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on October 9, 2010
I was hopeful that this digital picture frame would do everything that I needed it to do and it does, and more! I wanted a portable device that I could put on my coffee table that could run on rechargeable battery power, and it does. Plus I wanted a display that could display high resolution pictures and it does. The internal hard drive automatically lowers the resolution of images if you try to upload from a smart-card or USB or any other types of memory devices which allows the unit to store even more images. But, if you would rather have the full resolution of the high pixel images than more space, you can bypass the units automatically downsizing the resolution by connecting it directly to your mac or PC and uploading from there. That way, the images are exactly as they were on your computer hard drive. The motion sensor works great by turning the unit off automatically at the desired time length that you set and then turns back on once any movement is detected in front of it. However, when it starts back up, it starts the slideshow from the beginning/first picture again no matter where it was in the slideshow when it went to "sleep". I just keep my slideshow settings on random so the show is always different except for the first picture which is always the starting point...I simply just made it my favorite picture!
It also has a neat calendar/clock feature that will display a few pictures alongside the clock and calendar display - the images also change. All in all, the unit is great. It can last up to 4 hours on a single charge or you can have it directly plugged into the electrical socket. It also plays videos that I shot with my digital camera (after I converted them to mpeg4 on my computer). It has a great internal file system, so you can set up different folders and only display pictures from certain folders if you wanted to. It can play music (MP3) that you upload to it and you can choose what music to play during the slideshow. The included remote control has all the functions that you need. The glossy black piano finish does show fingerprints but can easily by wiped cleaned.

Overall, this unit is the best digital picture frame I have seen and it is at a great price here on Amazon. I've had other frames that couldn't come close to the resolution, the features and ease of operation that this frame has.
I highly recommend it!
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on January 2, 2012
This is a photo frame that compares favorably to most others: it has touch controls that light up on the side of the screen, it has 2GB internal memory and a battery, it plays video with stereo sound, it senses orientation like a smartphone, and it even comes with a small remote. Pretty sweet for an unsubsidized picture frame at this price!

It also has a motion sensor and a SD card slot, but more on these below.

The touch controls on the side are an improvement to the unusable back buttons on lesser photo frames, but in this age of tablets, they're still not 100% intuitive. It's much easier using the remote to control the device: there is an extra button for "slideshow" (so no need to navigate the menu) and cursor keys. I found the picture quality beyond reproach, certainly it's not high- end IPS such as the newest tablets, but it is quite good.

I purchased this frame because of two major selling points that it has over cheap tablets: the SD card slot and the motion sensor. The card slot, so I thought, would be great to view pictures from a digital camera without the need of a PC, and the motion sensor would show photos only if people are present. Unfortunately, both of these features were botched; here's how:

1) The card slot is of such low quality that I had trouble getting a card in. Every Walmart camera has a spring-loaded card slot now, but here I don't even see which way it goes in and it takes uncomfortable force to insert one. That's a problem, as I've damaged multiple SD cards just by rather gently moving them from camera to card reader. The slot on my unit also appears slightly crooked - perhaps it's a QA problem and you'll be luckier.

2) The motion sensor technically works, but I bet none of the engineers tried it at home. It functions as follows: when a presence is detected, the frame turns on and remains active for a specified amount of time, then turns off again. That's a superb idea; not that it saves a lot of energy, but it somehow feels right to not leave things running when no one is around. But the problem is this: when the frame gets activated by motion, it basically has to boot up. First, it flashes the blue touch buttons, then after a few seconds, it shows the NIX logo, and then it starts with the very first picture. This of course is completely useless. If you mount the frame in place where people walk by occasionally, all they'll ever see is a full screen "NIX" and possibly the first of your pictures.

As it is, I think this is an "ok" frame, but I do expect it to be fixed with a firmware update, such that the unit comes on quicker after sensing motion, does not display the company logo, and just continues with the active slideshow. If that happens, I'll consider it a 4- star gadget. For now, it's "ok", meaning three stars.

I know, reviews should not include price, but there are some funky things going on right now. After submitting my review, this frame was listed at almost twice the MSRP, which is one-twenty-nine. Don't buy above that! Also, there is a version at almost half the price, but it has no internal battery or memory.
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on December 29, 2011
I am a gadget freak and a former computer engineer. The Nix is not for tech naive folks. I bought this frame for my mother in law for christmas. In preparation, I took my entire photo library and used IrfanView to quickly convert all my high resolution dSLR photos on my computer to 800x600 resolution. Much to my pleasure, many many gigs of photos were compressed into several hundreds of megs and easily fit into the Nix internal memory (so I didn't even need to buy an external memory card).

I transferred them into the Nix in about half an hour and was disappointed in a few things:
(1) When it turns on you see the Nix splash screen first, and then an opening photo; so there was a "wake up" time.
(2) The opening photo was invariably the same each time.
(3) I had absolutely no choice in which photo that was.

I tried to pick a photo I wanted first and renamed it to try to get it to the front (i.e. putting an "a" or a "0" in front of the file name). This did not fix it. I completely deleted the pictures, went to Irfanview, renamed all my photos into numbers, i.e. "000001.jpg", "000006.jpg", "000011.jpg" etc.. and made sure that the one I wanted to appear first was copied onto the device first. The opening photo did change, but it was seemingly random which one was there. But that picture was okay so I left it alone.

My mother in law wanted to see the pictures by theme (i.e. in their original folder). It is not acceptable to ask my mother in law to go to the menu, select file, pick the folder, click on it, wait a minute or so for the files to pop up, then select the first file just to see her daughter's wedding day. There is absolutely no way she will be using this function. She does not like the way it just randomly jumps from one folder to another by default (random mode). But unfortunately that is the only reasonable way to set it up because if you play by sequence, it starts from the beginning every time.

And even if she did manage to switch to a specific folder, it would be in random mode and those pictures would display randomly. There was no quick and simple single button push to turn it into a sequential slideshow.

When I saw a picture that wasn't too desirable, I could not easily find a way to delete or even rotate that photo permanently. There probably is a way, but it isn't obvious-- or perhaps you'd have to attach it to your computer and fix it that way.

The chord is also somewhat short; was not able to snake it around the back of her desk to the electric socket on her left wall; had to use a surge protector. Fortunately, there was a TV there that needed the surge protector anyway.

There is no simple way to have the clock come up with movement and easily switch to slide show.
I copied an mp3 to the Nix in the folder and was able to play the song by itself, but when I played the folder, the mp3 did not play. Later on I found that there was a Mute option that was set to On. I have not bothered to try to turn it to Off. Too many disappointments and I don't think it was worth it to try anyway as the music was tinny, and my mother in law had no interest in it.

The final disappointment was the fact that my mother in law can't stand leaving it on, even when it turns off by itself. So she just turned it off and leaves it standing there on the desk behind her laptop. It's just too much effort to see random pictures.

A note about the motion detection. It seems like you set an interval, say 10 minutes. And it will check every 10 minutes for no movement and turn off. So I believe if you set it to 10 minutes, it will check if you're moving, and if you are, it resets the timer for another 10 minutes. If you watch the slideshow for 9 minutes, and then 1 minute later you aren't moving when it checks, it will still turn off even though you've been moving for 9 out of ten minutes... if that makes sense.

Regardless, I still give it at least 3 stars because its basic functionality is there and I would probably enjoy it more in my living room because I understand the product way more than my mother in law. If I gave it brand new to her she would probably do with it what she's doing with it right now. Leaving it off and collecting dust.

Most of the extra features were disappointments, and given the price, I find myself sad about the money wasted when I see similarly sized digital albums in Walmart for like $30.
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on December 12, 2010
After searching all over the internet for the perfect photo frame for a Christmas present - this one hit the nail on the head. There are several pro's to this product and only a few con's that should overall be overlooked in the decision to purchase:

- Easy to set up: All you simply need to do is plug in the frame to an outlet, turn it on, and you're ready to rock and roll.
- Internal memory: I don't think a lot of frames offer this option, but this one allows you to transfer images straight from your computer (a Mac in my case). The internal memory allowed me to store hundreds of pictures, which start in an automatic slideshow once the frame is turned on.
- Does not need to be plugged in to be viewed: This comes with a rechargeable battery so that you don't need to plug it in to view (but you can if you want it to be on longer). Lasts about 3 hours before it needs to be recharged.
- Beautiful, crisp images!

- Like the last reviewer said - if you try and skip over the pictures too quickly in the slideshow, sometimes there is a green/distorted image of the next. But not a big deal if you don't need to be skipping around.
- The photos sometimes 'shake' for a second but then it's over. E-mailed NIX and am trying to figure out if there is a resolution.

Anyway, don't be wary if you've never heard of NIX - I hadn't either, but the product is definitely fantastic and I do not regret my decision!
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on November 29, 2011
I bought three different 8" frames (Pandigital Panimage PI8004W01B 8-Inch LED Digital Photo Frame (Black),Deluxe NIX 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame, Rechargeable Battery & Motion Sensor turns frame ON/OFF automatically when it senses you nearby! 2GB, and this NIX 8 Inch Hu-Motion Digital Photo Frame - X08C with Automatic ON/OFF Motion Sensor) and one 9" frame (Sony DPF-D95 9-Inch LED Backlit Digital Photo Frame with Remote (Black)) as a "shoot-out", of sorts. I've only had time to play with them for ~5 minutes each, so I can just provide my initial impressions. The photo quality of this frame is pretty good overall, and I really prefer the 800x600 resolution to the 800x480 that many 9" frames have. Many of the <$100 9" frames only have 480 rows of pixels (i.e. the vertical resolution), which you certainly notice unless you look at the images >5" away. Many of these 8" frames, on the other hand, have 600 rows of pixels -- 120 more rows of pixels on a smaller frame definitely looks better to me. The menu system on this frame is pretty nice, though I had a little bit of a problem navigating the buttons. I'm sure I'll get used to it, though. The picture quality, again, is quite good.

So, which frame(s) did I like best? I'm torn between this 8" Portable NIX and the 8" Pandigital Panimage. This frame has battery power so you can pass it around a ground without having to tethered to wall/AC power, and it has touch (capacitive?) buttons on the front to navigate the menu (which looks more sophisticated than this non-portable 8" NIX). On the other hand, the 8" Pandigital has a more classic black frame. For some reason, I think I like the Pandigital frame because it's more traditional, and the image quality is great. The 9" Sony frame is going back because I can't stand the lower resolution (800x480) on a larger frame (9").

Again, take the above with a grain of salt because I've only used each frame for ~5 minutes. But hey, it's better than nothing!
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on April 19, 2011
This is my first digital photo frame so I did a lot of research on them before purchasing this Nix 8" frame. My first criteria in purchasing a digital frame was the resolution had to be very good. I can report after downloading many photos from my computer at various resolutions that the frame displays a very superior quality for my photos. Just make sure that you download your photos from the computer and NOT from a thumb drive or external HD. Its best to have your photos displayed in the landscape orientation because this will show the entire photo across the whole frame. If you do include portrait orientation photos then of course you will have black areas on each side of the photo while being displayed on the frame. The Hu-Motion feature is a bit confusing to set up so you are going to have to do a trial and error approach to find the best setting for your personal taste. I would of given this frame 5 Stars but the small remote is very disappointing. The battery was DOA when I tried to use the remote so had to go out and purchase a new one, no big deal. The remote itself is not very responsive and at times I have to just go to the digital frame and soft press the buttons on the frame itself to make my selections. Final thoughts with remote aside, you will be very pleased with the quality of how well the pictures are displayed and I have not seen anything close to it in my local electronic stores.
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on September 27, 2011
We do environmental educational table set-ups and our display board only holds a limited amount of information. I installed in the frame additional material and pictures in the form of PowerPoint slides saved as .jpegs to randomly shuffle to display the new items. I also created other "pictures" in PowerPoint giving trivia questions that people could try to answer as the questions appeared on the screen (additional talking points). We then hung the frame on our display (with some minor additional support underneath for safety). I set the timing to shut the frame off after two minutes if no one was in front of it. That extended the three-hour charge to almost five hours the first time we used it. I may set it to one minute and see what happens with that timing. The frame also an attention getter if someone approaches to see what's moving on an otherwise static display. Having the options to also include video or audio clips further expands its useful possibilities.

The only thing I regret so far is that the only way to recharge the frame is by using the included AC adapter. We typically don't have electricity at many of our venues and once the battery is discharged we need to replace it with something else on the display or have a "black hole". I wish they had also made it rechargeable through the USB port using a laptop or other battery recharging system (like one for cell phones or iPods). This frame provides a good crisp picture (if what is loaded in is also good-the old GIGO). If they had put the touch controls on the back side (or side) of the frame they may have been able to increase the size of the viewing area without increasing the size of the frame and there wouldn't be as much black around the pictures. For now though, I think this will suit our needs just fine!
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on December 19, 2012
*update Dec 24 2012 *
Amazon refunded me the (2) defective units, quick response from Amazon, bravo!
I planned to re-order the same units and gave NIX a second chance, unfortunately the price went from $79 to $99.
I contacted Amazon and explained my situation, they said that after I reorder they will honor the original price of $79. Again thumb up Amazon.
Today I received the replacement units, I am trilled, both units work perfectly as expected. Before I shipped them to my father and sister I wanted to test them truly. I filled an 8GB SD card with photos, videos and music. All JPG, MP3 and MPEG are playing flawlessly. I'm a happy customer, I'm giving it a 5 stars.


Well, this is my first one star review. I ordered 3 units (1x08D and 2x8in PRO) from Amazon. First PRO unit, after I put the battery in and turned it on, the unit lights up for 20 sec then a red battery showed up on the screen and unit shut off by itself. I left the unit plugged in for a while, even though the LED was green all that time (charged according to NIX instruction). The unit was cycling through the same thing all the time it was plugged in (show some 4-5 pictures, then red battery icon, unit shuts off....)

The second PRO unit powered fine, at least this one was working as expected. Except I noticed a black spot on the screen. First I thought it was on the plastic covering the screen for protection during shipping. I lift it up, but the black spot was still there, I tried to clean it with a microfiber cloth, but it was still there, looks like it was etched under the screen. It's about a quarter of an inch wide, very visible and unacceptable.
I returned both units to Amazon, they will refund me (knowing their good customer service). I planned to re-order. But today I see Amazon changed the price, I originally paid $79, it's now $99 (25% more). Now I'm not sure that I will reorder these units.

Finally on the same order I got a NIX X08D for my father (simple to use), everything was perfect about this unit, out of the box I inserted a SD card with photos and plugged it in, worked as expected. I still prefer the 8in PRO for myself and my sister, but my experience makes me doubt my decision of going with this unit. NIX quality control failed.
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on December 19, 2010
Overall, the NIX 8" Hu-Motion is a good product, but there are some things about it which could be improved to make it better.


The idea motion sensor is great. It's exactly what all digital frames should have to conserve power, since there's no point in having the frame on when no one is around to look at it. The options for how the motion sensor works are very detailed, giving you the option to have it stay on for anywhere from 1 second to 24 hours after it senses movement. The internal timer resets after it detects movement again.

The display is fairly crisp with brightness control. An image with an aspect ratio of 4:3 (most standard compact digital cameras) will fill the display completely. Any other aspect ratio will be scaled to fit the frame while maintaining it's aspect ratio. That is, you'll either see black bars on the tops or the sides, but the image will not be distorted. Files will be rotated appropriately depending on orientation of the frame due to the built-in accelerometer. Slide show time can be set to change the image at varying intervals from every 5 seconds to 1 day. Transition effects and random shuffling are possible. The frame is also capable of playing video with audio and MP3 files as background music. I can't comment on the quality of either since I didn't buy the frame for this use.

The physical look of the frame is very modern. This is a personal preference, but I like this much better than the faux wood of a lot of other frames out there. The control buttons are flush with the front frame and take on the lightest touch to use. They glow blue when the frame turns on and dim when inactive.

The frame 1.89 GB of useable internal storage space. When connected to a PC, it is recognized as an external drive, making transferring files very easy. It also accepts a USB thumb drive or SD/MMC/Memory Stick cards. You can only access one mode of storage at a time.

There is a removable, proprietary rechargeable battery which gives you a few hours of display time without having to be plugged in. Doesn't help from everyday use, but would be great for moving the frame around during parties.


For all of it's bells and whistles, the frame is frustratingly annoying most of the time. The motion sensor is supposed to work within a range of 2.5 meters, but is very temperamental. This is a huge flaw since it's supposed to be the selling point of the frame. It is very unreliable and doesn't always turn on when it should, even with clear motion (hand waving at 6 inches) right in front of the sensor.

Another huge flaw is that the slide show starts on the exact same photo every time the frame turns on. You better choose your favorite photo as the first one on the list since it's the one you'll always see. On that note, the frame doesn't give you an easy way to order of the photos you put on it. Even after numbering photos on my hard drive and then transferring them over, the frame puts them in a random order. It would be nice to be able to choose to order the files alphanumerically or by EXIF data (such as original date and time), or at the very least just designate which files is the start-up image.

The controls are clumsy and the built-in menus are more difficult to navigate than they should be with the buttons. Putting the controls on the reverse could have left the front clean and symmetric. Thankfully, once you have the frame set up, you don't need to access the settings too often, but it really is a huge annoyance at first.


It's frustrating that the biggest problems with the frame are due to software issues which could easily be fixed with a firmware update. Still, not a bad set of features for the price. A few tweaks would have made it nearly perfect. I was really thinking about buying one of the larger Hu-Motion frames, but after dealing with this one for a while, I think I'll hold off for now.
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on March 14, 2011
I must admit I am picky (not the extreme kind) about picture quality, and I still have not found what I would call a great digital frame, not under $100 anyway. After using this Nix for about a week now, I can say I have to continue my search. The Nix is staying though.

I was looking for high resolution, battery-based operation (for the times where I don't want the chord hanging around or when there is no easy access to power outlet), decent size, great looks, ability for auto-shutoff and great picture quality. I did not need mp3s or video playback. I did not want it to be connected to Internet.

So how well does this Nix perform? Well, pretty good on all counts, except for picture quality. The resolution is not particularly high, but it is high enough for an 8" frame if you are looking from a couple of feet away. It works on battery when needed, and motion-sensor based switching off/on works well. Looks are impressive as well - just as advertised. Where it falls short is picture quality: the colors and the viewing angles. The colors are a bit washed out, and off-angle viewing (i.e. if you are not viewing head-on) is quite poor. But then I guess you can't expect all of that when you are buying a frame for 60 bucks! I wish they had a better display/panel instead of the video/mp3 capabilities they have. Unfortunately I am probably one among the minority of their customers.

It is definitely bang for the buck, and a lot of people (and that includes my wife) wont see anything wrong with colors on this frame.
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