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on March 28, 2014
Short Review; Get this game if its on sale for $5-$10
This game is a throw-back to all those 90's games on the PC (Doom, mostly Duke Nukem, etc). The story doesn't take itself too seriously which is good, considering how over the top the fighting is. Wave after wave of enemies come at you, similar to Serious Sam, if Serious Sam did a better job with presentation.

- Fun combat system.
- Variety in leveling up your character/unlocking new powers.
- Length. Each level took me 30-60 mins to beat, with on average me finding 60-75% of secrets without looking too hard.
- I can run this game smoothly on "Ultra" Settings on a 3 year old mid-level PC!

- Sword is overpowered. You will use it 90% of the time instead of the guns.
- Comedy isn't that funny; mostly "Wang" jokes. I feel if they were going to do jokes, they should have gone a little more over the top instead of some 4th grade potty jokes. I mean, with the sword you can slice an enemies' body into tiny pieces; clearly they were not concerned with the ESRB rating.

Overall; This was a surprisingly fun game. Don't expect to get lost in a rich story; what this game excels at is the violence and excellent combat. A great throw-back to Duke Nukem type games, if Duke Nukem came out now instead of 20 years ago.
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on May 19, 2014
This game is just amazing. They did everything right. While it looks, feels, and acts like a classic FPS, it also takes FPS to the level that it should be at. For example, many FPS do not get melee weapons right. If you start off with one you try to get another weapon as soon as possible and hardly ever use melee again...unless necessary. Here, the sword play is perfect and I found myself wanting to use my sword all the time. Even when I had all of the other weapons in my inventory I always had my sword equipped and beat most enemies with it.

The player can adjust how difficult and precise the sword can be (along with adjusting how other weapons perform) and a beginner, or novice, can keep the sword settings on the most simple. This means that your sword strikes will automatically be the best possible hits against he enemy. But its so much more fun to set that your aim/cursor is where you will strike. It allows you to deliver blows exactly as you want.

The worlds are beautiful. They took the best of Hard Reset and improved on it. Enough said!

Character development was great. Lo Wang is one of the funniest heroes yet. And he is truly funny. Not the Borderlands 2 type of "throw everything against a wall humor and see what sticks". The writers took their time developing Lo Wang properly. He is someone who doesnt take himself too seriously and realizes his shortcomings...then consciously makes an effort to not make the mistakes that make his life (and this mission) harder.

I want a sequel or some DLCs as soon as possible. I played the game through and only completed about 35% of the achievements. Now I am playing it through a second time...and its even more fun. Unfortunately, I think this is going to be a severely underrated game. Because consoles dominate the gaming market, true FPS (and truly spectacular ones at that), never get their proper credit or play time. And thats pretty sad. I know that this game cant be played correctly on a console with a really need the precision of a mouse. Not to mention, some of the beauty of the worlds will be lost on consoles.

But if youre a PC gamer and youre an FPS player, you absolutely have to own this game. You wont be disappointed.
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on April 21, 2014
Just a short review:

* A FPS that brings the best of old school shooters, like Doom, Duke and so on: lots of enemies, a basketful of easter eggs, excellent secrets, etc.
* Good story (but who needs it, anyway), couple with very smart writting (very!!).
* Great power-up system, branching into weapons, skills and abilities.
* Quite long.
* Very nice difficulty curve

* The music is a bit letdown
* Its a bit dark at a times...
* Sometimes it is very difficult to tell where you have been or where to go.

I bought it for less than 20 bucks, which should be considered the maximum amount of money to pay for this.
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on April 21, 2014
I'm pretty impressed with this game. What can I say, it's got lots of blood and gore with good graphics. The controls are nice and responsive. Listening to the snappy comments is a delight. The profanity is definitely for the grown-ups but it's a good, fun game.
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on April 6, 2014
I'm not very good at shooters so I didn't use the guns much, but when I did it felt satisfying. Most of them are fairly heavy though so it was difficult to use anything other than the Smg, especially since the game loves to throw hordes of demons at you. Where the game really shines is when you're using the sword. The grisly cutting physics are extremely enjoyable to watch, especially when you make ki empowered strikes. The boss battles are very sparse since there are only 3 and the final boss is extremely disappointing, but in general I enjoyed this game.
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on December 8, 2014
Very fun game; classic shooter with a samurai twist. I've never played the original but I do come from the Doom world of FPS and this game was quite enjoyable. I played through the whole thing and am thinking of grabbing it for PS4 to do it again.
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on January 16, 2017
Was feeling very tempted by Shadow Warrior 2, bought this on sale for $4. Loving it. This game is pure action fun. Guns and sword feel great to use. Some crude humor which I enjoyed.
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on May 30, 2016
Just as described..Great seller and prices
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on August 8, 2017
every bit as much fun as the original. AND every bit as challenging! AS I always say, "You no mess with LO Wang"
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on February 26, 2015
A lot of fun, a very good fps old school style
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