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on December 17, 2016
Mom asked for wine stoppers, something funky and colorful. This is that. They are also absolute garbage. I'm shocked Amazon still carries these and $20, are you out of your mind?

Some broke immediately, several broke after a couple uses, all are difficult to flip; none of the survivors does anything except rot in her kitchen drawer. Then bought her a set of the industrial-looking metal lever types, they work perfect and continue to do so a year later.

If you are a sadistic sociopath, these would make an excellent gag gift for someone who has never used wine stoppers before: hours of amusement watching hated relatives, friends, fight these pieces of junk!
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on February 11, 2016
I was excited to get these bottle stoppers because they reming me of the ones my grandma used to have. I loved that they had a variety of colors in the package so I could even color code bottles to know if it was for the kids or the adults. The package arrived and I opened it that night after opening a bottle of wine. I attempted to use one of the stoppers in the bottle and it didn't fit. The stopper just came right out of the bottle. The tops of the stopper are hard to push down first of all and feel like you'll break it when you're trying to use it. After I tried to use it on a champagne bottle and 2 liter bottle......it didn't work anywhere. It pulled straight up and out of the bottle even though the top was pushed down and it should've sealed. I'm really disappointed in these household stoppers. I will be returning them since I couldn't use them like I wanted. *Will update later with photos.*
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on March 2, 2014
I've bought a lot of different kinds of stoppers looking for the best ones. These are the best. After reading Amazon reviews, I still felt in the dark about stoppers. They all have good and bad reviews. Which do you believe? Let me be specific: I've tried these on wine bottles, at 72/100" (1.828 cm) internal neck diameter, and glass Coke bottles at 66/100" (1.68 cm) at the rim. They "click" into place with a decisive snap, and once the lever is set, they are VERY hard to pull out. The lever easily releases, also with a decisive snap, and the stopper then comes out without any force. I use them daily for half-liter glass coke bottles (such as those used for Mexican Coca-Colas, popular here in Texas), and they keep the carbonation in without any problem or leakage. These are different from older Zyliss stoppers that I've got, but they work a lot better than any of the old type ever worked. I shook the wine bottle with great force, but not a drop leaked out. It could easily lie on its side without leaking.

I bought 6 if these, plus another single one (plus a bunch of other types). Of these 7 Zyliss stoppers, two made an uneven seal that permitted the stopper to move in and out slightly, but the seal still held and no carbonation or liquid escaped, even when I shook the bottle a little (I didn't try heavy-shaking of a full bottle of carbonated coke to the point where it might blow the stopper, but I may do that outside some day. If so, I'll report back here). So, the seals held firmly even on the two that I considered flawed. The rest were not flawed, and not only do they hold in the liquid and the gas, but they are unmovable when the lever is set. These are good bottle stoppers.

I may write reviews for the other stoppers I bought, and I can't say they're bad; most of them did hold the liquid and the carbonation, but they simply are not as good as these, for most of the other brands would pull out with a bit of force.

What about larger bottles? I can't say, but these were a very firm fit in the two sizes I listed. I can see them holding in a bottle another 8th of an inch in diameter. (.85" or 2.16 cm)

The rubber seal in the plug, fully distended, is ⅞" (2.22 cm) in diameter. That's it's maximum size with no force applied around its edges, so figure that any bottle it will seal will need to be smaller than that.

The released plug, seals relaxed, is about .65" in diameter, so a bottle will need to be slightly larger. My coke bottles are .66" at the rim, maybe slightly larger in the neck where the seal strikes. That's about the smallest bottle it will fit. Any carbonated bottle with an old-style bottle cap will fit it.

I've tried to be specific for you. If you measure your bottles and this looks like it will fit within the dimensions I listed, the mechanical aspects of this stopper are good enough to make it work. How long will it last? I have no idea, but I plan to replace them if they ever break. They're too good to be without!


PS: Answer to how long they last. I use them 24/7/365. There are always two or more in my refrigerator on bottles of various kinds. I have favorite colors, so those are the ones that get used the most, and thus, which break first. They last about 3 years. Then rust begins to build up under the plastic. When that starts happening, they are in their final months. I love these, and am just now ordering my third round after about 7 years of use, not including others by Zyliss from 10 or 15 years ago.
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on August 5, 2017
This review is specific for use on 22 oz. bomber beer bottles. I have searched many sites and forums trying to find an adequate bottle stopper for this specific purpose. I did not find one review, comment or post that could convince me to purchase any bottle stopper for this purpose. I decided to give the Zyliss stopper a try, as the quality of some of their products seemed decent.

Bottom line is the Zyliss stopper works well on the bomber bottles. Some of the beers I like only come in 22 oz. bottles. Sometimes you don't feel like having the equivalent of two beers back to back, and want to enjoy the same quality as a freshly opened one on the next day, or perhaps two days later. I tried it on the first bottle one day later, and the second bottle two days later. Have attached two photos, one showing the open and closed positions of the stoppers, and one of a freshly poured beer after two days. Two days later was not as good as just opened or one day later, but it was still good with decent foam and bubbles. The beer in the photo was poured slowly at an angle into a chilled glass. I hope this review will help other beer lovers looking for an adequate stopper. Have not owned the stoppers long enough to determine if they will last, but can verify that they work well on the bomber bottles.
review image review image
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on January 4, 2015
This is a follow up on my initial review for these bottle stoppers, which I initially thought were fantastic.

Be aware that they do not last. Here we are, not even two years after their purchase, and all have failed for some reason or another. I am now looking for another company to replace them. I did not abuse them at all during the two years. Half of them fell apart during the first 3 months of light use, the other 3 died over the past six months. If anyone has any suggestions for a more durable stopper, I am all ears.
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on November 22, 2016
I purchased these as the ones I had kept breaking. These are made extremely well. They have metal around the clip which gives extra support. The rubber part that goes in the bottle fits small regular size openings in bottles. You can feel the pressure you have to apply to clip the flipper down. This tells me I have a good seal. I will be buying more of these to have in my camper. Well made. Makes a nice gift to ad to a wine basket.
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on September 10, 2014
This is the third set of these that I've bought (from different sellers). The first set were great; I loved them. They disappeared, one way or another. One broke eventually; friends walked off with others; one was left on a bottle of wine in a motel room. The second set were terrible; they started breaking almost from day one. Only one of them was good and lasted. So it's a triumph of hope over experience to buy a third set. These are great. So far, none has broken. They do an excellent job; they are handy, attractive to look at, easy to use, never leak, even when a bottle is on its side in the refrigerator, and they keep the fizz in fizzy things, even cava and champagne. They fit most bottles. I haven't found any other bottle stoppers that do such a good job.
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on May 23, 2017
These were purchased as a gift for my sister, who swears by them. These stopper caps really keep in the fizz in glass bottles and I like them myself. Mine are rather old, but still work well. This 6-cap set is a very good deal.
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on October 26, 2011
I have put all stoppers to the test. This is the only one I recommend.I just some others that are awful. The Zyliss seems to be the only one to understand that wine builds up pressure. The rubber last a long time. My corks/stoppers have been under tremendous heat. It takes a couple of years in the heat to break one. The weak spot is the plastic cover. These corks actually let you put a bottle in the cooler & no water leaks in & no wine leaks out.
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on July 26, 2012
When I was growing up, there weren't any plastic bottles with lids to screw back on, and being in a family with kids, nobody wanted to let a bottle of pop go bad by getting flat, so we invested in bottle stoppers and became quite the bottle stopper connoisseur. These rock!

The neck of the bottle needs to be long enough for these puppies to block the carbonation from escaping, but they work really well for the right bottles.

Yay. I've had my eye out for something that would work for years.
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