Customer Reviews: Seville Classics 12-Bottle Stackable Wine Rack, 11.5-inch by 17.5-inch by 12-inch
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on October 31, 2005
After searching for wine racks, we decided on two sets of this one. We're very pleased with our decision. The item is described as "industrial-like". It is as sturdy as similar types of racking found in restaurants, one of the reasons for purchasing this item.

The racks came unassembled, but were very easy to assemble. Also included were 4 additional side post extenders. A great feature that isn't noted: The racks come with leveling feet which add to the stability of the units.

The following are some comparisons with other units considered.

1) This unit holds a larger number of wine bottles than some of the more decorative units, but at a lower price.

2) The metal racking is less susceptible to problems caused by dampness and temperature changes than rattan or soft wood racks.

3) If leveling feet are not included with some of the other racks, then there might be a problem with stability and a greater chance of tipping.

4) Some of the wood racks store wine bottles on flat racks with wood separators between the bottles. There was no adjustability between the shelves or the bottles, so special racks would need to be purchased for oversized bottles. This unit has large enough scalloped wine holders to hold wine bottles in a variety of sizes without adjusting the racks.

This item is well worth its cost, the purchase price plus the shipping charge.
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on February 16, 2006
This rack fell right into the style & price range that I wanted. After searching many styles, I chose this one and I couldn't be more pleased. An earlier review stated this was difficult to assemble, but it's not - you just have to read the directions carefully and then realize that they tell you rack-by-rack how to put it together. The leveling feet are a great feature and there is, also included in the box, the additional hardware for adding another rack. I am very happy with this selection.
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on January 30, 2013
The Good:

A nice wine rack for the money. The rack can accommodate various size bottles [including Champagne], and has a nice clean look to it.

Also, being that it is modular, you can buy additional units and add them to your existing rack to fit your needs.

The Bad:

Nothing to say about this. Sturdy and does the job.

The Ugly:

An absolute NIGHTMARE to assemble, particularly if you buy 2 or more and hope to assemble them together. Here are the problems:

First, the instructions are apparently drawn and written by someone with a first grade level comprehension of the English language. The diagrams, if you want to call them that, are not the least bit helpful, and give no indication on where to place the retaining clips that hold each shelf, so that that are evenly spaced. You will find yourself doing a lot of trial and error rigging unless you follow my advice at the end of this tome.

Second, the extension rods do NOT work if you follow the instructions point-for-point. According to the instructions, you are to build each rack, then combine the racks using the extension rods. Problem here is that, when one end of the extension rod tightens clockwise, the opposite end loosens! Of course, they don't TELL you that now, do they?

I must have taken apart and reassembled this rack several times.

So, how do you work around this? Here goes:

First, KEEP THE BOX. Refer to the illustration on the front of the box for placement on where to put the retaining clips. This is going under the assumption that you want evenly spaced racks. Why you wouldn't I would not know, but if that is the case, live dangerously and place them anywhere on the notches.

Doing this part prior to assembling will save you a lot of grief.

Second, in order to use the extension rods that are provided with each rack, first assemble your first rack, THEN attached the rods to the top of each post [not using the provided caps], tighten clockwise each rod, THEN add each standard post of the second rack to the extension rods.

From there, build your second rack, referring once again to the box photograph.

Hope this helps.
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on January 21, 2006
I agree with Morning Glory, this is a great little wine rack. My bar is a limited space and this fits nicely yet holds a bunch. It is stable and the bottles are secure. Being able to expand it is an attractive feature.
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on January 4, 2015
I really wanted to like this. We even have it next to our huge Seville Classics rack in the kitchen. However, two of the three racks have their "contours" welded on the bottles lay at an angle (the top more so than the bottom - only the middle rack is straight). Like I said, I really wanted to like it but when my husband showed me the rack with our bottles already on it ("surprise!"), my first reaction (and his as well) was why are the bottles not straight. It's hard not to notice and now it's all I see. I know it wasn't "super expensive", but not exactly the quality control I was hoping for. I will be returning this.
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on September 11, 2012
Easy to assemble and sturdy, this is a useful wine rack. It matches all the many other Seville Shelving products, so if you want a theme/cohesive look in your home, check out the other things Seville makes. Witmore and other manufacturers follow this style as well. Many sizes of shelves, as well as things like shoe racks and laundry hampers, are available.

One slight fault that these chrome-covered shelves have is they may rust if they are in a very humid or wet environment. They certainly cannot be left in standing water or used to store wet things on a regular basis. In most cases they will be fine. I had some problem with a small rack near a sink, in a bathroom. At a beach house, the wine rack did fine, no rust.
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on August 15, 2014
Based on the positive reviews, I expected a sturdy and functional wine rack. Instead, it is a mess. I am great at assembling thing (think IKEA furniture etc.). I found the directions for this wine rack to be terrible. Even worse, the parts were ill fitting. Despite way too much time spent trying to get this wine rack to be stable, including disassembling and reassembling, using a rubber mallet to tap etc, it continues to wobble. Since it is on the floor of a wine storage area, was purchased just to hold some extra bottles, and is too much trouble to return, I am keeping it. We take bottles off of it and put them on with the greatest of care to avoid a collapse or breakage. If I had purchased this locally, I would return it in a flash. You get what you pay for. If the price is too good to be true, then think twice. I wish I did.
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on January 17, 2015
Really needed a nice wine rack but when assembled this item, the plastic parts included to attach to the metal rods did not snap together as too small to go around the circumference of the rods. This was to establish placement of each section of the racks along the vertical rods. Because this small plastic part would not properly fit, the item was unstable and when picked up would slide apart. Even tried to simply push rack sections down on plastic parts to keep it in place (since it would not snap together) but was impossible to get the three sections especially the bottom section to stabilize.
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on July 28, 2015
The rack is fine but a word about the instructions: You are supposed to place a set of clips (black plastic, semi-circular) around each upright, then slide the horizontal rack /bottle holder down over these clips. That's fine but.... first, make sure you have all of the uprights "facing" the same way; the grooves the clips hold to are not the same distances from top and bottom. Next, those clips -- which are black plastic and each reach halfway around the uprights -- are NOT the same thickness on both ends..... be VERY sure you place them so the "thin" edges are towards the TOP. Otherwise you will struggle to fit the circular ends of the horizontal rack /bottle holder over them. Also, place one set of clips near the bottom of each upright THEN place the first horizontal rack /bottle holder over the uprights, slide it down, slide it carefully over those clips, then press down FIRMLY and thus lock it in place..... THEN mount the second set of clips, put the second horizontal rack /bottle holder in place, and so on. If you take these steps you will be WAY ahead of the instructions that come with the unit. In fact the only thing remaining after orienting the uprights, placing the clips in place, and lowering the horizontal rack /bottle holders into position is to add the adjustable feet (just screw into place... the bottom of each upright should have a small adapter in it to allow this) and then add the "bullets" (small black plastic cone-shaped devices) to the top of the uprights to give it a more finished appearance. But note: one of my uprights had the adapted for the adjustable foot screwed into the TOP of the post.... so be sure to check for that, too.
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on February 6, 2015
I saw these wine racjs and was super excited! I thought they were the perfect solution to store my vino! I was wrong! Quality control is seriously lacking. Some racks point your wine bottles to the right, some point them to the left, & most of the racks point them Straight to the center. How unattractive!! What a waste of money! Not to mention i broke a bottle trying to put this dang thing together!
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