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on December 21, 2015
Before I start I want to state that it looks like Amazon has the reviews for all the versions in one area. I'm writing a review for the .308 version, and used this on my Remington 700.

I recently purchased a Rem 700 and Vortex optic for it. I got everything mounted on the gun and ordered the this boresight via Prime and it arrived on time without issue. I tested it in my house and saw the laser lit up fine and headed out the range this past weekend. Ideally I wanted to sight in my rifle at 100 years but after reading the direction it said to do it at 25. So I set up the target at the 25 yard line. Put the batteries in and saw the laser light up, then put boresight in the chamber and closed the bolt (the .308 version I got does not have the external battery pack and wire coming out, instead it uses hearing aid size batteries x2). After looking in the optic I could not find the laser dot anywhere on the target, my friend and I held a piece of white paper in front of it and walked out towards the target to see how far we could see it. At about the 10 yard mark it was barely visible and not visible at all at 25 yards. We pulled it back out and it looked as if the batteries where already dying off. At this point I was annoyed and assumed that the batteries where old as maybe it was sitting around Amazon's warehouse for too long. Headed home and figured I would get new batteries and try again in my house to at least get it so I can be on paper with the optic. On the way home a ran by wallgreens anre grabbed some brand new Duracells and once home put them in the boresight, to my amazement even with the new batteries I could not see the laser across my dark garage. It was just as bad as at the range if not worst. At this point I plan to do an exchange to see if maybe I just got a faulty one. If thats the case I will update this review.
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on February 2, 2016

These are usually sold by common parent case, with that said, what says on the cartridge that ships may not be the caliber you use it for. The 308 is labeled 243 win (so that it can fit necked down and the parent case). This is not an error, and you didn't get the incorrect boresighter.

These are to get you ON PAPER. That is if you zero your scope, red dot, holographic site, RMR, etc. for the laser dot, where the bullet hits, isn't where the red laser is necessarily.

These are delicate. There is no need to load one of these in a PMAG and drop the bolt on them to load them. There's no need to close the bolt completely. I usually remove the BCG from an AR and just push these gently into the chamber and then shake the weapon to get them to fall out. The AR's floating firing pin can crack the screw cap (where the primer normally is).

The laser isn't that great. Bright sunlight can wash out the laser. They make laser reflective targets (tinfoil works too) for outdoor use.


You may have to compromise and use these at 50 yards to get on paper, then adjust accordingly at 100 and beyond--since they may not show up at 100 yards (they make targets with offset zeros at 25 and 50 yards for 100 and beyond if you can't figure it out from a ballistic chart or are using handloads).
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on March 4, 2016
Arrived on time as promised. Opened the package, installed the battery (fully charged upon arrival) and turned it on to see if this was as bright as previous reviews suggested. This thing is crazy powerful for the price. Mount is very secure as you will have to remove the screws completely and open the rail mounts slightly to install. Windage and elevation adjustments are easy to zero in and very accurate. Very pleased with this product and will purchase two more tonight to replace the ones on my AR's.
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on April 22, 2015
This is the fourth caliber I have purchased, although I have not actually tested this exact one yet. The concept is very good, the manufacturing tolerances leave a lot to be desired. For the price, they should work better, but I keep buying them (grudgingly) because I finally figured out how to make them SORT of work for me, at least better than other products that I have tried. I originally bought this product for three reasons: 1) To help me bore sight some scopes that I was installing. 2) To use to check the accuracy of some QD mounts when I re-installed some optics that had been previously sighted in. 3) To check my scopes after traveling or having them bumped. Within reason, and with some practice, they work well enough for the first reason, but not well enough for the second two. They are somewhat better than the muzzle mounted lasers, but they are not as good as they could be. I gave up on using them to check the accuracy of a QD mount re-install in the field as they are not consistent enough, even with the trick below. After flying I would for sure take a practice shot to check my scope rather than rely on these things.

The problem is they are not centered well. Not one of three calibers I have tried so far has been dead on. If you insert them 3 times in the same gun, they will point to three different spots. The difference is noticeable even as close as 15-20 feet away. If you can manage to spin them while they are inserted in the chamber, you will note that the projected dot makes a circle several inches in diameter on a surface 15-20 feet away. If I was mounting a scope one time on a bolt gun, I'd save my money and just put the gun in a solid mount, remove the bolt, and look down the barrel to get it on paper. The few extra rounds you burn will probably cost a lot less than this gizmo.

However, if you have to install several scopes, or like to swap optics out pretty often, you can make them work pretty well by doing the following. Insert the laser into the chamber and attempt to spin it. While looking through your scope, watch the projected red dot move in a circle on a surface 20-30 feet away. It helps if you look through the scope and someone else spins the laser cartridge, because it's not easy to do. Try to get the laser cartridge positioned so that the dot is at the highest point on the circle. If you can't spin it while it's in the chamber, note where it points in relation to your cross hairs, and eject and re-install it several times to find the highest spot in relation to your cross hairs that the red dot ever points to. While it's still inserted, lightly mark the upper edge of the back of the laser cartridge with a fine point marker so that you can repeat the installation the same way each time in the future. (You will never get it inserted exactly the same as you initially had it, but if you get your mark as close to straight up as possible each time, you'll be within a few MOA.) Now make your scope adjustment in relation to the red dot and you should be almost perfect on wind-age when you go to the range. Hopefully, you should only have to adjust your scope cross hairs up or down a bit, but not left or right very much.

You have to remove the batteries to turn these things off. The case does not hold the batteries well, something that really irritates me when that would of been such an easy fix. Keep the entire case in a zip lock bag or you will lose a battery. Also, these things eat batteries are a very fast rate. Buy some extra ones when you order the product. The markings on the actual batteries do not correspond to any that I could find locally. It turns out that everyone else calls them something else, so if you have to buy extras at the store, take a dead battery and not just the package the factory ones came in.

Note: if you don't think you will need to use these very often, and when you do, you think that you'll need several calibers, then the muzzle mounted laser might be better deal as you only have to buy one item for multiple calibers. Just get the arbor as tight as you can in the muzzle, and then spin the laser to find the top of that circle. Working off the top of the circle or arc, you should be pretty close on wind-age. I have not found a device that I would trust to check a QD optic remount, or the zero on a scope after air travel.
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on March 5, 2017
I recently installed a Pistol Scope on my SKS and I decided to get a Boresight to make it easy to get on target. It took me about 3 minutes to zero the scope right on the money with this Sightmark. The laser is very bright and centered. The batteries worked perfectly and appear to have a lot of life left in them. Sightmark says zeroing in at 30 yards will put you within 4 inches at 100 yards. I sighted in at 30 yards and shot at a small can at about 50 yards and it was on the money:) You cannot ask for better than that! I have always been an "open sights" guy and have always been an excellent shot. However, my 50+ year old eyes really appreciate a scope and this is the easiest way to sight it in and put rounds on target......GT:)
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on March 29, 2017
I used this to sight in my .308 M1A rifle. I got a new Vortex scope and a Basset Machine mount for the holidays and took it out to the desert to get it sighted in. I couldn't even get it on paper, so I decided to quit wasting ammo and get a boresight.

The Sightmark boresight came with batteries and simple instructions. I put the batteries in and the laser lit up. Once I got it chambered I matched up the laser dot with the reticle and that was it. I did it in the late afternoon so the laser dot would be bright. My aim point was about 20 yards. Of course, at the range I would have to adjust the elevation for shooting at 25 or 50 yards, but windage should be the same. Sure enough, I was on paper and had to adjust the elevation while the windage adjustment was minimal.

In sum, this product worked perfectly to get my scope on paper. Some notes:

1) There is no on\off switch; once you put the batteries in and screw on the cap the laser is on. You have to take the batteries out when you're done. They are tiny little things. I used the corner of a plastic sandwich bag and rolled them up in it, and it fit in one of the little pockets in the fabric case.
2) Open the bolt and seat the boresight in the chamber as you would load a single bullet and don't let the bolt slam close as this would probably damage the boresight.
3) This is a low power laser, so you're not going to be able to see it on a bright day at 50 yards. Probably not even at 25 yards. That means you need to use it indoors or at around dusk if you use it outside. Using it indoors will limit the distance you can set your elevation at, but the windage will not be affected.
4) Boresights are not designed to set your scope for the bulls-eye. They help you get close enough that you're hitting your target, and you can go from there to get an exact adjustment.
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on March 8, 2017
I purchased this item so I could always have the ability to keep my WASR-10 lined up with my optic.

The item is easy to use, just load it manually into the chamber and let the bolt back gently. It was very easy to remove the bore sight with my multi tool pliers and I am not sure if you could by hand as I didn't try. The batteries can be stored in the bore sight itself but just reversing them as there is no on off function on this item. The only real complaint I have is that it becomes harder to see the sight at about 75 yards. Now I was doing this outside in daylight so I imagine that it would be easier if I was indoors but just worth noting if you do not have a indoor location to sight in.

All in all, this was a okay product that I can recommend if you want a cheap bore sight but not if you want a fancy one.
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on September 23, 2016
the laser is not centered at all. You can roll this on a bench and watch the laser trace a large diameter circle. I should have checked it and returned it earlier but now all I can do is toss it. And I ordered a second caliber which is just as bad.
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on May 14, 2017
I'm giving this 3 because it still somewhat worked for me.

Sighting in a new scope at the range I was tryin to avoid guessing where my rounds were going.

Said it should be visible at 100yds. Maybe that only means at night.
Had to sight it in on at nearby pole and then adjust from there. Even with the laser in the house it was less bright than the $4 cat toy laser I had.

I was expecting more from sitemark. Maybe I was just expecting more than could possibly be provided in that small of a package (Even through the cat toy is roughly the same size).
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on February 16, 2017
Let me start this review by saying I am in no way sponsored, paid, or given discounts for my reviews.
Normally that would piss me off but you get what you pay for in this case. If you want a reliable bore sight to get you on paper to zero in a rifle then this is the bore sight for you. I have NEVER had luck with a bore sight until I got into sightmark products. I not have 11 of their bore sights, and 21 of their optics ranging from basic red dots, reflex sights, and scopes. I use their products because they work and they don't break my bank.
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