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on February 19, 2016
According to the Vineland Saga the Norse in North America encountered some indians and traded but there was a fatal incident that turned them hostile so the Norse had to make a quick exit. Two Norse men sent out on a scout and recon were left behind and presumed dead.

Presumably because these men were never heard of again, this film picks up on what may have happened to them. Realizing their predicament they decide to migrate north paralleling the coast through the woods in hopes of reaching a large Norse settlement or depot. So this movie is about their jpurney and ultimate fates.

There are several things well done and several that are not -- very sharp contrasts. The cinematography is very nice most of the time, except at the beginning and at other moments, conveying the beauty yet danger of being lost in the wilderness. There is very little dialogue which will frustrate most yet it is accurate for that time period, and as many have pointed out the subtitle translation of whatever language they are speaking (debatable according to linguistic affectionados) can be silly. The director has also chosen to use various rock music sets as the soundtrack some of which are ethereal and appropriate and some outlandish.

What I liked most about it is the portrayal of two confirmed pagans and how they would realistically react to their circumstances; resolute, inflexible and unable to adapt which causes them problems. The two indian characters are well played although we once again see these Hollywood stereotypes again like over the past 30 years of stupid bumbling white people and wise, got-it-together natives. The defecation in the woods scene, perhaps inserted as a gross joke or to portray just how woodsy an outdoor experience can be, is really unnecessary and detracts in a major way largely because it's something most will not want to see so taints the whole project. You get the impression the director and everyone else in the project really don't care what their customers think, that they made this film as a paean to themselves.

Despite the flaws and taken as a whole I liked it but it's not for everyone.
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on May 2, 2017
This film is sort of all over the place, and definitely an indie flick. As a fan of gritty, historical stories I really want to like it more. I am okay with films that don't fit a typical narrative, where there a no good guys by today's cultural standards, and I am fine with bleak. I love period props and scenes that show the day to day life of the past. These are the things this film does sort of okay, if you set low expectations. I can also set aside things like somehow crossing the Atlantic in a rowboat without supplies to get into a good period flick.

I am no film school student, but it is really tough for me to overlook its glaring cinematic flaws, however. Intolerably and inexplicably shakey camera work is alternated with still tripod shots. Endlessly fading montages cut from actors running left to right and vice versa all the time while supposedly traveling in one direction. Moreover, many scenes seem clearly included because the filmmakers felt, "Oh man, I really want to find an excuse to show this bird," "I really want to kill an animal on film," or, "Dude, you know what would rule? Pooping for real on camera!" Layer in poor cuts and editing. All this makes the film seem like an overlong student project with a neat premise but flawed execution. The baffling synthwave and heavy metal soundtrack doesn't jive with the attempts at drudging realism, but nor does it add anything like the modern soundtrack of Knight's Tale did. The scene cards, 70s style camera effects and poorly written subtitles are likewise anachronisms that do nothing for the film.

Still, it is oddly compelling. I mean why am I even writing this review? There is something going on that sticks with you, but I can't say what it was.
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on July 10, 2016
what a movie!
Its raw
vikings stranded in the new world
battling the skraeling natives
a thoughtful and tasteful black metal soundtrack
really a filmbook in its dramatic narrative structure
lots of fun
lots of surprises and some sex drugs n gore for you tool
belongs right next to Valhalla Rising on your shelf
its a keeper
its very arty yet dark and raw like any good black metal
you dont have to dig metal to enjoy this movie
its like a documentary at times
like moving poetry at times quite tender
quite a bloody great film
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on December 18, 2013
This movie is based on a great premise -- the Norse came to North America well before Columbus ever got here. There is a lot to back this up and I've seen many other stories that owe something to that idea. Severed Ways fails to meet the bar. Maybe because it's a foreign film and their idea of storytelling is different? I don't know. There is little dialogue between two guys who have been left to fend for themselves, leading to unnecessary problems. The whole tale seems to revolve around the writer's (also one of the actors, director and more) own stark, dark, hopeless worldview. Some of the cinematography is excellent and there are a lot of really cool premises/ideas ... sadly they just aren't well executed. The "heavy metal" soundtrack isn't very impressive either. If you're a teen metalhead with nothing to do, have your friends chip in a few cents and rent it for a mindless(ish; you have to read the subtitles) evening.
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on August 29, 2015
Pretty off beat flick- and pretty violent, not that I was bothered. I thought the Vikings were well portrayed and the situation they were thrust into was also realistic. Worth a viewing. Good soundtrack too.
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on December 28, 2013
This one falls in its own special niche. Yes, it is true to the Viking pictures like Pathfinder, 13th Warrior and Valhalla Rising, but the budget is considerably lower and it has a grass roots feel to it. The camera work can feel raw, but it adds a transcendent aspect to the action as if it would be captured by an eye at that time? Not so much brutality as other like films, but some strange moments and animal cameos along with curious Natives. The soundtrack is equally bizarre as it oscillates between heavier metal selections to more Euro-style prog metal and black metal selections. Excellent for a lonely, rainy day viewing.
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on June 30, 2017
Movie is underrated. Loved it and the product was in excellent condition.
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on August 30, 2015
The reviews are all over the place. I think this movie is great! I love long shots and little dialog. I love nature. I enjoy the soundtrack. So all in all, it combines to a very interesting experience. And I think somewhat accurate and authentic, minus a few tongue-in-cheek headbanging/metal scenes. The frantic frenzied pace of 2-5 second cuts with modern movies is just too much for me.
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on February 21, 2014
This is the best Viking movie ever. It is a high art film. It is an independent film. It is a low budget film. It is about sheer survival. It is about being totally free. It is meditative and enthralling. Thus it is anti-Hollywood. It is unashamed & unafraid. It is utterly inspiring. The director is basically some kind of unknown genius. (The only warning is that you ought to hold your hand up to the screen during the brief "dumping" scene.) This is one of my favourite movies ever. Skol!
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on March 31, 2015
Tacky, below b movie class. Non-informational.
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