Customer Reviews: Sesame Street - Elmo's Potty Time
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on April 12, 2007
We decided to let my 21 month old daughter watch this prior to hard core potty training so that she would become at ease with the subject. It has certainly helped.

I was really surprised to read some of the bad reviews. For one, Elmo's Dad does NOT sound like Chef from Southpark. And if he was voiced by Issac Hayes, that would have been great too! His voice brings back fond memories of School House Rock (think "I'm Just A Bill"). If it was intentional, it was genious as his character felt nostalgic to me even though I had never seen him before. Next, there is a segment in which kids yell out what they call poop and pee. It's funny. One of the reviewers was offended but I feel that if my daughter sees big kids and Elmo speaking so comfortably about poop and pee, then it minimizes the stigma and will make her more comfortable about it all. I think that being uptight about poop and pee makes you, well...constipated. And that is counter-productive.

OK, so, the songs are cute. My daughter sings and dances. The language is very clear and comprehensive with subtle side jokes for parents. My daughter gets the message. And it is very very supportive and encouraging which makes me happy. Oh, and Grover is in it, which also makes me happy.

I recommend this Elmo film. We have watched it daily for two weeks and I am not tired of it. Neither is my daughter. She went from pulling her potty apart in play to actually sitting on her potty (clothed). She has also told me that she is almost ready to try to use it. So, we're happy.
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on October 25, 2006
I am a 25 year old mother of a 17 month old boy and we absolutely LOVE this video! We are in the very early stages of potty training, and since my son adores all Sesame Street characters, I thought this would be a good supplement to the training that his father and I give him. I have to say that most parents are right to say that there is not a lot of actual "potty footage," but I think that this video is more of a tool to encourage toddlers instead of a graphic "how-to" guide--isn't that our job? The content presented here is highly positive words from Muppets that apparently potty like pros. They discuss wearing diapers, listening to your body, having accidents, and of course, wiping, flushing and washing up. There are segments that do not relate directly to using the potty, but the moral of those clips, I think, is that "it takes time, but you can do anything with practice." I also really appreciate the fact that Elmo's dad is the parent in the show that talks about training with his son--I like to see daddies taking part in important milestones like this. As for terms used to describe "what you put in the potty," if you don't like them, teach your kids what YOU want them to say. Unfortunately for all of you that cringe at a less than proper word being uttered in front of your child, you might as well get used to the idea--if you plan on letting your child spend any time with other kids, they are going to hear a lot worse than the word "dookie." Your influence will ultimately reign supreme. So parents, if you would like a fun and unintimidating supplement to go along with your adventures in potty training, this is a great choice.
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on August 29, 2006
My 3 1/2 year old daughter had no interest in using the potty and we tried everything. I purchased this video and it arrived at my house on a Saturday morning. After watching the video my daughter announced that she wanted to put underwear on and she then used the potty for the first time that same day!!! She's been in underwear during the day every day since then and uses the potty consistently.

I highly recommend this video to any parent having a hard time with potty training. Kids can relate to the characters they know and they make it easy for kids to understand.

The best $[...] I spent by far!
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on March 23, 2007
for those who need to show the child exactly what to do, this is not the dvd for you. for that i would reccomend the once upon a potty collection. if you have an older toddler, like 2 1/2 and up - this is a great show. my daughter goes on the potty - sometimes when she wants to - but she refuses to give up her pull-ups. this show talks about taking a break to go as soon as you get the urge. it also informs you to wipe and flush and wash your hands. it has catchy tunes, and is typical sesame street format. i would say that this is not a begginer video, but a stage 2 advanced for those who know what the potty is for, and now have to "get it all together." thanks for the help elmo!!
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on September 14, 2006
My son is really liking this video. While the video only shows Elmo on the potty in the beginning, it focuses a lot on listening to your body which I like. It has a nice feel of patience about it--it explains to kids that learning how to use the potty is a process, that accidents will happen and that that's ok. The video celebrates potty time and growing up, getting big-kid underpants and going forward at your own pace. Unlike a prior reviewer, I love the part where the different children are talking about the different names they use for pee or poo or whatever your family chooses to call it. One of the things that makes Sesame Street so great is the diversity of people and thought to which it exposes our children. And about Elmo's daddy having an accent? I believe it is what one would call an African American accent. You should have no problem understanding him at all.
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on October 26, 2007
This happily Elmo infested household was hoping for a little more instruction and a little less decoration when it comes down to potty time. Our son (2) has learned his alphabet and numbers in record time by watching Elmo and his Sesame Street friends and so we thought this DVD would help him putting other things in the potty than his toy cars. Regretfully the Sesame Street makers felt they needed to fill the 45 minutes of show time with so many musical skits and talking about getting out of diapers, using training pants and underwear they forgot to actually show Elmo in the process of having to go, sitting on the potty until done, wiping and washing hands afterwards. Could it be that these mundane facts of life are now too close to the realm of unspoken acts for adults to discuss with young children? Maybe the page-sized ad for the Potty Elmo play set in the Printed Parents Guide is a hint you will have to invest a little more to actually see Elmo on the potty (we use the image now to show our son that yes, Elmo has to physically sit on a potty to pee and poo) Even the Interactive Storybook element included on the DVD talks in hurried words about the actual act of using the potty, but the image shown is one with baby Ernie holding his underpants slightly down, bending in front of a potty. If my 2-year old understood full sentences to that degree, we could have told him that without visual aids. And that's what it comes down to: this DVD adds nothing to my son's understanding of the odd little plastic seat and bowl other than that his parents and the whole of the Sesame Street cast seem to bestow it with great importance...until we either show him using the toilet ourselves or find a different DVD that actually is a little more revealing and a little less fluffy.
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on September 12, 2006
We recently purchased Elmo's -Potty Time- about a week ago. We started the potty training process by letting her watch the movie a few times a day (Morning, Lunch & in the Evening) I can't believe it, our little girl just got up during the movie and sat on her little potty and went!!! YEAH. I'm sure all your parents out there can relate and understand the amazing feeling of your childs accomplishments.

Good Luck :)
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on March 9, 2011
To address the one-star reviews, if you are hoping to see Elmo going potty or wiping his furry red rear, this is NOT your video. If you want a cheery, song-filled, positive message about learning to potty being a good thing and feeling so proud as you are growing up (and a reminder to wash your hands afterward), then this IS your video. My 20 month old son has been watching this video (and asking for it by name) for MONTHS and this thing is on repeat at our house. Seriously. It is on while he plays in the house - he LOVES it. For him to get a cheery, positive message that will offer encouragement and reinforcement after he REALLY starts toilet training ~ works for me! The images are cute, there is a lot of variety, not unlike on Sesame Street (going from one short skit and 'look' to another), and there is a lot of reinforcement about "as you get bigger, you'll use the potty." Accidents are ok, keep on trying, wash your hands (I thought the "how to wash your hands" bit was a bit overkill, but hey - the little girl even wiped down the sink and hung the towel up, so maybe my 15 year old should watch and learn!), how exciting it is to be in "big kid underpants", different names for "pee pee and poo poo"... I don't know WHAT people were expecting but it is cute, positive, entertaining, and stars my son's little hero. I think the people with the critical reviews are looking for too much here. It's Elmo, not "how to get into Harvard". And btw, one day as he was watching, he did run to his Elmo potty, shouting "POTTY! POTTY!" and had his first little pee in his mini toilet. Something must be going right! Lighten up, folks.
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on March 26, 2016
We bought this DVD because my daughter loves Elmo and because of the great reviews. It did not disappoint!

We purchased the DVD in February when my daughter was 20 months old. We watched it sporadically. She really loved it! In fact, she insisted on sitting on HER potty in order to watch Elmo's Potty Time. After watching this DVD she was more interested in using the potty. It is now end of March and we have just finished successfully potty training her, in large part thanks to this video.

She loves Elmo, loved all the Elmo sequences (which are interspersed with general Sesame Street video and cartoon footage related to trying new things, growing up, listening to your body, toilet paper, washing your hands, etc.). True, it is not Elmo on the potty all the time, it starts with Elmo leaving the bathroom just having gone to the potty, then reflecting with his dad about when he was a baby and got his first potty - baby Elmo DOES sit on the potty and makes potty sounds at the end of the song - then Elmo goes to Sesame Street and interacts with his friends Baby Bear and his sister Curly, who is just learning to use the potty. Although some reviewers complained about the lack of Elmo, I'd say the DVD is about 50/50. Moreover, my daughter's FAVORITE part of the DVD is the "Dirty Diaper Blues" song, which is video footage of children running around in a backyard and a little girl uses the potty and then everyone rejoices about getting rid of diapers because soggy dirty diapers are no fun. I don't know what it is about this song, but the instant she heard it she started dancing around the living room like a maniac shaking her hands in the air and made me replay it about 5 times.

Overall, we think this video is great! We intend to continue watching it even now that she's potty trained in order to reinforce her achievement and also the importance of listening to her body, and so that she can take pride in the fact that just like Elmo she can use the potty.
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on August 19, 2015
My daughter watched this as a toddler, and now my son is watching it. He's an Elmo fanatic, so I knew I had to get it for him (Along with a Elmo potty chair). So far we've watched this about 20 billion times. This movie isn't too long, and it goes through a lot of the basics on using the potty, in way a young child or toddler will understand. They use all kinds of variations for the words pee and poop, they talk about accidents (they're okay, they happen to everyone!), training pants, underwear and how everyone learns to do new things in their own way, when they're ready. It's a very encouraging educational movie, with lots of songs. It grabs, and keeps my toddlers attention and even my almost 6 year old likes watching it (even though she's been potty trained for years!) This is a great movie! My son actually went pee in his potty for the first time while watching this! I'm sure part of it had to do with the fact he was sitting on his new Elmo potty, and thought it was the coolest ever. He isn't even 2 yet, and already he's interested in the potty and keeps bringing me the DVD case demanding "More MOMO! potty!".

I highly recommend this DVD to anyone who's potty training, or thinking about it. It's a great show, and it has a lot of positive lessons in it about using the potty.
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