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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Large Dog, Over 18 lb, 8 Month Protection
Size: Over 18 lb|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$52.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

We have an outdoor dog that is absolutely covered in fleas nearly year round, since we don't get hard freezes here in North Carolina. We've tried Frontline, Capstar, Program, Advantage, flea collars, flea shampoos, spraying fipronil in the area around the barn where he lives, diatomaceous earth, brewers yeast and garlic, cedar oil and cedar chip bedding, and nothing worked. We even used corn oil to coat and suffocate the fleas, which worked but only for a day or two. I was convinced that these are zombie fleas and immortal. And the poor dog was miserable and scratching.

I hesitated to pay $50 for a flea collar that might not work, but took the chance and ordered this Seresto collar. We put it on the dog two days ago, and I'm amazed! The first day, we noticed that the fleas on the front half of his body were gone. Today we didn't find one single live flea on him, nostrils to tail tip. We did notice some dead ones on him. This is the first thing we've ever found that got rid of/killed the fleas! He was lying happily in the sun this morning, not scratching or twitching, for the first time in months.

Since the collar worked, I've also ordered one for our little indoor dog and the indoor cat, who also have fleas (but not as many). If these collars really kill the fleas for 6-8 months, they are worth every penny of the cost. I will update my review after a few months, to report whether or not the flea killing effect lasted. I'll also keep an eye out for irritation, baldness or oozing sores where the collar lies (since some pets have had an adverse reaction to collar) and report that here if it happens.

For now, I'm very, very happy to have something to help combat the fleas!
Edited 6 June 2017: It's only been a few weeks but I wanted to update. No fleas on the pets - if they pick one up in the grass it hops off without biting. The small dog was a little lethargic for a day or so (just acted tired and didn't want to play - he was still eating) after we put on his collar, but we kept a close eye on him and he was back to himself on the third day. No rawness, sores or extreme symptoms from any of the pets. I also set off some Hot Shot flea fogger/bombs in our carpeted bedrooms, where we had fleas (the pets sleep with us). Between the collars and the bombs, we are finally, at long last, flea free! I'll update again at the end of the collars' lives to report how long they lasted. Buy this collar - you won't regret it!
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on September 6, 2016
Dog had massive hives after three days of use which were discovered upon returning from dinner. Please make sure to monitor your dog everyday preferably during the morning and evening to determine if they will experience any side effects. I was skeptical after reading other posts which is why I was continuously monitoring. The customer service representative for Seresto was professional in all regards. The company offered a reimbursement on the product. Medical services are reimbursed on a case by case basis. Make sure you save all contents of the packaging, as you will need these numbers when calling the number on the back of the tin can. Our dog had just went to the vet with a clean bill of health. Seresto requested medical records for any form of reimbursement related to medical expenses.
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on May 12, 2013
I have two Springer Spaniels, live in the East, and we frequent the woods behind our house every day. Ticks ARE a major problem. I have avoided the drop oriented anti-tick treatments because of the potential for liver and kidney problems. I heard about Bayer's new collar, and wanted to give it a try, in hopes it would be the easy, safe way to protect my dogs from the ticks.

Packaging - the packaging is very nice, the collars come in really nice tins. The instructions are fairly useless, as they are printed in very small print, and never seem to really tell you HOW to use the collar. The collar, itself, is pretty neat, and is very adjustable.

Effectiveness - after a week, I have to say I'm pretty disappointed. I've found several ticks on the dogs, two of them attached directly beneath the collar. It just doesn't seem like this collar is any good. Even the $10 Hartz flea and tick collars seem to work better than this. For $60+ for each collar, I really expected better. In fact, for that price I expected fantastic, and just am not seeing it.

I could return the collars, but to be fair, I want to give them a 3 month trial, maybe it takes some time for the anti-tick stuff to build up in the dog's system or something. I'll come back and update my review at that time. Hopefully, it will be more favorable. At present, after a week's use, I can not recommend spending this kind of money for this level of performance.

Hope this helps-

After roughly a month of living with the collar, I love it. It took about a week to 10 days for the stuff from the collar to build up in the dog's system, but after that, absolutely no ticks, no nothing!. I can most definitely recommend these collars, will certainly continue using them and will certainly buy more when the time comes.

update after 9 months -
Hi- sorry not to have checked back on this review site until now. I've used the collars for roughly 9 months - end of life for them - and after the initial time for it take effect, they worked like champs. No ticks, no fleas. Now, for side effects and why I won't be using them again, even though I really like them....one of my springers - 5 years old - began having strange episdoes which the vet has identified as some sort of seizure. He doesn't flop or anything like that...he actually appears to go blind and loses his balance for roughly 45 minutes during each incident. The vet and I believe that one of the ingredients in the collar is causing these episodes. I've taken the collars off the dogs and the episdoes have ceased. Could of course be coincidence, but I'm not willing to take that chance, no matter how well the collars work.

hope this helps!
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on January 13, 2017
Love it! Literally the only flea medicine that has worked on my dog. And we've tried pretty much everything!
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on June 18, 2016
This is a review for Bayer Seresto dog collar for small dogs:

This purchase was made a while back. I am only now entering my review because 1) time is an issue for me 2) I can now share with near certainty that the product works. First a little history: sometime last year we missed the 30th day dose of the Frontline that we were using then. Unfortunately those couple of days turned into an unwanted turning point. Within about a month we were seeing little crawly things on our sweet little pooch. In no time we had a major flea infestation in our home! We continued with the Frontline but were not seeing any results. So we did various non-flea bomb things: we went to great lengths to get rid of the fleas inside and outside the house, we bathed our dog frequently, we combed out the disgusting bugs on a daily basis, we got the Seresto collar and we stopped the Frontline and switched to Nexgard. Our problem went away in about 4-months. Long time right? Well, fleas can linger for a while so don’t think you can get rid of them so easily. You might think that our problem was resolved because of the Nexgard (which also works) but I think our problem was resolved because of both. Since our problem was so severe, at the recommendation of our vet, we bathed our dog a lot. Poor thing. The fleas really did a number on her skin and coat.

The thing with Seresto is the directions call for infrequent baths. This, we found out, is because the chemical effect has to ‘restart’ each time after a bath. This is where the Nexgard came in as a backup or insurance. Our problem was extreme so the baths for our darling Cavalier were necessary – we used a special antiseptic shampoo that helped her skin and killed the fleas that were on her. (Of course, after a few hours back in the flea environment, they jumped on her again.) As we understand it the collar works by releasing an agent that coats the animal’s fur. This is what kills the fleas before they bite. So if you’re bathing your dog frequently, be aware that the collar’s strength will diminish and may not ‘work’ for a day or two following the bath. The collar may then need to be replaced more frequently too, because it is ‘using up' the chemical faster. Instead of every 8 months, it may be every 6 months. If all you need is maintenance then you should be alright. But if you’re battling a problem like we were, multiple approaches like ours may be necessary.

On the flea infestation in our home, we researched every piece of information about getting rid of fleas and applied all that we learned. We talked with a number of customer service reps, wonderful all of them, both at Frontline and Bayer (the makers of Seresto) and even corresponded with a few of the world’s top vets and scientists in the field of flea management. Fighting home flea infestations is a task that requires a lot of work, time and persistence. Killing the adult fleas is not enough. One must make sure the pupae are also eradicated. This next to last life cycle of the flea is the one to fear. Pupae can remain dormant for up to 6-months, hiding in crevices and maturing into adult fleas, months after you’ve stopped fighting. The ideal is to do everything to get rid of the adult flea so that they do not lay more eggs. For us that was the collar and the Nexgard. Focusing on the pupae throughout is recommended too. Since they can linger in your home dormant, you want to stop them from growing into adulthood 6-months after you think you got rid of the problem. Once the pupae mature, they ‘wake’ up, sense the warmth of your pet, jump on your animal baby and start the cycle all over again.

In the heat of the infestation, we would sprinkle and rub salt and diatomaceous earth in all the crevices and large swaths of the carpets. This would sit for a few days (yes, a bit problematic when walking over it but well worth it, I tell you.) and then vacuum well. We’d repeat this every 2-3 days for weeks. We’d also launder sheets, and doggie bed covers, and any fabric on which our dog would lie, in hot water, frequently. In order to gauge our progress, we set up a few desk lamps on the ground above aluminum dollar store food storage pans filled with soapy water. This way we could see if the fleas were dying off. Fleas get attracted to the warmth of the light, move toward it and of course they can jump as high as four inches so in they would go into the water. I guess the soap would kill them. Over time, the dead fleas in the soapy water diminished to the point that we knew we had won the battle. No dead fleas in the water meant no more adult fleas in the house or on our dog. With the continued vacuuming, I believe we got rid of the pupae as well. Of note, the vacuuming is also like an earthquake for the fleas and the pupae, stimulating them, making them jump all over the place, allowing them to be sucked up by the vacuum faster.

So I say, among other things you can do to combat a bad flea infestation, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, every 2-3 days if possible for a while, launder everything frequently in hot water, place salt and/or diatomaceous earth in the crevices, use the soapy water pan idea and keep your animal away from shady areas in your backyard because fleas love to live there. They won’t be in the sunnier parts. (We used inexpensive garden wire mesh.) Oh and be careful vacuuming the diatomaceous earth because this could ruin your machine. I used to go easy on the powder. You don’t need a lot. And if you have a bag vacuum, get rid of the bag each time because if you leave it sitting there, the pupae and fleas can get out of the bag and return to your dog. We have a Rainbow vacuum which uses water so dumping the water was much easier than changing a bag each time. Anyway this was my family’s experience with fleas and the Seresto collar. We continued with both collar and Nexgard for a while and never saw a flea again. The Nexgard by itself could’ve been ok but I truly believe in the collar since it is not at all like the traditional dangerous collars of old that are still being sold today. I think if we had had the Seresto from the beginning, we would not have suffered as we did. It’s also so simple. Put the collar on and forget about it for 8 months! Now I will never go back to drops flea control.

I hope some of this is helpful. When we were going through our flea trauma I relied so heavily on these types of reviews that I wanted to “pay it forward.” Good luck to you.
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on May 7, 2017
We first used the collar after recommendation from the vet. We live in the country and my Great Dane was covered in ticks.

It not only kills them but repels them as well. If a flea and tick medicine doesn't repel them it's useless to me. But this collar repels. Once they wear it we have NEVER found a tick on them.

This lasts longer than 7-8 months. We only replace it once a year. We put it on in April and then they wear it year round.

Gone are the days of forgetting to put their monthly medicine on that leaves a nasty residue on their back. We have small kiddos and this is safe.

No odor like traditional flea and tick collars.

We will never go back to frontline or any other flea medicine.
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on June 4, 2017
Take a look at the photo. She has been wearing the collar for 9 days, way more than enough time for the collar to be 100% effective. Then how does a tick implant itself just 2 inches from the colar, and live?

If the tick was on her tail, I could be more forgiving, but this is a joke. Still scratching from fleas too.

I didn't buy the collar from the cheaper resellers, to avoid getting scammed by a fake product. This was sold and fulfilled BY AMAZON.

There is no excuse for this. The collar is innefective.
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on October 12, 2016
This came highly recommended, so I know it works for some dogs. Unfortunately not the case for mine. Within an hour of putting it on my dog she threw up the entire contents of her stomach. Later that evening she wouldn't eat any dinner. The next morning she wouldn't take the treat that she always gets and begs for in the morning and she wouldn't eat breakfast. That evening, after 30 hours without anything in her stomach, she ate some dinner. Four hours later she threw it all up. I took the collar off at that point and she is back to her normal happy self. No doubt in my mind the collar was the problem.
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on March 1, 2017
They are very adjustable. Even fit on my Great Pyranees.
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on July 13, 2017
This collar delivers! It is expensive, but it lasts for 8 months and WORK'S, so I can't complain. I was having a huge tick problem with my German Shepherd puppy, as well as fleas. Apparently when we got her she brought ticks along with her 🤢, which we didn't even think was possible since we got her from Los Angeles and I had no idea that ticks were in Los Angeles.
We had her flea dipped and tick dipped ($80), and still she got more ticks. I'm sure they had been spread throughout our backyard by this time. It was absolutely disgusting the size of these ticks that we would pull off of her 🤢🤢🤢
I had finally had enough of paying for all of these products that were not working and I did some research on Amazon and came across this product. Since Amazon has a great return policy, even though this product in my opinion was more than I ever thought possible for a flea and tick collar, I decided to give it a go.
That was the best decision ever! Ever since putting the collar on her she has not had one flea Or one tick! NOT ONE!!! It has gotten pretty hot out here the last month or so and I closed it down with the hose to cool her off, I don't know if I was supposed to take off the collar or not, but I didn't, and it still going strong!!
This will be my go to flea and tick product forever!!
Once you do the breakdown as well, and consider that this product works for eight months, it really is not expensive at all. And I am willing to pay for good products too!
Great job Seresto!
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