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At this low price, these are pretty good gold markers. They're not EXTREMELY metallic, like the higher end metallic paint pens from Japan, but they're a noticeably matte yellow-y gold color that stands out best on dark paper. On white, they still read well, but the gold looks more like brown ink with only a very slight metallic sheen.

Also, after seeing hundreds of Pinterest articles on using gold Sharpies for nail art, I finally tried it myself, since I was about to take my polish off anyway. As promised, it *does* make it very easy to give yourself gold tips, and you can quickly doodle some stripes and patterns in a flash. HOWEVER, it smears off quickly and completely unless you seal it with a topcoat, and the gold still looks more like a matte yellow-y bronze. (See photos.)

For basic holiday stuff, like wrapping paper and gift tags, they're still pretty good, and the price is easy to swallow. If you need special-occasion quality, these may not be for you, simply because they're not very metallic. However, I'm still happy with them for everyday marking and doodling.
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on September 28, 2016
I purchased this to complete a DIY project I was doing. I painted some rod iron wall decor cream and I wanted to go over it with gold paint to get a shabby chic look. Well on the advice of my friend she said it would be much easier and faster to use a gold sharpie. Well she was right. I was able to do some very fine lines when I was detailing my pieces. I was also able to fill in some larger sections too. I am very happy with my finished project. The gold color looks exactly how I wanted.
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on March 2, 2017
They are perfect for the goody bags I wanted to make for the archery themed party for my twin girls. I had the thank you cards and made similar goody bags to go with it and they are just so perfect. And good quality. And glossy and I used metallic sharpie and they didn't smudge. Highly recommend this product.
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on January 14, 2018
I needed to paint letters on a wood “gypsy box” that I was making for someone at Halloween, and I and found these markers to be just the thing I needed. My box had a dome top, and I didn’t want to mess it up with trying to paint with a brush (I’m no artist by a long stretch, but I do dabble in DIY crafts from time to time). I used stencils for the lettering, and one of these markers to fill in the letters. I probably could have had a steadier hand, but in the end it worked out. It was a nice gold color on top of the black paint underneath, and was easy to read. I used acrylic paint underneath the gold lettering, and then used a polyurethane for my topcoat to seal everything in once I was done. The marker itself worked perfectly, and wrote with ease on the wood. Much easier than those marker pens that you have to keep shaking and pushing the tip in to reload it with color. These are just regular markers.
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I use the gold metallic Sharpies mostly on tags and gift-related items, and I also keep finding more fun and crafty uses for them. When I write on Avery Red Marking Tags, Strung, 2.75 x 1.68 Inches, Pack of 100 (11017), the gold pops and really amps up the impact of a simple tag. Other things to like about the Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers:

1) Easy to use. The ink flows perfectly. No blobbing. No skipping.
2) They last. As long as I don't leave them uncapped for prolonged periods (i.e., keep the cap on when not in use!), they stay fresh and don't dry out. I've had these for well over a year, and they still work well.
3) There's just something fun and classy about adding a little gold and "gilding the lily".
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on June 23, 2016
I used to use sharpies to fill in stencils for a cabinet. They were beat, dried fast and were exactly the gold I wanted. 100% easier than painting with the same look.

They are more of a rose gold, in my opinion. These are hard to find in stores.
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on November 4, 2012
My now-wife/then-fiancè bought this to use for addressing invitations that we sent out. Considering the ungodly cost of the invitations, the fact that I got two of these for like four bucks is great.

I want to write an acceptable review, although a person is limitied in what they can say regarding sharpies so here goes: these sharpies are the bomb. They're awesome. Why are they awesome, you say? Well first of all, they're cheap! And they shipped fast! And they came in unharmed! But I'd also like to add that they're metallic, and the fine point on them is great for writing. They're gold in color, too! I may or may not have possibly written notes to myself in them, feeling very Midas-like as I did so. The fine point pen makes them excellent for writing in big fonts or smaller handwriting. There was no smudging shortly after writing as you may find with other sharpie-like products. The Sharpie brand quality is definitely noticeable in the craftmanship.

If you need a sharpie, and it has to be fine point, and needs to be gold--or if perhaps you just like to write yourself lil' notes of encouragement while feeling like Midas--then this is the product for you! And they're excellently priced, too!
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on December 7, 2017
these were NOT FINE POINT markers. The pens are great, but not what I was expecting. They are the normal tip Sharpie markers. Needed them for Christmas Cards, Went to the brick and mortar to get what I wanted...A FINE POINT MARKER. These went in a drawer for the kids.
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on August 23, 2017
These work great when you open them! Then they are worse by the day. Eventually it's barely gold at all. Try flinging or tapping it to move ink to the felt, BOOM busted. Ink all over the place. Make sure you use it quick or it doesn't work. They look amazing the first or second use though! I've had much better luck with the silver metallic sharpie. Which is a shame, because light grey doesn't work on everything..
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on November 29, 2015
Really useful for writing on black plastic and metal, e.g. camera gear, tripod, etc. Used it on a credit card front and it half wore off within a month. Started to wear off tripod after a year. So not really "permanent" (minus one star), otherwise pretty good. Does not cover like paint and does not "flow" or build up in layers to cover like paint or fingernail polish. I wish it would. For what it is, it does a good job identifying things otherwise difficult to write on.
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