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on November 14, 2011
I would like to start by stating that I've been researching for a 55"+ LED for over 2 months and have read almost all the specs and reviews of various models. Its like this when it comes to buying any electronic item, there will be a few that get missed in the QA inspection and will leave a few rotten apples and sour taste in few mouths. But over all most perform relatively good as it should be.
In the end this ended up to be one of the best value 55"+ LED in the market. "IT IS NOT THE CHEAPEST" but its the best value for its quality and options. By the way I bought it in Amazon and got the best price without having to pay tax or shipping which saved me about $150 compare to local store. The PICTURE was perfect for Blue Ray and HD movies, now, if you are watching movies on say cable tv or non-HD format remember to put the tv to none HD mode, otherwise they will look like home made movies.. LOL.. which was one of the complains I read about this TV. We play lots of Xbox and the pictures are HD through HDMI cable, OMG, the video was phenomenal especially with the Vyper Game mode. Then we also have a super duper Gamer Desktop Comp hooked onto it via HDMI as well, let me tell you, you will never want to go back to the regular 24" computer monitor. As far as installation, its a breeze, 4 screws for the base, we had it on the entertainment center in less than 5 mins from the time we cut open the box and then about 1 min to setup the onscreen stuff, since we had cat5 cable ran to it, everything was setup automatically. The only thing I can not vouch for is the wifi, cause we are not using it. Cat5 simply screams, so if you have the capability I suggest you run a cat5 from the router to the tv. OH,, one other thing, Its very very thin. and light, I picked up the whole TV while my wife slid the base under for mounting. Now my wife won't leave the couch..
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on November 9, 2011
Update: 12.7.2011 - Received the replacement unit a bit ago (Amazon handled that part perfectly) and everything looks just as good, lag is still there but not an issue, but backlight is STILL terrible. I think just due to the fact that it's a 60'' edge lit tv, there's no avoiding it. I'm not going to get it replaced again, I'll live with it, but maybe it's quality control, I don't know.

I'm really only posting this to see if anyone is having the same problem as me, and if this is common to this tv. Overall, it's very good. Colors are GREAT, and picture quality is fantastic once you move the sharpness down to 0 (any more than that and the picture just gets dirty.)
My big complaint is the terrible light leakage on the backlight. On a black screen, I have light blotches all over the tv. Two in the top right and bottom left corner, one on the top middle, and general unevenness on the center.
It's not noticeable 95% of the time, but if the screen fades out, or a black videogame menu is up, it's very obvious and distracting.
My second complaint is that the TV noticeably lags, even in Game Mode. It's not that big of a deal, my receiver has compensation, but to notice lip sync errors even in game mode is a problem. Not even my other 6 year old LCD TV did that.

I'm working with Amazon to get this swapped out, hopefully that doesn't pose a headache, as this is not an easy tv to move around.
When I get a new one, I'll re-review.
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on May 30, 2015
We've had this TV for a couple years now. It has Vudu, Netflix, and Pandora through wifi...then some other apps that are glitchy or clunky. The screen is great, once every 6 months or so, the screen goes dark navy blue. When the screen is dark blue the remote will not work, I simply push and hold the power button on the TV and it will turn off. Once I turn the TV back on, it's fine. Those are the only complaints I have. So, it is a terrific TV, and we are very happy with it!
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on December 1, 2014
Been using this bad boy for 2.5 years. I have HD through Uverse, looks amazing. Very thin and light. The sound is impressive. The Netflix app is great, the picture is astounding and my internet speed prevents pausing/buffering. There seems to be an app loaded which may be the start up of an app store, only time will tell. The one thing I would love to see on these smart tvs is an app for my phone as a remote over wifi or bluetooth and full integration so I can do anything on my phone and it shows on the screen. Also they should partner with other TV manufacturers to have one app store for the TVs (they should also standardize 3D so all glasses work with all TVs - this is why I didn't get 3D).
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on April 11, 2012
My wife and I decided to order this tv here from Amazon just last week and we had it delivered around 8am Tuesday morning. First of we wanted to get a 55" Samsung or LG from best buy but i decided to just wait a little bit. Best buy had a few sharps in their home theater room, including the massive 80 inch. I could tell right away that the tv was not very well calibrated. I looked on amazon at some sharp tv's, came upon this one and for the price i knew i couldn't pass up on it. Even though it did not look very well at best buy but I did decide to take my chance since this tv had great reviews here. When I received it, i quickly calibrated to the settings the first reviewer posted and WOW huge difference. BIG thanks to the first poster for taking the time to acquire the proper settings. However I did leave the 120hz motion plus feature on because to me 120 does look better than the standard 60hz.

I hooked everything up including the ps3 to watch HUGO on bluray and WWWOOOWWW the quality is just mind blowing. If you have this tv and you don't have a blu-ray player to go along with, than you are missing out BIG TIME. Xbox 360 and Ps3 games look great, however I think their is a little delay when playing games, not a huge deal, might just be me? Also i noticed with playing bluray on my ps3 that the motion is not 120hz even if i have the option on, feels like its a standard 60hz. Probably just the ps3. I do have a 17.8GBs high speed HDX1000 hdmi cable from Monster so my cable is more than capable of handling a tv this size.

Another thing i noticed is that the speakers on this tv could be a bit better. They don't go as loud as i think they should. Considering its a $1500+ tv they could have put better speakers in. It's not like they are that much more expensive. I will be investing a Klipsche home theater system soon anyways so this does not bother me much.
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on August 25, 2011
Had this TV for about 3 weeks now. Shipping took awhile, but I guess that is just the vendor's fault, not amazon. The Sharp AQOUS is an outstanding value. We got it on sale through amazon for $1488, and that included a FREE Sharp Blue Ray Disk player. And no tax, plus free shipping. The same items, purchased through Best Buy here would have cost us almost $2000. The set up of the TV is effortless. The picture is more than we could have hoped for. The only downside is common to most flat screens....the sound was very tinny. Sound quality does not even approach picture quality. So we found a good sale on an LG sound bar with wireless subwoofer and voila! we have an awesome set up in our living room. We now have the ability to stream netflix, so we don't even leave the house anymore. What a bargain and what quality!
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on September 21, 2011
I enjoy this tv. The picture quality is amazing. I probably will give 8 out of 10. The sound is not bad either. I will give 7. But some very basic functions are not included which is a big surprise. Ex: program and channel information. This should be very basic especially when receiving over the air free tv. Even my small 26" Vizio LCD TV I bought three years ago has this function that you can check channel schedule and brief introduction of current program. This sharp don't have it. There is also no picture in picture so you can not go online and check the sports game at the same time. It's a big disappointment for me. The VUDU and Pandora radio apps are very handy and works very well via Wifi. VUDU also provide NBC nightly news streaming at 10 EST. The others apps are useless. There is no HULU application on this tv. Also, this TV seems very energy efficient. The sticker on it clams annul electric cost is only $21 which is way lower than other tv in the same size. Bottom line: a good TV with good picture quality but lacks some basic functions.
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on November 11, 2011
I bought this TV for my parents because they wanted to upgrade from a tube tv to a new LED tv. I looked around for a tv in their price range that was also fully stocked with features that they might use and was easy enough for them to actually want to use. This is how I came upon this TV. What was even better was that Amazon was offering a discount if I purchased it with a certain CC. How could I pass that up?
The TV came in less then a week and the CEVA delivery guy helped un-pack and set up the TV just to make sure it functioned correctly. For larger TV's its always best for them to check it for damage.

The TV functions great with very vibrant colors, bright picture and fast response rate. The sound on it was also above average.

I already had a 60hz samsung, and a 120hz sony LCD TV and even though it has the same refresh rate as the sharp, it is way more noticeable on this Sharp set. I can even notice it during commercials, which I never saw on the Sony. its like looking at real life, almost better then 3-D, I don't think 240hz would be that much of a difference from this.
I use the WI-FI available on the set to view Netflix, which works just as good on my xbox as the TV. It also has a ethernet port but I had no need for it. A great plus for the TV is that now with internet connectivity, you can receive updates for the TV as soon as they are available, they come up as pop-up screens while the TV is on.

The only negative I can think about the TV is that the menu is VERY difficult to navigate. It took me forever to try to fix certain settings to my parents liking.

All in all however this is a great set to own and I wish I could have it to myself.
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on January 19, 2013
My first tv was DOA and had to be returned. That was the only negative. (It wasn't as fast as I would have liked, but wasn't horrible.)

The second tv was fine, and we have really enjoyed it. As some other reviewers have mentioned you need to adjust the color. When it arrived the picture was pretty dark, after changing some video settings the picture lightened up. Not sure why they default it to the darker look.

Picture has been top notch. Have had it for 18 months or so and would definitely get another.
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on November 13, 2011
First of all, let me say I am glad I made this purchase. Sharp TV's are priced better or as good as most, and I think the Aquos are the best LED/LCD TV's. This set's picture was excellent right out of the box. The only adjustment I made was to the sound. The first day I watched the TV was a sunny fall day. It is placed in a south facing room mounted on a east wall facing west. At one point in the afternoon the sun was shining directly on the picture with no affect or glare. One of it's features is that it automatically adjusts the brightness of it's picture to the room's light. So it is brighter on a sunny day and will dim at night. Makes it so much eaisier to watch any time of the day. Another feature I noticed is that it holds the volume levels individually. In other words, watching a local broadcast at a low volume level, switch to watching a DVD that needs a higher volume, switch back after the movie is finished and the volume is not blaring! What a great feature! I am just beginning to build my home theater system so I am sure I will discover more great features, such as the Aquos link, which allows interactive control of more than one component with the TV's remote control. I am also glad I got the largest TV that I could afford, as the space where it is located is large enough that I could be more than twenty feet away from this set and the viewing is still great. I am not sure why the 70 inch version is nearly twice the cost as the owners manual covers both the 60" and the 70". I am also not sure what happened to the reviewer that had his TV fail after 9 months. Perhaps he wasn't using a surge protector. Always use a surge protector for sensitive electronics. It's cheap insurance.
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