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Sigh No More
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$7.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

Almost every song on this album is great, no songs that you feel you need to skip like on a lot of albums. I was looking for quintessential Mumford and Sons, and this is exactly that. I was very pleased and listen to it frequently.

Looking through the set list, there are at least five classic songs (Sigh No More, The Cave, Roll Aware Your Stone, Little Lion Man, and Awake My Soul) that I could listen to repeatedly, and none of the rest are songs that I actively skip like most other albums have. The last album I can think of that had as many great "hits" was Maroon 5's "Songs About Jane". A must-listen.
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on July 3, 2017
Take Folk, add a personal voice, earnest and honest, add a crescendo that builds using the speedy techniques and sound of Bluegrass, and then, just when it peaks, add a thumping bass drum!

This band takes you in, with a bit of Irish Folk, Indie voicing, and Bluegrass whispers.

You feel like you're there with them, feeding off them, feeding back to them.

There is a very slight Noah and the Whale bit to this band. But really, comparisons aren't fair.

These guys have done what Rodriquez and Gabriella have done: Gone back to basics with something utterly new and (most importantly) exciting!

WHEN was the last time YOU got excited hearing music? Remember when music made you feel good? Was FUN?

Prepared to be Wowed!
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on November 14, 2010
A friend showed me a youtube video back in September of this band that I never heard of. The video was Little Lion Man and from the get go I was enthralled by the music- a blend of folk, blue grass, rock, little country twang to boot- it wasn't just the sound of the acoustic and banjo and cello, but the lyrics itself that Mumford and Sons were saying, so beautiful and deep. I then started looking up more songs on Youtube and liking each one more and more! This is true music to me, the band pouring heart and soul into their songs, lyrics and meaning can be interpreted to one's life's ups and downs, love, loss, redemption. That is how I viewed it, from Roll Away Your Stone to The Cave to Awake my Soul (my favorite song on the album). I then immediately ordered their album "Sigh No More" and the CD is in my car where I play it over and over. I cannot say enough good things about their first album! If you you have an affinity for beautiful, down to earth, no commercialized music, where true music roots go deep to your soul and affect you in some profound way, listen to this band! I hope to see these guys live sometime if they ever come to New England!
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on May 27, 2014
As the 2000’s came to a briefly optimistic end and a cautious conclusion, a new
kind of folk-rock or folk music revival made it’s mark on popular music where it first
took place in Great Britain and across the pond, and one of the main attractions to
present the alternative folk-music movement was this brilliant band. Sigh No More,
released to widespread acclaim in 2010, is the debut CD from Mumford And Sons,
a band from England who impressed listeners with their first rate musicianship and
and acoustic-driven melodies that made them a bonafide success story and paved
the way for there highly successful music career. Beginning with the title track, the
sophomore track set proceeds well with other first-time memorable songs including
the environmentally-conscious The Cave, Winter Winds, Roll Away The Stone, the
confrontational Little Lion Man, White Blank Page, I Give You All, Timshel, Awake
My Soul, Dust Bowl Dance and After The Storm, as they played with optimism and
bold artistry. Consisting of Marcus Mumford (guitar-vocals), Ben Lovett (keyboard-
accordion), Ted Dwane (string bass- drums) and Winston Marshall (trumpet or any
acoustic instrument), you will get the bonafide and crystallized listening experience
played by a tuneful and enduring rapport splendidly done and made Mumford And
Sons a household name in folk music as well as the folk-rock circuit in particular in
which they helped contributed to the genre’s success after the New Millennium.
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on December 17, 2012
Music is not my first love. I enjoyed a flirtatious relationship with it as a kid and still have my high school crushes that I drag out of my CD archives and reminisce with on occasion. I rarely even listen to music in the car, which limits my exposure to both the good and the bad that new artists have to offer. My wife fell for "Little Lion Man" first and spent a weekend playing it non-stop, introducing me to Mumford & Sons. Rather than making me crazy it in intrigued me and I told her to get the album. After hearing "Sigh No More", I was completely blown away. This is the first album since my high school dalliances that affected me emotionally. "Sigh No More" is a great album that I feel is on par with Pearl Jam's "Ten" and Tom Petty's "Wildflowers". All three of these albums are more than just a single or two, they are albums that are worth listening to from beginning to end. Thank you Mumford & Sons for making music exciting and new again.
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on January 8, 2014
It's not very often anymore that you can find a full album full of great songs, but this one has it. If you like anything by this group, you'll really want to get the whole album. Bonus: I bought the CD and got the MP3 album free and could listen to the whole thing before the CD even shipped. Oddly enough, the CD including the MP3s was $1 less at the time than buying just the MP3s. Go figure. Oh, and enjoy!
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on October 22, 2016
I understand the objections, that some amount of sameness sets in (driven by a simple rhythmic approach as much as anything), and that the lyrics don't hang together, but the band simply steamrolls all objections. Folk instrumentation, modern production and approach to dramatics, and heartfelt singing from Marcus Mumford. Best songs; "Sigh no More", "The Cave", "Little Lion Man", "Timshel", "Awake My Soul" and "After the Storm"
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on August 16, 2013
I have to admit that i had listened to them for a while and was really excited for this album when i bought it. After getting it i was not able to maintain the excitement. I guess i had listened to them for a while on pandora and am just not super in the mood for them right now. I go through different music moods, so i am sure i will come back around to it. It is enjoyable and i will probably buy their next album down the road though so don't be discouraged if you like what you hear.
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on July 5, 2011
While this is not the normal genre of music that I would normally buy for myself, I was compelled to purchase it after the rave reviews I saw the album given by people of varied musical tastes.

After a listen or two or a dozen, I have to say that Mumford grew on me, and I welcome him in my home. His children, especially the male ones, will have to mature a bit before I will offer to take the family out to a really fancy restaurant like Red Lobster. I however expect that the day will come when I will be able to spend lavishly on the whole family.
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on May 12, 2011
I, like many people, discovered this when I was flipping through radio stations. I was using a top 40 station as background noise and then Little Lion Man came on and my jaw dropped open. I had never heard anything like this on mainstream radio before. The first thing that caught my ears was the amazing vocals. Finally a UK band not afraid to keep their accents. When I saw the album as a $5.00 MP3 download I grabbed it. I was not disappointed.

I can draw comparisons to several artists: Van Morrison, Dave Matthews Band, Seven Nations, Blythe Power and The Pogues to name a few. Don't let that say anything though. They clearly have developed their own sound.

I could give a track by track breakdown but that has been done so I will break it down this way. The album starts out quietly with Sigh No More and swells into an amazing acoustic storn interlaced with mandolin, banjo and various other bow played instruments. There is not a bad track in the lot and then it mellows back out for the closing track After The Storm. This is one of the best albums I have heard in a very long time.
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