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on November 24, 2015
****A compelling thriller by bestselling author Linda Howard, that will draw in the reader from the very first chapter. Combined with family loyalties, misinterpretations, lust, mystery, betrayal, revenge, love, and murder, it will have you transfixed to the very last chapter, ending with a shocking conclusion..........Ever since she was a child, Roanna Davenport has always been in love with her older cousin Webb Tallant. Knowing full well when that day came, he would inherit "Davencourt" the huge estate which he resided along with his entire family and it was always established, he would marry her cousin Jessie. But when that day did come, it didn't take long for Jessie, to seek comfort in another man's arms causing utter betrayal towards Webb with her selfish acts, lies, and deceit. With her parents dying suddenly years earlier from a car accident, Roanna put up with her share of insults, crude behavior or anything else, she thought of . Persistently attacking her family with verbal abuse, the only two relatives whoever cared about her was Webb and Lucinda, her grandmother. As Jessie continued with her snide remarks and hateful ways, she deliberately spread a vindictive lie regarding Webb and Roanna, and after hours had passed since the spiteful rumor, Rosanna discovered Jessie murdered in her bedroom. With no proof but suspicions only,the rumors mounted against Webb by family, friends and the entire town causing Webb to leave Colbert County,never looking back. Rosanna never felt more heartbroken than she already did in that precised moment when she watched Webb march right out through the front door Vowing never to return. After ten long years of being away, Webb Tallant couldn't believe his eyes when the gorgeous woman slowly approached him in Arizona, sitting in a bar and he knew without a doubt, she was there to change his mind to reclaim not only his inheritance but a new found love that he'd been dreaming about for over a decade. His first thought when he first saw Rosanna, the caterpillar had turned into a beautiful butterfly and with all her urgings requesting him to return to Davencourt with desperation in her eyes, he reluctantly agreed to leave Arizona to reclaim what was his, but before they left for their journey, Webb made a crucial mistake by hurting Rosanna, hating himself immensely for what he did. In that moment, he promised himself to keep his distance with the one woman who captured his heart so long ago. As days went into weeks, it was becoming more and more difficult. As much as he tried, Webb was starting to feel more for Roanna, than he ever anticipated and before he knew it, he was about to break his promise, his heart, mind and soul. When more mysteries unfold and attempts are made on Roanna's life, the killer strikes at Davencourt and the whole ugly truth of Jessie's murder is revealed shocking everyone. Will Webb and Roanna ever survive this devasting turmoil? Is true love awaiting for them or is it over, before it even got started?............a very entertaining thriller by Miss Howard....thank you.....♡♡
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on September 8, 2017
This book had a good ending and a good beginning. The middle is way too long, dragged out, and
Boring. The heroine is so wimpy that I wanted to slap her more than once. It does have a HEA.
But I would skip this book unless you are on a desert island with nothing else to read.
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on December 25, 2016
I love Linda Howard, and she doesn't disappoint with this book. Yes, there is an issue that some readers may be uncomfortable with (incest between secondary characters), but hey, it's fiction and it's an engaging, suspenseful story (and the incest is not the main focus of the book). The development of the main characters, Webb and Roanna, is very nicely done, though I do think the buildup to their actually becoming involved in a relationship was somewhat excessive. They kind of danced around each other for a bit longer than was really necessary (and could have actually talked to each other much sooner than they did to clear the air), but all in all, it was a great read.
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on April 15, 2016
Being a fan of Ms. Howard's for nearly two decades, I wasn't as impressed with this one than usual. It's a personal hang up on "withholding information" driven plots that I disliked the most. Ended up shaking Kindle a few times telling them "just talk!"
The ending was an incredible shocking surprise and while I can usually see things miles away, I had to take a moment for the "wow.....!" factor.
I loved the characters, as always Linda Howard has the best, though if they just sat down and had certain conversations years and years ago things would have gone smoothly. Yet, we wouldn't have had a book to read! (Well, perhaps we would but without all the tension stuff in between.)
Not one of my favorites, but still a decent story that breaks the mold and there's nothing wrong with that at all.
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on April 18, 2016
I really like this book. What I don't like is purchasing an e-book with lots of typos!!!!!!!!! This e-book has a grandmother character named Lucinda and the first time her name was typed as Lucanda, I thought I'd fallen asleep. I had to go back a couple of pages to find out who this new character was. It was Lucinda! Why can't e-publishers hire good proof readers. And when an error is found, fix it and re-issue. It's digital, people! Fix it! It is frustrating.

Otherwise, this is one of the best Linda Howard books I've read. The main character, Roanna, will bring tears to your eyes. The way she is treated as she grows up is realistic in its simplicity and just breaks your heart. The story is solid and the character development is excellent.
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on November 7, 2014
I liked the book it was not a great read but a good one with unexpected twist and , turns. . I almost did not like web in . the beginning . of the book he was so full of him self the u wanted to smack him and Rosanna was almost to passive to stomach.if this book had continued as it started . I would have. put it down but ms howard slowly brought these two around to a point u could . begin , to like them and want . only good things for them. the rest of . the group were good back up for the plot just mean enough to keep things interesting .Jessie was another matter all together she was warped and so was neeley. their relationship was not something that u like to think about but u know happens. thankfully it was short. Lucinda well she came right in the end but that lady was . a dragon .she is what lfamily legends are made of .for all the twist and turns in this book it makes good summer
4 stars
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on July 31, 2015
I don't know who is responsible for creating an e-book but they really need to work on their editing. Lucinda was frequently called Luanda. Quotation marks were often replaced by odd symbols. Many times contractions were used incorrectly (it'll a pretty sky instead of it's a pretty sky)

Sadly these mistakes disrupt the enjoyment of the book. I often had to reread a paragraph to understand what it really meant.

This isn't the fault of the author. It's the fault of whoever creates the e-book
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on February 12, 2016
I really liked this book. It was a combination of a mystery (who killed a character several years before) and a love story as two characters struggle to put their feelings for each other out in the open and come together. There are also some sex scenes that, although not as raunchy as some now-a-days, are still somewhat explicit. I enjoyed the story and the characters. It's one of my favorites of Linda Howard's.
(This book is 20 years old, so today''s tech is not incorporated.)
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on April 9, 2016
I read this book many years ago when it was first published. It is just as good today as then, and it is one of the major reasons I remain a devoted fan of Linda Howard. Suspense, southern family of wealth, greed, and a mystery to be solved. Along with the wonderful sensual love that accompanies this author's books in the best of ways. I highly recommend this book...if you haven't read a Linda Howard book, then you are in for a treat.
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on May 25, 2014
I've read this several, several times since discovering it a few months ago. Linda Howard is an amazing author. I stumbled on her when I read "after the night" (shades of twilight and after the night are my two favorite on repeat reads). This book was sexy, dealt with love lost and found and an overall mystery thriller. Linda Howard dealt with some socially taboo issues-incest, and managed to make it readable, and even somewhat sexy (as sexy as one can get when reading about two mean antagonists taking part of it). A very good book, highly recommend this author!
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