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on February 16, 2015
First off we needed something hygienic to feed our 10 month daughter on at restaurants, bowls and plates would go flying or we'd have a dinner long tug of war over a plate as we tried to eat just to keep it on the table. We tried using sanitizing wipes on the table itself and yuk, even cleanish looking restaurant tables would turn the wipes black, yuk again. I found these just searching for options, ordered them and love them. What they are is basically a self stick plastic printed (sesame street) placemat. They have four easy to peal strips on the back, stick the bottom edge first then the rest as you lay it flat. The peal strips have a lifted edge towards the center of the mat, not easy to find if you try to fight lifting a corner of it with a finger nail, but once you know it's there it is fast and easy. Once dinner is over they peal off (with the mess:) )the table easy and no residue or anything like that. They come in a dispenser box with an extra refill. There is only one printed pattern but it is nice. Our girl is now 16 months and still throws plates and we still love these when eating away from home. Highly recommended!
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on April 24, 2014
We use the Inglesina chair for our regular high chair and when we go out places. I thought these placemats would be great. They are not easy to stick down, they don't lay perfectly flat, and you have to stick them down before attaching the chair to a table. Once my son watches me stick the mat down, he immediately rips it off of the table with ease. I just don't use them at all anymore. Maybe when he is older and won't be quick to rip them off (he is 8 months old). The other issue is that the picture shown is not what was sent - what was sent is an image of Sesame Street with some of the characters. Not a huge deal, but I was looking for a placemat that wasn't as busy as the ones we sent. I would have really preferred the bold colors and shapes of the ones pictured for this product.
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on April 30, 2012
The moment that you can take your baby out to eat, put them in a high chair and order food off a regular menu is a huge milestone! This product makes that transition a bit easier. I was a little neurotic when we went out to eat. As soon as we got to our table, I was getting my son settled and neurotically wiping down every surface with Clorox wipes. It was a bit of a production. Now instead, I just rip off the sticky strips (which is trick at first, but it gets easier) and place this on the table. I usually put about 4/5 of the table topper on the top of the table and then leave enough to cover the edge of the able. (I attach the bottom of the placement to the bottom of the table). This way it covers anywhere my son might touch..including the side and bottom which probably don't get cleaned that often!

These table toppers are great because I can just attach them to the table and I don't feel like my son is eating off of what could be a dirty table. It's also great because I can just scoop these up and wrap up his mess, so I don't feel like I'm leaving a mess on the table for the server to clean up.

The travel case is key. It is thin enough to keep in the front pocket of my diaper bag and is very convenient. I get these for all of my new mom friends as one of the 'essential' items.

They are a little pricey, but totally worth it for the piece of mind while dining out.
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on December 7, 2012
We did baby led weaning (baby finger feeds self instead of being spoon fed purees) with both of our children, so this item has been an absolute essential.
Every time we go out to dinner we use one of these. They stick incredibly well to the table... just enough that the baby can't peel it off, but not so much that it's difficult for the us, the parents to get it back off the table.

Aside from keeping baby's food off of public tables, these are my favorite baby item because they save me from having to do one of my least favorite things. Instead of using the side of my hand to wipe all the stray food off the table, I just roll the place mat up. That gets rid of the nasty food hand thing that happens.

This is one of the very few baby "novelties" I actually repurchased for my second child. I would gift it to any new parent.
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on April 9, 2013
Our 1.5 yr old daughter is like any toddler. She is a messy eater and sometimes smear her food on the table. If we're lucky, she only plops her food on the table. Usually, she smear her food on the tabletop and then eats it. So, getting this placemat has become a necessity until she understands that restaurant tables are dirty and you only eat food from a dish. In the meantime, we're using this all the time. The placemats we received were actually Elmo in his backyard, not the Sesame Street characters that you see in the photos above.

All four ends have a thin strip of tape from corner to corner. Peel off the cover strips, slap on the placemat, and you're done.

We also use the Fisher Price high chair seat cover along with the placemat. Another fantastic buy.
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on April 2, 2014
I carried these around in my diaper bag once my daughter started eating solids more regularly. They stick onto the restaurant tables so you don't have to worry about what germs and crud your kid is picking up. It's easy to attach, but the tape gets a little sticky and more than a few times, it's gotten stuck on itself. It stays on decently although if you move something heavier on it (like a plate), it can shift.

It's very easy to remove and you can just roll it up with all the food in it so cleaning up is a (little) easier. The pictures are bright and fun, and keep my kid occupied for like an extra minute or so :P
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on August 12, 2013
These are great. My little one (13 months) is too young to appreciate the design, but I'm sure it will keep him interested as he gets older. In the meantime, the adhesive is great to stick these to almost any table surface and make me a lot more comfortable about him eating off surfaces when we go out for a meal. Easy to stick on, east to pull off, yet not so easy that he can pull it off yet.

I don't bother with the travel case, I'm carrying enough other stuff for my son, that I don't need an additional item, I just carry 2 - 3 of the mats in my food bag or diaper bag for when needed.

Definitely worth it.
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on June 15, 2010
I've used different versions of these table toppers for several years with all 3 of my kids. I find them most useful for babies and toddlers who cannot be trusted to not throw plates or other things on the floor of restaurants. I put it on the table and then use it as a clean surface to put the baby's food on.
These are the best deal I've seen, far better than at the national baby retail store. I like that these table toppers have adhesive on all four sides, which is a big deal with my third child who has a harder time pulling it off the table with it stuck down on all four sides. These table toppers had two different Sesame Street designs (as shown) for variety and come with a white plastic box to store them in. The box is a little larger than I care to lug around in my purse/diaper bag, so I keep it in the car and pull a few out at a time into my bag. But I do like the plastic dispenser box.
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on June 18, 2014
Some restaurant tables really gross me out. I usually wipe them down with a sanitizing hand wipe or baby wipe, but when the wipe looks grey afterwards (ewww) or baby just wants to eat directly off the table this product is really handy. In fact, sometimes I wish they had them for the high chairs, too. I've been stopped by other parents to ask where they could buy these. I've seen them at Target and drugstores recently (not when we started purchasing 3 years ago) but this is the best price I've been able to find per placemat.

- Nice and big with adhesive on all four sides
- Cute illustrations that are entertaining for a minute or more if you talk to your baby about them--even my 3-year-old asks for one sometimes
- Comes with a plastic case (a bit thicker than a Huggies wipes case) but I don't have extra room to spare in my diaper bag so I just keep a few placemats in a Ziploc bag with our (amazing, highly recommended) Bumkins bibs

- The adhesive isn't strong enough to stop my 10-month-old if he decides to pull it up
- The adhesive IS strong enough to pull paint/lacquer off some tables if you're not careful removing it... this has happened a couple of times, yikes. I find the best thing to do is to pull up a corner and then drag it across, level with the table.
- I'd like for there to be a solid color plate-sized area in the middle of the placemat where I can put food--sometimes my baby can't find the little pieces of food because the illustrations are so busy and colorful and I don't trust him with plates yet

That's all. I definitely think it's a worthwhile purchase for germaphobic parents, and hopefully it'll save you some time sanitizing the table and give you more time to enjoy your meal.
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on September 25, 2015
These do their job very well! We use them for going out to restaurants because our toddler still does not eat off of a plate/bowl/etc, and eats with her hands right off of the table. These provide a safe barrier on top of a "questionably" cleaned restaurant table to ensure your child does not get sick or pick up any germs.
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