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on March 27, 2015
First off, let me begin by saying that this unit can make a real smooth smoothie and I really wanted to own one of these! So much so that I tried 2 of them thinking that the first one may have just been a dud. Unfortunately, after trying 2 of these, both had issues with the blades either pitting or bending or both.

The issue with the blades on the first one was not noticed until after about 3 month of use while cleaning it as I wasn't looking or expecting to have an issue with the blades. On the second Ninja, being aware of this issue, I decided to inspect the blades after each drink. Within 3 days of owning the second one, the upper blades began to show some kind of pitting. The real surprise was that after using just bananas, apple, kiwi and soy milk and omitting the frozen blueberries that I use to include in the first Ninja, the second Ninja began to have blade issues as well.

No ice was ever used in either of the units (even though these models are capable of processing ice). Both units were used as per instructions, cutting the fruit into smaller pieces, adding adequate amount of liquid, not over-filling etc. To my disappointment, I couldn't justify owning one of these, being that I would have to continually inspect the blades and would be worried about the possibility of ingesting fragments of blades.

With that in mind, I decided to return the second Ninja for a refund. I would not consider purchasing another Ninja unless some substantial quality improvement is made to the blades (see photos of blades included with this review).

In contrast, I own a mid price regular blender, and after a period of over a year, no such issues with blades. The blades are perfect! No bending, no pitting, no sign of wear whatsoever! I'll be going back to using that even though the Ninja does make a smoother drink.

I would say in closing that if you own a Nutri Ninja, check your blades!
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on November 11, 2017
This blender was never that great. We got it 13 months ago after our old ninja started smoking. This one was quite a bit louder, and notably worse at blending. It only took a few months before it started smoking as well. For reference, we use it one to two times per day, and are very good about cleaning it. I bought a new blade, which helped for a time, but today (15 months after purchase) it won't even turn on. I called Ninja support and they offered to sell me a replacement base for more than this unit costs. If you are going to get this, buy the extended warranty, as you will likely use it after a year and a half.
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on July 1, 2017
Six months later it is impossible to get it into a locked position for it to blender for 60 seconds on its own. I put it on the base and struggle to get it to a place where it will blend and then I have to hold it down really hard while it blenders. This is not a $90 piece of equipment. I bought the product protection plan so hopefully that works out. I did that based on other reviews.
Tried to get a replacement and my item does not have a serial number so is it fake? Besides that the Square Trade said: Your SquareTrade plan covers your item after the manufacturer's warranty expires – when you really need protection. Contact the manufacturer to get help with this issue through your free manufacturer's warranty. We'll reimburse you (within reason) for any shipping costs.
So I spent extra money on this for what exactly? I was assuming Amazon would sending a new item out and I would ship them back my broken one or something. This is will mean I will have way to make a smoothie for breakfast for who knows how long. I recommend not buy this item. Without a serial number I am sure nothing will get replacement anyway. So $100 wasted.
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on September 21, 2016
I bought this in late April. It started smelling funny like metal grinding then after five months it shoots out sparks and dies. For the amount of money spent I would have expected a much longer life
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on January 25, 2017
Let me begin with this blender worked great. Makes great smoothies.
First failure was within a couple weeks, the lids and the base became really difficult to screw on to the cups. After a while we were down to just one cup and lid.
Shortly after that the blades began to go bad. What I mean by go bad is the bearing became loose and the started to leak out the bottom.
Then the last straw was the blender began to smell when in use, and then one morning the motor started smoking.
This all happened in just a few months of normal use.
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on September 22, 2017
Good product, but with one major flaw. The rubber/silicone gasket slot in the blender blade lid becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. It should be cleaned after every use, but it's very difficult to get out. And even once it's out, it's very difficult to clean the slot. If you don't clean it after every use, the bacteria and mold penetrate the pores of the gasket itself, and it then becomes impossible to get it sterile ever again. This product needs to be redesigned to eliminate this problem. And for liability reasons those customers who have already purchased the product should be offered the chance to trade in their blender blade lid for the newly designed version.
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on August 24, 2017
I really wanted to love this product and the reviews made this product feel promising. I have had it for barely a month and two of the cups have already warped in my dishwasher on the top rack. When I called to use my very limited one year warranty, I was told that the cups could not be replaced because "the cups are not covered through the warranty as they are considered a wearable part", this is what they told me verbatim. So basically, the warranty is only good for a year and it doesn't cover any of the accessories. So if their cheap accessories break on you, you're pretty much screwed even if it's not your fault like in my case. You'll have to purchase all new accessories and if you look online, it's not cheap to have to continuously replace them. I paid $40 for TWO 18 oz cups because the ones that are sold on any other website other than the Nutri Ninja website do not have the spout lids that originally come with this order. They come with these dreadful "sip & seal" lids that make a mess, don't stay closed well, and are not as easy to drink out of as the spout lids. I know this because I originally tried going the cheaper route by ordering replacements from Amazon first, but the lids were not the same and by doing further research online, I found that literally the only place that sells the cups with the spout lids is the Nutri Ninja website. It's very obvious that this was done intentionally. The prices on their website are insane.

I hope this review helps someone because if I had known then what I know now, I would have never purchased this item. They will make sure that you'll be spending tons of money on their product one way or another for as long as you have it. If you're rich and you don't mind paying $20 (or more depending on the cup/accessories) per cup and being screwed over by customer service when something goes wrong with your product, then this product is for you.
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on February 12, 2018
This is the second Ninja blender we bought, the first one lasted about 2 years then quit. This one we bought from Amazon and it stopped working in 2 months....when we called for support they wanted the 4 digit number on the silver prong for the electrical plug. We looked and looked over and over with a magnifying glass and there was no number. What we were told is the plug was replaced meaning this was a repaired unit and we have no recourse at all for a fix...just out the money for the second time....does this sound like a company you want to do business with? Total rip off or at a minimum non disclosure about the repaired item vs a brand new one...I do feel robbed and Amazon should look into this.
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on July 20, 2016
Mine never worked right and after 1 month completely stopped working. Having a terrible time getting help. You have to click in the cup and blade to turn on the machine. From the first the vibrations kept turning off the unit. Now it won't even turn on. I paid 99.00 to have it work on month. When I called the company they are having me send it back, but made it clear that usually I have to pay shipping but for this one time since I had the product only one month they would pay shipping this time. For paying close to $100.00 I expect the product to work longer than month and work better then it did. If you want to make smoothies just use a blender.
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on August 17, 2017
Just received and returning tomorrow!
I received suspicious Nutri Ninja BL482. I dont know why but it doesn't have like all BL482 clockwise lock mechanism between cup and motor base. I contacted Ninja customer support and they told me all BL482 suppose to have that clockwise lock mechanism.

When I started packing for returning I figured out there is one screw missing on bottom of blender too :(
I have attached foto!
review image
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