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on March 16, 2017
This is one of those movies that is so powerful, and so well done, that you can only watch it once in a great while. It really sticks with you. An absolute favorite. Just wow.
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on February 19, 2017
I hesitated for years to see this film. I just thought it would be such a hard one to get through. But last weekend a friend recommended it to me, so I finally watched it. It was a really sad movie but SO good! It leaves an impression, such a great, complicated story. Heartbreaking yet heartwarming, you will feel conflicted and this one stays with you a bit. I'm truly glad I finally took the time to see it.
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on December 1, 2017
A slow-burning drama that takes a few minutes to warm up. Honestly, I only gave this movie a shot because of the STARZ trial and nearly clicked-off b/c it didn't grab me right away, but as I was reaching for my phone the little old lady scene drew me in. From there, the backdrop wasn't hard to figure out, but I didn't quite "get it" until the climatic unfolding. **** MINOR SPOILER **** Overall, an excellent film for anyone seeking to explore the feel-good complexities of self-sacrifice and redemption.
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on November 24, 2017
This is an amazing movie! I don't usually like dramas, but this is worth watching whether you like them or not. A friend told me about it & I'm so thankful he did. You will witness the highest form of selflessness in this movie as will smiths character finds people who are truly good (not just on the surface). Amazing!
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on August 14, 2012
very nice movie for me....interesting, unexpected situations!
the rare part is that him (will smith) thinks in everybody except in himself....rare!

The mysteriously titled Seven Pounds stars Will Smith as Ben Thomas, who flashes his badge as an IRS agent to gain entrance into the lives of seven strangers in need. To each, he offers something that will reverse their troubles, seeking to atone for a haunting past mistake. But when Ben starts falling in love with a young woman with heart trouble (Rosario Dawson), his carefully laid plans threaten to collapse. To reveal more of the story would diminish it. Smith is an engaging, charismatic presence, but the impact of Seven Pounds comes from Dawson--she has the kind of emotional transparency that shimmers off the screen. Which is crucial, because Seven Pounds requires considerable suspension of disbelief; some scenes push and pull at plausibility, and you may question a few plot turns after the movie is over. But as the story unfolds, the performances can carry you over these bumps. If you surrender to its gently circling rhythms and its luminous images (including the glowing undulations of a poisonous jellyfish), Seven Pounds will pack an emotional wallop, heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. Also featuring Barry Pepper (Saving Private Ryan), Michael Ealy (Sleeper Cell), and Woody Harrelson. --Bret Fetzer
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on December 7, 2015
This is an great and very sadly under rated movie. The movie's concept was somewhat based on an real event. Seven Pounds has to be watched from the point of view of someone who is telling their story and you are the viewer. The chemistry between Will Smith and Rosario Dawson was great. The movie had a great flow to it. And the music enhanced the feelings being portrayed. This is probably one of the saddest yet most compassionate movies I have ever experienced. I hope you enjoy the movie!!!
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I was anxious to see Seven Pounds mostly because of the reviews in the media (alright, and Oprah) and I was expecting a Sixth Sense or a Usual Suspects twist that would catch me off guard (by the way, I did figure out the Usual Suspects but the Sixth Sense caught me flat-footed). I know that others have stated this, but where was the suspense? It was pretty much spelled out from the beginning. The only thing that surprised me a little was the story line involving his brother and the gift that he gave to him as well as what he took.

Looking at the movie as a whole I think that it is a touching story of lost, guilt and an effort to make right a wrong. I have no idea what I would feel if I was in the character's shoes. It is one of my worst nightmares and I thought that it was a topic worth exploring as well as a novel approach to redemption. I just wish that it was promoted for what it is, not something that it isn't. I am buying most of my new movies in Blu-Ray and I enjoyed viewing the hi-def version of the film.
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on January 7, 2018
Will Smith's acting was totally on point, as usual, and it was definitely a moving and touching film, for sure. I can see why so many people like it, and I like it for those same reasons. However, once it started getting to the end, it was just weird. It almost glorified suicide in a way. Others will likely not agree but it hit a really discordant nerve in me. It was really well done though, and the suspense and mystery created in the beginning well into the movie was very tasteful.
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SEVEN POUNDS is easily one of the best movies I've seen this year. It's's been on my mind ever since the credit scroll.

A sensitive and profoundly sad story is brilliantly handled by Will Smith.

Prior to this picture, writer Grant Nieporte was a crew member on a few TV sitcoms. His remarkable big screen debut incorporates elements of Nieporte's life and experiences. To cite a couple of examples: The author's wife is an aficionado and operator of antique printing presses, as is Emily Posa (Dawson), a woman who's too disabled by congestive heart failure to continue her home business. Nieporte got the film's central plot point from someone he met: a man who accidentally caused a tragedy that made nationwide headlines.

Smith here plays Ben Thomas. Ben's future and desire to live were destroyed by a momentary lapse of attention that resulted in seven deaths, including his fiancée's. Wracked with guilt and perpetual thoughts of suicide, Ben is still able to piece together a plan that may not alleviate his self-torment, but will positively affect the lives of seven people, a sort-of cosmic exchange for the seven souls he took in a car wreck.

One of the chosen is Ben's younger brother (Ealy), the others are strangers he gets involved with through various means. Of these six, Ben becomes attached to Emily, who is desperately ill and in need of a heart transplant. Their romance is exquisitely bittersweet, for it may end when an already broken heart simply stops beating.

The story's resolution is a tearful one, yet is so beautifully uplifting. Although the plot may be a tad confusing until the last 20 minutes or so, we can eventually see all the clues that were laid out for us along the way. Pondering these neatly fitted pieces after the puzzle was completed has kept my mind busy for several hours. It's been time well-spent.

SEVEN POUNDS grossed nearly $170 million worldwide, yet I'd never heard of it until recently. I'm so glad I found this one and very highly recommend it!

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(7.5) Seven Pounds (2008) - Will Smith/Rosario Dawson/Woody Harrelson/Michael Ealy/Barry Pepper/Bill Smitrovich
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on May 30, 2015
It's hard to say I "like" this movie because the subject matter is so sad! But Will Smith does a fabulous job in this movie and great jobs by other actors as well. I don't remember this when it came out a few years back. BUT, when does Will Smith ever do a bad movie! It is haunting however.
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