Customer Reviews: Showgirls (Fully Exposed Edition)
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VINE VOICEon June 29, 2007
If you previously bought the SHOWGIRLS VIP edition - this is the exact same disc only packaged without the box and all the trinkets that came with that edition. You get commentary by a guy who is a fan of the movie and helps host late night screenings, the Scores girls talk about stripping and critique those sequences, and there's an old promotional piece made during shooting that is called "A Diary". The transfer is good and the extras are fun, though none of them seem to cover anybody associated with the film. If you did not purchase the glam deluxe box set this is a cheap way to get all those features without hunting it down. Otherwise if you have that edition, this is merely a double dip and repackaging of the same disc with new cover art.

This is the NC-17 cut and no additional material has been added. If you have that edition already there is no difference in the movie at all. There are no deleted or extended scenes. This is the version shown in theatres and released twice before on DVD.

SHOWGIRLS begs for better extras. I would love to hear a director's commentary or Elizabeth Berkley and Gina Gershon talk about the film. But that hasn't happened yet. Maybe one day we can hope for a Criterion edition and all the stops will be pulled out!
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on June 19, 2010
Showgirls (15th Anniversary Sinsational Edition) [Blu-ray]Blu-Ray has the same content as the previously released DVD of Showgirls in the V.I.P. box set or FULLY EXPOSED edition. Same dishy drama professor queen commentary track by David Schmader of Seattle, same text in the Pop Up Trivia Track. But, the transfer is re-done in Hi Def 1080p
BluRay. The Graphics are updated for the Pop Up Trivia Track, and the disc menu is the cutest animation with important memorable lines from the timelessly awful screenplay memorialized (It's from Ver-Sayce) in the menu's animated slot machine. The transfer is state of the art, cleaned up and restored, with no trace of dirt or scratches that sometimes come with a 1994 film. From the start you can see every excruciating detail. Whether it's Nomi's earrings, details of the now gone Las Vegas hotels like the Hacienda and the Stardust. You may have to adjust your set for the over-saturated over the top color. The disc can't be faulted for great detail and clarity
in this HD transfer of the cult status film. One thing about the audio, the only full surround track is in DTS. The Dolby tracks are only in 2 channel, English, French, Spanish, or catty commentary track. So, for the full effect, make sure your surround system can decode DTS HD Master Audio. Otherwise, no discrete surround, only 2 channel mixed for Dolby Pro Logic. This is not the case in previous DVD releases which had Dolby 5.1 surround tracks.
Las Vegas has changed a lot since 1994, and you can see the lost Vegas in the exterior scenes on The Strip and outside the Stardust like you are back in the day. The transfer looks great, a must have for SHOWGIRLS fans that have a Blu-Ray and DTS Surround home theater to re-live the wonderful awfulness of this cult classic, in new found sparkling detail.

ADDENDUM - On reviewing the "Extras" I notice that they include "Pole Dancing - Finding your Inner Stripper" is
a tutorial by a former ballerina that now teaches Pole Dancing. Terry Jaworski of "S Factor", [...] her dance and exercise school. Even though the end credits for this 12 minute featurette
have the 1995 release date for the main "Showgirls" feature, it appears that "Pole Dancing - Finding your inner Stripper" may have been produced for the 2010 release of the Blu-Ray with a 2010 date at the end. Terry spells out the specifics on all the moves in pole dancing, which in the video she calls "swing walk", "firefly", "Corkscrew", "Snake", "the Dive", "Pole Cat", "Helicopter", "Climb", "Layout", and the "Descending Angel".
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on June 13, 2004
This is the quintessential bad movie. It's so bad it's great! I remember when this movie came out and I believe it was the director's intention to make a serious movie. Well I'm glad it didn't turn out that way. This has to be by far one of the most hilarious movies I've seen. The over-over-overacting by Elizabeth Berkeley is pure comedy and will keep you laughing from the first scene to the last. It's pretty hard to take any of it seriously when scene after scene after scene is just so ridiculous, I.E. the pool sex scene. If one could even call it that...watching that poor gal flop around in the water like that reminded me of a fish out of water fighting for its life. It was great. The dance sequences were great, I must say I enjoyed the dancing. A lot of people say this is a horrible movie and it is, but the key is to not take any of it seriously and just turn your brain off and watch it. You can't help but laugh, I promise. I know when I first saw it years years years ago, I thought it was the worst piece of crap I had seen...then I saw it again and again and it's the movie I watch when I need a damn good laugh. Definitely a must have.
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Every now and then, a film is so bad, so wretched, so devoid of any socially or artistically redeeming value as to take on a life of its own, and by the very denial of value, acquire a value unto itself. So it is with "Showgirls."

This film is well and truly ridiculed by serious film critics, and it's even been lampooned in "The Simpsons". And the other reviews on are so wonderful, I almost despaired to write anything approaching their brilliance. But I felt I had to add something to praise this dubious achievement in film.

The story is, as has been related so many times, of a simple girl with a shady past, Nomi, who hitchhikes to Vegas. Is there, you ask, any OTHER way to get to Vegas? No, indeed. A pretty girl with a great figure and a look of jaw-dropping stupidity (Elizabeth Berkley) should never simply take a bus. Only risking her life in a random encounter with what could be (but wasn't) a homicidal pervert trolling for hitcherhikers is THE way to get to Vegas. Nomi hooks up with a soul sister sewing pal in a trailer and becomes ensnared in star dancer Cristal's web. Don't worry, Cristal gets hers later on.

Nomi manages to climb out of the seedy second-rate strip club, I mean, Vegas show and gets a role in the hot new extravaganza "Goddess." My favorite part of the scene is not the crummy audition. No, it's afterwards, when she trots up to the Human Resources department and feigns not knowing her social security number. She's even rather vague on her date of birth. Her lack of next-of-kin prompts the HR lady to ask "deceased?" and Nomi does a creditable job in looking as if she knows that "deceased" means "dead" and not the opposite of "increased" This is absolutely great acting, assisted by some very shiny lipgloss over some phenomenally collagen-enhanced lips. At this point in film, the already dubious dialog hits pothole after pothole. "She is all about pelvic thrust...and she didn't learn that in dance lessons" or something to that effect. I didn't hear it too well, because I was gasping for air after a huge guffaw.

The dialog continues to bump along as Nomi does the same, along with grinding out some astonishing bad dancing, consisting of a lot of jerky arm-throwing, pelvic thrusting and leg humping of shoulders, hips and any convenient pole or chair. Spoilers? None. I always forget how this film works out at the end, because I am rolling on the floor, howling, by this time and not paying any attention.

Along with "Buckaroo Banzai", this is probably one of my top picks for bad films that are so bad, they are actually enjoyable. Whether you are just being a voyeur or you appreciate camp, this is one bad film that is full of entertainment.
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VINE VOICEon November 20, 2005
I remember how Elizabeth Berkeley was chastised after this movie. Many said it was the "end of the line" for her as it proved she couldn't act. Well, perhaps it did prove that. The question is: so what? Do people watch movies like SHOWGIRLS in hopes of finding fantastic acting? If you want to see movies that display great acting, check out Kenneth Branaugh's HAMLET. If you're looking for a "B" movie with lots of skin, stick with this one.

The main character (played by Berkeley) is not the most likeable character in Hollywood history. However, she does have just enough attributes to make us care about her. The movie is a story about the ruthless, dog-eat-dog of professional dancers in Vegas. Right now I can't think of a more on-the-edge profession!

The biggest selling point of the movie is its unabashed approach to nudity. It has plenty of opportunities for nudity on-screen AND it takes them. In fact, I believe this movie has more T & A per minute than any other movie I've ever seen. Berkeley is topless through most of the movie. She's also a great dancer with a natural dancer's body. Gina Gershon is way sexy as well, although I didn't care for her fake Texas accent.

IF you want to see a movie about strippers / dancers, you can't do better than this one. This movie has often been compared to Demi Moore's STRIPTEASE. To me, there is no comparison. I found STRIPTEASE to be bland, boring & not a whole lot of nudity. This flick is entertaining and will not shortchange you on the amount of skin it offers.
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on April 26, 2000
First, I must say that I am, truly, a lover of bad movies. (In fact, I ordered "Showgirls" on DVD, the same day I ordered "Plan 9 From Outer Space". So, what does that tell you?) Although "Showgirls" has been shunned by the mainstream public, it has gained quite a bit of fame as a cult classic, such as "Plan 9". "Showgirls" became infamous after being slapped with the dreaded NC-17 rating, the scarlet "A", if you will, of the rating system. Does it deserve it? Sure. It is loaded with T&A for those who want it. But for lovers of cinematic cheese, there is plenty to enjoy, such as bad dialogue and mediocre acting.
Well, finally, "Showgirls" has found it's way to DVD, and it is a pretty good release. It makes up for picture quality and sound where it lacks in special features. (I really wanted an audio commentary, so the director could explain what the hell was going on in his mind when he made it. But, hey, maybe on an upcoming Criterion Version. :-]) But, for people, who enjoyed it for the movie it is, I would recommend it. And, for fans of ridiculous turkeys, I would really recommend it, because it is definitely fun.
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on March 2, 2011
I've seen movies like Mildred Pierce to Death in Venice and everything in between, but when people ask me which movie is my favorite, I always answer: Showgirls. My favorite scene is when Nomi Malone is eating a hamburger on top of a terrace and the background is Las Vegas at dusk. Just beautiful!

It's now 2016 and I still LOVE this movie! If I had a wish, I'd wish that Elizabeth Berkley would stay young and beautiful forever, and in some way, she will forever live in SHOWGIRLS.
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on May 22, 2015
Purhaps enjoyed this movie more than ought to.

To heck with "good movies." To heck with good story. To heck with good acting, yet think Berkley, Gershon, Plummer, and MacLachlan act well enough given the script.

...Appraise this movie according to viewing naked, beautiful, dancing women all who dance well.

Movie demonstrates good choreography and clearly shows semblance of truth about the women who do it for a living, in regard of the movie, represented by two particular characters played by Berkley and Gershon.

Movie shows how it is behind the stage during a performance in Los Vegas.

Dances have been choreographed well.

Even the lap-dance done by the character Berkley plays is performed well.

...Married a dancer, marriage now over. Have a daughter who dances. Over the course of many years have seen a lot of dancing resulting with some sense as to how difficult and rigorous dancing is at the level Show Girls portrays.

Berkley has a lovely body. ...Surprised it is her, same woman, viewed on Saved by the Bell. a kids show watched with my kids, Saturdays when family was young.

Only thing. Berkley's character seems to eat food most dancers would normally avoid eating as often as her character does. Perhaps her unusal eating habits tells something of her character.
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on November 12, 2001
It may be thought that Showgirls is for the lonely salesman in the hotel room, as he punishes the minibar and wonders why his promises to both wife and pastor are as, as Shakespeare wrote, such straws in the wind.
In actuality, a subtext of this film happens to be profoundly proletarian in a way seldom seen in Hollywood productions...which despite their populism, celebrate Erin Brockovich's ESCAPE from proletarianization.
For Nomi wants to work. Unlike many members of the working class, who accept mininum wage and dehumanizing work, however, Nomi swims, or dances, against the deskilling pressures of work by insisting that she wants to work as a dancer, using her unique (I'll say) body and talents.
The problem is that the corporation Nomi works for recognizes her star power but needs instinctively to have Nomi act in hypercompetitive fashion, by pushing other dancers down the stairs.
(...)Nomi, like so many working people, is willing to work hard but unwilling to play this game. Instead, she does a bit of revolutionary ultra-violence on a rock star who's raped her friend and walks away from Vegas.
There's a mysterious good old boy at the beginning and at the end who swipes, with a grin, Nomi's luggage but picks her up as she walks away. Perhaps Dionysius, perhaps Elvis.
In a society which wars on dance, Showgirls manages to celebrate it almost in spite of its overt messages(...)
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Say what you will about the acting of Elizabeth Berkley and the film as a whole but Gina Gershwin has proven her acting chops many times over. That said, this 5 star rating refers to the quality of the transfer to Blu Ray and not the movie itself. My reviews only focus on the actual Blu Ray quality and I provide no summaries of the story lines, plot and acting opinions here.
Keep in mind that the quality of what you see and hear also depends upon the quality of TV monitor you are using and its accompanying home theater processor and speakers. I have a pretty high end, esoteric system and am judging the Blu Ray off of that.

While I had the old Standard Def DVD this is not a comparison between the two. That said, the video quality of the Blue Ray is outstanding with great resolution of the many colors of Vegas without being overly saturated or grossly unnatural. Contrast is excellent even with black on black backgrounds being easily discernible. Overall coloration brings a brightness to the imaging without any bleeding colors, artifacts, aliasing or stair stepping ( which for a movie like this, could easily have been the case) Mbps rate averages between the high 30's to low 40's which contributes to the sharpness of the film's presentation. 5 stars for the video.

Audio Quality....
Well this was a big surprise... With the lossless DTS HD 5.1 audio you'd expect, at the very least, a transparent dialogue. You definitely have that but you also get a surprising amount of audio information from your surround channels in a greatly immersive way. The Vegas shows utilized your entire audio system and it feels as if you are in the audience with the sounds and music all around you. There was not a whole lot of directionality of foley fx but there was some great panning of cars from the front stage to the rear and immersive audio throughout the film. Your LFE sub channel will definitely get a workout during the 'show' scenes. Audio levels are properly set so there is no roller coasting the volume on your remote control necessary. 5 stars for the audio as well.

There are several extras including commentary(which I have not listened to) and a fact pop up which I also did not use yet. There is a 15 minute short on how women can use pole dancing to exercise and enjoy themselves with instructions for certain moves. Also another short narrated by two Scores dancers on the art of lap dancing.

I know this film has been panned from here to eternity but I find it a guilty pleasure to watch every year or so. Now that I have the blu ray, I can use the show scenes as very worthy demo scenes when I want to show off my home theater.

I do hope that this review, which focused solely upon the quality of the actual transfer to Blu Ray has been of some Help to you in deciding your purchase. All of my reviews are of this nature and I hope they can be of HELP to you as well.
Thanks for reading.
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