire rating by having a moist clay between the plastic inner shell and the thin metal outer shell, a couple inches all around of moist fiberous clay like material. To bolt it to the wall you have to drill through the plastic the clay and the metal outer shell.This exposes the damp clay to the inner area. Mine molded, it has stunk up my grandmothers silver folders and the documents I had inside, this is not a good design, I totally would not recomend one of these Sentry Fire safe types to anyone, I have a couple of the non firesafe types and they are fine, I am going to have to throw this one out, totaly disgusting.
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on December 25, 2011
They Know You will not pay Shiping to return this trash. Must be the cheapest locking combo I've ever try to open. It's a shame the rest of the safe is ok. Tumble turns like its got sand in it, my football locker opened easier. Would make a good boat anchor .
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on September 14, 2010
This safe is pretty nice. It weighs 96 pounds, so you definitely need some support to hold it if you aren't floor mounting it or putting it on some sort of table. This safe is a two stage combination to open (i.e. you have to correctly input the combination via the dial AND use the provided key to open the safe). The instructions didn't say this but it was fairly obvious. Plenty of room inside, with a shelf in the middle. Disappointed it didn't come with some soft foam padding for items like watches and jewelry but that is easily fixed by visiting your local crafts store. I haven't experience the "un-openable" problem people have noticed after a year or two, but that remains to be seen.

My one gripe about this product is the packaging. The original one arrived at my door, very beat up, with dents in the safe and holes ripped into the box. I returned (at Amazon's cost) the original and they overnighted a new one which arrive in good condition, but using the exact same packaging. The box is a flimsy thin cardboard with foam spacers on the four edges of the safe. Nothing is protecting the dial/handle.
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on August 24, 2012
I organized all of my jewelry, placed it in this safe which we had bolted down in the floor of a closet. Our home was burglarized with an active alarm turned on. The robbers forced the door off the safe and stole everything inside in a matter of minutes. I wish I had never bought this and trusted it.
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on June 24, 2011
Looks OK but is definitely second rate. The door is sloppy after being opened just a few times. I seriously doubt that I am really protected from fire. The handle is loose and doesn't stay at full horizontal after closing. The combination dial sticks in spots. If I weren't so lazy I would return it and go for another brand!
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