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on November 14, 2014
I have nothing positive to say about this. This is the third shop vac we've owned. The previous 2 from 10 years ago are significantly better. We bought this during an Amazon deal of the day special because it would be nice to have more shopvacs in the house in case the older ones fail.

The wheels don't stay on. The top doesn't stay on even if you have the latch on (the latch doesn't even latch on to anything really). So, you can't exactly drag it anywhere in the shop (or outside) without picking up the whole thing and hugging it like your dear pillow to move it from location A to location B. When you drag it on a flat, smooth service, the wheels will fall off one at a time, and then eventually the top will just fall off. If you still want to drag it around after all of those have fallen off, then the hose will just pop off. Seriously, the hose is not really attached to anything either.

So now that you have relocated this item, good luck vacuuming anything . The internal ball thing just clogs if the vaccuum is not exactly level. And the attachment between the port and the bag? Good luck if you need to suck up anything bigger than a piece of dust because it won't even go into the bag. The plastic housing feels cheap and gross. This is no where near the quality of the first 2 shopvacs we've owned. This is a total reject.
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on August 23, 2012
Purchased this Shop Vac (Shop-Vac 9633400) more than a year ago as I was preparing to put down a wood floor in a rather small room. Since then it's followed me through every DIY job I've chosen to punish myself with -- the regrouting of a master bathroom, numerous weekend woodworking garage projects, window-sill soot removal, furnace/AC ductwork cleanings (those elbows beneath the floor registers where all the little kiddie toys, dust balls and cupcake sprinkles collect). I've relied upon it for car carpet cleaning, doggie barf pickup, scraped-paint chip collection, and for thoroughly removing sawdust from the collection bags on my orbital sander and chop saw. Through all of it, this vacuum has sucked hard. And, on top of that, this vacuum really blows too. The easy removal of the blower portion converts the unit into a hand-held, electric leaf blower that's every bit as powerful (if not more so) than those gas-powered monsters used by professional landscapers to clear leaves and annoy the neighbors for blocks at 6 in the morning on summer Saturdays. For the record, this blower is not only quieter than the gas-powered ones, it also never works before 11 am on Saturdays because, well, neither do I. No homeowner should go without one of these.
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on March 28, 2014
We've used Shop-Vacs in my family for as long as I can remember, since they were entirely made of metal. This one is good. It's certainly big enough, but it's not too heavy, it's fairly manageable, it has good power. I love the fact that you can drain liquid from the bottom or pour it out the top. The filters and stuff are easy to change.

The leaf blower thing is unnecessary. If I want a leaf blower, I'll buy a proper blower. I'd prefer to have a better Shop-Vac with no "extra" features that detract from the primary purpose of the machine--to vacuum stuff up. I totally agree with the others--the hose and the tool holder are a complete joke. But the rest of it's OK, and I'm rather glad to have a wet vac made of plastic--it's lighter and not as conductive as metal. I think the 12-gallon tank is a great size. Not too big and not too small. The cord and hose length are just right too, I think, and I've used it as a very involved DIY-homeowner to do everything from vacuum up soaked, gooey cement floors to pick up tile chips and cement dust. It's held up for two years now, and I've really punished it.

I think Shop-Vac should make their model numbers more standardized and not produce so many different models, including "branded" models, for so many different stores. It's confusing for those who want to maintain their machine, it's confusing when you go to the hardware store and say that you have a "Shop Vac" and they point you to their own branded model, which is not the same as yours, and it lends the impression that they're trying to cheap out (do Walmart customers get a cheaper version of the machine than Ace customers?). They MUST improve the quality of the hose and improve tool storage or I'll never buy another one again. They need to include an adapter and design a decent wet floor squeegee.

Other than that, it's great.

Oh--one other issue--when I go on the Shop-Vac site to download the parts list, this model is not listed. I can get an Owner's Manual but not a parts list. They make buying replacement parts and accessories more difficult than it needs to be. More choice and more features are not necessarily better.

****ADDITION: November 2014****
Recently a friend helping me clean up threw away the vacuum cleaner bag with what is called the "inlet deflector" still attached to it. This is the piece that directs debris from the time that it reaches the end of the hose and shoots into the canister, the bag, or whatever is in there to catch or filter the debris. I went to to find out about it, and it appears that the part has been redesigned, so they did change a part that wasn't designed very well (you had to change the orientation of this piece depending on whether you were doing wet or dry pickup). But they also charge $15 for the new part ($6 plus $9 for the cheapest available shipping). So, a redesigned part, very hard to find, easily lose-able, and it's $15? I will look more carefully next time I buy a Shop-Vac. I will not automatically seek out this brand any more. The long list I gave above and now this has stretched my tolerance too thin.
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on November 14, 2015
I have had it for a little less than 3 years and use it infrequently. When using it recently, the motor slowed, started smoking, and stopped. I disassembled the entire unit and found the motor to be fried. Shop Vac does not offer a replacement motor option, you have to replace the entire "power unit", which would be more expensive than what I paid for the entire unit when I bought it on a lightning deal.

I first posted this as a 1 star for a dead motor. However, since then I have been in contact with Shop Vac customer service and they are sending me a replacement power unit at no charge despite it being nearly 3 years since I bought this product. Maybe they are aware of a problem, or they just have a good service philosophy, but either way I will up my rating because I otherwise like this unit and got a great deal on it, and appreciate their responsiveness to my issue.
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on August 3, 2016
Excellent shop vac that fits all my needs and then some. I didn't really need a blower but it's cool that the top can come off and work as a blower. I have an electric blower that fits my needs and although this one would be stronger, it requires pulling around a cord. As a wet/dry vac, it's fantastic! I use it around the garage and to vacuum out the car. My neighbor borrowed it when ripping up tile and it did an amazing job cleaning up the job site. I've also used it for wet projects and it cleans that up just as well. This brings up the ONLY piece that was missing from this set... and that's a foam filter. Be sure to get one of those as well. That way if you need to use it for wet vac, remove the normal filter and slip on a foam filter.
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on November 5, 2015
Meh. Feels kind of flimsy, but has good suction. Supposed to have a top carry, but don't try it -- the motor unit will come off in your hand. You have to pick it up by the side latches. In theory it can hold all of its accessories, but in reality they clatter off the minute you touch it. Does not come with a foam sleeve for wet pickup, so unless you spend more cheese you only have a dry vac. It's okay and I'll use it till it drops, but I would have done a bit more research before buying this one.
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on October 1, 2012
I doubt you will be disappointed with this vacuum. The cannister is exactly the right size (not too big, but ample). It comes with a generous, high-quality 8' flexible hose, and LOTS of attachments. If you also buy the available two-piece 2 1/2" diameter wand extension kit, then this machine is IDEAL for cleaning out your high gutters (when they're dry). It's a VERY powerful, and the central "head" unit lifts out for use as a powerful, lightweight leaf/debris blower that can be used with the wand and attachments. If you join the two included "elbow" pieces together at the end of the wand, and put the included cone-shaped tip on the end, it forms a GREAT tool for blowing junk out of your gutters - or vacuuming junk out of your gutters - whichever you prefer. It will either blow debris away, or vacuum it into the included bag (liner). Very easy assembly is needed to attach the casters (one hex/slot screw each), snap in the tool holder, and install the bag inside the cannister. I really like this vacuum/blower from Shop Vac!
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on August 25, 2016
I like this product. I use it out in my pottery studio and it works as expected. I am not thrilled with the hose. It falls apart easily so I had to tape it together. It is not very flexible so you have to hold the wand a certain way to get good pick up. For the suction to be this great on a Shop Vac I am disappointed in the hose and the attachments that comes with it and if I could order a better hose that had a more versatile hose I would give it 5 stars. Be aware the hose and nozzle are huge in diameter not your standard hose size. Makes it hard to hold with one hand and push it around. The machine itself is great it is the hose and the nozzle that leave a lot to be desired. If there is a kit that I could put on that would adapt a smaller hose I would buy it in a heartbeat.
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on May 28, 2013
I got this Shop-Vac for a great price while it was on sale at Amazon. I couldn't be happier with the vacuum itself. I am a Commercial Truck driver and I deal with lots of grain. My truck is constantly being filled with extremely fine dust and I had an ongoing battle trying to keep my rig clean. Until I came upon this vacuum of course. It handles the fine dust without a problem, whereas other vacuums I have tried just leaked the dust back out into the air, even with a fine dust bag. I also use it around the house, in my garage, and in my shop. While the power is sufficient for any job I need it for. And while it may not be the most versatile vacuum in the world, the pros definitely outweigh the cons in my opinion. Putting it together took a little more time than I anticipated, but its quite simple and all the parts/instructions come tucked away inside the container. I have yet to use the vacuum for any wet cleanups, but I have no doubt that it would perform without breaking a sweat. The leaf blower feature is amazing! Blowing my expectations out of the water. I have never owned a leaf blower before, and knowing this isnt the main purpose of this device, I was surprised at how easy it was to use, and just how effective it was at blowing out my two car garage. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Delivery was a day ahead of schedule. I have not had to deal with costumer service because this vac is so easy to use, and not to mention reliable. I have been using it regularly for several months now and the only complaint I have is that some of the attachments seem to be rather cheaply made, or don't serve much purpose. At least for the uses I need it for. I would in no way let that influence your decision to purchase this vacuum. I recommend this to everybody when they ask me how I keep my truck so clean! Great product, and a very happy customer.
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We moved to Florida and our former Shop-Vac stayed with the buyer of our house. I gravitated toward this Shop-Vac because it's two in one. A detachable blower (clever option) and a a Shop-Vac with all kinds of attachments.

You can certainly pay less money on a Shop-Vac (or an imitation brand) but to me, this is the kind of device that when TRULY needed (water intrusion, flooding) will be worth it's weight in proverbial gold. I decided to go for the dual option and pay just a little bit more for a larger motor and a detachable blower.

This sucker has great attachments and is very flexible. Worth a couple extra bucks.
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