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on September 20, 2015
I have never taken the time to write a product review before but this video is so amazing I had to. We have a 9 month old girl who was starting to become frustrated by her inability to verbally communicate. She would get mad and turn red and throw her arms down at her waist. We decided we need to find ways for her to more effectively communicate. We have never allowed her to watch any screen time so we were nervous about the video, but alas she loves it. It's the perfect length for a small baby to watch. By the second time she watched it she was signing, "milk" before her bottle time. By the end of the first week she had mastered "milk" and "baby". By the second week she had learned, "more" and "food". We are loving watching her as her brain processes these new words. We only started with the first video and it's plenty for a small baby.
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on June 1, 2017
I have orders his video weekly for my toddlers one who has down syndrome and one who does not they have been watching it for two months now every morning and they have picked up on signs. THEY LOVE THIS VIDEO
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on August 23, 2010
I started trying to teach my daughter with a mommy/baby sign class when she was around 6 or so months, and it took several months before she would sign anything back. I stayed with the basics, like eat and more. I figured there was no point in moving on if she doesn't want to use these two very common words. She did start signing back eventually, and I wanted to find away to foster this and continue with something that can be repeated. I bought volumes 1-3 of Signing Time, and she did seem to like them, but as with all infants and young toddlers, she has the attention span of a gnat. After several watches of each volume, she really started to tune in more, and started to get excited when her "friends" Alex and Leah were coming on. She was learning sign and her words at the same time. We then bought volumes 4-6. By 18 months, she knew over 30 words verbally, and about 10 in sign that she didn't say, plus there was some overlap. Now she'll be turning two next month, and she's been learning 1-4 words a day for a few months, sometimes both in sign and verbal. She LOVES these DVDs. In the past couple of weeks, she's been handing them to us to play, and calls them "Tummy Tum" and even does the signs for "Signing Time". When she points to the TV and asks for music, she means Signing Time. She squeals in excitement when these are on, and she dances to all the songs. She really does try to watch full episodes too, but she does get distracted easily still. These have helped her learn her words and her letters, as well as numbers just a bit, and we all learn sign language.

I have found signing to be very handy when she can't pronounce the English quite right, or when she adopts the same verbal word for two or more things. It's also handy in a movie theater, when she can't really talk but needs to tell me she wants to eat. Or when we're in a situation where she doesn't feel like talking, so she'll sign instead. It HAS NOT "virtually eliminated" the terrible twos as Rachel says in one or more of these DVDs. She definitely has her moments, but when I know she is capable of communicating, but is refusing, it's easier for me to ignore her until she signs or verbalizes what she wants.

My one complaint is that my daughter seems to identify a bit too much with Leah, and pronounces some words as Leah does. I'm sure this is transitory, which is why I have not deducted any stars. It's up to me to correct these things, and I know there will be plenty of other sources for mispronunciations as she grows up. It's why I don't like Baby Bear on Sesame Street, because I don't want my daughter learning to pronounce words like the character does. Leah, in a DVD like this, makes sense, as the audience will most certainly include deaf children, or friends of deaf children. And those of us who can hear will need to learn how they might pronounce something so we can make sense of it. It's like adjusting yourself to any accent. When you know where the person is from, it's easier to understand what they say.

I will say that in Volume 4, Rachel appears a bit low energy. My daughter hasn't noticed and doesn't care, so I'm not deducting stars for that either.

We will be requesting volumes 7+ for her upcoming birthday, or getting them ourselves.
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on December 19, 2016
Such an amazing series! My son has a speach delay and after watching these videos, he would communicate with sign language! He didn't throw as many tantrums because he learned a way to express what he was feeling. I highly recommend these DVDs!
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on February 11, 2016
My son had a slight speech delay and I bought this video to help him learn some additional signs to the two he was already using, "more" and "all done". I am not sure that he learned any additional signs from the video as we did not watch it a lot, but he did really enjoy the video. I think if we had reviewed the signs more after each one, or after watching all of the video he would have picked them up, but his speech rapidly caught up and we didn't have the need to focus on sign language any longer. I will sill show him the video because the children in it make it fun to watch.
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on December 27, 2009
I read the reviews of Signing time and didn't know a single sign or have a clue how to begin teaching it. I basically figured my daughters brain was a sponge and she'd probably pick it up better than me. I was basically looking for something more useful than the Baby Einstein DVDs. Baby Einstein just seemed like a bunch of random things with no real learning value (at least that I could measure). My daughter at 11 months was basically watching Einsten (kind of hypnotized by the screen) but would lose interest quickly.

The first few weeks with the Signing Time videos she just watched intently (Volume 1) and I would try to mimic them as I watched with her. We'd watch while she was sitting in her high chair and we were feeding her. I wasn't really sure if she was picking it up or not but she seemed entertained. A few weeks into the first DVD she started signing "more". I wasn't sure if she was really learning anything up to that point - but when she signed that first word I thougt maybe it was a fluke. Now she signs "baby", "eat", "airplane", "ball", "cat", "dog", "bird", and "sleep". About half of those signs she used on her own while either looking at a book, seeing our dog, a bird, or wanting something like "more" food or music. I will say it's convenient when your baby (mine is now 13 months) who can't speak anything but babble, can actually tell you something. She now enjoys watching the videos and signing with the video - she gets really excited like she's communicating (which she is). Now she's on to DVD 2 and 3.

I know there are those against the TV babysitter - but since this venue is proving useful (she's learning and I can sometimes duck away and wash dishes or something I need to catch up on) I'll continue to use it. By the way, I speak English as a first language and my wife speaks Japanese as a first language, so I think signing bridges the gap nicely until my daughter decides which words she's going to verbalize first (one or the other or a combination of both -she does already speak a few words). It' just another skill in her arsenal.

Give it a try.
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on August 12, 2012
My son (20 months and not hearing impaired) was first drawn to Rachel Coleman on Nick Jr. He especially loves her song, In a House. His favorite part of the song was when she points at herself and says me, me, me. He would point to himself and say my, my, my. After doing some research it seemed that particular DVD was not available so I ordered this one, Signing Time, Volume 1. I debated on getting the one for babies but since he would be turning two in a few months thought this would be a better investment. I really bought it for the songs but, oh my, he is in love with everything about this DVD. I ordered it and the first time he saw it was when we were going on a 12-hour trip to Florida. He was never interested in TV at all until he was about 14 months old and I want to make sure he doesn't turn into a couch potato and watch TOO much TV so I was against having a DVD system installed in our car. However, knowing how impatient he is and all the drama that comes with that, I agreed to let me husband have one installed right before our trip. My son first saw this DVD on this long drive and it is amazing we didn't wear this DVD out coming and going! He begs for "Meme" all the time. He thinks that is Rachel's name as in her song, "In a House", she says me, me, me. Everytime she appears on the screen he beams and says Meme, Meme, Meme. And he was learning the new words and signs amazingly fast! I could not believe it! I lost count of how many times I bribed him when he was having a pre-terrible two meltdown that we were getting ready to get in the car and go see Meme. It would distract him and he would be ready to ride in the car, something he has always hated to do! I'm hoping to add to the collection. I did think the DVD's were kind of pricey but I have to say so far this one DVD has been a great investment. Her website states that signing can actually help with the terrible twos and I do think it is worth a try! He has been so proud of learning the signs. It is so cute! And I think Leah and Alex are just adorable! The songs are stuck in my brain but thankfully the songs and other parts of the DVD are not annoying like some cartoons. And I haven't minded seeing/hearing it over and over, which is surprising since once I see a movie, I am not one to normally care to watch it again. It is very enjoyable. Can't say enough great things about it. My only regret is that I did not know about this when he was much younger. He has always been a high-needs baby and I think this could have possibly been helpful as young as four months or so. Thankful for it now though. My husband even likes it and has learned some signs! Fun for the entire family. :-)
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on January 26, 2017
This video is awesome. I had a very fussy one year old who seemed frustrated we could not communicate effectively. (I was frustrated with the constant whining as well.) I started playing this on YouTube for her before it arrived in the mail, and she was immediately interested. It was the first time I had seen her pay attention to anything (including other TV shows) for more than 2 minutes. At first she would only watch for 5-10 minutes, which was still a long time for her, but by the time we received it in the mail and played it on the big screen for her, she watched almost the entire thing. It progressed from there and it got to the point when we would say "signing time" and she would run into the TV room. She especially loves Rachel's songs- she smiles and dances to them. I didn't know if she would actually catch onto signing, as she didn't seem to be making any attempt. But one day she started signing "more" and since then she has learned eat, dog, baby, milk, water, and probably a few I'm not thinking of. I'm confident she will learn the rest, and I'm proud to have learned so much myself! I love Rachel and I think the reason so many kids respond well to this is because they see other little ones signing. It's a very practical and simple approach. Order this video, at the least as a distraction for when you just need those 5 minutes.. :)
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on June 4, 2013
As you can tell by the title this is, as far as I know, only relevant to the AIV. Unlike having the video yourself, or renting it from somewhere else, there is no way to choose to NOT have Spanish words. I use ST for my child who has cognitive delays, while he loves the ST videos we have, I am concerned this will confuse his language development. It is done poorly, with dubbed Spanish tacked on as Rachel says the word, immediately detracting from the English. Amazon should have an option to not have this on the IV. If anyone knows of a way to do this please let me know.
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on January 18, 2017
Worth every penny. I love that I can pop this in and I don't have to worry about what my baby is watching. It's a nice compromise for certain family members who believe babies should watch TV and parents like me who want them to have as little TV as possible. It's a great option if you want to learn sign language with your child, but it's also great in general if you have a baby who craves learning.
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