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on October 2, 2012
I've struggled with finding the perfect phone for nearly a year now and I must say I think I found it. I'm constantly sending emails and as much as I loved my LG900G I really needed to upgrade. Prior to using the LG900G I had the iPhone 3G but after a terrible experience with Apple .. I went to prepaid. Net10 has really okay phones but failed to offer a plan that fit my needs.

I was a bit skeptical about purchasing this phone because after seeing many reviews about this phone I've learned that some have unresponsive touch screens ( but what android phone doesn't ?) . I've had this phone for nearly a week and it's really great! It takes amazing pictures and has good voice quality, the texting is fast with the SWIPE keyboard makes it a bit faster. The messenger has a bit of a time keeping up with me since I speed text. The phone was fully unlocked and came with a charger adapter, USB/storage cable, battery, and the original AT&T box with instruction manual. Phone had no marks, scratches, smudges, or anything on it. I flashed this over with T-Mobile I use the $25 monthly plan since I mostly use wifi for my data and I have apps for texting and talking with friends. The only downside for this is there's not a case for it which sort of sucks ( I've seen a few on Amazon but they were like $15 and not in any colors I would like). I would recommend a screen protector though since it attracts dust and fingerprints very quickly. Also, when I showed it to family members and friends they could not believe the price I paid for it ( a little over $85) vs top of the line phones ranging $400 and up?
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on July 26, 2012
I had to purchase a new phone because the screen shattered on my HTC Inspire 4G and I didn't want to spend $125 on a replacement phone that wasn't exactly what I wanted.

I've always wanted a full keyboard phone that had a decent OS installed on it. I saw this on Amazon,looked at the reviews and then did more research on it. Heat wise, its fine. I work in a kitchen and usually it's around 125-130 on a good day and the phone still works fine for me. I noticed once that the battery itself was getting a bit hot, but that's because one of my brothers put it near the stove.

My only gripe is sometimes the touch screen is a little iffy. But once you know where to touch to make it go where you want it to, it's perfect
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on January 15, 2013
I got this phone from, I need a phone can be on internet with all WiFi in all domestic airports. So far this phone offer all need functions, texting is an pleasure the sliding keyboard is easy to use( better than some other LG phone), the blue tooth function is easy to connect with all different types of devices. The speaker phone function is a little bit of working( only work when the call is connected). and it comes with a 3.5 mm jack so you can plug in with standard earphone not like some Samsung or LG must purchase their earphones( with 2.5 mm jacks)

the WiFi function is easy to use, and fast. Specially when you use gmail or Hotmail. ( somehow yahoo mail have some trouble to set them up).

it has plain looking, which is good, nobody probably will steal it. slightly heavy(for the bright side, you always feel and know where is the phone when in the pockets of your coat or jeans. it comes with a easy finding USB charger can even get from any Big lots stores. The USB to computer is automatic plus the SD card can expand up to 32GB.
if you just want a cell phone with all normal function( not for phone TVS, Phone games). it is a reliable phone with daily requirement. and it is cheap, durable. you can also get a cell phone pouch from Wal mart of 9 dollars only. the only big problem is AT&T automatically detect your phone and ask for a smart plan!( some other off market smart phones, ATT has difficulties to detect them). other than this is a good replace cell phone for those don't want cost an arm and a leg with 2 years new contract just to get a new smart phone.
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on June 16, 2013
I just recieved this phone to replace two previous phones Ive ordered since April 2013, I received it as promised, the service was great, I got the phone on Friday June 7, 2013, it stopped working on Friday June 14, 2013. Is it me, or Am I just a magnet for receiving pieces of s*** that stop working in the most inopportune times, Im in law enforcement and the phone stopped working last night for no reason, while sitting on my desk! Now I have to buy another phone, but I will go to a store now and stop all my future ordering from Amazon because Im not getting killed on the street because another piece of s*** doesnt work, damn, this is the third time since April. Sorry, Ill pass no more for me, as far as Im concerned, Amazon is just like Walmart now, selling cheap ass junk. I think Ill go and get ripped off at the Verizon or Apple store now. Good day and Good bye! Just give me my Prime member refund.
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on May 18, 2015
For all qwerty love, danger lover, blackerry lover...

The keyboard is definitely a gem in our current "endangered" qwerty android device world.

The slider is not ur usual cheap slider like the milestone 2 and milestone 3. The mechanism can endure and also how we miss the springy feeling when we swipe the keyboard up...

So when u pay less than hundred for a phone, u have to compromise certain feature or hardware...

And so here it comes,

The ram is pathetic
The os is crap
The pathetic memory space can convert u into a scrooge.

But luckily...

We can change the os to cynogenmode
We can get extra ram back
We can move any apps to sd

And once it's on cm, it's quite snappy.

The keyboard is a heaven...
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on May 23, 2013
This phone was exactly what I was looking for to replace a 2nd cell phone line. After my mom died 2 years ago, I decided to keep her phone # as my second cell line and was looking to replace it with a newer phone. I did NOT want to get a phone that requires a data plan, though. Most 4G phones do require you to have a data plan, whether or not you use it.
This phone fit the bill, exactly. The ONLY negative thing about this phone is the internal phone storage. The Android/Google apps take up most of the phone space, along with the APK setup files for those, which cannot be moved or deleted.
That appears to be the only drawback to this phone.
Touch screen is extremely sensisitve, and I now have 2 of these phone, got one for my niece and a friend, and they are ALL very sensitive, so I don't know what people's gripes are about the touch screen.
If you want a phone that does NOT require a data plan get this one. It works fine. You can't find ANY cases to put the phone in, though. DON'T get the SKINOMI. It's NOT a case, they're adhesive stickers that just are stuck onto the phone.
If the phone had MORE internal storage space, I'd give it 5 stars. And it DOES support 32 gb SD cards.
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on March 15, 2013
at first I was sketchy on getting this phone from the reviews I read but since ive got this phone I am very pleased with it and all it can do love the wifi no extra fews for data on bill and my tmobile card worked it as if it was made for I have had no problems with this phone works wonderfully and I would recommend this phone for anyone looking for a cheap dependable android phone 1 other thing get a sreen protector wish I would of when I got it but I will now lol finger prints add up on the screen
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on May 30, 2013
I specifically typed in on Amazon "unlocked Net10 compatible cell phone" when I was looking to replace an LG android phone. I've only had the LG less than 6 months and its screen already shattered. This isn't the phone I ordered. The one I received says 3.megapixel camera and its keyboard is all black. Okay, that wasn't too bad because these models are similar. So it was charged for a number of hours and I couldn't get it to connect with Net10. It was going to go back to the warehouse when my son came. He looked at it and said to wait. He went my main computer, pulled up Net10, keyed in some info from the New phone and its working. I had no idea to do that! Dollars to donuts, others who have purchased an unlocked phone had a similar situation. So check out if you might need to connect with your account online first. The phone itself I like better than LG, has a little more heft to it so I don't drop it, and the keyboard is easier too use.
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on December 28, 2014
Have been using these phones over a year. Some great functionality, but could never update OS or delete bloatware. Very limited by the memory capacity and constantly had to uninstall apps to make room even though we mounted microSD cards. Voice dialing never really worked consistently or correctly, and had some trouble with keeping internet connectivity with our unlimited data plans. Additionally touch screen would frequently lock up and be unresponsive. Eventually, had to upgrade to a better phone, but made do for the time being.
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on July 28, 2013
Great phone as far as general usefulness goes with two great exceptions. The stupid way Sharp engineered the emergency call feature to almost be required to trigger when you first activate the phone. Updating the op system solves this little pecaidillo but what makes this phone almost useless is its pathetic battery life. This phone can't even be powered on and be expected to last even 12 hours before failing totally. If this lived up to its claimed stand by time it would be acceptable but I will give strong warning to even casual users who do more than the occasional text of facebook check that you wll be sadly disappointed in its lackluster performance......a surprise too seeing this is really an Ericsson made device. not walk away from this phone!!!
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