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on February 3, 2012
When the watch first arrived it was packaged in a way that would suggest it is much more fragile than reality, no complaints (I'm glad the shipper cared as much). The watch has a very impressive face and my girlfriend was immediately stunned by it's appearance. The size is just as expected, if you've seen a pocket watch before, then it is perhaps a bit smaller than traditional. I compared it to my grandfathers and it was just slightly smaller, but that's one type as well. The only con I've taken with it thus far is the chain and clip, they feel a bit cheap especially in comparison with the rest of the quality, but for an 80 dollar watch much more than adequate. I've found the watch to be quite accurate for time and it ends up stealing much of mine as I admire it's beauty.
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on June 11, 2013
I have carried pocket-watches for more years than most of you have been alive, both Quartz and mechanical/wind-up styles.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that my watch is almost a gun-metal color, rather than the stainless appearance shown in the pictures.
I have never before had a "skeleton" case and sort of like being able to see the time without having to open the cover, thus saving wear and tear on the latch and hinge, yet still having the protection of a cover.
It is neat to be able to see the innards doing their millions of little jobs.
Everyone I have shown this to is impressed and they think I paid much more than I did; I see no reason to enlighten them.

I read some comments that the chain and clasp are a weak point.
Not so on the watch I received; mine looks like a log-chain for a Tonka-truck and should long out-live the watch.

The "crystal" may or may not be some cheap plastic; but, at least on my watch, it fits firmly and does not have a "cheap" appearance.

For the first few days, it gained a minute or so per day.
After a few weeks of use, it has settled into remaining as accurate as any other time-piece I have carried.

When winding the watch, for the first time, wind until ONLY the slightest resistance is felt; going farther will do more harm than good.
Don't expect this "resistance" to feel like torqueing the lug-nuts on a R-model Mack; this is a delicate time-measuring instrument.

Don't "ratchet" the winding knob back and forth like a socket-wrench.
Turn and release; turn and release.

After the initial winding until slight resistance was felt, I have found that 14 of my "winds" every 24-hours is plenty sufficient to keep things going; your own "winds" may differ a bit.

I don't recommend winding as far as it will go every time; wind only as much as necessary to keep things moving for 26-hours of so; thus, one has a couple hours lee-way, should one's winding time not always be perfectly on schedule.

The only ---GRIPE--- I have is in the positioning of the numerals.
A hinged-cover pocket-watch is SUPPOSED to have 9-o'clock located at the hinge side, and 3-o'clock located at the stem; thus, when one snaps open the cover, the hands and numerals are properly positioned for easy viewing.
Having 12-o'clock located at the stem requires one to re-orient the watch after opening the cover, in order to tell the time.
Prior to this, every other watch I have owned has had 3-o'clock at the stem; I have had to completely re-learn how to tell time due to this annoyance.

Sadly, every watch I viewed on Amazon is plagued with this wrong face orientation.

Other than that face-orientation annoyance, I really like my watch and expect it to be a constant companion for many years to come.

Alas, after a few weeks of near-perfect time-keeping, I had my watch in the same shirt-pocket where I have carried them for generations.
I thoughtlessly boosted a rather large heavy square-cornered item over into the dumpster at work and crushed the un-protected viewing window in the back-side of my watch, smashing shards of crystal/plastic into the workings of the watch and causing it's instant un-timely demise.
This was purely a freak accident and was no fault of the watch, other than the see-thru window design.
Considering this tragedy, I ordered a very similar mechanical pocket-watch, except this one has a "back-door" cover over the see-thru window, as well as a cover over the face.
In all the years I have constantly carried closed-face pocket-watches, this is the first one that I have accidentally destroyed.
I really liked my watch and hated to see it go.

The moral of this story is that, if you actually work or play hard, beware of the un-protected see-thru windows found on most "skeleton" watches.
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on June 2, 2013
I gave this watch only one star, well one because I couldn't give it zero stars, but also because it is very cheaply made and doesn't keep time for more than 12 hours before you start loosing time. THe whole entire skeleton face cover is plastic that has been painted with chrome paint, the crystal isn't glass it is also a piece of plastic that after only a week of using it came unglued and spins inside the case, also the clasp that is "supposed" to keep the cover shut, is VERY week, it pops open on it's own all the time just from being in your pocket, what good is a "pocket watch" that doesn't stay together in your "pocket", let alone one that doesn't even keep accurate time. If you are looking to buy this for a little kid for their first pocket watch that it doesn't matter if it gets wrecked then I guess go ahead and buy it. If you are looking for a quality watch made of quality materials that keeps accurate time don't buy this watch. It is a complete waste of money and does nothing other than look cool. Don't buy it. I will never shop from this company again.
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on October 23, 2012
I've had this pocket watch for two days. This is my first mechanical pocket watch, but I've owned pocket watches before. It is very pretty for the money and it will impress people because of its novelty, but it does not look expensive. This is due to its opening and closing latch being cheaply constructed and the front crystal is plastic(in accordance with the product description)and loosely placed. The back crystal seems to be hardier construction, well fitted and made of most likely glass. There are two black smudges on the large gear of the movement which bothers me. I've opened the case and tried to clean it but some smudge remains. However, the movement looks beautiful, somewhat standard stuff but goldish color. It keeps time well. The chain is solid quality, anything more it will be too heavy in my opinion.

This pocket watch was very inexpensive; less than $20. I think it is a great value. I used to think pocket watches were obsolete and antiquated but then I've noticed people, myself included, used their cellphone or smart devices to check time. So, why not use something more classy?
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on December 28, 2016
I received my order that included this a bit over two weeks ago, and it will have been running successfully for two weeks as of tomorrow. I'm very pleased with this pocket watch, on multiple levels. It has all the features of my ideal pocket watch: mechanical movement, demi-hunter case, and skeleton dial. On top of this, it's very good quality, and runs very smoothly. I was slightly surprised to find that it didn't lose or gain any time during my first few days of using it. To put it succinctly, I am happy with my purchase.
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on March 27, 2013
A wonderful watch. I was very pleased with the 5-day delivery, and have easily gotten into the habit of winding it every morning. To wind, simply twist the crown clockwise. the spring is located directly to the left of the Nine o' Clock mark, and can be seen easily when winding. Wind only until you can barely see the gaps between the curve of metal in the spring, and will keep accurate time throughout the day. I have found that with a full wind at nine o' clock, it will usually unwind completely by six o' clock the following morning, an err in time which can be easily remedied by a reset of the time, executed by pushing the crown upward until it clicks, then rotating the crown counter-clockwise until it showed the correct time. I've noticed that the highly strung balance wheel (seen in the back) normally rotates back and forth ticking about four times per second.
The only criticism of the product I have, though, is that about two weeks in, the semicircular piece of metal held on to by the chain popped off. I used a small pair of pliers to first put the piece of metal back on, and then bend it back into the proper shape.
review image review image review image
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on March 27, 2013
It seems like an alright watch but I have already noticed problems. The chain is flimsy, the glass is cheap plastic and the numbers are in Roman Numero. Let me rephrase that last statement; it SHOULD be in Roman Numero but they screwed up. I,II,III,IIII,V...

Obviously whoever designed the watch was or still is an idiot because four is suppose to be IV, not IIII. However, I bought this watch for cheaper than the original price (less than $30) and only because I would like a good looking pocket watch for special occasions. Therefore, it serves its purpose by looking good but don't let anyone take too close of a look.

If you are looking to make your outfit look snazzy and need a functional watch; this one is for you. If you are looking for a quality watch then look somewhere else. I give this 2 stars.
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on June 1, 2013
The watch kept time and looked nice, but that's all that is good about it. The movement simply stopped after four days. Looking at the ShoppeWatch return policy, we see:

"Watches may not be worn, used, sized or altered in any way. Watches showing any sign of wear can not be returned. Most of our watches are being shipped with a return seal. This seal MUST be present and unaltered for those watches with a designated return seal. If this seal is removed, damaged, or manipulated, return is void. All original factory tape, plastic protectors and stickers must be intact and never removed.

Credit will be issued in the same form as payment received.

If you suspect that your watch may be somehow defective, please notify us immediately. Do not attempt to repair the watch yourself or by anyone else. Watches with proven factory defects (as determined by will be replaced with the same model if reported to us within 3 days of delivery."

So hey, if it stops working after 4 days? No returns! Isn't that great.

The watch may have just been a bad one, I see that a lot of people have good experiences, but still - don't buy from ShoppeWatch.
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on May 29, 2012
Any product line is subject to some "lemons". I believe these pocket watches are coming from Hong Kong, so maybe that is a factor. In any case, I ordered this to use as part of a Victorian costume for my goddaughter's wedding. When it arrived, I was ecstatic. It looked even better in my hand than in the pictures. However, after setting and winding it per the instructions, I was devastated that it did not work. Not to worry. Shoppe Watch replaced it in short order and the replacement works perfectly. I wanted to try it out, so I began using it instead of my wrist watch. I discovered that I liked it so much that there is another hazard: I've become addicted to these lovely little time pieces and have now acquired 3 more from Shoppe Watch plus a couple from other suppliers. They seem a bit on the fragile side but, if you treat them gently, they will give you much satisfaction. And all for about $40! Such a bargain for the enjoyment I get every time I pull it out to check the time.
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on January 29, 2013
Got this to replace a scratched up quartz wrist watch. Other than the acrylic face cover that felt loose I did not have any complaints as I followed the instructions and wound it up. I admit I was worried at the overstated negative reviews when I purchased this pocket watch but after having this item work for me for over 3 weeks since I got it and keeping time great. The only possible way I can see it quit is if somehow it's dropped hard and mechanical watches hate that since their internal parts are sensitive. Just be careful with it and you will be just fine. My dad was impressed with it since he thought watches were all quartz. What I like about it is that its easy to set and wind up but did not come with the price tag of a luxury watch. The black dial and roman numbers were a plus for me since I liked that style a lot. Would strongly recommend this pocket watch for someone that just wants a simple pocket watch or would like to try a change from a wrist watch.
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