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on June 10, 2014
I'd love to review this game, but that would require playing it. Instead, I've spent about three hours over the last two days downloading and re-downloading Steam. It doesn't matter how you purchase this game, (download or disc), you are required to log in to Steam to play it. Get used to seeing a "The Steam Servers are Too Busy to Process Your Request Right Now" error. Running Windows 7 on an intel i7 processor with 32 Mb of Ram. The reviews on the Steam boards are either terrible, or glowing, ("Anytime I had a problem, I realized that it was user error or my computer settings were incorrect"); NOBODY says that in a review. It might as well say, "Steam is Awesome, and problems can only be caused by stupidity of users like me!!"

The point is, I don't have enough hours to screw around with this POS, so I'm going to try to send it back. This is the same crap that XBOX was going to try, but later realized was a huge nightmare. I understand that they have to protect their work, but if they can't do it without interfering with the entertainment that I've paid them for, then it's just trash.
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on June 4, 2014
Description of item was incomplete and innacurate. Could not use it at all. Have played Civilization since its inception, and needed an updated, working version. This did not meet requirements. Very disappointed.
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on February 11, 2013
Before playing this version I had always held Civ II to be the best version. It was challenging and engaging. Civ V was all of that plus the economic side of things is far more detailed. I like it that you cannot stack up units one on top of another. The game play is more realistic from that stand point. I also like how there are limited quantities of natural resources. You cannot simply build 50 tank units, you have to have enough steel and oil to do so. You cannot simply build a nuclear missile, you have to have uranium to do so. In order to obtain resources you have to trade and cajole other players or city states into providing it.

Usually game companies offer a new an improved game which is basically an easier version but with better graphics than the previous. This is not true for Civ V, its better in almost every way.
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on March 22, 2014
Bad item. It is worst product that we have dealt with from Sid Meier's. Download took two days to finish. We will not be purchasing anymore of these steam formated games.
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on April 26, 2017
Software requires an update from "Steam", it connects and "Steam" refuses to download the update and the installation fails.
I joined "steam" and the software still refuses to complete installation pending an update that Steam refuses to deliver.
Crap like this is why I gave up gaming.
Frack Steam and the horse it rode in on.
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on January 28, 2016
I was introduced first to Civilization Revolution and have played it daily for the past several years. While I love the game it no longer offers any challenge even on Deity and the computer opponents are simply cheap, predictable, and blatantly cheat (when full armies just inexplicably appear in your territory). Civ Rev is still great but I wanted more. More depth, more growth, more strategy. So I picked up Civ 5. I knew it would be a different game, I expected it and I was excited to get painstakingly complex.

With that said, it's overkill. I've yet to complete a full game, even at the fastest setting. The early game is addicting. You start with a Settler, build your capital, and start exploring. It's exciting as you plunk down your first couple cities, but then it slowly becomes grueling. Everything plays out at a snail's pace, even on the fastest setting. It takes forever to complete the most simple tasks. Then there's the combat which just feels slow and cumbersome. Without being able to stack units on the same tile I just end up with a pile of units all in each others way and undefended. The combat is just one big headache. Slow, clunky, and boring. Then I've reached late game and I'm just over it. It's just building and waiting with a mess of units scattered everywhere. Boring.
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on October 26, 2015
I am now in the middle of a complex, wide-ranging attack with a close order of battle in the late stages of a game. The stupid software in this game insists on jerking me around all over the map with its own ideas about what moves should be scheduled next instead of the ones I want to make to keep track of what I'm doing where. And the moment I do something, it jerks me away to somewhere irrelevant so that I can't gauge effects. In addition, despite the powerful computer on which I'm playing, the time required between turns is exasperatingly long, long, long. In other words, this game is slow, clumsy, and badly ordered as it becomes more complex. I'm very disappointed. I've been routinely playing Civilization games for maybe 25 years, but this might just be the end of it. Dammit.
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on April 25, 2015
This is the worse piece of software I have ever bought. I have had other copies of Civilization and they were fun to play. This copy relies on something called Steam. It is not a normal install. You have to go through this web site to get the program. You have to update all kinds of drivers, which should come with the package if you want to run it. I did not have any installation errors or trouble, but the program did not start or run. After trying to find out what was wrong, I went tot he web site of Steam and CivV and there was no help there. Maybe that is why this program was only $13.00. Buyer be ware.
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on December 15, 2014
I purchased the DVD for the PC because I hate Steam's slow, buggy, virus-bringing, constant-update-requiring system.

Turns out I was wrong. You still need a fast (very fast) utterly reliable Net connection, the patience to wait until Steam is available (its certainly not 24/7), more patience while you inevitable are required to download Steam updates, spybots, trackers, and ads, in order to play your game until Steam drops off line or your Net connection flickers for a milli-second. Then you're back to the patience issue.

I've played and enjoyed every version of Civ to date, and I would probably enjoy this one if the game was available. As it is, this is just an opportunity for Steam to dump trackers into your system.

UPDATE: I have managed to play 40 hours of the game off-line. As CIV games go it is a huge improvement; combat is now more than just 'the biggest stack wins'. Cities can defend themselves (some), and the management system is much better. Only one combat unit per hex really alters the game.

The downside is that even with all the updates and patches it is buggy. You have to save, exit, and load the game every twenty turns or so to prevent buttons from stopping working, and even at the best of times the 'open city interface' and similar housekeeping features appear only on the second try. Leonard Nemoy did not do the voice acting which was a massive let down.

The upside is that it is much better than earlier versions while still remaining true to the 'Civ' concept. A huge improvement is that only one combat unit make be in a square or city; gone are the days when a twenty-unit stack would simply juggernaut across all foes. Now force composition, maneuver, and planning come into play.

The buildings are better explained and more dynamic.

In all a great game which would be much better if Steam was not involved.
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on August 20, 2015
This version of Civ V required a STEAM account without any disclosure of that on Amazon. Had I known I would not have purchased in the first place as I am very security conscious. Steam is very intrusive and you do not have easy options to disconnect steam and it automatically logs you on every time you fire up your PC and have a connection. It even tries to log you on when you are NOT connected!!!

Amazon needs to terminate this products deceptive selling practices
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