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on November 29, 2015
I like the concept, but be warned that if you ever decide to change the combination (as per the instructions), then you risk being permanently locked out. Basically, it works like this -- to reset the combination, you must:

1) open the lock (default = 0/0/0/0)
2) insert the metal pin (included)
3) apply and maintain pressure to the metal pin
4) set your new desired combination
5) pull the pin out

^ If you fail to maintain pressure throughout that entire process, then you will not succeed in setting a new combination, and your old combination will be lost. In other words, you have just created a shiny new paperweight, or a puzzle with 10,000 combinations.

Despite that potential setback, I love it (5 stars), and have actually purchased several because it is 'more secure' than a standard Masterlock spin-dial combo lock. It is also faster for two reasons: 1) you cannot overshoot the number needed; 2) you can preset some of the numbers so that you only need to dial in one or two numbers. I wouldn't recommend that if you have people observing you, but you could potentially do that to save a few seconds.

The shackle diameter of the K436 is 5/16", slightly thicker than the standard 1/4" of Master Lock spin-dial combination locks. The clearance is either the same or close. If for some reason shackle diameter must absolutely be 1/4", then ABUS 170/40 Laminated 3-Dial Resettable Combination Padlock is a good choice that resembles the K436, however it has 3 numbers only (not 4) and does not stop at '0' when you roll the dial back.
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on October 22, 2015
I bought this on Amazon to secure my Sunfish moored in Long Island Sound (salt water) a couple of years ago. After a cumulative about 6 months exposed to these admittedly harsh conditions, it jammed and would not open, despite oiling it monthly. Oiled it, banged it, reset the combo several times. I had to cut it free. So not as weather-resistant and jam-proof as claimed. From the claims when I bought it, should have lasted years. Tried to reach the Sesamee company but can't be found online. Not reachable thru Amazon a this point.
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on May 9, 2010
Like others, I still have what was known as a Corbin Sesamee padlock from well over 20 years ago and its still working! I needed a few more of these and could not find them locally. All I could find in the hardware stores was the Master equivalent. That was a mistake. I figured it looked the same, had to be the same... was I wrong. The first Master 'lost' its setting after a week and I had to cut it off. I gave up. Used a regular key lock till I stumbled onto the Sesaemee locks at Amazon. While a bit more expensive than the Master lock 'knock off', I decided to order one to see if it was as good as its grandfather (my 25 year old Sesaamee), WOW.. from what i can see, its just as good as the old one. All the features that are NOT found in the lookalikes are still in place. What made/makes the sesamee important to me?
1. Easier to set combo (you push a small rod down in the opened lock to set it. No flimsy 'set key' to bend/break like the competition.
2. Combination does not slip. the Master lookalike tends to slip its set numbers.. I have found that one to be 1 off after setting.
3. I can open this lock in the dark (you can't with the Master). How? Rotating the numbers in 1 direction, they will stop at 0. You can then feel/count the clicks as you rotate them the other direction. I can open the lock on my shed door in less than 30 seconds with no lights at all (light switch is on the inside). Also, I use reading glasses and to me its easier to feel the combo than to put on my glasses in daylight. I am not one to write a lot of reviews, but was so happy to find this product again, I just had to explain why its such a great item.
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on April 21, 2016
I haven't had it out in the weather for very long, but so far so good. Has not froze yet.
Love that you can unlock it in the dark if needed - I do because it's on the back gate. The wheel stops on zero when turned a certain way, then you can feel the clicks to get the combo in. Also you can (must) move the dial before you close it. That means I can open it, change the combo, leave it on the gate and have the workers just close it on the way out without knowing the combo. It was very easy the customize the combo, but I already lost the pin to do it haha.
UPDATE 8/26/16 BAD NEWS - had to cut the the darn lock off because it froze up. Was sort of in the weather, but it has not got that cold and I'm nowhere near salt. But hey, seems tough, I had to buy $50 bolt cutters to get it off.
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on February 26, 2012
I bought 4 of these locks for moving, and used only twice during summer and winter for a week or so on each season in the same year. It works great in the beginning without any issue during those two weeks, then kept in the storage with room temperature. After 6 months later, I picked one of them for my locker and it was getting hard to open it with right combination. The banging sound became louder whenever I pushed it to unlock because I had to force it to unlock. One day I had to struggle for 30 minutes to open it, then checked other reviews on Amazon and found lots of people had the same issue that they had to use a bolt cutter to open. I gave a shot before trash them all to use WD40 even the combination # side enough that I had to clean the left oil with paper towels, I pushed the U shape lockside about 30 times while I put it in open position to get the oil lubed internal parts and rolled combination # too. It works like a magic after WD40. It works smoothly and have been using it for more than 3 months now in my locker again without any banging sound anymore. I recommand to try WD40 before using a bolt cutter or trash it. I hope this would help anyone who has the same issue I had before.
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on July 16, 2016
I bought 2 of these and one of the same with chrome plating for use in a marine (not submerged but on a boat moored in salt water). I expected to keep them somewhat protected and felt these likely better to handle corrosion risk that others. The locks are heavy, look strong, and likely difficult to break, perfect.
First my relevant experience w/ the locking mechanism, which attractively is programmed by the user to selected code. Using the provided tool, my first set went perfectly.
Problem #1: I went on to the second lock, same procedure, locked it and... it would not unlock. After many attempts at combinations that might have been hit en route to my selected number I gave up. I was still sure I did something wrong until later.

The third lock set to appropriate numbers first time, no problems.

Problem #2, In use, I found the numbers on first lock used became quickly obscured and difficult to read as a result of surface corrosion which arose in just a couple weeks. The rollers got stiff, and I lost confidence I could open it when I came back. I switched out the lock and it's positioning to a more protected place (using a longer cable).
The numbers still looked fine a week later, no visible corrosion but...
Problem #3: The lock would not budge. This one had no corrosion. No visible defect. I tried everything short of cutting it off. The combo worked fine when I put it there, but would not release. No corrosion, just locked. Tried going off the number and back to it multiple times, no joy.
Came back next day to try to cut it off but tried again a couple times, no different technique, but it popped open!
I reproduced the unexpected locking jam/failure to unlock a couple more times and decided the mechanism was unreliable.
I strongly recommend these not be trusted when you may need to gain access to your locked item. I was very disappointed because I trusted the positive reviews, manufacturer website and expected application guidance.
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on May 31, 2016
This is probably the best constructed lock I've ever seen of its size. While it is true that you can miss set this lock if you don't push the pin all the way in while choosing a combination, if you're careful, and aren't a complete moron, you should have no problem with successfully setting the combination. The hole where the combination pin is put is concealed once the shackle is engaged, making it completely secure from picking. The only way someone is going to get past this lock is with some very strong equipment, or they have (or magically guess) the combination.

Unfortunately for me I ordered this item at the same time as the lock box that it was to be used for, and the shackle of the lock was too thick to be used with the box (Shackle diameter is 5/16"). Had the box's shackle diameters been advertised I wouldn't have ordered this product, but at least I will have no doubt of what lock to use when I eventually have something to be secured that can utilize this lock. I would recommend this lock over all others I have seen if you have an item to be secured that is compatible with the dimensions of this lock. I wish they made an exact model of this lock with a 1/4" shackle diameter. It would be perfect for what I need.
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on July 6, 2015
Purchased three of these and set them to the same combination. Tested multiple times. One nevertheless failed on first use at an Army cadet training encampment at Ft Knox. Lock had to be cut away by cadre members, an exercise accompanied by a multitude of derisive comments concerning both the lock and the user. If I had been the user, I would have deserved the grief for failing to heed the warnings of other purchasers. Unfortunately, it was my son who took the verbal beating. Don't find yourself in the same situation. If you insist on buying this item, have the decency to use it yourself rather than foisting it off on another person.
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on October 13, 2014
I have purchased a lot of locks and security chains, and this was one of my better purchases. I'm not a fan of single dial padlocks, since I usually like to set a combination I can remember or need to change the combination on a semi-regular basis

This lock has been used on an outdoor gate latch used by multiple people for the last 7 months. It's partially exposed to weather, and so far it has no obvious signs of corrosion or rust and has not had problems with operation. The numbers are still easy to read after weather exposure. The shackle fits most standard sized openings on things like gate latches and garage doors. It replaces a similarly priced big name brand outdoor pad lock that rusted after 1 season outdoors.

As others have noted, it stops on zero so it's very easy to hit the combination without looking at the numbers. The numbers are recessed and painted in the recesses, so they won't wear off easily like other cheaper locks. I imagine this lock (like most padlocks) could be shimmed or cracked, but for typical residential security and as a theft deterrent, this lock works great.
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on January 3, 2016
This is a really heavy duty gym lock, in my opinion. Please read on for my experience with seeing how gym lockers are robbed. I got this after I bought a much cheaper gym lock and I saw a few videos of it being easily unlocked. Also, I heard a lot of rumors that lockers were being robbed at my gym in Boston. To be honest, I have seen videos that also indicate this as a lock that can picked with relative ease but to me that does not seem reasonable. Plus, I am not sure if having a heavy duty gym lock makes sense. I saw the aftermath of someone who had their locker robbed. The lock itself does not seem to be the determining component. The locker that was robbed was toward the back of the locker room in a place that was difficult to see and the thief had used something to pry the locker open from the bottom. It looked like it had probably taken the thief a couple of seconds to pry open the locker and empty it. Now I use either lock but just pick a locker around other lockers that are toward the front of the locker room. I wish I had just bought the cheap lock because picking it, even by professionals, took several minutes. In gyms, at least, it seems like thieves are targeting other mechanisms, that can be rapidly compromised, rather than the lock.
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