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on September 15, 2017
I was super skeptical about buying a mattress online. Can’t try it out before you buy it – and how the heck do you return something that weighs as much as a ‘mattress’? There’s a ton of mattresses that are highly reviewed on Amazon (why does every mattress have 5 out of 5) so making the purchase was a really hard decision for me.

I checked out a few mattress ranking sites like “bed insider” or “sleep like the dead” because I couldn’t find a lot of information on this particular kind of mattress outside of amazon. Luckily there were a few mattress review sites I mentioned that do an in-depth breakdown.

It seemed like the signature sleep was going to be a good fit for me. They have a handful of ‘thickness’ options which I found interesting, you’d think that a thicker mattress is more comfortable, and a thinner mattress is less supportive, but in this case, it really depends on the composition of the mattress itself. For example, the signature sleep is just two layers, 3.5’’ memory foam, and 8.5’’ support foam, but what about the 6 in? It’s only 1.5’’ memory foam. This dramatically changes the feel and comfort of the mattress, especially if you’re sleeping directly on the floor like I do. It’s confusing reading reviews here, because normal reviewers don’t go in-depth on every single aspect of the mattress, so I highly suggest doing your research before clunking down that big $.

Anyway, after reviewing all the info I decided to simply buy this mattress – it seemed to be a good price and at 12-inches I figured the memory foam would be more than enough. It took awhile for the mattress to fully decompress, over a day, so please ignore the reviews that say it doesn’t decompress properly! You just have to be patient. These beds are shipped and stored in a tight box for months, it’s not going to be inflate right away, especially if you get an older unit.

After it inflated I was pretty happy with the way it felt. My girlfriend who’s a side-sleeper said it was too hard for her, but as a back-sleeper who used to sleep on mats when I was back-packing Europe, I actually enjoyed the density of this mattress. The main issue I had with this mattress was caused not by the mattress itself, but from my dog!!

My dog sheds like crazy, especially during the summer, and the mattress is a ‘b’ to clean!! I really wish I bought a mattress with a removable cover. His hair and occasional pee goes right through to the cover, and cleaning the cover itself was a hassle I wish I didn’t have to deal with.

Since this incident I purchased a mattress protector, but the mattress cover itself is stuck with the stain from my dog…. Sponge-washing a mattress is the last thing I wanted to do, so lesson learned.

Anyway, I really hope this review helps. If you’re a back-sleeper looking for a a cheap sleep, this mattress might be for. But if you have to share your bed with someone you might want to look for a more all-around mattress, and you might want to consider a mattress with a removable cover if you have pets or kids. Don’t take just my word for it, take a look at a few review sites, its well worth the research to find the right mattress for you.
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on August 26, 2017
I was dubious about buying a matters in a box but since it was for the guest bedroom, I gave it a try. It arrived in a big brown box that I took into the bedroom. I carefully removed the cardboard box to find a huge roll inside. Put the roll on the bed platform, took off the outer plastic, then cut open the inner plastic and wow... it grew right before my eyes! It unrolled itself, and started swelling up and within a few minutes, it was full size! I didn't have to wait 48 hours for it to stop "growing", it was full size immediately. I measured the height to be sure. It did not have an odor as some have said.

I have not slept on it because it is in a guest room but I did take a short nap on it and it was so comfortable. I could feel it shaping to my body. I like it so much that I plan on getting a queen size one next month for my bed. Some have said it is stiff and uncomfortable but I did not find it to be that way. Am so looking forward to getting one for my bed!

BTW, if you're worried about not having anyone to help un-packaging it, don't be. I am a petite size 80 year old female and did it all by myself.
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on December 2, 2017
OK so we bought this memory foam mattress 12inches for me and my husband as a new treat and, at first I was hesitant to buy it due to some reviews of people saying that the mattress never expanded correctly or that it had a very strong chemical smell or that it came with mold or it was way to hard and firm ect ect, and I was panicking about these things since I have a baby and a toddler and they spend more time in my bed than their own... Now all I can say about this mattress and my own personal experience is:
1) The mattress arrived as the expected delivery day.
2) It was a little heavy about 80lbs inside the box compressed almost as tall as me, so for me it was a bit hard to carry it so my husband take it out all by himself. Lol
3)Once we we're in the process of removing the first layer of plastic (2layers of plastic in total) I could hear the mattress inflating and the 2nd layer wasn't off yet. Once I took off all the wrapping it started expanding like right away to my surprise , due to some reviews stating their mattress took over 72 hours to fully expand or it never expanded at all. Mines expanded fully all the way in 1-2 hours and it did measured 12inches.
4)Other reviewers said it had a strong, strong chemical smell to be honest it did have a smell but it wasn't strong like they be saying but I wouldn't call it "chemical smell" it had a normal smell like anything that comes from a factory and it's brand new and compressed for who knows how long. I just got some Febreeze spray and I sprayed a little bit all over it, put some new clean sheets and boom!!! no more smell.
5) About the mold I didn't find any trace of mold whatsoever.
6 Some people say is too firm and hard, I think is bit firm and soft but it sure is a lot better than my 5 year old spring mattres for sure no doubt.

*Me personally haven't experience no back pain or any other pain related due to sleeping in this mattress however my husband works in a warehouse with heavy machinery and lots of physical strength so with the old mattress he would have constantly lower back pain... Now he said his pain has gone after sleeping in this new mattress we been with it for over 6 days already. My kids also love it my toddler loves to jump in it and I now let him because I won't hear that old spring mattress noise hahaha.

We really, really recommend buying this product do not let other reviewers intimidate you. You will not regret it!!!!!
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on April 19, 2016
Its been more than 72 hours since i opened the packaging and mattress still has not decompressed properly.
The mattress resembles a boat with the edges measuring 5 inches and rest of the mattress varying from 3 to 3.5 inches.
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on April 30, 2017
Had it open for four days now and it is still not fully expanded, it's weirdly miss shaped.
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on July 2, 2017
We had high hopes for the mattress after reading hundreds of great reviews. However we are pretty disappointed. After just one month we now have a crater where my husband sleeps. And now after 2 months I feel myself rolling towards his side of the mattress because of this permanent body impression. Everything I've read says that the mattress will bounce back after getting up from the bed... but it doesn't. It's permanently sunken in on his side all day and all night, even without anyone in the bed. Super disappointed that after 2 months we are already searching for something else.
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on November 26, 2017
We LOVED this mattress for 20 months. Today I took the outer, zippered cover off to wash (as it says you can). A few minutes later, my forearms were itching and burned when I rubbed them. So I googled and turns out, the INNER cover is made of fiberglass. There are tiny shards of this stuff everywhere. I'm so upset- I have no idea how to get this stuff out of my house.

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on August 10, 2013
UPDATE 9/24/2017: I wrote an update 2 weeks ago with new info I thought would be helpful for potential buyers, but unfortunately Amazon did not publish it and will not tell me why the review was rejected. Since the manufacturer did not respond to my calls regarding this mattress...I can nomlonger in good faith state this is the same mattress I purchased in 2013.

UPDATE:. I get lots of emails asking me if I still after all these years love this mattress....and I answer every email I receive.....I just thought I would add this to the top of the posting for easy access of information for others....

I am still in love with this mattress. It has never let me down. After all these years it's still firm yet comfy. I have never found a mattress that has both those features, that holds up for years in different situations and climates, and does not break the bank or back. I would still buy this mattress after all these years.

I have been sleeping on memory foam mattresses as soon as the knock-off ones were parents and grandparents both have the expensive one that is advertised everywhere....but they have a larger budget than I I can tell you these mattresses are really evolving....that can be good and can make things better for us, but sometimes things changing does not mean they are fact sometimes they get this case, memory foam is evolving in a better way but the process to find the one for you is becoming more time consuming and frustrating....there are soooo many choices how do you know which foam is best? 1, 2 , 3 or 4 in?...gel infused?.....regular foam?....8,10 or 12 in?.....I mean the choices are endless...and that is the part that gets to me....I spent nearly a total of 30 hours researching and comparing.....and I know alot about these things...and it still took me that long.....I can tell you my grandfather told me when I was a kid something I never forgot he said "you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, so you should make sure you find a good bed, it will help determine the quality of your life, health and happiness, so don't skimp on a good bed!" He was right.....but what is a good bed? That is really up to each person.....

Here is what I did this time looking for a new mattress.....

1. Went to a mattress store. Laid down on nearly all the mattresses and took notes. I already knew I wanted a higher thickness like 12 inch, but I wanted to test the new gel infused beds, the latex beds and the expensive ones....then I tried the knock-offs.....and wrote down my findings....I know sounds bizarre, but it works for would not work for my husband he would just go in and buy the first one that felt good and we would have ended up spending nearly $2000.00 instead of $ that is why I go alone!!

2. I came home and did a search for "what to know when buying a memory foam mattress." What this did is give me all the current information on the type of foams they are making now and what the specs are (what is the difference between a 3 inch and 4 inch foam?....what is the difference between a 10 inch and 12 inch bed?.....differences between densities of foam?)....This them helped me determine that I wanted a bed to last longer than many beds, I need a firm bed for my back, hips, shoulders and knees, I wanted something that would keep the firmness yet provide support and be comfy...sounds like I wanted everything....oh yeah...and not break the bank!!....I learned that the higher the bed, the more likely it will last longer, the thicker the top layer of foam is with a density of at least 9, the longer the memory foam will stay firm.....

3. Now that I knew the type of bed I was looking for (firm, 12 inch height, 4 inch first layer of foam with a density of at least 9)......I went to Amazon to see what they had for sale....I found several....I then narrowed them down by price....from $200-500....among these I looked at the reviews....and just because many people have purchased an item and it has several good reviews does not mean that is the best mattress.....actually this one had the fewest people purchase it but the highest reviews out of those few, now I had about 3 beds that me this criteria....

3. I checked online in a search to find out the best memory foam mattresses consumer reports and other entities have put on the web, and found a few that matched up with the ones I had found on Amazon......however, none of them matched up with this one.....nearly all those other beds were higher in price, did not have the density I was looking for or were not 12 inches.....

4. So, out of all the beds, I had 3 to choose from, I looked on other sites to compare prices and I can tell you Amazon beats everyone hands down.....even the big discount retailer (wally world)....where I have purchased mattresses from before, did not compare to Amazon in terms of price or shipping time......

So why this mattress?....I can tell you that the 12 inch provides all the support I need and the longevity I am looking for....this mattress was one of the few on Amazon that actually states the density (which is critical to knowing how firm it really is)...and I also checked the company's website to verify the firmness....and the 4 inch top layer with and ILD 9 (density).....proved it was going to be firm and stay firm for husband lives in a different state and his memory foam mattress is only a 3 inch and 7 ILD and we got it about 2 years ago and its starting to sag already...and he is not even a very big that will be the lst 3 inch 7 ILD that I buy......AND as a BONUS...this mattress was only $254.99 on Amazon....with free shipping.....I mean you just cannot beat it....most ILD 9 / 4 in. foam mattresses start at $500 and go way above.....

After this got delivered ahead of schedule, it came in rolled up in a large what appeared to be a duffle like bag. Easy to open and immediately started taking shape. I can tell you that nearly all my other mattresses have had the "horrible" chemical smell for weeks after opening....but this one had about a day of it and it was more smell.....that was nice.....

I did let it take shape for 3 days prior to sitting or laying on it....its important to do this so you do not impede on its taking full shape...if you lay on it too soon, you may see a sag in that part and it may never come to its full size....I know when you get something you want to use it right away...but you need to allow these to take full says 2 days, but I always allow for another full day.....I would also recommend as others did, you open it up where you want it placed...once it has taken shape its not so easy to move unless you have help....and there are NO mattress handles on the side like other mattresses....

Also, in terms of memory foam being "hot" to sleep on....I sleep "hot" myself and I have not noticed this is any hotter than any other mattress I have ever slept on....I have t-shirt sheets and a thin blanket for summer, but I do not feel this gets hot at all....all memory foam will sink when it gets warm, but even by me sleeping "hot" this one still stays firm....and its August so you know if it works in August, it will work in any other time of the year.....August in Idaho is HOT!!!......when I tried the gel infused mattresses or the ones that have multi layers with air cylinders that "they claim will allow the foam to breathe better and air to flow through so you will not get so hot"....I found several places online that say that is just not true...and I did not notice any difference when I was trying out the beds at the is important that you have cotton sheets and cotton pillow cases because cotton is cooler than raymee, rayon, polyester, etc.....

I can ASSURE you....this is the BEST OF ALL MEMORY FOAM MATTRESSES I have EVER OWNED!!! is exactly what they say it is Firm yet soft.....It provides ALL the support I need....yet it cradles you.....I don't toss or turn, yet I don't sink either.....great price....and quick shipping.....

NOT ALL MEMORY FOAM IS THE take the time to do the research for your own I would never prescribe this bed for everyone, I know what I like and need, and this one is it for me!!.....making sure you do your research BEFORE buying really pays off.....

Going to buy another for our camper.....

UPDATE 8/22/2013: Someone asked me a question about the firmness of this mattress and the different weights of people.....I can tell you I did respond in the comments section but I thought I would also put the response here....I weigh around 200 lbs and my husband, I really needed a firm mattress for my body weight....if I lay on a bed that has no support I can tell you my hips, shoulders and back hurts like, this mattress fully supports me at my weight.....some people that weigh less have complained in online reviews they feel the mattress is TOO FIRM....but my husband I believe weighs around 155 and he never has complained....he does have his own mattress (since he lives in Nebraska for work purposes and I live in Idaho).....his mattress is not as dense of foam and that mattress is sinking already....he complains about his back hurting some mornings....he too likes a firm when he visited me in Idaho last week and slept on this mattress, he thought it was GREAT!....even if he weighs less than I said, he said too that this mattress even if its firm, its comfy....strange but true....

I also wanted to point out an issue that I forgot in my initial posting....memory foam mattresses react different in different climates.....for example....I have lived in Hawaii where the humidity is higher than it is in Idaho.....and in a climate that is more humid the mattress will absorb that moisture and be less firm.....this is why I felt its even more important to get a mattress with a higher density so it will stay firmer even in high humidity areas.....I can tell you if I turn on my humidifier in Idaho, this particular mattress is NOT affected by the level of still has remained firm yet comfy.....again I believe this is due to the density of the top layer of foam....the higher the density the more firm it will remain.....the less dense, the more it will allow moisture in and absorb it making it softer......the last time I was in Nebraska visiting my husband and I slept on our older foam bed there, I woke up and thought my back was broken....I kid you not....I was miserable all day.....its so humid back in Nebraska and the memory foam mattress he has is not as dense or it really absorbed the moisture in the air and was way too soft for me.....I sank into it and my back suffered the entire next few days.....the next night I slept on the couch and the firmness of the couch was better than the softness of the bed in that humid climate.....

STILL LOVIN THIS BED....ordering one for hubby soon and our camper!!!

UPDATE 9/2/2013:

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Someone emailed me in the comment section and asked where this mattress was manufactured. It says Country of Origin is China. I would love to purchase USA products too, however, I learned years ago that even thought something says "Made in the USA" it maybe put together here with materials from all over the world. I did research beds that have been "Certified" Made in the USA, and they either did not have the density of this mattress but were still way out of my price range. I did also run into some of the Made in the USA mattresses that cannot guarantee the chemicals they spray on the mattress to be in compliance with the fire standards, come from the, I had to prioritize my wants and needs and what was most important to me was 1) comfort (being firm enough), 2) price and 3) as many non-toxic materials. I did read a few people said there was not a horrible smell like other memory foam mattresses, and in my research, that is a good sign of fewer chemicals in the mattress.

WARRANTY: With respect to the warranty, I don't pay too much attention to those anymore, after the horror stories I learned about people trying to file a claim under a warranty. Not to mention the cost of returning it to the manufacturer is the buyers cost. That is why I wrote my initial posting, it really is all about the denseness of the foam. The more dense the foam the longer it will last...irrespective of the warranty.

UPDATE 2/21/2014:

We purchased another one of these for my husband who lives temporarily in the midwest for work. Its very humid where he lives. We have not noticed any difference in the mattress even with it being in a more humid climate in the midwest. We are still very happy with these mattresses.

I would remind those people looking to purchase or those who have purchased one prior, to make sure you place this mattress on a firm foundation/box spring. They are not made to sit atop something that is not firm. We did not have access to our boxspring one night and we placed this on top of another (spring) mattress so we did not have it on the floor directly. However, after just a few hours, we noticed a significant difference in the firmness of the mattress. It became uneven and we sank into it. Once we put it on the floor directly, it was fine and firm again.

Also, we took off the cover and washed it. It really washed up nicely. I had one mattress before that when I dried the cover in the dryer, it shrank so small that I could not get it to fit the mattress anymore. This cover did NOT do that. It stayed the same size and went back on easy.

Wishing everyone a very restful sleep!!
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on September 27, 2016
Given the high ratings, I was really expecting to love it. But for some reason, my mattress didn't inflate properly. It's lumpy and the middle inflated the 10 inches but the edges didn't. I'll update my review if the replacement is any better.
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on March 1, 2017
If you are looking for a firm comfortable mattress, look no further. I am a side sleeper. Throughout the night I often awake and switch sides. This is the first time in my life (I'm 67 years old) that I have gone to bed on my right side and never woke up with the need to flip. This mattress is by far the best buy and quality for the money.
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