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on October 9, 2016
Civilization II is still my all-time favorite game in the franchise. Yet Civilization IV is an excellent masterpiece of its own right. It's not just a graphical upgrade from the last three, but one that's well invested in depth of strategy, ideology, and art. It's the quality you have come to expect from Sid Meier and crew. It's more than just a game, it's an experience that covers history and gives those that enjoy speculative history a way to play scenarios of 'what ifs' about various cultures and societies of both past and present, and how they might interact. Granted, the slant is somewhat Social Darwinist, but Civilization would not be the game it is without the conflict. However, the further development of peaceful ways to conclude game play grant greater possibilities for building the perfect society beyond divide and conquer warfare strategies. Culture is not just about conquest, and neither is Civilization IV.
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on January 6, 2011
I think this was a great purchase. First off is the awesome Amazon Games Downloader. Using this tool did take four hours to download, but you can download it to as many computers as you want! I have Civ IV complete on my desktop and laptop and have so far had no hassle playing on either system.

Now, to talk about the seperate expansions.

Civ IV: This is the original game, the basic one. In this game you can control a civilization from the dawn of man (stone age) all the way to... well... however long it takes to win! This game features only gameplay on the planet Earth. If you win or lose by any victory, it gives you the option to continue playing until you give up, or your entire civ was destroyed. This is the basis for the expansions.

Civ IV colonization: Drastic reproduction of the game. The earlier Civs were focused on warfare, Colonization is focused on growth. You control either the Spanish, Dutch, or English colonies as they trade goods and prosper. It is a race to see who can break away from the motherland first. Among other features in this game, you can take any citizen out of a city and go found a new one. You can store, load, or manufacture goods and have them shipped wherever you like. You can trade with the motherland for immigrants, goods, or items of warfare.

Civ IV Beyond the Sword: This game is much like the original in many ways of gameplay. Many new concepts are introduced. New mods, new techs, new civics, even random things can happen to you or your city. Ex: "Sire, a wildfire has destroyed many trees around your capitol (Coruscant.) How would you like to continue? 1: Good, I was planning to cut it down anyway (do nothing.) 2: Oh no, that is terrible (fund reforestation efforts. 134 gold) 3: A fire? Who is responsible!? (do something else...)
Included in this game is a mod called Final Frontier. I personally have fallen in love. It is a variation of Civ gameplay that lets you explore the vastness of space. You get a whole new tech tree, new civs, new units, and can colonize star systems. In a star system you can play as if it were a city, but you can build on every individual planet!

Civ IV Warlords: I havent played much, but from what I have seen, new techs, new civs, and a few scenarios are included in this expansion.

I bought this game on sale for $12.99 from Amazon. It was a great buy.
I am very happy with this purchase.
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on October 3, 2011
I too had issues with the game's installation. It seemed to have only downloaded the Colonization expansion, or so I thought. I called Amazon and was asked if I had looked through my Program Files folder yet (I hadn't). When I looked I found a folder called 2k Games, clicked it, then Firaxis Games, clicked it, then saw both Sid Meier's Civilization 4 Complete and Sid Meier's Civilization IV Colonization. I clicked the first one listed (Sid Meier's Civilization 4 Complete) and there you have it! All of the other 3 games included in the pack!
Remember that the type of files you need to click on to load the game(s) are called Applications. You can right click them to Pin them to Start Menu and also to Create a Shortcut on your Desktop.

Hope this helps!

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on September 6, 2016
At 45 now my little baby brother turned me on to the civ games over 25 or so years ago when it was on a console not really a gamer I fail in love with it and went from that to the computer version much better going from the console version computer civ 1 2 3 and now 4 I debated on jumping to 5 due to some of the steam reviews on it where bad and Im not familiar with steam Im old school and due to over 10 years of not playing due to Im older and have grown up things going on in my life I can not spend 10 or so hours per day on a game I missed civ 4 so I said I will start here. Well its very good I missed playing this game and the upgrade is great from the previous versions. I played all Labor day weekend and did not realize how many hours I was on it that fun. Wife last night was in shock and ask you been at it all weekend and the night before work today. I think she was a little upset due ro no love making sorry hun I will pick her up some flowers and handle the BIZ tonight LOL. I will have to be careful not to catch the gammer sickness thats what I call it when you are playing for so long you for get you have priorities besides playing this wonderful and fun game. Time for work.
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on November 27, 2015
I'm actually pretty pissed. The installer went super slow. It honestly took me two entire days to get to the point where I can finally install the game. And after all that, the only game I could end up installing was Colonization. I really like the game Colonization, but I knew I was paying this much money for something that isn't the complete game I wouldn't have bought it. After reading reviews about how unhelpful Amazon customer support is about this issue I decided to not even give it a try. Don't buy this game. You're better off going to Bestbuy.
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on July 11, 2016
This is a phenomenal game. I literally must set a timer to tell me to stop playing, because I will get completely sucked in and have literally played all night long without a break, my only indication that I should stop being the sun rising and me going, "Oh, I probably should have gotten some sleep." I played the original Civ 4 for years, not touching any of the expansions, but just playing the vanilla version so that I could get good at it and get a feel for how everything is supposed to work. Since I finally got a good enough feel for it, I thought I'd go ahead and try the "Beyond the Sword" expansion, skipping "Warlords" because all the reviews I read indicated that was the right move. I want to tell anyone reading this right now, who might be in the same boat I was in of wanting to get comfortable, just go ahead and move to "Beyond the Sword" (BTS). There is absolutely no reason to waste time on the vanilla version when you can have all the new units and features available in BTS. All the problems I encountered in the vanilla version are addressed in the expansion, and it's even more playable because of that. About the only benefit I derived from playing the old version is that I got a full level of appreciation for the add-ons that help make the game so much better.

Another thing I love about this game is that many of the settings can be found in the XML files for the game, so if you know how to edit XML, you can go in and change some things more to your liking. For instance, the old vanilla game had no limitation on how many air units you could have in a city, but the new version limits these to four, which is ridiculous because you can fit way more than 4 air units on any real-life air strip. So, I found the setting in one of the XML files, and now I can have as many planes as I want in a given city. This isn't cheating, because the AI can do the same. Any edit of the XML files is available to both sides, so I can bring back anything from the old version that the new version decided to edit out. If you can't edit XML, the game is still awesome.

I will say that I played Civ 5 for a bit and did love that game, too, but they're different in a whole lot of ways. Civ 5 is not a simple facelift to Civ 4 with better graphics and a few new options. Rather, it's an almost completely different way of playing the game. There are similarities, but much of it changed. Not necessarily for the better or for worse, but just different. I think it speaks well of Civ 4 that after playing Civ 5, I went back to Civ 4 again. I love both games, but Civ 4 is really great. Plus, now that I discovered the BTS expansion, I feel the need to keep playing 4 just to take advantage of all the new units.
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on January 29, 2017
As of now, the wizard will only install Colonization. Clearly a disappointment considering you purchase the "Complete Edition."
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on May 1, 2014
This game is awesome! I easily got it to work on windows 8 and windows 8.1. These were not the pro or preview versions. After I installed it (recommended and agree with everything) I did not click on the disk icon. You will always get colonization if you click on the disk drive icon. Click on the OS (C:) drive icon. This is usually to the left of the disk drive icon. Next, click on the Program Files, or Program Files (x86) if you have the second one. The number on your program files may be different. Finally, click on the 2K Games folder, then the Fireaxis Games folder, and on either Civilization lV Complete, or Civilization lV Colonization. If you want the expansion packs, click on the Beyond the Sword or Warlords folders after clicking the Civilization lV Complete folder. The game should have the title next to a fancy icon. These will be below the folders. Do not make these desktop icons, there is a glitch which will prevent the game to load. Also, do not click on the icon that has the word Pitboss. You will not get the game, you will get a multiplayer experiment that does not work. I hope I was helpful! I recommend this game to everyone!
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on August 15, 2010
DRM free is a big thing to me. Even if this game wasn't that fun I would still feel compelled to buy it simply to support the developers choice. Luckily I didn't have that problem, this game is as addictive as its predecessors! (Not having to remember where I left my CD is just an added bonus) Long reviews about game play mechanics I find unnecessary for amazon, we have other places for full game reviews. So let me simply say that this game is 5/5 for anyone who liked the other Civs, SimCity, Risk, and other games with emphasis on building, expansion, and human ingenuity.

(As a side note I run this flawlessly in GNU/Linux)
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on April 7, 2015
Got the pack and ripped it open. In the box was a DVD and a tech tree/specification chart, along with a getting started booklet. Loaded the DVD into the laptop optical drive. The install was painless. It checked for Direct X updates then proceeded to load all 4 games. When it was done I did have a hard time finding the game icons as they had been placed in the games folder rather then into a Sid Meyers folder on the start menu. After that brief scramble i started each game checking for updates. None were needed on any of the games. I then started a game of basic Civ 4. The play was great no steam was needed in any aspect of the install or play. All in all a good experience. Now I am going back to my game.
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