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on July 26, 2011
I bought four of these (different sizes, 2x52mm, 1x55m, 1x72mm) as the title says, and find the quality equal to that of ANY manufacturer. Sigma have been around for a LONG time and their products are still made in Japan and still made well. These filters are no exception.

I read the negative reviews before buying these. But I found the positive reviews to be more thoughtfully written and therefore gave them a bit more credence. Still, I was just a bit wary of buying anything but the "best" filters (i.e. B+W MRC or Hoya HMC) for my expensive glass. Now wait a minute. Expensive? When did it make sense that one, single sliver of glass 72mm in diameter should cost nearly as much as a lens? $80? Really?
No. Time to stop the madness. I took these filters out and USED them. Fortunately, I also have a 72mm B+W filter (MRC). I mounted it to a Canon FD 20mm f/2.8. A very sharp, very wide lens prone to ghosts and flares. I shot 8 shots with the B+W filter on a sunny day moving 1/8 turns in a circle. I was standing in a sparse wood with plenty of light and opportunity for flares and ghosts. I recorded my position for each shot. (You may think this a waste of time but I am TIRED of paying so much for *filters*. I want to save my money for *lenses* and *cameras*.
I performed the same tasks with the Sigma lens mounted. How much difference would you guess? Like the question put to Arthur Dent in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy "Do you know how much damage this bulldozer would suffer if I let it just run right over you?"
Answer: None at all.

So go ahead. Buy that B+W. It will do an outstanding job. You will feel special, secure in the knowledge that if anyone looks at your lens they will know that YOU know what a good filter is. They won't be wrong. But some will think "There's a guy who spends more than he should".

Just buy the Sigma. Made in Japan, not China. The coating is excellent, the powder-coated metal ring creates no reflections. It is properly flared to avoid vignetting. I can't think of any good reason to pay double, except to impress the fat old gentleman shooting the Leica and looking smugly and knowingly at your gear.
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on April 19, 2015
One might think that UV filters for camera lenses are basically the same. Not true at all. This Sigma
filter is outstanding and actually improves picture resolution and ability to focus (used on Nikon FM2). My
Nikon FM2 35mm camera (a classic) had a Quantray filter, which I thought was good enough. My pictures
never looked sharp ( Fuji ISO 100 fine grain slide film) with this filter. I thought it was a faulty 50mm lens
and then tried using one of my B&W UV filters on my 50mm lens. I noticed an immediate difference in focusing.

Then I spotted this Sigma DG 52mm MultiCoated UV filter and ordered it. What a difference it has made on my
picture taking. What looks alike isn't alike. Not all filters are the same. Some filters can have a slight distortion
or warp that you can't see when looking at the filter but do notice when focusing and looking at your results. Getting
a top quality filter like Sigma DG makes a huge difference. Worth buying and trying. Very good filter.
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on September 8, 2015
Great quality. No haze, ghosting or flares found in this filter so far. Will report back if I find situations that allow for those negative side effects to become present. No degradation of image quality found as of yet. Being used on a Canon FD 85mm F/1.2 L.

The frame is nicely constructed from metal with a matte finish. The fame is not as thick as some of the older filter frames. The threads are smooth and fit my lens nicely. The filter frame is threaded to accept a lens hood.

At first the filter did not want to screw on. There were no visible signs on the filter indicating why this was happening. When I inspected my lens I found the barrel had a slight bend in it from where it had contacted a surface in the past. I had never noticed this before. I simply covered the barrel with a cloth and bent the barrel back round with slight twist from an adjustable wrench (smooth jaws). The filter threaded on perfectly afterwards. For those who left negative reviews regarding this filter not threading on, some of them may have had a very slight bend in the lens barrel just as I did (we are talking less than 1mm of bend).


So after months of use in multiple lighting conditions I can add some depth to this review. Still very happy with this filter. There has only been a few instances when I have removed the filter due to extremely poor lighting conditions. Overall very happy with this filter.
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on September 21, 2009
Flat-out, the Sigma EX DG ultraviolet filter is hands-down the best UV filter I have ever used. I've had a handful from Hoya, Tiffen, and Zeikos...and always truly believed that it was just to protect the lens, and the clarity of picture was changed in such minute ways, that it was more or less unnoticeable. However, just holding this lens up next to any of my other UV lenses side-by-side, and you can genuinely see the difference. While $20+ does seem just a little on the steep side for just a UV filter when there are so many out there for less than $5, it's good knowing that unless something tragic happens to this one, I'll never need another. I fully intend to buy one in each diameter I need to cover all my lenses.

+ Amazing quality UV filter
+ Excellent finish on the entire product
+ Reduces haze noticeably by simple sight, as well as in all pictures

- $20+ may be more than some people are willing to pay for a UV filter
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on January 22, 2011
I have the Sigma EX DG 67mm Multi-Coated UV Filter,Sigma DG 52mm Multi-Coated UV Filter,Sigma EX DG 55mm Multi-Coated UV Filter, as well as a Sigma 62mm Multi-Coated UV Filter on my lenses. When it was time to get a 77mm UV for my ultra-wide angle lens, my mind was already made up. These Sigma UV filters are simply great for the price! They feature great glass, effective multi-coated UV protection, and high-quality build.

I am a little surprised at some of the other reviewers who have commented that they are hard to clean. Simply use a microfiber cloth or lens pen and the lenses come out nice and clean. I have 5 various-sized Sigma DG UV filters and they have never broken even after removing them and replacing them onto different lenses multiple times. I guess there's a possibility of a bad apple in any bunch, but luckily for me I have never had any problems.
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on March 3, 2012
As far as I can tell this filter works very well filtering out the harmful and distorting UV rays we are all subjected too. I think this because I spent a lot of money on it and I really wouldn't know any better unless the distortion was major and someone with a lot more experience than I were to point it out to me. So... I have the UV filter on and I certainly don't notice any negative effects because of it. No glare, ghosts, vignetting or any of the other things you read about in other reviews. I'm happy to report that it did a marvelous job of filtering out the armrest in the auditorium at the middle school in the town where I live! I was taking snapshots of the event we were attending in honor of my daughters class... My camera was over my shoulder on it's strap while I moved about in the crowd... the next time I lifted the camera to my eye to take the shot I noticed a distortion in the viewfinder. The lens must have bumped into an armrest because the filter was cracked (Bad too.) I was at first upset that this filter was ruined but as that sunk in I was thrilled that the filter had done it's job of filtering out solid objects thus saving my lens! I am usually so very mindful of my gear but the unexpected can happen to any of us at any time. I would recommend a UV filter to everybody who plans to actually use their expensive camera because I am a firm believer in UV filters! I would also recommend spending some extra $$$ on a good quality filter like this Sigma so you, like me, can go on ignoring the effects the cheap filters have on your special shots. This one served me very well...
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on November 16, 2015
I previously had an uncoated UV filter on one lens and a Sigma Muti-Coated UV Filter on another. I noticed that many of my pictures taken with that other filter exhibited prominent "ghosting" in certain lighting situations. I never previously thought the quality of the UV filter made any difference; I use UV filters to primarily protect the original glass of my SLR lens. Now I know better and only use/recommend Sigma Multi-Coated UV filters.
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on July 22, 2014
I bought this filter as protective cover for my Canon 85 mm f1.8 prime lens. The quality of the machining on the filter screws and body is excellent and very precise. It fits right on. The multi coated glass is very effective at reducing glare. When I first took the filter out of the package and held it up to the light, it almost look like the glass was missing because it was so hard to see it without any glare on it due to the multi coated surface. Optically, I have not noticed any image degradation from putting this onto the lens. I would rate this as a very high-quality option for protecting any lenses with a 58 mm filter thread as an alternative to the more expensive filter brands. Save those for more complex filtering needs like circular polarizers or neutral density gradients. This one works great for its intended purpose.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 16, 2013
Reviewer Christopher Vincelette got it right when he said that his first reaction upon opening the filter case was that they shipped him an empty ring. The multicoating on this fiter really is that good. I'd thought that he was exaggerating in his review but I had the same reaction he did. The glass reflects nearly 0 light. Holding up my cheaper Vivitar and Tiffen filters next to this Sigma the difference in reflected light is immediately noticeable.

The colors of my images are accurate (or as accurate as they are without the filter) and glare and flare are eliminated in all but the worst conditions.

I bought this to go on my Canon SX50 HS, and it screws onto the adapter ring much easier than my other filters. I leave this filter on at all times to protect my camera lense and have had no problem shooting in all kinds of lighting with it installed.

In summary, it's not the least expensive UV filter out there, but it's an excellent value at almost any price. I only wish I'd decided to spend a few extra dollars and get this filter before wasting much more on the cheaper Tiffin and Vivitar ones that I have never been happy with.
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on January 16, 2015
UV filters aren't supposed to do anything for image quality. I use them to protect them from droplets of water, a baby's stray finger, or sea water, sweat, etc from getting on the lens. It's a real pain to clean those off (or impossible). People who say they can just wipe stuff off lenses with a micro fiber clothe are crazy, there is a really fine coating on good lenses and you're basically wearing that down with each swipe of the cloth.

These sigma filters are amazing. I've compared them with other $5 ones and man, sigma's are so clear and non reflective. It's like air.
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