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on November 27, 2013
Each new expansion to Civ 5 just makes the game better and better. I love the new changes to the policy and end game ideology trees. The new world congress / UN is awesome fun. I like the new culture victory changes, but I'm not 100% sold on them. So I hope they'll tweak them in the next expansion. Also, the new scenarios (specifically the civil war & Africa expansion) are fantastic. If you have Civ 5, you're cheating yourself out of great fun if you don't get this expansion.
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on May 13, 2014
The beauty of any Sid Meier game is its ability to immerse you in its environment and make you care what happens. This is certainly the case with this, the fifth iteration of his popular Civilization series. Should I start my civilization on a coastal square and become a naval power, or head inland to those mountains full of silver and other riches which will help me buy influence with the other players (or AI's) whom I'll eventually encounter? Makes a difference, and the difference will depend largely on your personality (at least as expressed in strategic, turn-based computer games). Note: This is not a "first person" shoot-'em-up or auto race---here you have a bird's-eye view of the entire continent and can choose to be as diplomatic or as aggressive as you feel is appropriate to the particular circumstance. It's great for new players because there are 10 levels of increasing difficulty, starting with super-easy (Settler). I myself can usually win at Level 3 (Warlord), but woe betide me if I try Level 4 (Prince)---I seem to be in a struggle for survival from the get-go. A very involving way to pass a few hours!
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on June 27, 2014
I've been playing Civilization games since CIV III, and have probably played this series longer than any other game even if you combine all their play times together. But, unfortunately, with my updating to Windows 8.1, and no patch, I find getting passed turn 140 or so impossible, even if I use the compatibility settings. But, with a patch I expect to log in more hours. Until then though, I would recommend keeping with your Windows 7 or 8 to play this.
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on September 5, 2013
Having played every Civilization title to date (including that odd 'Test of Time' offshoot) I can happily say this is a fantastic completion to this iteration of the franchise.

It adds much needed complexity and strategy to the mid-late game through trade route manipulation, the power struggle for delegates in the World Congress, the much needed revamp of the late-game tech tree, and the cultural conversion angle of the new Tourism and Culture system.

With what might seem minor, like greater trade route control, they added the final layer of complexity this game sorely needed, without crushing a casual player under the weight of numbers. A hardcore player can find more than enough here to dig in to as well.

The system is not wholly intuitive but after one or two practice games to figure out the new buttons and priorities (if you jump right in like i do) and it becomes second nature.

Not many other negatives to speak of other than the usual slight balance issues, but that is why we have patches and the Steam Workshop. An excellent DLC, and one that any player can appreciate the changes in.
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on November 16, 2015
The download works flawlessly and without air via steam so that is not a problem. This expansion pack clearly advances what the creators had in mind for civilization 5 without throwing the original formula out the window. It adds new elements to the game which were strangely lacking from others such as trade and the world congress. However it does this without decreasing the joy of the original game. Also the new civs that were added to the game make great additions to the game and are not unbalanced or overpowered. Overall this is a great addition to the timeless game that is civ 5 and I HIGHLY recommended you buy it.
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on August 30, 2013
I'm a huge fan of Civ V and I've been playing it with the G&K expansion for a while now with great delight. As soon as this dlc went on sale I bought it. They added more nations, trade routes between cities by land or sea, a couple new units and buildings, and a world congress.Whereas the last expansion focused more on medieval and renaissance history, this one is more about the 20th century. All in all a great add on for the game
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on December 6, 2013
The Brave New World expansion totally changes the game for the better. I can't imagine going back and playing Civ V without this wonderful expansion.

The culture and diplomatic victories are much different now and allow for better games in my opinion. It also gives you more to keep track of while playing which increases depth.

Of course, the new civilizations are also fun to play around with, specially ones that focus on trade routes, which are also new. Instead of earning gold from river tiles you have to make trade routes to your neighbors early on.

If there was one thing I wish they would improve it is the AI. While they are plenty challenging on the higher difficulty settings, they have to cheat in order to get that advantage. I wish they behaved slightly more realistically but I know how challenging it is to code great AI.
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on October 2, 2013
The new additions to the game (tourism for example) not only make Cultural victories more fun (you now actually have to do something beyond build culture buildings), but it adds a little bit of an extra challenge to other victories as well.

Additionally, the AI is greatly improved in this expansion (almost to the degree it was in the last expansion). No more steam-rolling the AI knights or bows with your tanks and helicopters. Also, they actually seem to use their spies to steal tech and rig elections. Which reminds me, the new World Congress (and later UN) is a treat to play with now. Not only does the convening body evolve over time (including city state votes, allowing votes on different things once certain techs have been researched), it actually seems to function pretty well with the AI. And the new Spies-as-Diplomats system is pretty intriguing though I haven't used it to its full extent yet.
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on January 13, 2014
Civ V is a great game, but it shipped a bit incomplete. This expansion makes it whole. Gods and Kings added religion and espionage, and now BNW adds tourism (which functions similar to the way religion and corporation worked in Civ IV) and Archaeology, a whole new mechanic that allows players to gain culture, art, and tourism by digging through the locations where important things happened in the early eras of the game.

Cultural victories are finally a viable (and engaging) pursuit with BNW, though I still vastly prefer to play against humans, as the AI is not much improved.
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on August 1, 2013
Brave New World offers a host of gameplay improvements to Civ 5 including new wonders, units , civs and excellent new cultural and diplomatic victory paths, along with a better AI.

It also adds some much needed depth to the later eras of Civ 5. In the previous iterations on Civ 5 you had to basically choose what victory condition you were aiming for very early in order to win the game on higher difficulties. Brave New World offers flexibility in the later eras to change your focus on the fly when opportunities for different victories arise later in the game.

Brave New World takes a great game and makes it even better. The changes in Brave New World are so well-done I can't imagine playing Civ 5 without them.
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