Customer Reviews: Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Switch
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on April 14, 2012
This sight is amazing. The reticles are all crisp and beautiful, and the crap about having to rezero if you switch them is just bull. If you plan to use a different reticle, yes you need to rezero, but if you bump it and switch it back to the one you zeroed, it works flawlessly. If you feel the need to swap reticles all the time you have more important things to worry about because its not call of duty, pick one you like and stick with it. Its just a reticle. Sight is solid and beautiful. Dropped it on its head while attached to a weapon and it maintained zero. In fact, it only sustained minor scratches from the spent brass I dropped it on. If you are looking for something compact, pleasing to the eye and durable, for this price, you cant go wrong. I cant even justify spending more money on an EOTech with this working as well as it does.
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on September 30, 2013
UPDATE 10/01/2013: Changed to three stars. Couldn't give up on this sight because it has too much potential and it comes from an American company. It occurred to me that "battery bump" might be interpreted by a digital circuit to be a power-off event, i.e. it thinks you turned the sight off. In an analog circuit the sight would just flicker if it momentarily lost power from battery bump. The spring in the battery compartment on my sight was "just" long enough to reach the batteries, but didn't compress. I replaced it with a 1/4 inch spring from my parts bin and solved the problem. The sight doesn't turn off when bumped now. If your sight is turning off or dimming when bumped or on recoil, try replacing the battery spring or stretching it a little bit. You want it to be 1/4 inch long. Haven't shot with the sight yet so don't know about holding zero. Will update again after some range time now that the sight stays on.
Original one-star post:
I'm retired military. Used ACOGs, EoTechs, iron sights, everything. Also CEO of an electronics engineering company. (Not firearms related). So I liked the possibilities of this sight but saw a lot of bad reviews. Decided to buy one from a local store in case things went bad. The store had 3, two of which were returns... I got the new one. Seemed to work OK at the store. Once home, noticed sight kept turning off. Started troubleshooting. Found that even a slight tap on the side of the unit would power-off the sight. I believe this is a manufacturing problem since some of the sights work and some don't. Probably related to the "digital" switch circuit. I went to Sightmark's website to see if any of this had been documented. It seems they have closed comments on this sight...but are displaying nothing but good comments...hmmm... If you have a good sight, that's great. But the problems people are having with this sight are real, and I hope Sightmark will fix it.
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on December 3, 2013
Sight is awesome for the price. One drawback is the reticle brightness should have at least one more setting dimmer. Co-witnesses with iron sights in A2 config. Holds zero well and I had no issue with the zero changing when I selected a different reticle. When I selected any one of the four the zero remained true.. Love the quick disconnect feature and it seems to hold zero on reinstallation very well.
review image review image
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on August 9, 2012
I bought this sight at a local box store for $99 at that price and no waiting I was happy to pay the extra. The sight mounts well and holds zero on my m4 with no issues after mounting and unmounting, it is well made however the directions are WRONG yes both for the battery's like EVERYONE seems to miss the added in slip of paper with the manual and for turning it on . BUT YOUR SIGHTS ARE NOT DOA and this is the reason I decided to write this. The directions for turning on the sight are wrong you don't hold the button 2 secs to turn it on that is how you turn it OFF to turn it on a simple one sec push will turn it on and the same one sec push will change the brightness . I found this buy playing with the sight cause I thought it was broken also but then thought about well if the directions were wrong once, twice was not a farfetched idea so enjoy your sight ITS NOT DOA ! I really like this sight so i gave it 4 stars for poor directions .500+ rounds of 5.56 and it still is zeroed and i even droped the sight off a shooting rest .
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on March 24, 2014
first of all when I shot it I was out in sunlight in the brightest possible setting, I read some complaining that they could not see the reticle I am assuming they did not know you press the button to change the level of brightness. And as far as the person who says there is a red halo, yes that occurs when indoors and you need to turn the brightness down and no halo. far as zero mine was shooting groups at 50 yards slightly larger than a dime.

I fired 223 and 5.56 rounds out of my windham src with it only about 100 rounds. never once did it turn off on me when I was shooting, it never once flickered while I was shooting. But as I said I have only shot 100 rounds out of it.

also for people who said it did not fit right you do realize there is a bolt on the bottom to adjust its width..... yes when I put mine on first it's all over wobbly and then per directions I adjusted the nut on bottom and it is rock solid on my rifle,

yes I do believe there could be some lemons here and there but I think a lot of the bad reviews are mainly due to user error! It does have a limited lifetime warranty doesn't it?

I will update my review after two more shooting sessions and at least 500 rounds through it but so far I love it and have zero issues.

March 24 , 2014
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on February 24, 2015
Awesome!!!! If you can't afford EOTECH....this will do. Mine is placed on a 7.62x39 AR Pistol with a 7" barrel....holds a zero great, especially for the price...
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on September 2, 2012
When I received my Sightmark reflex sight I couldn't get it to work either. I rushed here to read the reviews and I noticed an awful lot of people having the same issue, I then assumed I just got a DOA like many people did. Then, with patience, I decided to carefully try again: first of all pay attention to that little extra sheet of paper which corrects the instructions on the manual, you have to install the batteries with the + pole DOWNWARDS. Furthermore, to turn the sight ON, you will need to press the button with a quick touch. Just press it and take your finger off quickly. DO NOT keep it pressed otherwise it won't turn on! That being said, the sight is pretty neat, it looks sturdy enough and well built. It looks like it should be able to take a beating without failing easily. The dot/crosshair is crisp and sharp and the 5 brightness settings should be able to cover every light condition. All in all I really like it on my M4, the only drawback is the batteries which are pretty uncommon, expensive and really tiny, which makes fitting 3 of them down a small tube a very tricky experience. I just can't understand why the guys at Sightmark didn't choose a better format. I will have to buy a bunch of batteries on eBay straight from China. Considering the price it is a FANTASTIC item, I am happy I got one.
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on March 10, 2013
First off, to all the idiots who can't read the instructions... your sight was not DOA. You simply didn't install the batteries correctly. Secondly, anyone with common sense will know that if you have issues with shutting off due to recoil, you have a connectivity issue with the power source. Simply stretch that little spring out (the one attached to the batter cover). This will ensure 100% connectivity throughout your shots and your cheap but bad ass sight will function flawlessly.

This sight holds zero, has a crisp reticle, and functions close enough to an Eotech that it should be a no brainer. Granted, an Eotech is a true holo and this is a reflex, by definition. However, just ensure that your cheek weld is consistent and you are good to go.

I would recommend this to anyone, even if you are thinking of buying an Eotech... try this one first. I have a couple of buddies who sold their Eotechs and bought one of these (and pocketed a few hundred bucks).
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on March 21, 2014
Mounted on a brand new AR, boresighted it, and went to the range. A couple of clicks down and right and it was dead on. My only negative critique is that the reticle could be brighter, as it did get a bit washed out in the brilliant afternoon sun on a white target. No issues whatsoever with the batteries, instructions, or properly adjusting the QD lever so it locks to the rail. It does co-witness with the front sight, but that's not really that important with this sight. Shoot with both eyes open, put the dot where you want the bullets to go, and squeeze the trigger - simple.

This is a great value in a quality optic.

Update 8/15/14

Still happy. Shot the rifle again some time after posting the review - in May I think. Took it out of the safe the other day - sight powered up fine. Still on the original batteries, but got a ten pack right here on Amazon for under $10.
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on March 19, 2015
It's no eotech, but damn it's good. Well worth the 80-100 bucks. Holds zero pretty good. Sight is easy to adjuster ally like having a sight with the metal shield over the glass. Not to bad on reflection. Simply to install on your rifle. Been on my rifle for about a month and has been on for over 1,000 rounds. Still holds zero. It's dright-dim settings work well and has a retical for what ever your styles my be. Sight retical is bigger than it appears in my picture. Best used with both eyes open to allow the shooter the best field of view.
review image review image
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