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on January 8, 2017
First off I purchased the silver back banana plugs. These are the style with 2 set screws that hold in the wire. They seem incredibly high quality.

To address a few other reviews and item questions.....

This banana connector is designed more towards good to high quality stereo equipment than plugging into a bench top power supply. That said it will work great for either.

Anyone concerned with holding down small guage wire....Just strip off double the length needed and fold the wire in half to create double the area to have the lock screws bite down on. Seems pretty simple solution for anyone needing a banana plug in the first place....

The silver colored metal shield both does and doesn't conduct electricity...I tested it with a continuity meter many different ways and there are some spots that do connect to the gold part of tbe plug but it's unlikely under normal use or accident of metal falling across 2 connectors silver cover would cause a short and damage your equipment. I could tape them up with vynil electric tape but it really seems unnecessary.
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on March 28, 2017
Used these on a new Denon receiver with Polk audio speakers 7.1 surround sound. I ordered some 12 gauge belden speaker wire. These worked perfectly with the wire the plugs went in the speakers and receiver very snuggly makes a very clean look also makes disconnecting and replug up much easier. Have had no issues. It has two screws that pressure fit to hold wire in place. It comes with a small screw driver I did have to use a larger screw driver on the 12 gauge belden wire but that wire is very stiff, I didn't try one on some regular 12 gauge wire that is softer and it screwed down much easier. I also used some wire shrink wrap red and black slide up inside the banana clip to get a better air seal. The clips are color coated to. Seemed like a decent quality and price. They do stick out about 2 to 3 inches so if you don't have much room behind you receiver or speakers check first.
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on November 24, 2013
There are several things I like about these banana plugs. 1) The "springs" are firm thereby insuring a good, solid connection between the plug and the device. They remain firm even after being removed several times. 2) The gold plating- decreases the chance of corrosion that could compromise the connection. 3) Double set screws- ensure a good solid connection between the wire and the plug. 4) The casing secures over the tip- you don't have to remember to put it on the wire first. 5) The actual build quality seems very good. However, despite the 5 points that are really good about these banana plugs, there are 2 things about these plugs that only cause them to be average. 1) The plugs themselves are too long. I own multiple devices and brands of speakers that accept banana plugs, and these plugs are too long for all of them. They are so long that on my subwoofer that has its connections on the bottom, they prevent the sub from sitting squarely on the floor. I had to put a 3/4" risers under the feet of the sub so that it would sit correctly. 2) The casing in metal (aluminum). While I'm sure this was done with the intent of improving durability, it is also conductive. Should something as simple as a paper clip fall behind your amp or receiver and come to rest on top of your banana plugs it could short your amp or receiver and cause serious damage. The casing should be wrapped in some sort of non-conductive material like plastic or vinyl. Overall, they are good plugs for a good price, but be careful not to let anything short them out.
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on November 22, 2015
I agree with others - the use of a standard slot screw rather than Philips is a terrible choice. As well, the included courtesy screwdriver makes matters worse, as it's form-factor worsens the likeleyhood of having the driver end slip out of the slot. Once I switched to a regular small screwdriver, the process went much faster (you can't 'spin' the shaft of the courtesy screwdriver to speed up the initial tightening), but still, the lack of Philips makes the whole endeavor a chore.

All that said - these are very fine connectors. The ability to really, really bear down on that screw to make a very solid connection is great. I suppose the newer designs may be better, but I was pleased with the solidity of these connections once complete.
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on January 1, 2016
Excellent connectors!!! Solid construction with two (2) slotted screws per plug for a secure connection. The kit now includes a proprietary screwdriver. For this application, a "slotted screw" is less likely to strip than a phillips. Another GREAT feature are the caps, which screw on from the end, rather than having to remember to put the cap on the wire prior to making the connection. This is also useful if the phase is reversed from attaching the plugs (per color) to the incorrect wires. The caps are lettered red or black, and changing the caps is simple, not easily done with the older method of the caps on the wires.

The are the BEST banana pugs I have yet to use in over 40 years.
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on August 18, 2015
Over the years I've used several different banana plugs on upscale to high-end audio equipment. These are the best I've used. Sewell Direct SW-29751-6 Silverback Banana Plugs(6 pairs/12 pieces) The wire connection uses two screws which makes for the strongest connection I've ever seen. The jacket cover screws onto the plug from the top of the plug, rather than the wire end. That makes installation much easier because you don't have to put the jacket on the wire before you make the connection. Small point but when you have to put the jacket cover on the wire, it invariably slides down the wire and gets in the way when you're trying to tighten the screws.

The fit is tight on Definitive wall speaker jacks and a Denon receiver but not so tight that they are hard to insert or remove. Of the eight I installed, only one required some extra force to insert into the speaker jack.

The plug is 1.8" long; the jacket cover is 1" and the plug portion is .8". Unless you have speakers mounted very close to the wall, these should fit with room to spare. The width is .4", so there should be plenty of room to insert on the receiver jacks, whether 5.1 or 7.1 system.

In the 6-pair package I ordered, a small, matching, high-quality screwdriver was included. Nice touch, since not everybody has a screwdriver small enough to tighten the connection screws.
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on June 16, 2016
I was worried about these accommodating 12 gauge speaker wire, but it was a perfect fit. The connections are so secure that I even bought a second kit for locations that don't show, in order to get the best electron flow possible. I think these are a tremendous value.

To those considering other screw-type banana plugs with the holes in the side: don't. I had major problems getting "high quality" gold-plated screw-type banana plugs to work. I went on Youtube and followed the advice about how to wad up the end of the speaker wire to create a compression fit, but it's still terrible. They pulled right out every time. Ridiculous. These Sewell plugs are technically screw type, but the tiny screws are lateral to the speaker wire creating a strong compression fit nearly impossible to undo.

With regard to the plug feeling loose where the wire goes into it.. I just don't think that's a big deal. Because there isn't a grommet there or rubberized padding for the wire to pass through, it does sort of float. But the encapsulated lockdown can't be undone with any reasonable effort. And the outer silver casing is insulated to prevent electrical shorts.
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on November 8, 2015
The yellow connecting part (see the 1st photo) of these banana plugs are NOT made of pure copper (contrary to the detailed description). I tested the plugs with a strong magnet and the yellow connecting part is slightly magnetic, suggesting that it is probably made of brass. Pure copper is non-magnetic. Any magnetic material is of lower quality when compared to copper for electrical connection purposes. The manufacturer should correct the description.
For the magnetic test any cheap neodymium magnet will work. A refrigerator magnet is not sufficiently strong.
I understand the necessity of using brass (or similar material) for the threaded parts of the plug since its almost impossible to machine threads on pure copper. However, the yellow connecting part could and should be made of pure copper in a professional banana plug.
Overall, the plugs look very professional and well made. One star off for the misleading description.
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on October 3, 2015
Great quality for a great price. It even comes with a small screwdriver to get you going. There are two lock screws on each to secure your wiring. they definitely have a secure fit. I would definitely recommend this for a professional look and feel on a budget.

my only gripe is that it takes a while to secure them to the wires, However that's the nature of the beast.
review image review image review image
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on February 1, 2012
These are a huge improvement over the generic banana plugs 24k Gold Connector Banana Plugs, Open Screw Type 24 Pack (12 Red, 12 Black) I had before. The connection with the wire is more secure and the connection in the binding posts is much tighter. It takes a little time to get everything screwed in properly with a small screwdriver, but the end result is far more satisfying. The generic plugs wiggle around in the binding post and fell out while I was repositioning my speakers just from the weight of my heavy speaker wire, but these don't wiggle at all and won't be falling out any time soon, there's no way these will ever accidentally come unplugged.

10-gauge wire is about as thick as you can reasonably expect to fit in there and get the little screw posts in tight enough to get the housing over the top. Any thicker than that and they screws poke out and you can't tighten the housing, and you'll have to trim some of the strands to get it to fit. If you're using solid wire instead of stranded, you're probably limited to more like 12 or 14 ga, I'm not sure I don't have any to try.

Anyway, I love the heck out of these Sewell Silverbacks, I'd recommend them to anyone, and they're well worth the extra $10 over the generic ones I had before.
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