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on January 24, 2018
These are great plugs. I've been using them for 5 years now, and just came back to get some more. They fit nice and snug in every binding post I've thrown at them. The screw to tighten the wire into place was easy to turn and I've had no issue with wires between 14 and 18 gauges. I haven't tried any other sizes. Initially, I clamped bare wire into them with no issue. After moving my setup, I decided to solder the ends of the wires. This made it easier for the screw to hold the wires in place.
My only complaint is that the red/black label was peeling off a couple of the plugs, but after 5 years, it hasn't changed. Overall, these are great plugs, worth their price. They have a good heft to them and feel very high quality.
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on November 7, 2014
I have used around a dozen different types of banana plugs in my years on home theaters and these are by far my favorite for a few reasons. First of all the quality of materials here is awesome and this is my go to design when selecting (set screw instead of the bend the strands over and screw in) a banana plug. There is one thing you need to know though, before you do anything, you need to drop the sleeve part (the smallest piece that allows the cable through) down the cable and then install it onto the cable. If you forget to drop the sleeve, you will be taking it back apart and taking out the setscrew, because that is the only way to install it. I did this once by accident and never did it again. Most people would notice this immediately when looking at one taken apart, but sometimes your hands get ahead of your mind : ) Overall highly recommended for someone looking for a high quality banana plug for any application. The only thing I can say about them is they are a little long and in some install situations this may be a problem, mainly going into a corner speaker. They are slightly over 2 inches from tip to sleeve and the entire tip will not go completely into most banana jacks, so you are looking at roughly 1 and 3/4 inches of metal sticking out the back of the banana jack. Keep that in mind when purchasing; I had one speaker where this was right on the edge of being too long to use, but I barely adjusted the speaker and it works fine. If you need a shorter length you will probably have to use a banana plug that has the copper strand bend over and screw in design (which works fine if you know how to do it). Sewell has this design on this page if you pick "Deadbolt" instead of "Pro Maestro" and you could get just 2 pairs of "Deadbolt" with 6 pairs of "Pro Maestro" if you think the "Pro Maestro" is going to possibly be too long.
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on March 6, 2015
Ugh. The machining and manufacturing of these plugs are both great. The price is great. I am an industrial electrician. I term wire daily. I formerly worked at a Pro-Audio shop. My original intent was to solder these. That is doable, upon inspection. My soldering iron is at work so I used them as intended as screw terminals. They will let loose of the wire no matter how tight you torque the set screw.

I am using high quality 12awg wire, the wire is new oxygen free speaker wire, and 4 conductor since I am bi-wiring. I am also using higher end components. A Marantz PM-6005 and PSB Imagine B Speakers. The connectors are too long for most situations, the body doesn't include a strain relief (really?), and the set screw is nearly impossible to torque to a point the wire doesn't slip out. Filling the cup with solder will solve all problems except for length. They are still too long for most cabinets, racks, and setups. I gave up on these and going straight to the binding post. I tinned the wire ends and shrikwrapped everything to make it look nice.
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on August 14, 2012
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and even the highest quality audio equipment won't sound good if the connections are corroded or frayed. Over time, your speaker wires can get worn or break, resulting in poor sound quality or even shorting out your amplifier or receiver. Banana plugs or spade connectors are an excellent way to prevent this from happening, and also make it much easier to disconnect and reconnect your speakers and amp/receiver. I ordered a set of Sewell Pro Maestro Banana Plugs and I couldn't be happier with the purchase. They were very easy to install with a small jeweler's screwdriver, and they will accommodate even heavy gauge wire. (Note: If you use thin speaker wire such as 16 gauge lamp cord you may want to wrap a small piece of electrical tape around the wire so the compression jacket grips it tightly. If the compression jacket does not grip the wire sleeve then the plug will only be attached by a small screw holding the wire to the plug's connector.) When the product arrived, the outer jacket of one of the plugs was missing. The rest of the set was fine, and the plug would have worked okay without the outer sleeve, but since I payed for a complete set that is what I expected. I sent an email to the seller telling them one of the plugs was missing a part, and they immediately sent me a new set - no questions asked! Kudos to Sewell for not only making an excellent product, but for backing it up with outstanding customer service!
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on June 19, 2015
Poor quality control in the package I received, but they will get the job done. The red/black stickers on a few of them were partially unstuck and/or not in the correct place on the barrel. Also, on a couple of them, the set screws weren't fully machined for the screwdriver slot.

Again, not a huge deal if you bought more than you need (I did), but disappointing to say the least, since I needed them for an installation today and can't send them back for a replacement unless I want to spend even more time behind the media closet rack to do it (once is enough, thanks).

I probably would buy them again just because the price was right, they look nice and are quite sturdy, but would definitely order more than I need for the job. I'm just happy this particular project was for me and not a customer. YMMV :D
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on August 3, 2017
These are good but not great, but as good as anything I've used out there. My main gripe is that the set screw easily strips when it's tightened leaving these a one time use or must solder. 2 in my last package had totally seized set screws and couldn't even be used. Not bad for the money, I recommend insulating the bodies with heat shrink as they easily short circuit of the bodies touch.
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on February 1, 2013
I had never used banana plugs before, but my new A/V Yamaha RX-V473 5.1-Channel Network AV Receiver
receiver allows their use (they're not required). I found them easy to use, once I understood the somewhat cryptic illustrated instructions on the back of the package (for which I deducted one star). They appear to be designed for a much larger gauge wire than the 16 gauge speaker wire I purchased. I solved this by folding back a small amount of wire--maybe .25"--and twisting the two parts of the wire together and then assembling the connector normally.

Admittedly, with my 16 gauge speaker wire, it would have been pretty easy to attach the speakers using the screw down connectors on the back of the receiver, but these plugs work great and were especially helpful in attaching the wires to the receiver in the small crowded space where the receiver sits. Instead of trying to reach in and screw down the connectors around the bare part of the wire, you just plug them in.

FYI, coming from someone who had never used these before, I'd say they took less than five minutes each to assemble, including stripping the speaker wire, unassembling the plug, screwing down the set screw with a jewellers screwdriver, and finally reassembling the plug.

My new system sounds awesome, far better than my old Bose system. I don't know how much (if any) these plugs contribute to that, but they certainly don't detract from the sound in any way.
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on August 6, 2013
I bought these banana plugs to go with my Yamaha receiver. I wanted a clean solid installation and with these plugs I finished it. I used size 16 Ga. and 14 Ga. wire and both fit perfect. What I did was leave like 3/4 of an inch of bare wire, fold it in half and then tighten it down to the plug. I had two 15 inch sub woofers connected with bare wire. After I installed the plugs, I can now feel the push of the subs all over my house without putting the volume on my sub amp very high. There is certainly a power gain compared to bare wire, at least in my setup.

Material certainly does not feel cheap, it is heavy. What is cheap is the labels. Those might come off if you are connecting and disconnecting the plugs very often.

NOTE: One thing that I loved about these plugs was that you can remove the middle section of the plug(three sections: connection tip, spacer, bottom end). So with the middle section removed, you can attach the bottom end to the connection tip(Same screw type). So now you get a short solid connection to your receiver. This allows you to push back your receiver closer to the wall.
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on August 18, 2010
They're a solid set, good quality, and i was impressed by their appearance. They're convenient to use, they have a built-in socket in the back for other banana plugs (fairly standard feature)
I'm using them with 18-gauge wire with no troubles, only downside there is that you have to fold over the wire on itself to get enough thickness for the plug to grip - not even really enough an issue to be a con.

Only thing i noticed is that the gold plating rubs off pretty quickly, it'll survive maybe 20 or so repeated insertions / removals, even the knurled base has lost its gold plating just from being handled. If you're doing a permanent audio installation, I'd suggest investing in a fancier set, (especially since they do come loose easily, but not so easily as the 1/5 star reviewer suggests)
I only needed them for a short project, a way to hook up to an amp, and they were perfect for that.
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on January 5, 2013
I bought a new A/V receiver for my parents this Christmas, which required me to completely disassemble their primary (home theater) system. After struggling to fit the bare wire connections into the side-mounted (and too-closely-spaced) speaker terminals, I decided to order these bananas. The quality was excellent! They're solid and appear to be very well-made. They screw together tightly and form a sturdy connection. I was using a very high quality speaker wire, which filled more than enough of the internal cavity that the tightening screw had no trouble forming an adequate grip. Installation was methodical, and I was patient to make sure each connection was tight and secure. Needless to say, these bananas were infinitely easier to plug into the speaker terminals than the bare wire itself. This is an incredible value, considering similar products from "marketing companies" sell for 2-3x the price while offering zero obvious benefits. You'll be happy you chose this product.
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