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on April 26, 2011
I had heard Little Lion Man and The Cave on the radio a couple of times and I decided to spring for this special edition. I have to say I was a little surprised about what I heard coming from the rest of this album. While Little Lion man, The Cave, and Dust Bowl Dance lean towards rock with a folksy twist, the rest of the album tends to lean more in the Folk genre. So if all you're familiar with is Little Lion Man and the Cave and you really don't want to listen to Folksy music, walk err.. mouse away now... but be warned you'll be missing out on a great album.

I don't listen to Folk music usually. I don't dislike the genre, I'm just not familiar with it or it's artists. With that said, I'm very happy I bought this album. It is full of heart, soul, and emotion. The opening song "Sigh No More" just really blew me away when I first played it. For one I wasn't expecting the folksy music and I definitely wasn't expecting the warmth and humanity coming through my headphones. Overall, the whole album is just fantastic, a very talented group.

Now moving on to the main reason for buying the special edition, the live CD. My personal favorite live album is DC Talk's "The Freak Show". The live version of those song recordings are actually better than the studio versions because of the energy. It is my measuring stick for live albums. In this case, the live version of Sigh No More is as good as the studio, but not better. That's not a slight to the band though because as I previously said, the studio album is fantastic from start to finish. This band plays amazingly well live and the vocals are just incredible. In an age where artists can put out good sounding cds and move on to put poor live vocal performances, Mumford & Sons stand out. They are that rare group that could live on as musicians in any age because they don't need fancy electronic equipment to sound good.

Now to the packaging. At first glance I was super impressed with the packaging. Instead of cheap plastic and cardboard you're greeted with a beautiful green canvas like cloth material with a silhouette of the band embroidered in gold. Then you open the packaging and you have a very nice booklet inside. This is the type of creativity in packaging that we are missing in today's CDs. If the music industry wants to keep selling CD's instead of having people download illegally or off of iTunes, this is what they need to do. When you hold this album in your hands you feel like you just bought something special. It makes collecting CD's just for the packaging worth it, although I stick to CD's for music quality, packaging like this is just more incentive.

Wait... you said one star for the packing, right? Yeah I did. You get three discs with this. The main album, the live cd, and the dvd. The live cd and the dvd come inside thick paper pockets that are attached to the back and front covers of the case. The problem with this is that the discs go in SUPER tight. It's so tight that there is no way to pull the discs out without scratching them. My live album came out with a bunch of scratches on it. I put it back and then decided I'm not going to keep it inside the original case. I instead now keep the live album in a separate plastic case, the dvd I'm not personally concerned with. The main album is okay though. It hangs inside a thick paper sleeve next to the booklet. Since this isn't attached to the covers you can squeeze this paper sleeve on the side and you can then pull the album out very easily without scratching it. The scratches on the live album are light (although there are many) and EAC shows that the disc can be read without any errors but as someone who likes to keep things in pristine condition, it still bugs me. No matter how beautiful the packaging is, if it can't store and protect the goods then you've ultimately failed.

On a bit of a side rant (if someone from the music industry is reading this), I've been noticing that the quality of discs have been in a decline over the last few years. It use to be that I would buy a cd, turn it over, and it was almost always in pristine condition. Now I often see streaks and small cosmetic deficiencies. If you want me to stop buying CD's and move on to iTunes, then you're doing a good job of pushing me in that direction. Maybe the studio's are cutting back on quality control because they want to compete with the iTunes pricing model. The last people buying and supporting the physical music formats are going to be the ones who care most about quality and having a physical collection. If people like me are to stick around with CD's then the quality of the discs and packaging need to be raised, not decreased.
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on May 27, 2014
As the 2000’s came to a briefly optimistic end and a cautious conclusion, a new
kind of folk-rock or folk music revival made it’s mark on popular music where it first
took place in Great Britain and across the pond, and one of the main attractions to
present the alternative folk-music movement was this brilliant band. Sigh No More,
released to widespread acclaim in 2010, is the debut CD from Mumford And Sons,
a band from England who impressed listeners with their first rate musicianship and
and acoustic-driven melodies that made them a bonafide success story and paved
the way for there highly successful music career. Beginning with the title track, the
sophomore track set proceeds well with other first-time memorable songs including
the environmentally-conscious The Cave, Winter Winds, Roll Away The Stone, the
confrontational Little Lion Man, White Blank Page, I Give You All, Timshel, Awake
My Soul, Dust Bowl Dance and After The Storm, as they played with optimism and
bold artistry. Consisting of Marcus Mumford (guitar-vocals), Ben Lovett (keyboard-
accordion), Ted Dwane (string bass- drums) and Winston Marshall (trumpet or any
acoustic instrument), you will get the bonafide and crystallized listening experience
played by a tuneful and enduring rapport splendidly done and made Mumford And
Sons a household name in folk music as well as the folk-rock circuit in particular in
which they helped contributed to the genre’s success after the New Millennium.
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on January 8, 2014
It's not very often anymore that you can find a full album full of great songs, but this one has it. If you like anything by this group, you'll really want to get the whole album. Bonus: I bought the CD and got the MP3 album free and could listen to the whole thing before the CD even shipped. Oddly enough, the CD including the MP3s was $1 less at the time than buying just the MP3s. Go figure. Oh, and enjoy!
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on October 22, 2016
I understand the objections, that some amount of sameness sets in (driven by a simple rhythmic approach as much as anything), and that the lyrics don't hang together, but the band simply steamrolls all objections. Folk instrumentation, modern production and approach to dramatics, and heartfelt singing from Marcus Mumford. Best songs; "Sigh no More", "The Cave", "Little Lion Man", "Timshel", "Awake My Soul" and "After the Storm"
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on July 5, 2011
While this is not the normal genre of music that I would normally buy for myself, I was compelled to purchase it after the rave reviews I saw the album given by people of varied musical tastes.

After a listen or two or a dozen, I have to say that Mumford grew on me, and I welcome him in my home. His children, especially the male ones, will have to mature a bit before I will offer to take the family out to a really fancy restaurant like Red Lobster. I however expect that the day will come when I will be able to spend lavishly on the whole family.
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on August 16, 2013
I have to admit that i had listened to them for a while and was really excited for this album when i bought it. After getting it i was not able to maintain the excitement. I guess i had listened to them for a while on pandora and am just not super in the mood for them right now. I go through different music moods, so i am sure i will come back around to it. It is enjoyable and i will probably buy their next album down the road though so don't be discouraged if you like what you hear.
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on May 12, 2011
I, like many people, discovered this when I was flipping through radio stations. I was using a top 40 station as background noise and then Little Lion Man came on and my jaw dropped open. I had never heard anything like this on mainstream radio before. The first thing that caught my ears was the amazing vocals. Finally a UK band not afraid to keep their accents. When I saw the album as a $5.00 MP3 download I grabbed it. I was not disappointed.

I can draw comparisons to several artists: Van Morrison, Dave Matthews Band, Seven Nations, Blythe Power and The Pogues to name a few. Don't let that say anything though. They clearly have developed their own sound.

I could give a track by track breakdown but that has been done so I will break it down this way. The album starts out quietly with Sigh No More and swells into an amazing acoustic storn interlaced with mandolin, banjo and various other bow played instruments. There is not a bad track in the lot and then it mellows back out for the closing track After The Storm. This is one of the best albums I have heard in a very long time.
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on September 21, 2012
What can I say about this album? It is everything I have been looking for in music.
Sigh No More, is SUCH a wonderful album and honestly, it is all I have been listening to for the past 3 weeks.
I found Mumford and Sons through a music station, which played their song 'Awake My Soul'. It caught me off guard, I connected with the lyrics and found myself hurrying to Amazon for their album. One click is all it took to hear this amazing band.
Their music is intense for me because of how their lyrics are raw and passionate. The singers voice has a way of making you feel exactly how he feels and the music matches perfectly, it's indescribable. It is an album that can be played through all the songs without skipping. It carries a certain feeling throughout that you just want to keep listening.
The best thing about this album, this band, and the lyrics is that it has a way of making you feel multiple emotions, if not all, at once. In the song 'Little Lion Man', it makes you feel awake/'alive', angry, sad, everything. Their lyrics, for me, get me thinking, and connecting my thoughts with emotions.

Besides the emotional intensity, which might not be there for some, or just not what everyone is looking for, it's a good album just to listen to, I would definitely recommend Sigh No More!
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on May 17, 2011
I did not know what to expect after my initial exposure to this group was the tail end of a live performance clip on youtube. My wife had heard and fell in love with Little Lion Man, and wanted me to buy just the single, so I just bucked up and bought the album on sale here on Amazon. I have to say for once I was ashamed of my anti-mainstream attitude. The accolades and award nominations are deserved. I typically see the genre of this group as folk, and I am having a hard time pegging them on that aside from their instrumentation. This group seems to ride this fine line between traditional, folk, and alternative that is at times both intimate and powerful. The sad thing is that they have enough radio hook to make them sing-able and dammit, is just plain good music.

It seems they have an interesting formula on the majority of songs here that start simple with vocal and a single instrument, and then gradually build in intensity and complexity with clever instrumentation and vocals that is really engaging. They hook you into the song with simplistic verse, get you listening and waiting, and then bam... they hit you with massive chorus and bridge. While this song structure is consistent throughout the album, it does not feel forced. Banjo, fiddle and dobro are prevalent and likely enhance that earthy sound that I think resonates with its rapidly growing fan base.

I feel kind of bad for caving into top 40, but whether you pay $5 dollars or $20 for this album, it is worth every single penny.
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on July 31, 2011
If you are reading this review you know what to expect from this cd. Like the majority of both the professional reviewers and others I like this music very much. I have no issues at all with the style, the songs or the performances. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with the negative reviews. Now don't get me wrong. All music is not for all tastes. Anyone is entitled to dislike any work of art. I never got into Husker Du, for example. I enjoyed Big Star but never considered that the band was in any way extraordinary. More recently I had a problem with the later Radiohead releases. However, it is one thing to dislike a cd or admit to an inability to appreciate what the majority adore and quite another to attack a record as inauthentic or incompetent without presenting anything in the way of hard evidence. The Pitchfork review of Stephen Deusner is a case in point. The review is witty and well- written. Mr. Denser clearly hates the cd. He levels multiple criticisms, none of which hold any water whatsoever as far as I am concerned. He complains that the band has too many influences, that the songs sound incomplete, that the entire record lacks honesty. In essence he suggests that Mumford and Sons have cobbled together a pinch of Fleet Foxes, a soupçon of The Avetts, a sprinkling of Gomez and Keane and a dash of Fairport. For good measure he could have mixed The Strawbs and The Decembrists into the recipe. Perhaps the band was influenced by these artists. Perhaps not. I don't know and neither does he. Quite frankly I don't care! What I do hear is a band with it's own sound. And I like what I hear. After 60 years of modern popular music nearly all "new" music is derivative. Sometimes the artists have have listened to and absorbed the influences of those who came before. Occasionally new artists happen upon a sound or a style quite by accident and are astonished when someone plays them a record from the past that they have never heard but that a third party would argue had to have influenced the artist. Either way, if I like the new music I'm okay with it. Mumford and Sons sound thoroughly original and honest to me.
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