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on December 18, 2014
I have had this topper for a little over three years so I think I can speak honestly and accurately about it. I would give it 4.5 stars if I could but this is not an option, so I gave it five. I am someone who suffers from back problems. I had just purchased a futon mattress to use daily on our bed, very good quality, as I had read that a firm mattress is better for a bad back. Not the case, so after a lot of research I purchased this topper. I liked the fact that it was made by a company that also manufacturers mattresses and that it included the topper cover, a very good quality protector that is elasticized and fits snuggly over the topper and down around your mattress. I have washed this numerous times and although it has a lot of piling it is still holding up well. I do agree with reviewers who complain about little pieces of the blue/green memory foam coming off and being a bit of a nuisance, but this is not enough for me to take a whole star off quite honestly because it has held up after three years and when i sleep on this mattress topper I have virtually no back pain. When I sleep in our guest bed this is not the case, my back pain returns. I do think it is important to consider that everyone's back is different. If you know that softer mattresses work for your back then this is a very good choice. The only thing I don't like, aside from the little pieces of the mattress occasionally coming out, is the fact that the mattress protector that comes with this is not a full zip. Taking into consideration dust mites and other allergens, a full tip topper cover or fully encased topper like the one we purchased for my son's bed would have been preferable. Still a good choice for us.
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on November 25, 2012
Just the facts:

- READ the instructions *before* opening the pad. It's 4 steps. Take the 20 seconds to read them!
- I didn't experience any odor with mine.
- It was fully "recovered" from vacuum packaging, within an hour.
- Neither myself, nor my husband, have encountered the "lost in the ditch" feeling of having to exert effort to roll over. We both felt, on the fist night, just enveloping comfort. But not so soft, as to feel "sunken in".
- I, who tends to be a warm sleeper, felt cool and comfortable all night.

The bottom line is, this product does everything it says, and is well worth the money. I can't find it cheaper anywhere. Trust me, I looked. I am looking to purchase a twin size for my mother-in-law, and will definitely spend the money on her. My husband has degenerative hip problems, and I have minor scoliosis in my lower back, as well as shoulder/neck pain. We both awoke on the first morning, feeling refreshed, and rested. I am so very glad I purchased this product. My only regret is that I didn't find it sooner.
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on November 25, 2011
My husband and I were shopping for a new mattress and considering the top selling memory foam mattress for around $4,000! Before purchasing, we decided to give this gel-memory foam mattress topper a try, as our current mattress is in good condition, except for the worn-down pillow top. Are we glad we did! Not only did this mattress topper save us about $3,725, it added new life to a perfectly good mattress for several years to come. I laid it on our mattress in the morning, and it quickly expanded to its full thickness. I let it air for about 8 hours, made the bed, and we slept on it that night. From the first night, neither of us noticed any odor. We give it a "thumbs up!"
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on June 17, 2014
After staying at The Bellagio, we were won over by their super-comfy Serta beds. The Serta brand is next to impossible to find in Australia, so we did the next best thing and bought the topper through Amazon. I cannot express fully what a difference this topper makes - it truly is like sleeping on a cloud.

International shipping was incredibly fast and we still have nothing negative to say about this purchase one month on. We have a king size latex bed that has a removable topper (which we have now thrown out), and even though Oz sizing differs to American dimensions, the difference is so negligible that it isn't an issue.
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on September 3, 2011
A couple of years ago, my husband and I purchased a new mattress. Nothing fancy, no pillow top... but extra firm, since we had been told this was best for people with back pain. At first, the mattress felt pretty good. But as time went on, we began tossing and turning with shoulder and upper arm pain, never waking up refreshed.

A friend of mine who has back problems and suffers from Fibromyalgia recently bought a Tempurpedic mattress and is very happy with it. We looked into those but learned that some people complained they were too hot. Others didn't like the "sinking feeling" when sleeping on them. And, the enormous price tag was a major consideration for us.

I began searching for solutions on Amazon, when I ran across this Serta Gel-Memory Foam topper. Seeing the many good reviews, we decided to try one.

IT IS GREAT!!! Getting into bed at night is like laying down on a cloud. It does not feel too hot when sleeping, nor do we experience that sinking feeling that many people dislike with other memory foam mattresses. We didn't notice any objectionable odor... not upon unwrapping it when we got it, and certainly not now that we've had it for several weeks. Although there was mention that we might find a few loose gel beads, we found none. The best part of all is the complete and total absence of any pain. This Gel-Memory topper relieves those pressure points that lead to discomfort and pain when sleeping on a too-firm mattress.

Overall, we are getting a wonderful, pain-free night's sleep at a fraction of the cost of a Tempurpedic or other memory foam mattress. For the first time in several years, I actually look forward to climbing into bed at night. We absolutely LOVE it!
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on August 14, 2011
I have a bed that was wonderful when I bought it, but its been 6 years and is "broken in" and not as comfortable as it use to be but I didn't want to buy a new mattress. I did a lot of research and chose this product. The benefits that I am enjoying the most is I am a hot sleeper and would always wake up sweaty despite the temp in the room, not once since using the gel-memory foam mattress pad have I woken up sweaty or even over warm. I also am waking up with little to no back pain (always had before) and not stiff anymore. The other thing I am very impressed with is I am a "big" girl, yet each night you can't tell where I slept on the bed the night before, springs right back into shape. The topper is fantastic, has not shifted or moved at all, and neither has the gel pad. I did not have any chemical odor problems (as some others had said)....but I did unpack in the morning to give it a day to un-fold and had the window fan on just in case. I would recommend this over and over again, I don't want to get out of bed in the morning. My ONLY con....is I had to buy expensive sheets, because my mattress is already 17" deep and this added another 3" .....so I found some sheets with spandex sides that go up to 24" deep and they were not cheap, so that was another $100 added to my total, but I still have 100% pleased.
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on August 19, 2013
My husband suffers from sever back pain due to degenerative disks in his spine. He has always complained that the bed, any bed, kills his back and he can never get a good night sleep. (He usually never gets more than 4 hours continuous sleep any night). I have had this mattress topper on our bed now for 4 nights now and he has slept each night for at least 7-8 straight hours. He wakes us with tons of energy and NO back pain. Same for me -- i usually wake up after about 6 hours and have noticed that i am in the same position as when i fell asleep and the covers are barely disturbed. No more tossing and turning, no more restless sleep!
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on September 18, 2011
My husband has serious back problems (three ruptured discs)and had gotten to the point where he was getting at best four or five hours of lousy sleep a night because it hurt to lay in bed. We had looked at getting a new mattress, but it was too expensive. I bought this, it shipped via Amazon Prime, and we opened up the package. There was definitely a funky smell to it, but he was so excited to try it out that six hours later we put the sheets on it and went to bed. When the baby woke us up in the middle of the night, my husband turned to me and said "I don't know what you paid for this, but it was worth it." He gets better sleep now, and it has helped with my hip pain too. An unanticipated awesome thing is that because of the memory foam the bed doesn't move so much when one of us rolls over or flops around, so we're not waking each other up if one of us is restless or whatever.

So. Yes, there is that funky memory foam smell with this product. With ours it was very noticeable for a couple of days. I took the sheets off after two days and washed them because they had absorbed some of the smell, and since then it has been fine. The foam comes with a pretty nice mattress cover (lightly padded on the top, mesh on the sides, fits at least our mattress + the topper very well)that helps keep the topper from shifting around and offers some protection. Using this topper has significantly improved our quality of sleep. I just wish that I had bought it earlier! Having this product eligible for shipping with Amazon prime is wonderful, too- free two day shipping? Yes please.
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on February 1, 2012
This is the first time I've ever used a product like this and I must say that it certainly made me more comfortable when I was asleep last night, the first night using it since unpacking it after work last night. Our house is kept pretty warm so as soon as I unrolled this mattress topper out of the shrink wrap and protective cloth covering it expanded to its full dimensions within a 10 minute window. It completely laid on top of my existing mattress easily from head to toe which it did not seem to be able to do upon initial visual inspection of the topper when I unrolled it initially.

Don't be fooled by the advertisements for this product. It's not going to make you fall asleep if you're not sleepy. Nothing can help you with insomnia or that, however, with that caveat being said, you will have a much more comfortable sleep enabling you to sleep better. I certainly did upon my first sleep on this gel-memory foam mattress topper. Very soft and forgiving yet firm enough at the same time to provide support. And since I am a side/back sleeper, this really helped me to fall asleep last night.

Some hav complained about an odor and yes I did notice faint traces of it at times while I was asleep last night. It was not overpowering. Perhaps if I was a stomach sleeper with my face in the pillow I'd have more direct exposure to the mattress topper and would therefore smell the odor more, but I did not since as I mentioned I'm a side/back sleeper. Also, some folks have a more sensitive nose than others, so this point is going to be very very subjective and different from reviewer to reviewer. In my case, I'm not too sensitive and did not notice it.

If you're looking for something to help you get a more comfortable sleep experience, this is a great product to get and I would highly recommend it. If you're looking at something to help you fall asleep when you're restless, do not purchase this as that is not the purpose.
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on March 24, 2014
I have read mixed reviews on this.
I love it. But i did notice that sleeping on my stomach does not really work anymore. I think it is because when on your back this allows you to be "cradled". On your stomach, the center of mass sinks leaving you bent the "wrong way". Also you probably want smaller pillows as your back will sink a little but the pillow will not.

Really comfortable on your back and side!

Smell= No, nothing that I really remembered.
I have had this 3 months and there is no sign of degradation.

If this were lost somehow, would I buy another? YES. Right away!
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