Customer Reviews: Shopaholic & Baby
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on March 2, 2007
I have been anxiously awaiting this newest installment of the Shopaholic series and grabbed one of the last books off the shelf on luck would have it, the next day we were in the middle of a huge blizzard, so I was able to stay home and read the whole book in one sitting. It was great! I was laughing out loud over and over and tried to share the humor with my husband (who didn't get it!). Of course, Becky goes crazy with her shopping and buys way more than a baby could ever use, but the storyline with Luke's old girlfriend was great, and I love the other characters from past books like Jess and Suze, and Becky's mom and Janice are always a hoot! I just hope she doesn't stop here with the series. No, it isn't deep, insightful reading, but for a fun time, you can't beat Becky Bloomwood and her Visa card!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 4, 2007
I'm getting a bit tired of the Chick Lit category for some books because this book deserves to stand out and be accessable to MORE readers, ones who don't consider themselves "typical" Chick Lit readers. I confess that I'm one of those and because of that, I nearly missed reading this delightful book. It isn't deep literature but it is a pleasure to read, even if you're long past the days of parenthood (my kids are nearly grown).

Quite simply, it is funny, believable and has a mother who readers should be able to relate to - or actually a mother-to-be. From the first days of pregnancy to other decisions, large and small, she is eccentric and lovable, in her own quirky way, fuming at her husband as he juggles business and HER needs, getting in debates with him about whether to learn the gender of the baby during an ultrasound, etc..

I laughed out loud at some parts.

Take a chance on this one. I wish I could include excerpts from every section of the book but you deserve to discover her style without having the surprise spoiled.
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VINE VOICEon December 2, 2007
SHOPAHOLIC & BABY by Sophie Kinsella
December 2, 2007

Rating: 4/5 Stars

I've loved all the SHOPAHOLIC books by Sophie Kinsella, and this was no exception. In SHOPAHOLIC & BABY, Becky Brandon (Nee Bloomwood) is now pregnant, and as all fans will suspect, she's shopping like a madwoman for baby items. But not just any old baby items. She has to have the best of all designer products, such as fancy prams (no, she can't just have one!). Forget the breast pumps, the diapers, and all the stuff that is essential. Becky is only interested in one thing, and that is to have anything that looks great, has a designer label on it, and all the celebrities have as well.

When Becky learns about the gynecologist to the stars, she HAS to switch doctors and finds a way to get on the waiting list for this very exclusive doctor. When she throws her name around (being married to the very famous Luke Brandon), she gets in immediately. Unfortunately, she finds out too late that Luke actually knows her new gynecologist. In fact, Luke and Venetia used to date in college, and from Becky's viewpoint, it looks like the two of them may have some unfinished business.

SHOPAHOLIC & BABY is one misunderstanding after another, although it begins to look like maybe Becky isn't really misunderstanding anything at all. Is Luke really having an affair With Venetia? Will Becky allow this woman to deliver her baby? And what about all those baby strollers she bought? Will she be able to keep them all?

In the mean time, Luke's business is heading for some rough times, and Becky is still spending money like it grows on trees. Becky's best friend is having a crisis of her own, and Becky's newly found sister (from the previous book) thinks that Becky has seen the light and is no longer the big consumer she used to be. Ha! I have a feeling this may be the last book in the series, although there is always a way to add yet another novel. I have enjoyed all the SHOPAHOLIC books, and I somehow relate to Becky (scary, I know) and am glad that there is someone out there, albeit fictional, that spends more money frivolously than I do.
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on July 16, 2009
In typical Becky fashion, she chooses to go for the snotty OB GYN. That's fairly realistic, given her persona, and I know plenty of people do go this route.

But when the OB GYN turns out to be your husband's gorgeous ex? Really? At that point, you cut bait.

I don't know if Kinsella has ever had a baby, but surely she's been an adult female long enough to know that going to a doctor you don't trust and letting them poke you in parts to which you generally restrict who gets access is really unbelievable.
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on May 28, 2008
I had the misfortune of buying this book before a long flight to Europe. Due to a lack of alternative entertainment, I read the book from cover to cover. While the book had some funny excerpts, my extreme dislike for the main character (Becky Brandon) overshadowed any enjoyment garnered from the book.

Rather than being lovable, I found Becky to be irresponsible, annoying and pretentious. For example, after Becky's husband explains that his company is "hemorrhaging money" and asks her to reign in her spending, Becky responds by hiding her purchases from him. How very responsible of her, indeed.

Of course, I realize the book is of the chick lit genre, but it would have been nice to have a modicum of reality intermixed with the fiction.

To me, Becky represents the irresponsible consumerism that has resulted in the current credit crisis, and frankly, I don't find anything laughable about that. Kinsella appears to have mailed in this book, and it's evident that she exercised the same level of brain power as possessed by her heroine in thinking through the plot.
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on June 20, 2007
At the recommendation of a friend, I started reading the Shopaholic series last summer. Becky Bloomwood wormed her way into my heart, Denny & George scarf and all. Now we're 5 books in, and quite frankly, I don't find her all that endearing anymore. Her eccentric quirks and her apparent lack of common sense become increasingly frustrating throughout this book. I spent the majority of my time skimming through the pages, wishing that somehow, some way, Becky would not only learn the value of a dollar (it must be nice to have a rich husband to bail you out every time you screw up! And I've never heard of banks permitting overdrafts of $3000 - mine starts charging insane fees if you go even a penny in the red!), but to learn from her mistakes, which she is apparently incapable of doing.

I don't know that I will be continuing on with this series, which is sad. I'd love to see Becky embrace her Shopaholic nature, while at the same time, being a smart shopper. It can be done.
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on March 22, 2007
If you're a fan of the Shopaholic series, this one will definitely be a favorite. Sophie Kinsella has not lost her magic touch of making Becky the charmingly air-headed shopping maniac we have come to love. I found myself laughing out loud throughout Becky's adventures in pregnancy. From her obsession with shopping in all the chic baby boutiques, to ordering online and from the glossy upscale catalogues, to investing in "antiques of the future" for her baby's portfolio, Becky was in fine form. Now working (more or less) as a personal shopper at a laughingstock of a store, Becky finds ways to make it soar while enlisting the help of an old friend. Familiar characters like Suz, Mr. and Mrs. Bloomwood, Janice, Tom, Jess, and of course Luke, are all featured prominently as Becky goes in search of the A-list obstetrician, the choice of all the glam people, only to discover she is Luke's ex-girlfriend and still carries a torch for him. Will Becky trust Luke when he is seen out and about with the doctor? Will she be able to find the right pram for her baby? Will she be the toast of the town when Vogue magazine features her as one of London's "yummiest Mummies-to-be"? From her first sonogram to the most hysterical delivery ever, everything's coming up pink and blue for our favorite shopper. Don't miss this one!
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HALL OF FAMEon February 9, 2008
I remember the first time I read a Shopaholic novel. It was the first book in the series, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and I thought Becky Bloomwood and the constant trouble she got into for overspending were hilarious. (I loved the opening line, "OK. Don't panic. Don't *panic*. It's only a VISA bill. It's a piece of paper; a few numbers. I mean, just how scary can a few numbers be?" After all, who hasn't gone through THAT?) Five books later, I'm still having fun with Becky. The least likable book to me was Shopaholic and Sister, because I felt that Kinsella had run out of ideas and was churning out a filler novel just to continue to cash in on her successful series. In the meantime, I thought The Domestic Goddess and Can You Keep a Secret? were wonderful. (The books she wrote under the pen name Madeleine Wickham aren't bad either.) I'd had Shopaholic and Baby on my TBR pile for a VERY long time, since it was released in hardcover last year. Now I wonder what took me so long to give it a whirl. Rebecca Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is back, and now she and Luke are having a baby. Which, of course, means new shopping possibilities. Imagine all the baby stuff she could get! Plus, she and Luke would need a bigger house now, and she's heard of this celebrity obstetrician that she simply must receive care from! Be careful what you wish for, Becky, because the glamorous Venetia Carter, OB-GYN to the stars, could well put her (somewhat) ordered life and marriage in jeopardy...

I really loved reading this book. Sophie Kinsella has one of the sassiest voices in chick-lit I have read. (I can't help but wonder if she'd write a Young Adult novel one day. I think she'd be brilliant at it. Perhaps a prequel -- Rebecca Bloomwood, teen fashionista-slash-shopaholic?) Becky's shopping expeditions and Luke's reaction to them are hilarious, of course, but the story is riveting because it focuses more on her relationship with Luke. I had always wondered why Luke loved Becky, someone so different from him, and now I know why. This installment has more depth than the previous books because Luke is more fleshed-out; he's not just the rich, handsome boyfriend-turned-husband who has no time to notice in this one. The thing with Venetia, while unoriginal, adds some spice into the storyline. And I enjoyed revisiting Becky's friends Suze, Tom and her sister Jess. The one thing that has always irked me about Becky (besides her tendency to be annoying) and Luke is that they keep secrets from one another -- hence the big misunderstanding in this novel. Then again, without it there would be no conflict, and in turn no story. Anyway, I enjoyed Shopaholic and Baby. I don't know if this is the conclusion to the Shopaholic series, but it should be. I mean, what's next? Shopaholic and a Toddler? Shopaholic and a Pre-Teen? Shopaholic and Menopause? Well, you get the picture. I recommend this novel and I can't wait to read Remember Me?
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on May 13, 2013
I love this book! I am a BIG shopaholic fan, and have this book in paperback as well as 2 different audio versions (abridged with Kathryn Kelgren, and unabridged with Emily Gray). I have worn out both audio copies as the cd's are all scratched up. I ordered this one and received it only to find that its a different narrator than the first two copies I have. She is good, but I really like Emily Gray as Becky Bloomwood, which is why I only gave the book 4 stars. The story is as funny as ever and I would recommend this audio book to anyone who is looking for a good laugh!
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on March 16, 2007
I love the Shopaholic series. However, the story lines seem to all be the same - Becky shops - a lot, Luke has issues at work that he does not share with her, she thinks he is cheating, Becky does something stupid and manages to turn it into something positive, etc.

The book is funny and good for a quick read during spring break. I just wish we could see Becky get a real life and do something besides shop. Seriously, what person needs 5 prams?
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