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Anybody who thought this movie was going to be the old classic stuffy
Basil Rathbone-type Sherlock Holmes from the 30's & 40's is in for
a rude awakening! Guy Ritchie, the brilliant high-octane very stylized
director or "Rock N' Rolla" and "Snatch" fame, takes the helm and takes
the classic characters into the 21st Century with a bang while being very
true to the London in the 1890's time period in which all the original
Sherlock Holmes stories took place.
Robert Downey Jr. was brilliant as the genius sleuth, bringing a quirkiness
and physical edge to it which made it very uniquely his own interpetation.
But then that's just what makes Robert Downey Jr's work so special,
because he has been doing that for over 25 yrs now.
My only point of contention with his performance is in his very affected
1890's London accent...sometimes it was just too affected until you
really had to strain and turn up the volume to understand what he was saying!

Now Jude Law on the hand, an actual born and bred Londoner,
I understood everything he said without a problem! (-:
I loved Jude Law's rendition of Dr. Watson because his Watson
kicks ass and asks questions later!
No mere second banana, he is good-looking, physically fit,
a lover of the ladies, and he'll even go toe to toe with his buddy Holmes,
matching wits & theories. Ultimately though, Holmes is on another wavelength
of genius with his deductive reasoning, powers of observation, and his
razor-sharp timing in bringing it all home in the end.
The supporting cast of players were all very good and brought much comedy,
menace & flair to the film.
Overall, it was Guy Ritchie's vision and direction which brought it
all together and makes for a very enjoyable movie!---I liked it very much.
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on March 12, 2017
I like the movie and got it on time, but it stops playing in several parts. I have to shut off player then turn it back on then fast forward through the scene's it freezes at then start playing normal.
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Enthusiast: Campingon August 2, 2017
It was a 'good' movie. Admittedly I watched this while working on other things. So it was hard to keep up with the 'bad' characters and what was going on. I felt it was a little long and convoluted at times, like they were trying to cram everything in this movie they could. It was entertaining and definitely don't regret the $0.99 spent.
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on January 6, 2012
I have owned this movie for a long while now and have viewed it many times. With each viewing I appreciated this movie more for it's 'originality', as a whole new way to look at our beloved Sherlock Holmes; the word here is 'origin'.

I had lent my viewpoint of the super sleuth from the portrayal of him by Basil Rathbone. Watching movie after movie of Sherlock and Watson over the years done in such a way, I had just taken for granted that this is the way our detective was written also. While studying, the movie really made me wonder; how was Doyle's original interpretation written? So I went in to crack the books a bit. I had formed an opinion based on a screen performance through time that isn't altogether correct.

Doyle's books bring to light a multi-layered Sherlock Holmes that would go into the future and not become anything stodgy limited to just one time period. He is actually an everyman, and one who is steeped in all the knowledge that Guy Ritchie introduced to the audience in this action packed film. I am sure many of us found the Sherlock that we thought we knew to be a polar opposite of the man we see here, although this is Doyle's man of Baker Street. Guy Ritchie did a brilliant job portraying his lead, Robert Downey Jr., as Holmes and gave Jude Law a new well rounded Watson for us all to see for the first time.

The movie itself hails the duo to be a new "reintroduced" vision and in part that is true. "Sherlock Holmes" brings to life Doyle's original writing of the books and is far more closely related to this screen adaptation, in my judgment, from studying. What an awesome surprise for me. Everyone who has read any of the books and/or only has seen the different screen adaptations, keeping those portrayals to reflect the scope of Holmes alone; you must do your imagination a huge favor and introduce Ritchie's everyman super sleuth to yourself again.

Sherlock Holmes is so faceted with tons of nuances shown here in this movie from the novels. He is so many things all rolled up in one man of action and completely cerebral throughout, a man of then and a man for now. He is steeped in many realms of thinking, as he is also just as much a defender of those truths. A bare knuckle fighter and well versed in the martial arts, Doyle wrote him extremely well rounded to be a thinking man of adventure.

Sherlock and Watson explode into this movie, using every trick in the books and show us a very real and exciting duo. Now that I know how these characters were originally written, I can clearly see that this is an important movie setting the standard back to the original.

I have already seen the second film and thought it far reaching because I didn't do my homework ahead of viewing it. Now I can hugely appreciate this movie as definitely I will watch my judgment of things without knowing the facts first. If you enjoyed this movie as I did, you're in for a real treat with viewing the second film. It is as if you are getting the same Holmes and Watson here plus adding so very much more.

Enjoy the first movie again, perhaps before viewing the second. It is worth a second look with a new perspective and refreshed open mind.
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on July 25, 2017
Old time London a sexy Jude law. Thus film has some interesting action scenes a great plot. This is something you can enjoy even if you haven't read the books (I haven't read them I thought it was good). I think this is something the whole family can enjoy, even a darkling goth like myself.
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on August 19, 2017
A fun and entertaining look at Sherlock. Put aside the more classic presentations, most of which we love, and you will enjoy this new effort. A little grimy and dark but fun.
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on April 28, 2016
I've been a longtime fan of Sherlock Holmes and when this originally premiered I wasn't sure what I'd think of it. Though I'm a HUGE fan of RDJ, I wasn't 100% convinced that he could pull off Sherlock to the way that most Holmes fans would like. As usual, he went above and beyond and absolutely nailed the role, officially spoiling me for anyone else (other that BC in the series) to play Sherlock. The story itself was incredibly well written and presented, the cast was amazing; it did not disappoint at all! I would highly recommend this movie as its also safe for the family to watch as well. Great for any movie night!!
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on March 14, 2013
Sherlock Holmes has always been portrayed as a rather dour logical character and in most films this is what we see. Only a few have ever given him a sense of humor that wasn't a parody but this portrayal is completely off the wall. Even so, there is still the drive, the ruthless logic that one sees as he calculates his moves to best effect. He may appear crazy, but one can see that he is anything but as he goes about his hunt of enemies that are- almost- his equal. In this, he seeks to apprehend a man already considered dead,yet risen from the grave,murdering the members of a secret club--and yet, this is not the most nefarious of his plans, plans that would put the Entire British Empire in jeopardy. Robert Downy JR. And Jude Law are quirky, and sometimes funny, but this dosen't distract from a wild time as they seek to put Rockwood back into his grave, to stay, this time and save Parliment.
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on February 22, 2012
But then I remembered that "Elementar, dear Watson" is not written in the books, and yet now we hold it as "sherlockian" cannon...

That said, I enjoyed this Sherlock very much. It is fun, it is not boring much on contraire mon ami. Even if it has not "watson-o-vision", as this Watson is not dumb (because that role is for Lestrade), we do the Watson thing : we are easily distracted in crime scene, we give too much attention to what is not important, as in Watson's descriptions in the books.

Watson being a fool always made me unconfortable. Brilliant people do not gather stupid people. Fools would gather around themselves stupid people. That way, the fool can appear more intelligent than it he really is.

So Watson being a stupid 30's years old man would depreciate Holmes' brilliance. Successfull people gather around people more intelligent (or at least as intelligent) as themselves. That is the way to be always self-challenged to keep improving.

So a choice of a not-dumb-watson was a challenge. Because as Watson is not a idiot, Holmes hadn't that easy way to shine. Holmes HAD TO BE REALLY briiliant, because none less would impress us when we compare him with a capable Watson.

Only ONE thing annoyed me. Irene hinted about her employer, and Holmes would not discover by himself who was her employer...
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on October 23, 2016
Cheesy, campy, indulgent, corny-whatever you might call it, it's a lot of pleasurable silliness with just the right amount of excess and Gothic atmosphere.
It also is more faithful to Doyle's world-famous character than many more "serious" adaptions. Holmes really was an inconsiderate, moody, over-dramatic, reclusive, impulsive man. A look at A Study in Scarlet or The Sign of Four could tell one he was as eccentric and doped as a respectable Victorian mind like Doyle's would imagine.
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