Customer Reviews: Sea Hunt TV Series (24 Hour Marathon) Starring Lloyd Bridges, Jeff Bridges, Beau Bridges
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on May 8, 2013
56% of Season 1 [22 of 39 episodes]
26% of Season 2 [10 of 39 episodes]
28% of Season 3 [11 of 39 episodes]
55% of Season 4 [21 of 38 episodes]
41% of Entire Series [64 of 155 episodes]

Season 1, Episode 1 Sixty Feet Below (Pilot Episode)
Season 1, Episode 3 Rapture of the Deep
Season 1, Episode 4 Mark of the Octopus
Season 1, Episode 5 Sea Sled
Season 1, Episode 6 Female of the Species
Season 1, Episode 7 Mr. Guinea Pig
Season 1, Episode 9 Gold Below
Season 1, Episode 10 Recovery
Season 1, Episode 11 Killer Whale
Season 1, Episode 13 The Shark Cage
Season 1, Episode 16 The Poacher
Season 1, Episode 17 Girl in the Trunk
Season 1, Episode 18 The Sponge Divers
Season 1, Episode 19 Diamond River
Season 1, Episode 20 Alligator Story
Season 1, Episode 23 Legend of the Mermaid
Season 1, Episode 30 The Shipwreck
Season 1, Episode 31 The Big Dive
Season 1, Episode 32 Birthday Present
Season 1, Episode 35 The Amphibian
Season 1, Episode 37 Decoy
Season 1, Episode 38 The Sea Has Ears

Season 2, Episode 1 The Alcatraz Story
Season 2, Episode 4 Underwater Labyrinth
Season 2, Episode 20 The Briefcase
Season 2, Episode 21 Cave Diving
Season 2, Episode 25 Treasure Hunt
Season 2, Episode 26 Sea Serpent
Season 2, Episode 29 The Female
Season 2, Episode 33 Proof of Guilt
Season 2, Episode 34 Chained
Season 2, Episode 35 Ransom

Season 3, Episode 7 Counterfeit
Season 3, Episode 9 Jade Cavern
Season 3, Episode 14 Pirate Gold
Season 3, Episode 15 The Living Fossil
Season 3, Episode 17 Sacred Pool
Season 3, Episode 18 Cindy
Season 3, Episode 19 Cross Current
Season 3, Episode 21 The Cellini Vase
Season 3, Episode 33 The Missing Link
Season 3, Episode 37 Beyond Limits
Season 3, Episode 39 Man Overboard

Season 4, Episode 1 Point of No Return
Season 4, Episode 2 River Treasure
Season 4, Episode 4 Vital Error
Season 4, Episode 6 Sperling of Lamatsue
Season 4, Episode 7 Rescue
Season 4, Episode 9 Hot Tracer
Season 4, Episode 11 Amigo
Season 4, Episode 13 Survival Kit
Season 4, Episode 14 Expedition
Season 4, Episode 15 Bionics
Season 4, Episode 17 Niko
Season 4, Episode 18 Cougar
Season 4, Episode 21 Quicksand
Season 4, Episode 22 Lost Island
Season 4, Episode 23 Baby
Season 4, Episode 27 Dark Evil
Season 4, Episode 28 Sunken Car
Season 4, Episode 31 Imposter
Season 4, Episode 32 Superman
Season 4, Episode 34 P.T. Boat
Season 4, Episode 36 Skipper


Or you can get the whole series for $52
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on November 11, 2012
SEA HUNT was the most successful of producer Ivan Tors "techno-ventures" produced for TV in the late '50s/early '60s. These were engaging, half-hour semi-documentaries about survival in challenging environments, whether under the sea (as with this series, which introduced always-enjoyable Lloyd Bridges to TV audiences), in the air (THE MAN AND THE CHALLENGE) or even in outer space (MEN INTO SPACE). Apart from the pleasures of the show itself, I'm delighted to report that the transfer quality of these episodes is nothing short of spectacular; they appear to be mastered directly from the 35mm negatives, and the odds are most viewers have never seen SEA HUNT looking quite this good. Although TGG has announced season-by-season releases of the TV series in their "Marathon" program, this attractive box set provides an excellent value and might get the job done right now -- it contains over 60 episodes with the pilot and a good deal of Season One included. Highly recommended!
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on December 9, 2012
I pre-ordered this set when it was first announced and waited for it to be in stock and ready to ship. It was well worth the wait. The sound and picture quality are as good as any other DVD's that I've purchased. The box is oversized to accomodate four standard DVD cases, with two discs per DVD case. It's great to be able to watch Sea Hunt again!
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on February 14, 2013
Before receiving this collection, I tried to search online to see which episodes were included (to no avail). Each of the four seasons is 39 episodes, except the fourth which is 38 episodes. This collection is 64 out of the 155 episodes, featuring Season 1 (22 of 39), Season 2 (10 of 39), Season 3 (11 of 39) and Season 4 (21 of 38). I do not intend to list the episodes as I don't have time to type 64 episode titles, but hopefully the manufacturer will do that at some stage.

As to video quality, it appears pretty good for its age. Unfortunately, there are no extras, but I am just grateful to have these episodes released and in such good condition. There is a chapter stop in each episode after the opening titles (good) but none after that during the episode(not so good). The collection comes with four 2 DVD cases, housing the 8 discs. Some of the discs were loose on arrival but hopefully they have not been damaged (I have not watched all episodes yet).

For someone wishing to get 40% of the whole series for around twenty bucks, in my view this collection represents great value and is recommended. If you buy this, get sucked in and then decide to get the whole series (each season is to be released separately), then there will be some doubling up, although less so with Season 2 and 3 which only have about one quarter of their respective seasons. If you think you might like the lot, you could dip your toe in the water by buying the first season. Decisions, decisions....
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on February 18, 2013
The 'Sea Hunt 24-Hour Television Marathon' (2012) offers 64 beautifully remastered black-and-white episodes of the classic American underwater adventure series which originally aired from 1958 through 1961.

The show's protagonist, ex-frogman and professional diver Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges), who is usually employed by Marineland of the Pacific, is an archetypal mid-century American male hero, embodying a period when the country still prized physically strong, well-educated, capable, responsible and ethical men as leaders in all areas of life.

Nelson is shown to be respected wherever he goes; his reputation proceeds him not only in the United States, but also in other countries of the Western hemisphere.

As such, Nelson (and, by extension, Bridges) represents the iconic male figure which would disappear almost completely from the landscape with the cultural revolution of the late 1960s, rarely, if ever, to return, and certainly never to appear again in so definite a form.

This heroic, can-do, and essentially conservative American male figure was found, with variation, in many other pre-1970s television series, from Gil Favor (Eric Fleming) on 'Rawhide' (1959-1966), Capt. Grey Holden (Darren McGavin) on 'Riverboat' (1959-1961), Capt. Adam Troy (Gardner McKay) on 'Adventures in Paradise' (1959-1962) and James Drury as the title character on 'The Virginian' (1962-1971) to Porter Ricks (Brian Kelly) on 'Flipper' (1964-1967) and Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) on 'Star Trek' (1966-1969), among others.

'Sea Hunt' consisted of an unusual mix of elements: the spartan black-and-white photography blended perfectly with the no-nonsense, documentary-style adventure stories narrated by Nelson, but the program also had a highly romanticized and dramatic opening theme, which suggested another, more mysterious dimension to the proceedings entirely.

The straight-forward scripts presented Nelson as a highly effective professional man existing on a strictly earthly plane; the theme song, however, suggested Nelson was a transcendent archetypal hero of the first order, capable of shooting an arrow into the void and hitting his target.

Interestingly, many episodes closed with a short segment in which Bridges, appearing as himself in nautical gear on a boat (and thus looking exactly like Mike Nelson), warned audiences to always take caution when venturing onto or under the water. Caution, in fact, is stressed repeatedly throughout every episode.

As might be expected, and as with other American television dramas of the era such as '77 Sunset Strip' (1958-1964) and 'Route 66' (1960-1964), the social landscape of 'Sea Hunt' was traditional.

Gender roles were sharply defined, with the males, led by Nelson, being athletic, fit, and typically under fifty years of age (Bridges was, in fact, forty-five years old when the series began), while the female characters, though usually depicted as high achievers and as physically and intellectually capable as the men, are often "bathing beauty" types shy of thirty-five. Attractive, long-bodied WASPs of both sexes predominate.

Nelson is a bachelor, who, when not working, calmly smokes a pipe at home while reading a book, classical music playing in the background. Out of his wetsuit, spending an afternoon in his suave and well-furnished waterfront apartment, Nelson is a dignified and cultured gentleman. Though he is clearly physically and romantically interested in women, those episodes which feature Nelson dating a new acquaintance or "old flame" are flat and unconvincing, as if the writers felt compelled to reestablish Nelson's heterosexuality from time to time, but in fact had no genuine interest in illuminating that part of his life.

The 'realistic' plots are varied, though the intrepid Nelson finds himself and his diving associates challenged by danger in every episode, usually while underwater.

Human nature is presented in 60/40 terms throughout the series, with High Anglo manners predominating. Despite a cheerful, stable persona, 'Sea Hunt' suggests that well-concealed deceit, jealously, envy, greed or an ugly competitive spirit may erupt in any individual, causing him or her to throw all reason to the wind, or to actively attempt to sabotage others.

Nelson, even after being attacked underwater by a speargun-toting comrade who has suddenly revealed himself to be an enemy, typically exemplifies the concept of 'grace under pressure,' defeating his foe after a protracted struggle, then hauling him to the surface, where the miscreant is turned over to the Coast Guard or other authorities.

Nelson rarely panics or loses control of his emotions; it seems that almost no act, no matter how petty, evil or depraved, can rouse him to anger. In this specific aspect, the unflappable Nelson is not a little like George Reeves as the title character in 'The Adventures of Superman' (1952-1958).

As might be expected from its Cold War period, quite a few episodes deal with political subversion, spying, willful acts of treason, "secret new explosives," and "top secret underwater rocket launchers."

In keeping with making the most of the show's theme and spectacular underwater photography, other episodes feature rogue alligators in the Florida Everglades (which Nelson, Tarzan-like, unhesitantly grapples with when it endangers others), a man-eating killer whale off the northern California coast (which actually eats one of Nelson's friends in an unusual turn of events for the show), sea snakes in the Amazon, sharks, reports of "sea serpents" (which Nelson believes may exist "in the deep ocean trenches") and local legends of seductive singing mermaids who lure men to their deaths.

The predominantly stoic and never-bettered 'Sea Hunt' can be appreciated by audiences of all ages; its stark underwater photography still holds its power and magic all these decades later.

Secondary players include Larry Hagman, Peter Breck, Ross Martin, Herbert Anderson, and Leonard Nimoy before each found television fame.
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on December 9, 2012
There is no other offering of Sea Hunt that matches the quality of this set - 24 Hour Marathon. Where it particularly shines is in the underwater photography where in other sets I have owned it come across murky because of poor reproduction. Lloyd Bridges was a fine dramatic actor and most of his career he played dramatic roles until the later part of his career. Good value, great quality, but clunky packaging. The set does breaks down into four standard slipcases for easier storage.

This early series intelligently incorporated science and technology into its plots. Good to see quality releases like this from the Golden Age of Television.
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on December 23, 2012
I tried to obtain this series last year through Amazon but could not obtain it as the series was sold locally only, so I was amazed when, by a fluke, I came upon this boxset.

I have never seen Sea Hunt since it was on TV in the 1960s, and yet it has been glued in my mind all this time.

This is a half-hour series about Mike Nelson (Llyod Bridges, father of the Bridges boys), an ex-navy frogman turned freelance scuba diver who rescues trapped people from a watery grave. He also takes on villains, and anything else including a nuclear missile.

Each episode Llyod Bridges provided a voice over narration as he could not speak under water at the time of filming. Sea Hunt brought a different kind of adventure to the television screen each week that created a craving as one could not get enough of it.

As with most of the shows of the time, they did not get some of the facts right, but all was forgiven as the shows were exciting, different and new to television. As one case (Sixty Feet Down shows) - Nelson is saving a pilot and has 15 minutes to save him. He has to resurface twice from sixty feet to get tools and still rescue the pilot. I am not a mathematician, but it doesn't add up to me, then there are other troubles to contend with.

Sea Hunt was, I think, the first to bring awareness to the plight of the marine environment, as pleas to understand and protect the oceans. It also was first to bring people to the recreational sport of scuba diving at a time when didn't know much about it.

This 24 Hour boxset is definitely a must have for anyone interested in old TV series or just scuba diving. Although the series is coming out in January 2013, the set has 64 episodes to sate anyone's craving for underwater adventure, and gets five stars from me as I have been waiting tooooo long to see the show again.
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on January 9, 2014
First, you have to be an aficionado of the classic TV shows on early television to fully appreciate this collection. The quality of reproduction is excellent and of course, without commercials. Each episode runs about 25 minutes, give or take. I thoroughly enjoyed this, although I don't know the criteria used to select which episodes were included. Being a certified diver myself I found some of the situations presented were hilarious, and "dive specifications" as well as various data on sea life are seriously out of date here. But who can resist the gusto and perseverance of the hero, Mike Nelson, as he battles the elements, sea creatures, numerous bad guys/gals, and late 1950's dive equipment! Lloyd Bridges does just fine, and is quite fit, in the starring role as action hero and narrator. You have to allow for the relatively tame plots and abrupt endings that go along with early Television. I say: Dive In-the Water's Fine!
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on April 18, 2013
These old Black and White TV episodes of Sea Hunt are what I grew up watching on the set. These shows are what got me interested in diving. I am a certified diver today because of Lloyd Bridges and his rebreather scuba gear. Its too bad the quality of television shows is not what it used to be. I guess that is why I bought these. So I would not have to watch the junk on TV today.
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on December 28, 2012
TGG Direct recently signed an agreement with MGM-TV to issue DVD collections of two of the most popular ZIV-produced programs of the 1950s - "Bat Masterson" and "Sea Hunt." We were originally told that full-season sets of both shows would be offered before the end of 2012, but as of this writing 62-episode general collections of both series are the only two that have actually been made available. I have purchased both sets, have viewed numerous episodes from both, and I recommend both sets enthusiastically for any fan of either series. The "Sea Hunt" set is identical to the "Bat Masterson" set in that the episodes are uncut and were evidently digitized from properly-preserved 35mm master prints. The audio and video quality are exceptional for the ages of the shows. The collections include 8 discs in four boxes and the menus are very user-friendly. Both sets represent exceptional value for the price and would be very worthwhile additions to any classic TV lover's collection. As a longtime fan of all of the ZIV shows, I am hopeful that TGG Direct's MGM-TV licensing agreement will result in further releases of high-quality DVD collections from the ZIV library.
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