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on March 19, 2013
This may be last year's model, but I really like the colors and the 3D capability. I have not seen a better TV in any store. We got the matching Sharp 3D glasses, and all works great. 3D blue ray, 3D Verizon sports, or 2D regular stuff. Everything is sharp and vibrant. I didn't make any adjustments after I got it, but I don't think I need to. We watch it in a room where there will not be much sunlight. I don't care about the speakers in this TV since I'm running sound separately through an amplifier for a home entertainment center. We watched Top Gun and this time around you could tell where things were filmed the difference in clarity between scenes was amazing.

Ordering and delivery through Amazon was great. The TV arrived on a skid in an upright position. The truckers were careful with it, and all came through well. I don't think I could have picked it up at the store since the box was too big to fit in my car.
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on September 15, 2013
The picture quality is great, not the best compared to Samsung but you have to calibrate the TV out of the box. That's the only reason I gave the TV 4 stars instead of 5, the remote is also a little big for my comfort (I got used to it by now). I replaced a Samsung LED with this one due to the poor build quality and constant TV problems from Samsung. On the Sharp the internet browsing, YouTube and other Apps run very fast (thanks to the dual core processor inside the TV). Samsung struggled accessing and running the TV apps compared to Sharp, it delivers the apps very well (a little too fast!).

My previous TV before the Samsung was a Sharp Projector TV. I had that TV for over 15 years and that Sharp never game me any problems, I just simply got tired of having that big bulky thing, I wanted the latest and greatest in TV technology. I spend extra to pay for the top big boy LED Samsung model (What a mistake). It was all problems, lucky for me I bought an extended warranty and they told it was not worth repairing the TV. They cut me a check for the full purchase price and went back to the faithful Sharp brand. The Sharp brand was good to me for several years and I'm sticking with it again.

I recommend this Sharp LED TV to anyone, avoid the headaches and buy it, it simply works (Don't forget the extended warranty just in case).
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on October 16, 2012
After searching through reviews for months, I am glad that I have made this purchase. Like most people in the market for a large size TV, I did not want to invest on a lemon. I had thought that the Sony or Samsung TVs were the best and many reviews did support that. However, I have also seen some very negative reviews on each of these brands. Interestingly, there are very few strongly negative remarks on this TV. I now understand why. It is easy to install. It costs a lot less than the other name brands. The pictures, 2D to 3D, etc. are very good. I am happy, at least for now. The only remaining question is whether it will last. Given my experience thus far, I am very happy that I have brought this TV.
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on June 7, 2013
I needed a 60" to fit in our new, much larger entertainment center. After months of comparison shopping I finally settled on the LC-60LE847U with the Quatron technology. This is my third Sharp Aquos, after a 20" and a 32" and I continue to be impressed with the quality, performance and reliability of the Aquos line. The picture on the 60" is nothing short of stunning! I needed just a few color adjustments to meet my preferences since the yellows and blues were just a little too strong at the factory settings. The fourth (yellow) pixel in Quatron system is not just a gimmick, the colors really are more accurate and lifelike and the 10 million-to-one contrast ratio makes for perfect viewing in vitually any lighting condition or angle. I also picked up four pair of the Sharp AN3DG20B 3D glasses and a Sharp BDAMS20U 3D Blu-Ray player. The 3D is fantastic! Avatar looks every bit as good as when I first saw it in IMAX 3D. So sharp and detailed with no blur or lag!
100% satisfied so far!
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on January 13, 2013
It is big. I think because it is big we notice every little thing. Some channels that look good on the 42 inch Sony, look a bit blurry on this set. I also notice some ghosting around moving objects even when it is just someone walking, but my wife hasn't noticed it until I pointed it out. I also had a hard time with the 3D chip that makes regular 2D look as if it has more depth and closer to 3D. We have had it a few weeks now and I have gotten used to it. We haven't bought the 3D glasses to try the 3D as of yet. I also have noticed if I pay attention to the people talking, the speakers seem to far away and it seems they are just lipsyncing to the audio, but when we watch a movie with surround sound, this problem goes away, probably because the sound is much louder while watching a movie. I gave it 4 stars because my wife likes it and I am very critical of this kind of stuff. If it was just me watching it, I would have given it a 3 star rating. I do realize that a lot of folks aren't so critical and these issues certainly are not a deal breaker. Maybe I expected more because of the comments I read while making my decision to buy.
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on May 12, 2016
TV worked well for 3 years. All of a sudden it developed a purple blotch/spot in the middle. Its not very noticeable and only seen on greyscale but it is present on all channels/ all inputs. It seems this is a known issue with Sharp and I should consider myself lucky that the set worked well for 3 years.

In any case I was going to upgrade my TV and put this one in the basement.No interest in going through all the hassles faced by other customers (per message board). Never again Sharp, my 8 years old Samsung 46" still works like a champion.
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on July 11, 2013
The TV is pretty nice, looks great and was easy to setup. The price was better then Costco and Best Buy, but you have to wait a week or more to get it. I haven't tried the 3d yet or a DVD, but "Dish Network" looks great! I had one issue with the upper left hand corner of the screen being blacked out. I thought it was a picture in picture screen, but couldn't get rid off it? Reset the TV, unplugged and it was still there. Turned the TV on the next day and it was fine! I must have fat thumbed it when I was setting it up. I will have to double check, but I don't think you have to pay the CA recycling fee, so that saves $25.

I liked the online delivery appointment scheduling. It was easy and you can setup delivery after business hours. The only problem was I had a 1400 to 1700 delivery window and the driver starts calling me at 1000 saying he there wanting to deliver. WTF? The whole reason you set it up is because you know when you are going to be there. Lucky for him a neighbor was there and he put in his garage. Although it took me another day to hook up with him to get it. I also purchased the 5 year extended warranty for it. Hopefully I won't need it.
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on January 20, 2013
It's been a week since it made it home. TV has an amazing impeccable resolution. The 240 Mhz is the way to go for big screens. The setting up to the wireless network and browsing the net is not user friendly, but once you figured it out, it gets easier.

Blu Rays and DVDs look awesome. 3D feature is amazing. The glasses are beautiful - please read instructions in hoe to charge them. Once TV was installed at home, it looked as good -if not better than the famous premium Samsungs at the store. The sound volume could be slightly better but it is not bad for daily use. I'd stick to surround sound for movie/sports watching though. For the price -and Amazon even sells it at a reasonable price- this Sharp model excels the expectations!

I would highly recommend it.... Especially to those if you debating upon Samsung and Sharp. But make sure it's 240 MHz and NOT 120 MHz!

I intend to post a follow up after a month or so of use...
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on December 9, 2012
I started my search for a 60"+ LED with a pretty open mind. I've had a work horse 55" Sony rear projection for 7 years which hasn't needed anything but one replacement bulb and have been a passive observer of all the wonderful technological improvements in the interim. I finally decided to do something after moving to a new place and wanted to keep the floor space open by wall mounting. I had no predilection for any brand in particular and wanted to select the overall best bang for the buck. In my opinion, if you're going to spend more than $2 grand on a big screen, you don't want to compromise much on picture quality, and you've got the space, you're not going to get a better value than the Sharp 847u. Full disclosure, I've only had the TV mounted for about 28 hours but I am very pleased with it. It really is Sunday Night Football like I've never seen it before. I'm still reveling in the fact that the viewing area is a full 62% larger than my 55". If you're shopping in this category then how can bigger NOT be better? Obviously you can take this logic out to the absurd, but what's relevant here is that there are many competing 60-65" sets that cost the same or more as the Sharp 847u; 80" and 90" sets are still very much a novelty and you will pay a lot more to get there so I consider it an apples to apples comparison to competing 55-65" options.

This model has a 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 240 hz refresh rate which is a major step up for me and compares favorably with lots of smaller TVs with a much higher price tag. Some people have a problem with 240 hz because the picture "doesn't look like a tv" or has a "soap opera quality" where it looks like close-up shots of people / faces appear as if they're actually in the room with you versus on a screen. Isn't that supposed to be the point? I haven't experienced any of the lag or jerkiness that some observers have - I will update if I do.

I first started checking these out when they scored very high in the low-glare, high ambient light environment as I have a large window array in the family room. This set does not lack in its ability to put out a lot of light and still had a very bright picture in the middle of the day.
What's more, this beast is an energy sipper; the energy guide sticker is off the bottom of the chart with an estimated annual energy cost of $19. It also is true AQUOS Quattron - beware some of the older models in this family are not. This adds a yellow sub-pixel to the typical red, blue, green mix and allows for much more brilliant, metallic golds and a larger, smoother color range.

I will be adding a Blu-ray player and active 3D glasses to the fold soon so I can't comment on the 3D as of yet.

CONS (only applies to hardcore videophiles):

LEDs in general can't compete with plasmas on black levels. For me, I would rather not have all that excess heat being produced in my house (live in the South) to get marginal, incrementally more black blacks.

This is an edge-lit LED whereas you can get a previous model that is full-array. I wish it was full-array, but I assume it's a production cost thing from a manufacturing standpoint. Again, to me it is a marginal, incremental difference I don't want to pay more for in exchange for the higher contrast ratio, increased hz, and full 3D capability on this version vs. previous.

The remote control itself isn't overly elaborate (or lighted) and using the browser is cumbersome because you have to scroll around to select every letter. I did input a few websites and did some live streaming that I was okay with.

Bottom line: If you want to have one of the larger LEDs currently on the market that does quite well in all areas and you don't want to pay an exotic price, you should seriously consider this 70 incher.

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on September 13, 2016
I bought this TV on March 25th, 2013. Within the 1st 1 1/2 years the 3D no longer would work. I thought it was the glasses so bought more and that wasn't it. About the same time the 3D quit working, it began developing a black spot in the mid right side which has gradually gotten worse. I'm sure I could have it repaired but I shouldn't have to for an expensive TV I have owned for just over 3 years!
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