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on March 3, 2015
Before I took the plunge and bought this lens, I was a total Canon snob. I didn't think that there was anything superior to a canon lens. Before purchasing this, my favorite lenses were the Canon 135mm f/2L and the 50mm f/1.2L. I love how creamy and beautiful the depth of field was on both lenses when shooting wide open. And, to me, both were very sharp.
But, after receiving the Sigma 35mm and doing some micro adjustments, I realized that this lens FAR surpasses any Canon lens I own. It is SHARP. Holy crap it's sharp. I've used a lot of different lenses and this lens produces the sharpest and most visually pleasing portraits.
I tend to shoot at f/2 for portraits with this lens, but even when I open it up more, it's still super sharp.

If you're on the line about buying a Sigma over a Canon, don't be. Definitely buy this lens right now. From now on, I will be looking at Sigma ART lenses before I even think about buying another L series lens. Super happy with this purchase.
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on July 28, 2016
This thing is a BEAST. I've been longing to purchase a full frame f1.4 prime for the longest time but I couldn't decide which to purchase. There was the Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art and the Nikon 35mm 1.4. I tried out both and they were just amazing but I was leaning towards the 35mm focal length. However, I just couldn't justify the $1400+ price point. I then discovered this. This. This is what dreams are made of.

I immediately ordered this bad boy and as soon as it arrived, I slapped it onto my D810 and BOOM! amazing photos. The color. The contrast. The BOKEH. OMG. I've been missing out for so long. This lens is by far the best investment in photography I have ever made. The nicest, most solid piece of metal and glass you will ever purchase.

If any fan-boi snob comes up to you, calling you a peasant for purchasing 3rd party glass, don't mind him. Because he's a fool.

This lens is truly a work of "ART."
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on December 26, 2015
I have only just started taking my camera off automatic and experimenting with lenses when I had children. So this is an amateur review. I have been looking for a great portrait lens to capture my forever moving children, and this is it. I own several canon lenses now, and this is my first Sigma. It's by far the most superior lens I have in my collection. I honestly didn't know that a lens could take such a crisp photo. The colors are vivid, the bokeh is beautiful, the focus is fast, smooth and accurate. It performs very well indoors. What I feel this lens has done is taken my photography to another level. I absolutely love the photos it produces. Just as well, people have been asking me left and right to take their holiday photos and newborn photos since I started using this lens. I highly recommend it.
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on March 23, 2016
This lens is amazing. Seriously! I bought it for my business, but also kinda for our Disney World trip ;) It takes some amazing photos! Only thing is, the corners get REALLY dark and the little lens hood doesn't stay on very well. Picture quality is awesome though!
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This actually was the original and first 'Art series' lens, and was virtually peerless when it first came out 5 years ago. While it no longer is best in class (that honor belongs to the Canon 35 1.4 L2 lens), it's still a superb optic, and hardly a slouch compared to the benchmark Canon L2 35mm (which is only a little bit sharper and has a little bit less CA). On the other hand, it's a lot less money than that lens – and indeed this lens remains a value homerun, offering excellent performance for moderate cost. Its 35mm focal length covers probably the most useful walkaround focal length, particularly in so-called 'street photography', where 35mm is often times the sweet spot for a modest wide-angle view of your subjects. It has minimal optical distortion – just a touch of barrel distortion, fairly minimal CA, and while it's a great value, it's no lightweight.


1) Excellent rendering of details and very high resolution, like every Sigma Art lens, with very good micro-contrast as well. Excellent match for high resolution sensors.
2) Still a superb value, competitive with CanNikon branded glass for 30 to 50% less money.
3) Unquestionably the best option at this focal length in Sony Alpha mount – leagues better than the aging Sony 35 1.4 G.
4) Good control over CA (but easily corrected in post).
5) Modest vignetting and minimal barrel distortion (issues rendered more peripheral by availability of excellent postprocessing).
6) Excellent USB dock option for dialing in MFA - can MFA at four discrete focal distances.
7) Great build quality and smooth MF operation - lens just exudes quality.


1) Weight – relatively heavy for a 35mm prime, and a lot heavier for example than the Sony 1.4 G.
2) Sometimes a bit funky autofocus particularly in low light on Sony A99II.
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on June 13, 2015
What a lens!!!! It is so sharp - focus works well (do calibrate the lens however - my copy needed +11 on micro adjustment)
The attached calibration image was shot at F1.4 - did I say it was sharp? At F1.8 it becomes a razor blade. Construction is very solid (it is quite heavy!) Once again - amazing lens.
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on October 9, 2016
Well unfortunately this went back.....I was excited as I own other sigma lenses and have always had great results. I had very high hopes for this one based on the reviews but I did hesitate as I read some of the lower reviews on the focus issues. I used it for about 4 weeks and had nothing but a horrid time trying to get this lens to hit its focal point. Even at f4. After fine tuning through my Nikon D810, and calibrating it through another source, I ended up ordering the sigma doc that is "suppose" to help fix this and update lens software. You also have the option to rewrite the lens focus points. I didn't rewrite as I had hoped just updating the lens software was enough. There is also no clear instructions on how to rewrite and didn't feel as though I should have to sit through 16 utube videos to mess with something that I have no business rewriting. While it was minimally better after a software update, it was still focusing about a half cm to the right....With the high reviews this lens gets, I'm hoping that i just got one of the lemons. The few pictures that it did actually hit a forced focal point ( because I shot 1/2cm left) the results are amazing but 5 shots out of a good 100? Absolutely unacceptable and if there are so many issues that they need to make a doc to fix the lens software?? Come on Sigma... I wouldn't say "don't purchase this lens", I would just say, "I hope you get one that works and keep your original papers and boxes so you can return it if its not a good one."
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on May 15, 2017
I would have never dreamed of purchasing a Sigma lens before the Art series. Previous Sigma lenses I've shot with seemed junky and cheap. This lens is a beautiful, heavy duty lens that performs very well. Color reproduction is good, glass is good and it syncs flawlessly with my Nikon D750. I also have the Sigma USB dock just in case I need to update software or adjust the focus but from my tests it was setup perfectly when it arrived. Bokeh is fantastic and subjects stand out perfectly when that background is butter soft and melting away. Sharpness is very good. I love prime lenses and this one and my Nikon 50mm 1.4 are my go to lenses for most of my shooting. I shoot a lot of portraits; kids, families, small weddings... and this lens seems to be pretty flattering in those respects. It is pricey but when you look at the market it's pretty reasonable for what you're getting. I feel like this can be a lifetime lens like a lot of the good Nikon and Canon lenses because of the build quality and how rugged it feels. Only time will tell but I'm happy now!
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on April 4, 2016
I just recently purchased this lens as my first step into "pro level" glass. Optically, it is outstanding, but there a couple issues that I have with it, although not enough to keep me from liking it a lot. This is my initial review, and I plan to update it later after I take more pictures with it.

Sharp. Holy crap it's sharp. When it nails focus, it gives you contrasty, crispy images. You can zoom way in 2:1 or even 3:1 and still get great detail. I've heard from many reviews from great sources that this the sharpest 35mm money can buy apart from Zeiss and Canon's 35mmL mark ii, both of which are way more expensive. Even wide open at f1.4, it's as sharp or sharper than other lenses at f2.8. It is incredibly helpful to have a sharp lens that can open up to f1.4, because it really allows you to lower your ISO, raise your shutter speed, or both. The f1.4 aperture also makes backgrounds really melt away, even on my crop sensor Canon 70D. The backgrounds will be even more buttery on a full frame camera. Most of the other lenses I own have an aperture of f2.8; this lens is a full two stops faster. Meaning instead of shooting at ISO 3200, I can shoot at ISO 800, for example. I haven't gotten to test the performance in backlit situations or other tough scenarios, but I will update later.

It's really solid, and quite heavy for a prime lens. There's a lot of glass in there. You can really tell that Sigma has upped their game with the ART line. It's probably heavier than I'd like but it balances fine on my 70D, and probably even better on a full frame camera. The manual focus ring is very large and has some resistance to it. I don't manually focus often, but I found no issue when I needed to.

Here's where things get a little tricky. Yes, it probably depends on the copy of the lens. I've heard some who got great results, and some who couldn't get the lens to focus at all. I tried to use the Reikan Focal program (it helps with AFMA) with this lens, but it gave me some results that actually made the focus worse. I believe that because the aperture is so wide (1.4), Focal does have some issues really nailing the focus automatically. I had no issues with Focal on any of my other lenses, although none are as fast as this Sigma. I ended up attempting to manually test and adjust the AFMA myself, but found that different focus distances gave me different numbers. For example, leaving the AFMA at 0 gave me good results at a couple feet, but was terrible at anything further than that. Huh. Frustrating that I couldn't get this lens to work great right off the bat. Enter the Sigma Dock, which you can use with their software to calibrate the lens AFMA at four different focus distances. I got the dock, and after some lengthy manual testing, I believe I have finally found the sweet spots for the AFMA at all four focus distances. I do wish the four different focus distances were adjustable, as my copy had some weird focus issues between 6 feet and infinity, but after tinkering with the settings, I think I have it down anyways. The lens does miss focus sometimes (not terribly often, but you'll definitely notice when is misses), especially wide open. It isn't so often that it is a problem to me, but if I were photographing a wedding, for example, I'd be nervous that I'd miss that one important moment that I can't get back. I do wish it would nail focus every time, but maybe I'm just being too demanding.

While this is an expensive lens, you're getting phenomenal image quality and build. The autofocus issues are the only gripe I have with this lens. I think if you have patience with microadjustments and are willing to get the dock, it's a great value.

I plan to keep this lens on my camera to see what I can get out of it. I am also planning to do a newborn shoot in a couple months, and I will probably use this lens for most of the shots, if I find the focusing trustworthy with further testing.

I will add more to this review in the coming months.

Unfortunately the autofocus issues continue to present themselves. The lens focuses extremely well inside of the 3 feet. But between 3 feet and infinity there are some spots where the autofocus is way off. The adjustments I made on the dock cover most focus areas but there are a few key distances where it continuously refuses to focus. My copy was back focusing mostly, but would front focus badly a few areas in that 3 ft. to infinity range. We're talking like more than a few inches of front focusing. This especially seemed to occur in lower light situations, but happened even in good lighting, where I got maybe an 80% hit rate, even at f2; very disappointing. I confirmed this with the Reikan Focal AFMA system; I tested it at one foot increments from 3 feet all the way out to 10 feet, and got wildly different results at a couple focus ranges. I have a Canon 70D which has good cross type focus points across the board so it didn't seem to be a camera issue. The lens is extremely sharp when it does nail focus though. It makes beautiful images with great blurry backgrounds/bokeh, but I really need that reliability with the autofocus. I am more of a spontaneous/candid/street shooter so I would take slightly less sharpness for the autofocus accuracy. If you can take your time to find a good copy, I'd say go for it if ultimate sharpness is your goal. But not for me; I don't want to be taking gambles at getting a good copy and I don't want to send my camera/lens in for adjustment. I am going to return this lens and try out the Canon 35mm f2 IS, a lens renowned for outstanding AF accuracy and very good sharpness at all apertures. Sure, it's slower and not quite as sharp, but it's $300 cheaper, is only about 2/3 of a stop slower according to DXOMark (Sigma has a T stop of 1.6, the Canon's is right at 2.0), plus I get IS and the much smaller size/lighter weight. I wish you the best of luck if you decide to get this lens; if you can get a copy that autofocuses well, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
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on April 5, 2017
I am in love with this lens. Way better than I had imagined. This has easily become my top two lens (this and my 70-200mm) and I am sorta kicking myself in the tush for not purchasing it sooner. Like with all your lenses, make sure you calibrate it to each of your bodies to make sure the focus is perfect (which if you're new to photography, sounds super complicated but it is easy- watch some youtube videos).
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